Finish Rinse Aid for Shinier and Drier Dishes ORIGINAL, Pack of 6

£ 11.25

Brand Finish
Scent Original
Format Tablet
Item Dimensions L x W x H 19.2 x 12.5 x 18.6 centimetres
  • Better drying performance when using Finish rinse aid with Finish Dishwasher tablets
  • Quick dry formula speeds up dish drying process making dishes immediately available to use
  • Finish rinse aid has 5 power actions and a glass protection ingredient for shinier and drier dishes
  • Rinses residue, fights water spots whilst providing film and glass protection
  • Six packs of 250ml rinse aid


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Fin­ish rinse aid works in your dish­wash­er’s rinse cycle to clear away food residues and leave your dish­es clean, dry and ready to use. Rinse aids pre­vent water droplets from form­ing on glass­es and dish­es to fight water drops, spots and limescale while mak­ing dry­ing eas­i­er. Fin­ish rinse aid is an effec­tive deter­gent per­for­mance Enhancer with two core func­tions; the rinse aid tar­gets stub­born food and deter­gent marks to leave dish­es with a dia­mond shine, while the quick-dry for­mu­la active­ly dries your dish­es. After using Fin­ish rinse aid, your dish­es are ready to use with a bril­liant shine You can real­ly see. Fin­ish rinse aid could­n’t be eas­i­er to use — sim­ply fill your rinse aid dis­penser as direct­ed by the machine’s man­u­fac­tur­er and make sure to keep it topped up. Always use rinse aid for the best pos­si­ble clean, even when using all-in-one tablets. For a real­ly effec­tive clean, try using Fin­ish rinse aid in con­junc­tion with oth­er prod­ucts from our range of deter­gent enhancers, like Fin­ish Dish­wash­er clean­er or Fin­ish Pure dish­wash­er Salt. To add a lit­tle extra to your rinse cycle, try rinse aid’s lemon vari­ety and leave a fresh cit­rus fra­grance in your machine. Supe­ri­or spot & film pro­tec­tion* for shine You can real­ly see and dry dish­es ready to use, Add Fin­ish rinse aid even on top of your mul­ti-ben­e­fit tabs. With its quick-dry for­mu­la Fin­ish rinse aid active­ly dries your dish­es for a bril­liant shine. When wash­ing up with a dish­wash­er, Fin­ish dish­wash­ing tablets deliv­er pow­er­ful dish and glass clean­ing in the tough­est con­di­tions. The dish­wash­er tablets are suit­able to be used in most dish wash­ing tasks that involve a dish wash­er. When wash­ing up with a dish­wash­er for clean dish­es and glass­es you can enhance dish­wash­ing by using Fin­ish Dish­wash­er tablets in con­junc­tion with Fin­ish Dish­wash­er rinse aid and Fin­ish Dish­wash­er clean­er. Supe­ri­or spot & film pro­tec­tion* * ver­sus deter­gent alone

From the manufacturer

rinse aid
rinse aid
dishwasher cleaner

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Additional information


1500 Millilitres


1500.0 millilitre





Country of origin

United Kingdom



Date First Available

15 Oct. 2018




  1. Bob

    Leaves a hor­rid tasteFood and drink tastes of rinse aid. My tod­dler stopped eat­ing din­ners. I realised when eat­ing his left overs that his sil­i­cone bowls appear to retain a strong smell and taste of the chem­i­cals. It’s like eat­ing soap.

  2. Leo

    Tiny bot­tles, very bad for envi­ron­ment, don’t buy!The bot­tles which arrived were about 1/5 by the vol­ume of usu­al bot­tle that you buy in store.(one such bot­tle just filled my dish­wash­er’s rinse aid tank).So instead of one plas­tic bot­tle, five will end up pol­lut­ing the envi­ron­ment which is real­ly bad.Why on earth could they not sell same amount of liq­uid in just one bottle?Really frustrating…

  3. IBLUE

    Much need­ed if liv­ing in a hard water areaThis pack last­ed more than a year and was cheap­er than buy­ing indi­vid­ual bot­tles from the super­mar­ket. You can tell the dif­fer­ence when your dish­es come out all spot­ty if you run out of it. Dish­es come out per­fect­ly when using this, despite us liv­ing in a hard water area. For best results com­bine with same brand dish­wash­er salt (deter­gent brand does­n’t real­ly matter).

  4. Skel­lz

    Great Prod­uct For The Dish­wash­ers Health! — And Of Course Your Dish­es!This com­pa­ny pro­duces good qual­i­ty dish­wash­er prod­ucts that are nice and thick in liq­uid­i­ty ( if that is a good word!).once added to the dish­wash­er it def­i­nite­ly pro­vides good results, with fresh smelling , clean items.Not a lot more I can say about the prod­uct but def­i­nite­ly the best method of order­ing — Keen­ly priced on Ama­zon, deliv­ery will be fast and no has­sle with pack­ing or spilling.

  5. Joseph­Hugh­es

    Com­pet­i­tive pric­ing, things come out clean­erI live in France where the prices of this sort of thing are wild­ly inflat­ed in the super­mar­kets. Absurd­ly it is both much cheap­er and more con­ve­nient to order them from ama­zon uk.The prod­uct is great, stuff comes out of the dish­wash­er much dry­er and look­ing clean­er. It seems to keep the dish­wash­er itself clean­er too.

  6. J. Sweeney

    Great Rinse AidI under­stand the impor­tance of rinse aid even in mod­ern dish­wash­ers when using a com­bined deter­gent tab. This would be my pre­ferred brand as my crock­ery always comes out sparkling and streak free (AEG dish­wash­er with heat­ed dry cycle.)

  7. Mr. G. Smith

    Shiny glass­es and no more ‘wet dog’ smell!Great stuff — despite the fact my machine swal­lows gal­lons of it, it does pro­duce real­ly shiny glass­ware, even after a low tem­per­a­ture wash. And it stops the dish­wash­er (and crock­ery) get­ting that awful ‘wet dog smell’ after a while.Not sure why I was asked to rate the ‘flavour’ for this prod­uct?!? Maybe I’m miss­ing out on something 😀

  8. Bob.

    Does what it says on the label.Adds a shine to the items you have in your dish­wash­er. No scent that I detect­ed. The more you buy the bet­ter the val­ue for mon­ey. I would­n’t want to try this, so no flavour, what a daft question!!

  9. Nlouise

    Fixed my dish­wash­er issue!I moved into a new flat and found the dish­wash­er wasn’t clean­ing the dish­es prop­er­ly and all the dish­es were com­ing out very wet. After a bit of googling thoughts I’d try rinse aid and it did the trick! Love­ly clean and dry dish­es now!

  10. Cus­tomer T‑1000

    Good Rinse Aid.I always buy these for my dish­wash­er as I con­sid­er it good val­ue for mon­ey, it lasts me for months too!Only con­cern was the poor pack­ag­ing, I had a minor leak in the box. 😔

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