Fire 7 Kids tablet | for ages 3–7 | 7″ Display, 16 GB | Blue Kid-Proof Case


  • A full-featured 7" tablet, including a kid-proof case with kick-stand, parental controls, 2-year worry-free guarantee and 1 year of Amazon Kids+ (Fire for Kids Unlimited) with apps, games and videos.
  • Not just a toy, but a 7" tablet with 16 GB of storage and up to 7 hours of battery life.
  • If it breaks, return it and we'll replace it for free with our 2-year worry-free guarantee.
  • Includes a 1-year subscription to Amazon Kids+ giving kids access to thousands of popular apps, games, videos, books and Audible audiobooks, including content from Disney, Nickelodeon and Sesame Street.
  • Set time limits and educational goals remotely from your smartphone using Amazon Parent Dashboard, or the Kids tablet.
  • Download content to watch and play on the go.
  • Add a microSD card for up to 512 GB of additional storage.


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  1. M. Bir­beck

    No good unless you payBought this for my lit­tle one for out and about traveling.Setting it up, we came to a sub­scrip­tion page.Apparently in order for this to work you HAVE to have a subscription.If you don’t you can­not use the tablet.In order to use it you need to BUY apps/vids ect on the par­ent pro­file and then share them to the kids profile.Except if you are a prime mem­ber you can­not share your includ­ed prime con­tent. You can only share stuff you have paid for.You can share apps, but the choice is abis­mal, most of them are charged, and not a lot of them are any good for kids.So in order for this tablet to be used as a kid friend­ly alter­na­tive to oth­er tablets on the mar­ket, you need to pay ama­zon even more mon­ey on top of your prime mem­ber­ship, oth­er­wise it is basi­cal­ly a youtube search engine with some parental controls.I am glad we got this ear­ly foe xmas and went to set it up, because if we had left it until xmas I would be more annoyed than I already am.At least with oth­er tablets on the mar­ket I can put parental con­trols on, down­load my ama­zon prime con­tent, use it all offline once down­loaded, and not have to pay extra for the privilige.The only plus side i can think of is the case feels stur­dy, oth­er than that, be pre­pares to pay for the same stuff that is free every­where else.

  2. dawn

    Awe­someThis is ide­al for my tod­dler although as she keeps touch­ing the screen every­thing she is watch­ing ends up turn­ing off it would be much bet­ter if you could lock the screen but still view the con­tent. Oth­er than that so far the item is real­ly good

  3. Melanie Modare

    Free­Time Com­plaintWe pur­chased an Ama­zon Fire 7 Kids Edi­tion Tablet, 7″ Dis­play, 16 GB, Blue Kid-Proof Case, Sold by: Ama­zon EU S.a.r.L. £99.99 on August 21st 2018. On July 26th 2019 that Tablet stopped tak­ing a charge. I con­tact­ed cus­tomer ser­vice who kind­ly sent a replace­ment as we were with­in the war­ran­ty peri­od. When try­ing to set this tablet up for our 3 year old son, we dis­cov­ered that the Free­Time System/ App that has been added to these old­er gen­er­a­tions of tablets as well as new ones and it would not allow In-App pur­chas­es or App sub­scrip­tions. I spent 2 hours online chat trou­bleshoot­ing, to try get it sort­ed so my son could use the Pep­pa Pig World App he want­ed. It still didn’t work, so anoth­er replace­ment was ordered on July 31st 2019. When try­ing to set this one up again, we encoun­tered exact­ly the same issue! I then spend anoth­er 3 hours trou­bleshoot­ing to try and get this issue sort­ed. Still it does not work. Even­tu­al­ly after anoth­er hour of chat and calls a refund was grant­ed for a depre­ci­at­ed amount of only £79.99! This is not accept­able but after anoth­er hour a cus­tomer ser­vice rep­re­sen­ta­tive sort­ed a £20 Ges­ture of Good­will to also be sent. How­ev­er, the sto­ry does not end here, on the emails received I noticed the refund would go to a Visa Card exp 03/19, I was not con­sult­ed about where the refund should go, not once. I no longer hold a bank account with this bank and obvi­ous­ly do not have that bank card. So the refund will bounce back to Ama­zon. So I chat­ted again and called and have been told it is all sort­ed from Ama­zon side now. Well obvi­ous­ly the card refund will not process and bounce back to Ama­zon, I called the Hal­i­fax Bank to check this and they cat­e­gor­i­cal­ly stat­ed no pay­ment could be received as I do not have an account with them any longer. I have chat­ted yet again to be told “Even though you don’t have account with them now, you used to have the account with them pre­vi­ous­ly which has been closed and we have refund­ed to that card which was active they are sup­posed to give a cheque to you… If they can­not then we need a proof stat­ing that they are not help­ing you… Then we’ll esca­late the issue”Amazon this is just not right or accept­able. I am with­out a refund for my 3 year old son’s tablet. I have spent over 7 hours of my time try­ing to get this sort­ed and still no refund. I only want the £99.99 adding to my Ama­zon Account so we can pur­chase an alter­na­tive tablet where we do not have these issues. Cus­tomer ser­vices have pro­longed this issue and caused me and my hus­band so much dis­tress I can­not begin to tell you about. A mul­ti mil­lion dol­lar cor­po­ra­tion, quib­bling over the issues and errors for just short of a hun­dred pounds, it is tru­ly disgusting.

