getbuzzing Nut Free Flapjack, — Mixed Berries, — Pack of 24x62g,


Flavour Mixed Berries
Total each 24
Brand Getbuzzing Gb
Specialty Suitable_for_vegetarians
Package weight 1.65 Kilograms
Package type Box
  • NUT FREE FLAPJACK - a convenient and tasty nut-free snack
  • 100% NATURAL- a great form of slow-release energy so no sugar highs or lows
  • WHEAT FREE - easily digestible. These flapjacks are suitable for vegetarians
  • HEALTHY CHOICE - these flapjacks are a healthy snack suitable for any time of the day
  • MADE IN THE UK - getBuzzing is more than just a product, it's a mentality, an outlook on life


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Product Description

Berry Nut and Gluten Free Oat Bars 24 Pack

About our Get­Buzzing Bars:

Our bars taste amaz­ing, they are com­plete­ly nat­ur­al, approved by the veg­e­tar­i­an soci­ety and they are also 100% nut free, which is rare in this industry.

They offer every­one, includ­ing Nut Aller­gy suf­fer­ers, nat­ur­al long last­ing ener­gy as a sus­tain­able snack which actu­al­ly tastes good. They were made in the hope that peo­ple would stop aim­less­ly snack­ing on noth­ing­ness junk and pick up whole food nutri­tion in a bar.

And that’s the beau­ty of Get­Buzzing prod­ucts, they can be used by such a wide range of audiences.

We proud­ly sup­port Thames Val­ley Air Ambu­lance donat­ing 1p for every bar sold for an incred­i­ble Life Sav­ing Charity


Oats, Sug­ar, Agave Nec­tar, But­ter, Hon­ey, Freeze Dried Blue­ber­ries (1%), Freeze Dried Rasp­ber­ries (1%), Freeze Dried Straw­ber­ries (1%), Nat­ur­al Flavourings.

Important information


Oats, Sug­ar, Agave Nec­tar, But­ter, Hon­ey, Freeze Dried Blue­ber­ries (1%), Freeze Dried Rasp­ber­ries (1%), Freeze Dried Straw­ber­ries (1%), Nat­ur­al Flavourings.

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Additional information

Product Name



1.49 Kilograms


1488.0 gram


Getbuzzing gb

Country of origin

Gb, United Kingdom



Date First Available

29 Nov. 2017


Getbuzzing gb


  1. Adam Thwait­es

    Awful, unhealthy bars, over­ly sweet and full of sug­arI ordered these for my 6 year old to take to school for his mid morn­ing snack, and some­how did­n’t see the nutri­tion­al info before­hand. I tried one when they were deliv­ered and imme­di­ate­ly thought that they tast­ed very sweet. Upon check­ing the nutri­tion­al info I can see that of the 62g bar approx 24.7g is pure sug­ar, and then look­ing at the ingre­di­ents I can see that approx 54% of the bars ingre­di­ents are either sug­ar, syrup, hon­ey or salt­ed but­ter. There’s noth­ing good about these bars, I would­n’t feed them to my chil­dren. At least now I can see where the name get­buzzing comes from, as they’d be bounc­ing off the walls if I gave them one of these.

  2. cup of tea

    This flavour was a major dis­ap­point­mentThis flavour is frankly revolt­ing it tastes sweet as hell !! Its dis­gust­ing. At first I thought it was me being a bit picky and against it as I don’t have a very sweet tooth but I checked the ingre­di­ents and the sec­ond ingre­di­ent is sug­ar! Why on earth is the sec­ond ingre­di­ent sug­ar? Why does it need to be sweet­er when you already have syrup and berries in there? Also in an age when we are learn­ing about the neg­a­tive health effects of sug­ar I feel this is a bad call. This flavour is so sweet and sick­ly I am seri­ous­ly con­sid­er­ing throw­ing the box in the bin.

  3. Paul Ock­enden

    Prob­lem sort­ed quick­ly by cus­tomer ser­viceUPDATED REVIEWThe bars deliv­ered were very hard and dry, quite unlike the moist and crumbly bars that I’ve pre­vi­ous­ly bought in super­mar­kets. I was very disappointed.But Get­buzzing spot­ted a com­plaint that I also post­ed on Twit­ter and arranged to send a replace­ment box, which was per­fect. They’d had a bad batch. The replace­ment bars were perfect.

  4. Helen

    A very tasty and reas­sur­ing­ly healthy snackI ini­tial­ly chose the mixed berry bars. They were very tasty with lots of flavour from the berries and a good tex­ture. I also found the shape very prac­ti­cal as the wide, flat bars eas­i­ly slip into a pock­et or bag.I have used them for recov­ery after exer­cise but I also find them to be very use­ful for an ‘any­time’ snack.It is very impor­tant to me that they are both addi­tive free and gluten free and I expect many oth­ers may also be reas­sured that they are nut free. It is also good to see that they are man­u­fac­tured in the UK from nat­ur­al products.A def­i­nite hit here!

  5. dick­ie

    They are packed full of fruitBought these flap­jacks as anoth­er alter­na­tive to the wow-but­ter nut free flap­jacks we already pur­chased. They taste won­der­ful and fresh and because they are indi­vid­u­al­ly wrapped I can take them out as an every­day snack.

  6. Chris F.

    Very very tastyWell worth it. I shared these amongst some of my col­leagues on board a ship. They imme­di­ate­ly looked them up for themselves.

  7. Sargent100

    Deli­cious flap­jack with a prop­er rasp­ber­ry kick.The flap­jack is just enough as a snack. Deli­cious flavour with lots of rasp­ber­ry bits.

  8. JA

    Tasty for celi­ac and but aller­gy suf­fer­ersTasty for celi­ac and nut aller­gy sufferers

  9. HulaU

    nut free flat­jackgood val­ue happy

  10. Susan lawrence

    Does what is says In the name.Sweet but that’s exact­ly what you need to get a boost of ener­gy. After eat­ing one you get the boost to com­plete your activity.

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