FYNIGO Cat Feather Toys,Interactive Cat Toys,Retractable Cat Teaser Wand with 8 Refills and 2 Spare Hook

£ 9.96

Target species Cat
Breed recommendation All Breed Sizes
Colour Colourful
Material Plastic
  • 【2022 Upgraded】2022 upgraded wand, which is thicker and flexible, not easily broken, and more durable
  • 【Multiple Teasers for Fun】This cat toy set includes 8 pcs feather teaser refills, made of natural feathers, in different styles including feathers, worms, and fish. Most of the feathers have bells on them, which can increase cats' interest
  • 【Thoughtful Spare Hook】Considering that the hook may be broken after long-time use, we prepared 2 spare hooks for you
  • 【Interactive and Exercising】This feather toy is a great idea for your cat to exercise in play and keep agility and healthy. And a very good way to interact with your pets
  • 【100% Quality Service】1 x Wand, 8 x Refills, 2 x Spare Hook in a Pack. If our products have any quality problems, please contact us the first time, we will handle the return or exchange of items immediately


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Product Description

*About FYNIGO*

FYNIGO is a brand which spe­cial­izes in cat toys. Our team mem­bers also have cats, we have done a lot of research on cat habits, so the cat toys we devel­oped have been loved by most cats. In the future, we will con­tin­ue to research and devel­op, and strive to make more good toys to please your cat.

cat teaser wand

2022 Upgraded Wand

  • 2022 upgrad­ed wand, which is thick­er and more durable 
  • The wand is retractable, so you can use it any­where and easy to storage
  • Flex­i­ble, not easy to break
  • The mate­r­i­al of the han­dle is EVA for a more com­fort­able feel
  • Size: 37CM (Short­est) , 96CM (Longest)
cat toys

Multiple Teasers for Fun

  • This cat toy set includes 8 pcs feath­er teas­er refills, dif­fer­ent styles includ­ing feathers,worms,and fish
  • The pack­age includes 2 spare hook, con­sid­er­ing that the hook may be bro­ken after long-time use 
  • Most refills are equipped with bells, which can attract cats’ atten­tion and increase fun
  • Mate­r­i­al: car­bon fiber, nat­ur­al feath­er, polycarbonate

Use Tips of Cat Wands

cat wand

cat teaser wand

cat toys for indoor cats

Level 1

Suit­able: Kit­tens under 1 year, active cats

Points: Light­ly shake the cat wand, or put it on the ground for the cat to play with.

Tips: Not need skills for these cats, you may be invit­ed instead if you don’t play with her/him.

Level 2

Suit­able: Nor­mal cats, picky cats, and cats who is tired of playing.

Points: Move and stop, fast and slow, appear and disappear.

Tips: For these cats, please keep bal­ance between action and silence when wav­ing the cat teas­er, It’s very impor­tant to be patient. When you find the cats become silent sud­den­ly, which does­n’t mean they don’t want to play any more, they are just wait and get ready for pouncing!

Level 3

Suit­able: Fat cats and old cats, who are lazy to move.

Points: We sug­gest the secret weapon (our cat toy) and use aggres­sive ways to teas­ing them.

Tips: For cats like this, you need pre­mi­um cat wand, such as this one. After teas­ing the cat for a while, please let her/him catch the prey, or the cat maybe lose inter­est if feels frustrated.

cat toys

Good News! New Prod­uct Launched! 

cat toys

FYNIGO Cat Teaser Wand Toy Replacement Refills,Cat Feather Toy Accessories,5 Colorful Worms and 2 Natural Bird Feather Refills
  • The set con­tains 5 Worms and 2 feath­er refills
  • There are bells on the worms, which can bet­ter attract the cat’s atten­tion, and the feath­er refill is made of nat­ur­al bird feath­ers, which is more nat­ur­al and healthier
  • For more infor­ma­tion, please click the chart below

Under the Strong Request of Many Customers! Our New Product Listed!

Replacement Refill Set is Launched!

Many cus­tomers who buy our prod­ucts have encoun­tered this prob­lem. The pole is good, but the refill is bro­ken. It is waste­ful to buy a new suit. So many cus­tomers hop­ing that we can sell the replace­ment refills set sep­a­rate­ly. After our research, we select­ed two styles with the best feed­back from cus­tomers and com­bined them into this suit.

