FULFIL Vitamin and Protein Bar (15 x 55g Bars) — Chocolate Hazelnut Whip Flavour — 20g High Protein, 9 Vitamins, Low Sugar

£ 24.99

  • HIGH PROTEIN AND LOW SUGAR BARS: Each 55g bar contains 20g of protein, less than 3 grams of sugar and only 214 calories. Great for a tasty treat or a post-workout refuel
  • 9 VITAMINS: Each FULFIL bar contains 30% RDA for 9 essential vitamins to support you through everyday life
  • DELICIOUS AND NUTRITIOUS: FULFIL bars are not your average protein bar. Our Chocolate Hazelnut Whip Flavour contains an indulgent hazelnut centre covered in creamy milk chocolate and topped with crunchy hazelnut pieces. A perfect snack for chocolate lovers but with added benefits
  • OUR PACKS CONTAIN 15 BARS: So you never run out of your favourite protein bar
  • LIFE'S WONDERFUEL: We want FULFIL bars to fuel you on all of your everyday adventures, whether it’s to get you through your workday, hiking up a mountain, a workout, or a sofa snack we’ve got you covered


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Product Description

The bar that rais­es the bar. You don’t have to sac­ri­fice taste or nutri­tion with FULFIL Vit­a­min and Pro­tein Bars. Each 55g bar is packed with 20g pro­tein, less than 3g sug­ar, and 30% the rec­om­mend­ed dai­ly allowance of 9 vit­a­mins. Our Choco­late Hazel­nut Whip Flavour con­tains an indul­gent hazel­nut cen­tre cov­ered in creamy milk choco­late and topped with crunchy hazel­nut pieces. A per­fect snack for choco­late lovers but with added ben­e­fits. Have you tried FULFIL bars yet? Why not give it the taste test instead of your usu­al gra­nola, cere­al, flap­jack, sup­ple­ment or healthy snack bar. The FULFIL range of deli­cious and nutri­tious pro­tein bars will always sat­is­fy your hunger and with a range of excit­ing flavours you just need to pick your favourite. The per­fect size to refu­el and recharge, each bar con­tains 20g of pro­tein, less than 3g of sug­ar and 9 essen­tial vit­a­mins. Whether you’re rush­ing to the gym, climb­ing moun­tains, need a post work­out re-fuel, or just on the dai­ly com­mute – FULFIL is here to fuel you along the way, wher­ev­er your adven­tures take you. What­ev­er your dream is, you chase it and we’ll feed it. Life’s Wonderfuel!


no added sug­ar milk choco­late with sweet­en­er 25% (sweet­en­er [malti­tol], cocoa but­ter, whole milk pow­der, cocoa mass, emul­si­fi­er [soy lecithins], nat­ur­al vanil­la flavour­ing), cal­ci­um caseinate (milk), col­la­gen hydrolysate, humec­tant (glyc­erol), iso­ma­l­to-oligosac­cha­ride*, water, whey pro­tein iso­late (milk), hazel­nut ker­nels roast­ed 4,8%, no added sug­ar white choco­late with sweet­en­er (sweet­en­er [malti­tol], cocoa but­ter, whole milk pow­der, emul­si­fi­er [soy lecithins], nat­ur­al vanil­la flavour­ing), whey pro­tein con­cen­trate (milk), palm fat, choco­late (cocoa pow­der, cocoa mass, sug­ar), flavour­ing, vit­a­mins (vit­a­min C, vit­a­min E, vit­a­min B6, vit­a­min B12, thi­amin, riboflavin, niacin, pan­tothenic acid, folic acid), sweet­en­er (sucralose).

Box Contains

Ful­fil Choco­late Hazel­nut Whip, 15 x 55 g

From the manufacturer

Hazelnut Whip

Susie Chan running forest

30% RDA of 9 Vitamins

low sugar

High Protein = High Performance

Whether you’re tack­ling a 10k, head­ing down the gym or rush­ing off to work, our 55g bars are packed with pro­tein to give you all the fuel you’ll need.

Packed with Vitamins

Each FULFIL bar con­tains 30% of your Rec­om­mend­ed Dai­ly Allowance of 9 essen­tial vit­a­mins; Vit­a­min C, B6 & B12 to sup­port the immune sys­tem, Riboflavin, Niacin & B6 to reduce tired­ness and Vit­a­min C & Thi­amin to release energy.

