Galaxy & Friends Hot Chocolate Dolce Gusto Compatible Pods 5 Boxes x 8 Pods (40 Pods) Includes 10 Galaxy Pods, 10 Twix Pods, 10

£ 18.95

Flavour Chocolate
Package information Box
Format Pods
Package weight 1.09 Kilograms
Package Information Box
  • 5 boxes x 8 pods (40 pods total) Galaxy & Friends Hot Chocolate Dolce Gusto Compatible Pods. Each box of hot chocolate pods contains 8 servings (40 servings total) with 2 pods of each variant.
  • Indulgent limited-edition selection pack of hot chocolate pods including Galaxy Pods, Twix Pods, Milky Way Pods, and Maltesers Pods. This makes a perfect Christmas gift box for any hot chocolate lover and is the perfect partner for the ultimate hot chocolate experience.
  • 10 Galaxy Hot Chocolate Pods – smooth and creamy Galaxy hot chocolate. Made with REAL Galaxy Chocolate.
  • 10 Twix Hot Chocolate Pods – a delicious combination of chocolate, caramel, and biscuit flavours.
  • 10 Milky Way Pods - the perfect combination of chocolate, cream, and caramel flavours.
  • 10 Maltesers Pods - winning combination of maltiness and hot chocolate.


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Product Description

Galaxy banner

Galaxy & Friends Hot Chocolate Pods

Galaxy & Friends Pods

Galaxy & Friends Hot Chocolate Pods

Dolce Gusto Hot Chocolate Pods

Hot Chocolate Dolce Gusto Compatible* Pods

A vari­ety pack of hot choco­late pods which include Galaxy, Mal­te­sers, Twix and MilkyWay.

40 Hot Chocolate Pods Value Pack

Great val­ue hot choco­late in the con­ve­nience of a pod. 8 servings/pods per pack.

The Perfect Gift

Galaxy & Friends Pods are the per­fect hot choco­late gift for friends and family.

Galaxy & Friends Hot Chocolate Pods

Galaxy & Friends Pods

Hot Chocolate Dolce Gusto Compatible* Pods

Galaxy & Friends Hot Choco­late Pods deliv­er a con­ve­nient, easy-to-make deli­cious hot choco­late that’s frothy and creamy. Com­pat­i­ble* with Dolce Gus­to pod machines. Choose from 4 dif­fer­ent hot choco­late brands including:

  • Galaxy
  • Mal­te­sers
  • Twix
  • Milky­Way
  • For best results, pre­heat your cup.
  • Insert hot choco­late pod.
  • Set the bev­er­age vol­ume to 6 bars (for those mod­els with water mea­sure­ment) or use 180ml of water (for those with­out).
  • Move the lever to the right for hot bev­er­ages and bev­er­age prepa­ra­tion will start.
  • Stir and enjoy.
  • 6 Bars (180ml) + 1 Pod = 1 Hot Choco­late
Dis­claimer *Dolce Gus­to is a trade mark of Société des Pro­duits Nestlé S.A. Uncon­nect­ed to Mars or its affiliates.

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Additional information

Weight 1.09 kg
Dimensions 39.1 × 13.1 × 12 cm
Package Dimensions

39.1 x 13.1 x 12 cm; 1.09 Kilograms


40.00 count





Package Information


Country of origin

United Kingdom



Date First Available

15 Nov. 2021


Aimia Foods Ltd, Galaxy


  1. David Boyle

    SweetThese are very tasty drinks. Each of them. Just be aware.…..these are VERY sweet. I don’t mind one, but any more is out of the question.

  2. nick

    Tastes of chem­i­calsWas real­ly look­ing for­ward to these. Tried the mal­teas­er and galaxy one and they taste very chem­i­cal­ly (very arti­fi­cial). They taste noth­ing like the brand stat­ed and also not able to return them . That’s £19 wast­ed on some­thing that’s going to go in the bin. Thanks guys