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Additional information

Weight 90 kg
Dimensions 39.2 × 11.5 × 3 cm
Package Dimensions

39.2 x 11.5 x 3 cm; 90 Grams

Item model number


Breed Recommendation

All Breed Sizes



Number of Items




Specific Uses

Active Behaviour Outdoor Indoor

Batteries Required


Batteries included


Item Weight

90 g



Date First Available

28 Jun. 2018




  1. Emilio Sanchez

    Dan­te’s Cat Infer­noOkay…I get it.  My cat is a brute.  No seri­ous­ly, she’s a Maine Coon and I fear for my safe­ty on a dai­ly basis unless I please her to her liking.So it’s no won­der that I’ve ordered this same prod­uct mul­ti­ple times over the last few years.  It was­n’t the pro­duc­t’s fault.  She’s a beast.  Think Dan­te’s Infer­no.  Car­nage in her path.  She plays hard and fast.  And this prod­uct stood the test of time.  Until now.So there’s some new changes.  The fish­ing line has gone. Yes, the fish­ing line could tan­gle and warp eas­i­ly but what it had going for it was dura­bil­i­ty.  It stood the test of time despite the dam­age.  When the gates of cat hell would open the fish­ing line could hold against my Beelzebub..but no more.  The fish­ing line has been replaced with a thin piece of black elas­tic which last­ed 2 min­utes into the first play until my cat was able to..what can only be described as..circumcising the line with­in 30 sec­onds.   A sight to behold.  I retreat­ed to the kitchen and changed my pants.  Bemused and tri­umphant was the cat.  Bemuse­ment soon turned to anger that play had stopped.The sec­ond change was the tip of the rod.  Pre­vi­ous­ly the rod attached to the fish­ing line had been strength­ened with the same met­al to forge the ring of Mor­dor.  Unfor­tu­nate­ly not any more.  This broke on the sec­ond play and my cat devoured the tip only to rejoice in joy of destroy­ing this part and then con­sum­ing it.  Pos­si­bly for her own enjoyment…or pos­si­bly because of the poten­tial bow­el obstruc­tion she knew it would cause that I would then have to deal with lat­er (yeah..she’s that wicked).In all seri­ous­ness though…you had a great prod­uct going.  It was robust before and now it’s not.  Insert sad face (insert angry cat face more so).If you’re inter­est­ed, I’d hap­pi­ly vol­un­teer my cat for some cat toy test­ing facil­i­ty if such a thing exists how­ev­er I fear she’d prob­a­bly burn the place down on day one.I’m giv­ing it 3 stars (that would have been 5 with no changes) and the cat is giv­ing it 1 star after the changes…however she is also insist­ing on resti­tu­tion and is offer­ing the life of one human soul (mine) for this prod­uct to be restored to its for­mer glory.Send Help.Changing the review back to 5 stars — the stur­dy fish­ing line has returned!

  2. Sarah Tan

    Great prod­uct!Oh my god Char­lie loves his new cat toy, this is his 3rd set pure­ly because he plays with them so much but this set is the best with the new bright­ly coloured, larg­er feath­ers. He’s play­ing with them even with­out me run­ning around with the stick. Very hap­py with pur­chase and new design

  3. Mrs Melody Bushby

    But itThis cat toy has to be the best of all toys. I will be buy­ing more in the near future. Both of my cats love play­ing with them so much,they have man­aged to open the draw­er where we keep at night and we have found the han­dle chewed and the feath­ers of the clip chewed and bits of loose feath­ers and the lounge.If you have any doubts about buy­ing this toy, I can reas­sure you it’s the best toy in the world for cats

  4. ED

    Fab­u­lous cat toyMy kit­ten is super strong and has bro­ken his last 5 wand toys on the first play. This wand did­n’t fill me with con­fi­dence, as the long extend­ing wand made me think it would snap as soon as we start­ed play­ing. How­ev­er we are now on day 3 and it’s his favourite toy ever.Knackers him out so now he is climb­ing the cur­tains less.… big bonus!

  5. Kin­dle Customer

    Best. Cat-toy. Ever.This is awe­some. You can get a real­ly good flick with wand and cre­ate all sorts of dif­fer­ent move­ments with the attach­ments, so the feath­ery ones fly with a bit of a twist, and the fur­ry ones can slink, scur­ry, twitch or hop across the floor. Our cats will play with this on their own, or togeth­er, and have utter­ly demol­ished two of the attach­ments already — not because they are of poor qual­i­ty, in fact they are very well put togeth­er — by sheer deter­mi­na­tion and team­work. If you have a cat, get this item.