Low Sugar

The nutri­tion­al con­tent of each flavour varies slight­ly, but all con­tain low sug­ar, mak­ing FULFIL bars a great-tast­ing health­i­er alter­na­tive to treats; such as bis­cuits, choco­late bars, sug­ary snacks, and desserts.

FULFIL Collage 40g

Important information


no added sug­ar milk choco­late with sweet­en­er 25% (sweet­en­er [malti­tol], cocoa but­ter, whole milk pow­der, cocoa mass, emul­si­fi­er [soy lecithins], nat­ur­al vanil­la flavour­ing), cal­ci­um caseinate (milk), col­la­gen hydrolysate, humec­tant (glyc­erol), iso­ma­l­to-oligosac­cha­ride*, water, whey pro­tein iso­late (milk), hazel­nut ker­nels roast­ed 4,8%, no added sug­ar white choco­late with sweet­en­er (sweet­en­er [malti­tol], cocoa but­ter, whole milk pow­der, emul­si­fi­er [soy lecithins], nat­ur­al vanil­la flavour­ing), whey pro­tein con­cen­trate (milk), palm fat, choco­late (cocoa pow­der, cocoa mass, sug­ar), flavour­ing, vit­a­mins (vit­a­min C, vit­a­min E, vit­a­min B6, vit­a­min B12, thi­amin, riboflavin, niacin, pan­tothenic acid, folic acid), sweet­en­er (sucralose).

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Additional information

Weight 825 kg
Product Name

Chocolate Hazelnut Whip

Allergen Information

Contains: Milk Soy Hazelnuts


825 Grams


825.0 gram



Age Range Description


Country of origin

Croatia, Hr



Date First Available

8 May 2018




  1. McG

    Tasty but far too smallThe flavour of the bars is quite nice in my opin­ion, and any­one I know that has tried them agrees that they are a nice tast­ing pro­tein bar. The tex­ture is also nice and soft con­sid­er­ing it’s a pro­tein bar. The prob­lem with this par­tic­u­lar pack­age is that the bars are only a measly 40g. The reg­u­lar sized bars are 55g. So in a box of 15 bars you’re miss­ing out on 225g of bar (4x55g worth of bar with 5g to spare) but are pay­ing the same price (£25.15 at the time of writ­ing this) if not more, as a box of 15x55g bars.I would­n’t rec­om­mend these. It’s a bit of a rip-off con­sid­er­ing the price of oth­er box­es of Ful­fil bars of 15x55g. Go for anoth­er flavour or wait until these are either 55g bars or the price fair­ly reflects the 225g dif­fer­ence in what you’re getting.

  2. Tir­gan

    Poor­ly stored so the caramel part (pics attached) of the con­tent had seeped outThe entire pack had been kept in a con­di­tion that the caramel had seeped out and sep­a­rat­ed from the bis­cuit mean­ing when you opened a pack there was no sweet taste to the prod­uct and the caramel was stuck to the bot­tom of the wrap­per. A com­plete waste of mon­ey on an entire pack which wasn’t cheap.

  3. Cranky old bat

    Feel Cheat­edAs so many review­ers have said, these taste good BUT…if you order the big­ger bars first time (and these are no longer avail­able) you like them and reorder you will almost cer­tain­ly not notice that the bar size is dif­fer­ent, espe­cial­ly since they look exact­ly the same in the pic­ture. Who checks all the spec­i­fi­ca­tions when reorder­ing some­thing you just bought? THESE COST MORE AND ARE VERY MUCH SMALLER. 55gm has become 40gm and 20gm pro­tein has become 15gm. EVEN THE AMOUNT OF CHOCOLATE COATING IS LESS SO THE HAZELNUT BITS FALL OFF. THESE WERE NOT CHEAP TO START WITH, NOW THEY ARE JUST TAKING LIBERTIES. NEVER, NEVER GOING TO GIVE MY CUSTOM TO SUCH SLEAZY PEOPLE AGAIN.