    Deli­cious, por­tion-sized choc treats and very faith­ful to the orig­i­nal flavours 🍫☕️To be hon­est, I need­ed a good excuse to get the old Dolce Gus­to machine out of stor­age and give it anoth­er whirl. It seems with these machines that they get used for a while, then the nov­el­ty wears off and they get stowed back in the cup­board, at least until some­thing new and dif­fer­ent comes along to give you a rea­son to try it again. And since I’d only ever used it for cof­fee pods before, I was rather excit­ed to give it a go with — yum — chocolate.And what choco­late indeed! They sound appetis­ing from the get-go, encom­pass­ing some real old favourites amongst clas­sic choco­late bars. And they taste pret­ty much as they say on the label, cer­tain­ly liv­ing up to expec­ta­tions! Per­son­al­ly, I find it hard to rank the flavours as they’re all great, and very faith­ful to the choco­late bar flavours they’re sup­posed to emu­late. I do love the caramel hit in the Twix drink though, as well as the malty Mal­te­sers take. What­ev­er the flavour , they all froth up beau­ti­ful­ly from the machine, with a light, creamy head.At first look, I thought if there’s any gripe to be had at all, it’s on por­tion size. At first, I thought the mea­sures were a bit stingy, with the pack por­tion giv­en as a fair­ly diminu­tive 150ml of water per cap­sule (pret­ty stan­dard with these pods, to be fair, choco­late or cof­fee). How­ev­er, they’re so sweet, creamy and rich that the some­what minia­ture size is jus­ti­fied — it’s just enough for a nice shot of choco­late treat, and 2 cap­sules would prob­a­bly be too much if you’re think­ing — as I did — just dou­ble them up! I do tend to run the machine a lit­tle longer per pod (maybe 200–250ml) myself, which cre­ates a slight­ly less creamy but still deli­cious choco­late drink.Due to the com­pact por­tion size, each pod mea­sures in at just around 70 cals a pop, too, which isn’t going to bust many diets. Per­fect, warm­ing, treat-sized pods of joy.As you can tell, we’re very tak­en by them — we might just be keep­ing the old pod machine out on a more per­ma­nent basis now.

  4. Hon­est Reviewer

    Deli­cious and not too sug­ary!If you have a dulce gus­to pod machine and want to switch up the sort of bev­er­ages you can enjoy dur­ing the day, then this Galaxy & friends box of pods are per­fect! For starters, each pod so far has worked per­fect­ly, and haven’t caused any leak­ages, etc when being used. I also found that they were very easy to pre­pare, as each pod had a mark­ing on it to indi­cate how much water to add for the best hot choco­late for each flavour.In this set you get the fol­low­ing flavours: Galaxy, Mal­te­sers, Milky­way and Twix. All of which I have very much enjoyed and non I found over did it with sug­ar. In fact, I felt that despite these being inspired by the pop­u­lar choco­lates in the U.K., I didn’t find that they fol­lowed the same sweet­ness and rather made sure that each hit choco­late was made with a good amount of cocoa inside. There is also no need to add milk or sug­ar, the pods are infused with every­thing you need to have a deli­cious, creamy and slight­ly foamy hot choco­late. They are even bet­ter with a cou­ple marsh­mal­lows on top!So if you are some­one that loves to indulge in cup of got choco­late and own a Dulce Gus­to machine, look no fur­ther! I love that there is no mess and with­in a minute a cup will be ready to drink! My per­son­al favourite flavour so far has to be the Mal­teser one, it is per­fect­ly bal­anced with cocoa and the sweet­ness of the malt! 5 stars!Thank you for read­ing my hon­est review, I hope you found it helpful! 🙂

  5. M. Hailling

    This will def­i­nite­ly pos­i­tive­ly change your idea about hot choco­lateThis 5 box­es full of pods item has just arrived an hour ago and I was very in a hur­ry to open it and start tast­ing it. There are dif­fer­ent flavours and for the sake of the review I asked all the fam­i­ly mem­bers to con­tribute and taste dif­fer­ent once.We all agreed Twix and Milky way were the best flavours even bet­ter than the choco­late bars. How­ev­er, oth­er flavours taste also very nice, the pods them­selves are very good qual­i­ty and work well (even if you do not have a com­pat­i­ble machine) so you just pour the pow­der in your mug with hot water and done (I recom­nd­ed half the mug water only for ide­al taste). 5*