  4. @allergymamma

    Best thing we have ever got our 2yr old!!Got it for my 2yr old and wouldn’t look back. It’s great! We altered it so he sees age appro­pri­ate and edu­ca­tion­al books, games and videos. He has a speech delay but the edu­ca­tion­al apps are real­ly improv­ing his speech as he is now say­ing all his colours and count­ing num­bers now. There was even a great Elmo pot­ty train­ing app that we per­son­alised to read his name so it makes him part of the sto­ry as if the char­ac­ters are speak­ing to him direct­ly. The case is great — he’s smashed it off the floor a few times and it seems pret­ty inde­struc­tible so far… You have to buy a micro SD card sep­a­rate as the stor­age fills up pret­ty fast. But we can down­load his favourite movies to play for him for car jour­neys when not con­nect­ed to WiFi. The screen time remote con­trol is great as we can lim­it him to an hour a day. I would high­ly rec­om­mend this prod­uct over an iPad as it comes up with all the age appro­pri­ate con­tent sug­ges­tions and saves you hav­ing to google good apps/ games to down­load — it basi­cal­ly takes the has­sle out of that part for a par­ent. It’s real­ly easy to use (he can even nav­i­gate it bet­ter than us now) and it holds its charge well. 10/10!

  5. Geoff

    Absolute­ly per­fect for kids!The kin­dle fire 7 for kids is just a gem! You can set­up screen tim­ing, Books, apps, games are great qual­i­ty and they are con­tained in the kid envi­ron­ment safely.I could­n’t rec­om­mend it more!

  6. Heather­Dun­can

    Worth the mon­ey!My 5 year old son used an iPad pre­vi­ous­ly and seemed to seek out every awful video on YouTube — I was hor­ri­fied at what he could find so eas­i­ly hence the pur­chase of the Ama­zon Fire kids edi­tion. It’s won­der­ful and he def­i­nite­ly can­not find any inap­pro­pri­ate con­tent, now I don’t have to mon­i­tor his usage time so often as I know he is in a safe child app.

  7. christie mal­lett

    Fan­tas­tic present for daugh­terMy daugh­ter loves this birth­day present, it gives her some­thing to dis­tract her mind from long car jour­neys. My only neg­a­tive is that the bat­tery goes down extreme­ly quickly.It has so many edu­ca­tion­al games — and the parental con­trols are great for set­ting game time lim­its, bed time (so no access at cer­tain times unless unlocked by par­ent) and no access to any non-age relat­ed con­tent unless approved by the adult.

  8. Ama­zon Customer

    Age appro­pri­ateBought this for my three year old and it’s bril­liant loads of apps for her age quick­er thank the pre­vi­ous kids tablets recommend

  9. 007

    Klunky and most def­i­nite­ly not child friend­ly from the start!Kluncky, no ease of installing youtube kids, instead you are forced to use crud­dy fire os. Very con­vo­lut­ed set­up process with an unre­spon­sive touch screen. Worth the sale price of £59 but not a pen­ny more…Update: Pur­chase Pep­pa Pig Word and can you acti­vate it under the kids pro­file, hell no, only oper­ates under the adults profile.…I mean this tablet is get­ting worse by the day and feels like its using a 486 proces­sor from the 90’s when load­ing most apps. Seri­ous­ly not kid friend­ly from an oper­a­tional per­spec­tive and bare­ly adult friendly.…Very dis­ap­point­ed, revis­ing the worth from £59 to around £20 ish and not a pen­ny more!!!

  10. Aquaplsh

    Absolute rip offI pur­chased a fire kids edi­tion for my daugh­ter and ini­tial­ly this appeared to be a good buy — the ama­zon kids con­tent is good and parental con­trols use­ful and rel­a­tive­ly intuitive.However, one of the key rea­sons for buy­ing the tablet was to enable my daugh­ter to watch movies whilst trav­el­ling. I have around 40 chil­dren’s films on a micro sd card which has always worked seam­less­ly in oth­er android tablets. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, this is not the case with the fire tablet.When the childs pro­file is acti­vat­ed, the sd card can­not be accessed. Appar­ent­ly, there is no way around this and hav­ing spent over an hour on the phone to Ama­zon sup­port, the only sug­gest­ed work around was to watch the movies via my adult pro­file. Clear­ly, this is not ide­al as I real­ly don’t want my five year old to have access to my profile.So, a com­plete­ly wast­ed £100. Thanks very much indeed Amazon.

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