  4. Anony­mous

    Not as fresh as super­mar­ket pur­chaseI have been eat­ing the Choco­late Hazel­nut Whip bars for a few years. I have always pur­chased them from Sainsbury’s but the pan­dem­ic means I’m order­ing food online where I can. The tex­ture of the bars is the key dif­fer­ence. These were quite hard and chewy where­as those avail­able from Sainsbury’s fit the name of the bar bet­ter. Those are light and almost fluffy in tex­ture, fit­ting with the title ‘whip’: they feel so much fresh­er than these. The taste is not quite the same either as there is a slight unpleas­ant after­taste. I rec­om­mend that you save your mon­ey and buy a fresh­er ver­sion else­where. Sor­ry Ama­zon. I’m an extreme­ly loy­al cus­tomer but these are a dis­ap­point­ing waste of money.

  5. Cus­tomer

    Rapid ener­gy and pro­tein23v Nov ’20. 3 stars. Based on pack of 15 x 55g Choco­late Peanut & Caramel Flavour bars. Seems a rea­son­able prod­uct at a low­er price (£18.70) than some of the mar­ket lead­ers. In the first box received, the caramel had leaked, stick­ing to the inside of the wrap­per. (I thought it might have been a faulty batch but I see oth­ers have com­plained about this.) The caramel could maybe be adjust­ed to pre­vent this from occur­ring though it seems a small point if they are deliv­er­ing 20g of pro­tein per bar. Oth­er­wise fine. (I have noti­fied the man­u­fac­tur­ers as well as Ama­zon Cus­tomer Ser­vice and request­ed that the prob­lem be fixed. Ama­zon assure me that the repeat order will be in good con­di­tion, in which case my star rat­ing will be increased to 4 or 5).3 Jan ’21 Update: fol­low­ing assur­ances from Ama­zon Cus­tomer Ser­vice, the sec­ond order arrived in per­fect con­di­tion (all but 2 bars that had only a bare­ly notice­able ‘leak’ of caramel stick­ing to the wrapper).Fulfil also respond­ed to my con­cern (though much much lat­er). They also offered to send me a frree box as a cour­tesy over the poor con­di­tion of the first one. Unfor­tu­nate­ly this has­n’t been received. I notice the price is now a third more expen­sive (now £24.49), which is quite a big increase, putting it clos­er to oth­er brand lead­ers such as Quest. I may wait until it is “on offer” again.6 Feb. Fur­ther update: 5 stars: A beau­ti­ful­ly pak­aged gift box of 6 dif­fer­ent Ful­fil bars arrived. So they did kind of live up to their promise although it took a lit­tle while. I should add that at no time did they offer an induce­ment to change my orig­i­nal review. This was sim­ply a result of my con­tact­ing the com­pa­ny direct­ly and appears to be a good­will gift with­out any strings attached (I would­n’t have accept­ed it otherwise!).Some have reviewed the snack bar size expect­ing the larg­er 55g size, but that sounds like a glitch. I don’t have any com­plaints about the bar itself, and giv­en the very nice cour­tesy box sent when I point­ed out the prob­lem with caramel leak­age on the first order, I can­not com­plain about the cus­tomer ser­vice. Not a replace­ment, but was a very gen­tle­man­ly (for want of a gen­der-neu­tral word) response from them. The box would make a very nice lux­u­ry-end gift. The prod­uct as deliv­ered from Ama­zon is in an ordi­nary box of course (and the price is still at the high­er end) but I think over­all it helps to be able to rec­om­mend the com­pa­ny. I will look for­ward to try­ing the oth­er flavours.April 2021 update: sticky bars again with caramel stick­ing to wrap­per in some of them. Over­all an incon­sis­tent expe­ri­ence even if the taste is good.

  6. Alice M

    Deli­ciousI don’t usu­al­ly write reviews, but these bars are fan­tas­tic! The choco­late brown­ie flavour is by far my favourite that I’ve tried (pre­vi­ous­ly had peanut but­ter and salt­ed caramel) — it’s just love­ly gooey choco­latey­ness… you’d nev­er guess it was a pro­tein bar. There’s no weird arti­fi­cial ‘pro­tein’ taste or after­taste that you get wih some bars. I hon­est­ly could­n’t rec­om­mend them more in terms of flavour.The 55g bars are also a good size — big enough to just have half and still feel sat­is­fied if you want a small snack, and still 10g pro­tein in half the bar.Arrived quick­ly, well pack­aged and with a good 10–11 months until the best before date… they cer­tain­ly aren’t going to be in my cup­board that long!

