Gentle Iron Tablets High Strength 14mg — 365 Iron Bisglycinate Tablets (1 Year Supply) — Vegan Iron Supplements for Men & Women’s Health — Easily Digestible, Gluten Free & Non-GMO — Made in The UK

£ 7.99

Brand WeightWorld
Flavour Unflavoured
Diet type Vegan
Primary supplement type Iron
Dosage form Tablets
Format Tablet
  • Why WeightWorld's High Strength Iron Tablets? - Are you looking for natural iron supplements to help you achieve your daily health goals? Our premium & gentle iron supplement for men and women provides the potency of 14mg per serving and is easily digestible. Each bottle contains 365 easy to swallow micro iron tablets (not iron capsules) which will last you for an entire year. Take 1 iron tablet per day to get the maximum benefits out of our iron mineral supplement.
  • Essential Mineral For Immune Health & Energy - Iron (Ferrous Bisglycinate) is a vital mineral that is needed by the body for growth. Despite widely available in various foods, lack of iron is common which can make you feel weak and tired. Iron contributes to normal oxygen transport in the body, contributes to the normal function of the immune system and also contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue (EFSA approved claims).
  • Vegan Iron supplements For Women & Men - Our 100% natural iron supplement is one of the best iron supplements available in the market to help you improve your daily iron intake and keep you energized all day long. This vegan supplement is formulated by healthcare professionals and is non-GMO and Gluten-free.
  • Highest Quality Assured Vegan Iron Supplement - Our products are rigorously tested to provide a blend of the highest quality ingredients. They are lab-tested and manufactured in compliance with high GMP standards. By having the recommended dose, you will experience the power of our food supplement in your day to day life. We are happy to offer an exclusive 90-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.
  • Why Choose WeightWorld? - A British grown family business with over 15 years of experience in health and wellness supplements and devices, we have dedicated ourselves to sourcing the highest quality natural ingredients and safe electrical components for our customers. We create UK Made, GMP certified products aimed at promoting a healthier body & mind for you and your family.


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Our story

How we got our start?

Estab­lished in 2006, Weight­World is a fam­i­ly owned busi­ness that began with aim of pro­vid­ing help­ful dietary solu­tions to peo­ple around Britain. Since then we have grown to serve cus­tomers world­wide and have expand­ed our vision to cater to well­ness in it’s entire­ty for the body both inside & out. 

What makes our product unique?

We believe in pro­vid­ing the high­est pos­si­ble qual­i­ty, whilst simul­ta­ne­ous­ly deliv­er­ing the best pos­si­ble val­ue that every­one can enjoy. We choose our ingre­di­ents care­ful­ly and sci­en­tif­i­cal­ly and we often revamp and refor­mu­late our prod­ucts to keep deliv­er­ing at the high­est standard. 

Why we love what we do?

We love what we do because we love keep­ing healthy and more impor­tant­ly, we love being able to car­ry out a ser­vice that pro­vides the ben­e­fit of bet­ter well­ness in the lives of our customers. 

Product Description

Iron Tablets
Iron Tablets
Iron Tablets
Iron Tablets

Important information


Iron (as Fer­rous Bis­g­ly­ci­nate), Bulk­ing Agents: Micro­crys­talline Cel­lu­lose and Dical­ci­um Phos­phate, Anti-Cak­ing Agents: Mag­ne­sium Stearate and Sil­i­con Dioxide.


To take, sim­ply con­sume one tablet per day with a glass of water and a meal

Legal Disclaimer

Please check the back of the box and the full leaflet pro­vid­ed with the prod­uct for com­plete med­ical infor­ma­tion and cau­tions. With a con­sum­able, always check the ingre­di­ents list for any aller­gies. With phys­i­cal devices, check the com­po­nents and mate­ri­als used. This prod­uct is not for pur­chase by those under 18.

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Additional information


365.00 count





Country of origin

United Kingdom



Date First Available

22 July 2020




  1. Ama­zon Customer

    One a dayIf you’ve got real­ly low iron — see your doc­tor, it’s a seri­ous condition.If you’re a bit low or just need a dai­ly top up for ener­gy lev­els then one a day of these is perfect.Too much iron is as band as too lit­tle so don’t take too many. One a day is enough.

  2. yan­ni

    No Vit­a­min C adds con­sti­pa­tionGre­ta all round, but if you don’t com­bine it with a good dose of vit­a­min C you’ll get con­sti­pat­ed, which is kind of nor­mal with pure iron supplements.

  3. Green­stead

    Easy to swal­lowMakes me feel like iron man…jump tall buildings

  4. West­views

    Easy to swal­low small tabletsI’ve been tak­ing these for two weeks now and I’m already feel­ing less tired. They are small which makes them so much eas­i­er to swal­low. If you are in need of more iron in your diet, these are the ones I would recommend.

  5. Dan

    Expe­ri­enc­ing exer­cise-induced Rest­less Less Syn­drome?After heavy sets at the gym I would wake up around 2am for an hour with rest­less legs. After Googling for ages I had read that low lev­els of iron can cause RLS. Took one the night of a work­out, cured it right away. I now take 1 pill dai­ly. Haven’t noticed any increase in ener­gy lev­els but it’s help­ing me sleep so work­ing as intend­ed in that regard.

  6. DA

    Awful stom­ach painsI had awful side effects with these. For a start, I start­ed to feel more tired and lethar­gic since I took these and devel­oped sharp stom­ach pains which I nev­er had pri­or to tak­ing these so I know that these were the cause. Real­ly dis­ap­point­ed as I was hop­ing these would perk up my ener­gy per the reviews I read but they did quite the opposite.

  7. Chris

    Cast IronI was sur­prised when I broke the seal on this bot­tle, how small the tablets are.Although size isn’t every­thing and I might not feel the real ben­e­fit of iron supplements.I do know,they are used to help the body repro­duce red blood cells and pre­vent amnesia.Amnesia is some­thing I did suf­fer with which is the main rea­son for tak­ing them.

  8. Miss J & J

    They work!As a woman I know that I have always need­ed iron sup­ple­ments and these make me feel very ‘good’. We are hap­py to have them deliv­ered every six months or so, as they are hard­er to find in the super­mar­ket and I feel these are a bet­ter prod­uct than before. Thank you x

  9. mandy

    Dont waste your mon­eyI am anaemic, always have been, runs in the fam­i­ly. I have to take high dosage sup­ple­ments. Nor­mal­ly, I see evi­dence almost imme­di­ate­ly from a good iron tablet, such as red nails with white half moons, and red inner eye­lid colour. Ive been tak­ing these tablets for a cou­ple of weeks and imme­di­ate­ly my iron lev­els went down. My nails are white, my eye lids and gums are pale etc. I would not buy these again, they dont work. Even the super­mar­ket iron fer­rate ones work better.

  10. SueC­Smith

    Helps my iron lev­elI am a life long blood donor but as I’ve got old­er, my iron lev­el hasn’t been high enough to donate on many occa­sions. Since tak­ing this sup­ple­ment every day, I have been able to donate on every occa­sion as my iron lev­el has been above the min­i­mum lev­el allowed. No trou­ble­some side effects either!

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