  6. Eugene One­gin

    A Sweet­er Shade of a Choco­late BarIf you want your hot choco­late to taste like your favourite bars then these cap­sules should be right up your street. You get 5 box­es of 8 cap­sules each with 2 serv­ings of Twix, Galaxy, Mal­te­sers and Milky Way. The cap­sules them­selves work well with my Krups machine hav­ing no prob­lems in pierc­ing them and mak­ing drinks with­out mess. The bars cho­sen are all sweet and if any­thing the tran­si­tion to hot choco­late has made them sweet­er still-there is a lot of sug­ar on offer here. The Twix cap­sules are a clas­sic exam­ple with the caramel you get in the bar empha­sized com­ing over as the dom­i­nant ele­ment. The Galaxy is the near­est to a clas­sic hot choco­late whilst the Milky Way cap­tures the whipped cen­tre of that recipe pret­ty close­ly. The Mal­teser cap­sule is slight­ly less dis­tinc­tive with the malt ele­ment tak­ing time to emerge. The rec­om­mend­ed serv­ing here is about 180 ml and I would sug­gest you stick pret­ty close­ly to this to bal­ance the sweet­ness with­out water­ing down the flavour too much. We shall keep these for occa­sion­al treats when we need a sug­ar rush, but there is no doubt these cap­ture the essence of the bars that inspired them in a mess free, easy to use capsule.

  7. IWFI­con

    Great val­ue, great tasteI mean there’s no get­ting around the high sug­ar con­tent of these and the fact that each pod gives you a small drink rather than a large mug. But by good­ness, they are tasty.This pack gives you 5 packs of 8 pods, totalling 40 in all. This is made of of ten times twix, mal­teas­er, milky way and galaxy. If you have the dolce gus­to machines you will know how easy these are to use and it’s no dif­fer­ent in that sense to the cof­fee pods.Value wise it’s very com­pet­i­tive with what you might pay per box of 8 else­where and it’s cer­tain­ly an easy way to keep your stocks up! It’s a no brain­er if you like all four flavours as much as I do.There is a dis­cernible dif­fer­ence between the flavours that is rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the choco­late bar/sweets they are pat­terned on. Peo­ple will have their favourites but I can quite hap­pi­ly drink all four, though only one at a time!

  8. Doc2k1

    Indul­gent hot choco­late drinksIf you have a Dolce Gus­to machine for mak­ing your cof­fee but need a hot choco­late drink for non cof­fee drink­ing friends a rel­a­tives then these hot choco­late pods are sure to please. The pack con­tains brand­ed hot choco­late drink pods that work exact­ly as the man­u­fac­tur­er pods do. Sim­ply drop into the machine set the amount of hot water need­ed to pre­pare the drink and press go. With­in sec­onds your drink is made, and in the case of these drinks they taste rich and choco­latey, very rem­i­nis­cent of the choco­late bars they rep­re­sent. The Twix is a par­tic­u­lar favourite, and with a squirt of whipped cream on top makes a real­ly indul­gent feel­ing evening drink. Each pod is only 70cals although they are quite sweet and it was no sur­prise to find they have about a table­spoon of sug­ar in each drink. Still as a treat they are a great addi­tion to the Dolce Gus­to range.

  9. S.Donatello

    Choco­late delightGalaxy & Friends Hot Choco­late Dolce Gus­to Com­pat­i­ble Pods.if you like a vari­ety of hot choco­late and you have a Dolce Gus­to then these are bril­liant. you get a very good selec­tion of choices.value wise its about £3.79 a box, these are very good val­ue as Ive seen some around the £4.00 a box mark.i per­son­al­ly haven’t tried all of the selec­tion as there gone before i could lay my hands on them. how­ev­er the galaxy was very tasty and im not a fan of adding sug­ar to my drinks so you do get a good amount of flavor.5 box­es con­tain 8 pods over­all you receive 10 pods of each pods10x Galaxy10x Twix10x Milky way10x mal­te­ser­sto­tal­ing 40 serv­ingsover­all im pleased with them, good val­ue and a very good tasty treat.

  10. Heatherlabelle1

    A favourite in our fam­i­lyI received 5 box­es of hot choco­late, each with 8 pods inside.The pods are a mix of Mal­teasers, twix, Milky Way and Galaxy flavours.The best before date on my pack is 08/08/2022.The pods fit my dolce gus­to pic­co­lo machine per­fect­ly and are work­ing well every time.I love that each box has a mix of flavours, the twix is a par­tic­u­lar favourite as it has a gor­geous caramel taste to it which I love. I would say with the oth­er flavours that I notice more of an aro­ma of the choco­late bars than a taste-but they all taste like a creamy hot chocolate.I find it very con­ve­nient that I only need to use one pod per drink.At under £19 for 5 box­es, these are in my opin­ion, rea­son­ably priced dolce gus­to com­pat­i­ble pods.

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