  7. Mr. Cur­tis

    Best pro­tein bars I’ve had, soft and fudge like!Best pro­tein bars I’ve had!Being used to hard, chewy pro­tein bars, these were a nice sur­prise, they’re soft, feel and taste like fudge, no bloat­ing, no weird arti­fi­cial taste, no after effects and a great taste. Plus they don’t turn to rock when in my bag in the cold mak­ing then un-eat­able, so great for hik­ing and days out, thanks Fulfil!Fulfil have become the go to pro­tein bar now, much bet­ter than all the oth­er brand I’ve tired.

  8. Christo­pher Roy

    Feel a bit cheat­ed as SMALLER BARSWas very excit­ed to get these bars and despite the fact that you can get 15 x “oth­er flavoured bars” for 6 pounds cheap­er I love this flavour so went for it. Only to find out they were small­er bars.They are even more expen­sive. I could of bought the same weights of bars in a shop for the price. (Maybe even cheaper)They are great tast­ing bars. But as a reg­u­lar pro­tein bar pur­chas­er you expect these to be the same size as the ones in the shop but they are not.If my wife hadn’t opened the box I would of request­ed a refund.Although it does adver­tise them as 40 g x 15 bars.Who would actu­al­ly know with out dig­ging deep that a nor­mal size bar is actu­al­ly 55g.Therefor feel a bit cheated.

  9. lau­ra

    Im prob­a­bly gonna hate myself in shar­ing this but its so goodSo to dis­close, the fla­vors I have tried are ‘Hazlenut Whip’, ‘Choco­late Deluxe’ & ‘Choco­late Peanut & Caramel’ at 55g.Out of all 3, one has my absolute heart. To the point that if I was locked on a desert island, and that desert island had a gym and I need­ed assis­tance in hit­ting my pro­tein goal. I would HAPPILY sur­vive on this fla­vor alone: Choco­late Peanut & Caramel.Dear god, I fin­ished my first box of those bad boys pret­ty quick­ly, stop­ping myself at 2 a day. They’re that darn good. To me, its a pro­tein ver­sion of a snick­ers bar (not as sweet due to obvi­ous rea­sons) but as nut­ty and caramel­ly good. I even tried snick­ers own pro­tein bar and I would pick this over it in a heartbeat.Now I know some peo­ple have had com­plaints about the caramel leak­ing out, and yes that is an “issue” but youre a damn liar if you’re gonna tell me you’ve nev­er scraped the cheese off a cheese­burg­er wrap­per in your life, JUST to get more of that deli­cious good­ness. In my expe­ri­ence, the caramel is still in the bar. Now i’ve got some more in the wrap­per to scrape off with my teeth like some syrup seek­ing goblin.I’ve seen rav­ing com­ments about the ‘Hazlenut Whip’ & ‘Choco­late Deluxe’ and I find them pret­ty okay. I would def­i­nite­ly pick them over a ‘Grenade Carb Kil­la’ bar which i used to live by (Peanut Flavour). I dont know if its cause I absolute­ly adore the ‘Choco­late Peanut & Caramel’ flavour and as those were the first ones I had. I was kin­da expect­ing a sim­i­lar “Oh damn” moment but im not writ­ing on walls and con­nect­ing red threads to fig­ure out how to fit more in my diet. Rather than eat them by them­selves, I diced them up and threw them into a pro­tein ice cream as lil tex­ture treats.I will note there was a slight taste dif­fer­ence in the 40g bar, not as much caramel but it fits my calo­rie intake a lot bet­ter when I was eat­ing 2 lolIf this review caus­es the demand to sky-rock­et I will hate myself but i’ve got to give cred­it where cred­it is due.

  10. Fletch­er Poole

    One StarI bought these pro­tein bars as a great thing to have when I’m work­ing and aren’t able to have my prop­er rou­tined pro­tein meals, just to get me to my desiered pro­tein goal*** Pro’s ***- The com­po­nents itself have a good amount of pro­tein and some good nutri­ents inside- I’m not a fan of this flavour in the slight­est, but they do seem to have a selec­tion of flavours, some of the oth­er ones might be nice*** Con’s ***- This pro­tein bar tastes absolute­ly awful, it is almost impos­si­ble to eat the entire thing and get it down as you start to feel very phlegmy and get a strange after­taste- I just can’t with this because it’s gross and I don’t think I’d ever eat one of these again­Over­all, this is def­i­nite­ly not the pro­tein bar you should be get­ting if you’re in the mar­ket for one.

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