  6. Hol­ly

    My cat adores thisI bought this for my cat as he was in need of some new toys. I espe­cial­ly like the fact that the rod is so long, and so it allows one to move the toy over a greater area, and also avoids the cat asso­ci­at­ing the prox­im­i­ty of the toy with one’s hand and elect­ing to attack that instead! The attach­ments are var­ied and attrac­tive, emu­lat­ing the facets of prey that cats are attract­ed to (tails, eyes, fur, feath­ers, etc) but with­out the toy being an direct repli­ca­tion of ani­mals. The only thing that I found to be a nui­sance was that the attach­ments are a lit­tle tricky to change (think putting a key on a key ring and what that does and feels like to one’s nails) which isn’t much of an issue if you don’t change the toys all that often, but worth men­tion­ing as it did dent one of my thumb­nails slight­ly. It may also be dif­fi­cult for those with impair­ments in their hands.

  7. Mrs D Owen

    Best cat toy I have ever broughtI’ve brought many cat toys over the years and this is the best one I have ever brought, my cat loves it espe­cial­ly the fish which I’m sure is scent­ed with cat­nip It’s got many attach­ments main­ly feath­ers which have a lit­tle bell on the end and you can change the attach­ments as they have a clip on the end of each one, There is also a spare wire just in case the oth­er one breaks, the rod is also retractable I high­ly rec­om­mend this toy you will have many hours and days of fun with your cat thanks to the sell­er as I have tried to get one of the­ses in the shops but they don’t have any­thing like this

  8. Stef

    A must have!The media could not be loaded.

     My cat absolute­ly loves it. It was his first Christ­mas with us and got him this gift and I can say that he is a very play­ful cat but he had nev­er been as excit­ed for a toy as he was for this, it was love at first sight form the minute I opened the gift wrap­ping haha. He loves the orange head soooo much and also the big brown feath­ered one, the lat­ter did come apart tho but I’d say its because of the amount of love he showed it hehe. Def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend this espe­cial­ly if your cat does­n’t excer­cise much and had been neutered because the amount of ener­gy they can burn off after play­ing with this its unreal.One of the met­al rings came unstuck less than 24 hrs after hav­ing it, apart from this, my cat and I are very hap­py with the product!🥰

  9. Two Kit­ties

    Absolute­ly fan­tas­tic cat toy!She loves it! I make it wig­gle and jump on the car­pet and dan­gle it in the air and she goes for it every time!! I real­ly do rec­om­mend this to any cat lover. The clasp are strong and the cord is also equal­ly strong so I have no wor­ries of it being bro­ken from rough cat play. She digs in and kicks with her back feet and it is so cute to watch! She loves the pink fish look­ing one and the green worm look­ing one the most! Seri­ous­ly go and buy one for your kit­ty she or he will thank you later!!

  10. Valerie J.

    Enough to dri­ve you up the pole!I was sur­prised that this is an Ama­zon Choice, all things con­sid­ered. The toy arrived in a card­board box about the size of a DVD play­er last Sun­day and it last­ed about 5 min­utes. I thought the idea of the wand being retractible was great and the attach­ments look pret­ty. How­ev­er, the clip onto which you attach the var­i­ous ‘teasers’ (feath­ers and fish) was extreme­ly dif­fi­cult to open. The clip works on the same prin­ci­ple as a safe­ty pin; you must push one side to open it. Oth­ers have post­ed images so there is no point in my doing it too. How­ev­er, push­ing with my thumb­nail did­n’t ini­tial­ly shift it, so I tried squeez­ing with pli­ers, and that did­n’t work as the pli­ers kept slip­ping. I per­se­vered using my thumb nail and after wreck­ing the nail, I even­tu­al­ly man­aged to attach the pink fish. I dan­gled it towards my Rag­doll cat, Alfie, who brave­ly ran and hid behind the sofa. Even­tu­al­ly, I man­aged to lure him out with the fish but, no, he did­n’t like it. As I had Sun­day din­ner cook­ing in the oven, I left the fish on the floor for a few min­utes, still attached to the line. When I came back, Alfie had chewed straight through the clear nylon thread. I nev­er realised just how seri­ous­ly sharp his teeth are! I took it he did­n’t like the fish, so I test­ed him with the feath­ers. He was repelled and ran off again. Strange, I thought. So I smelled the feath­ers and they reeked of chem­i­cals. Alfie prefers the box.

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