Finish All-in-One Max Dishwasher Tablets, LEMON, 90 Tablets

£ 11.74

Brand Finish
Scent Lemon
Format Tablet
Item weight 1.55 Kilograms
Item Dimensions L x W x H 29 x 22 x 9.4 centimetres
  • Supercharged dishwasher tablets: Powerful formula removes stubborn stains first-time
  • Protects glass and silverware: Delivers the ideal care for dishes even in hard water conditions
  • Powerball technology soaks and softens food residues by releasing cleaning agents to target stains
  • Recommended by leading dishwasher manufacturers such as Beko and Bosch
  • One pack of 90 tablets


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Product Description

The dual-lay­ered tablet com­bined with the Power­ball tech­nol­o­gy deliv­ers a pow­er­ful clean the first time, every time. The tablet is for­mu­lat­ed to soak and soft­en food residues by releas­ing deep clean­ing agents to tar­get stains as well as pre­vent glass and sil­ver­ware cor­ro­sion. Pre-soak­ing action helps cuts through grease and saves water .With added salt and rinse aid func­tions, we can ensure dish­es are cleaned to a spot­less stan­dard and machines are pro­tect­ed from limescale build-up. The dish­wash­er tablet con­fi­dent­ly removes even hard baked-on foods giv­ing dish­es an amaz­ing shine that is clear of water spots. The fin­ish brand is the rec­om­mend­ed by lead­ing dish­wash­er man­u­fac­tur­ers such as Beko, Bosch, Neff, Sam­sung and Siemens.



Safety Warning

Warn­ing Fin­ish all in 1 max lemon sparkle. Caus­es seri­ous eye irri­ta­tion. Keep out of reach of chil­dren. If in eyes: rinse cau­tious­ly with water for sev­er­al min­utes. Remove con­tact lens­es, if present and easy to do. Con­tin­ue rins­ing. If eye irri­ta­tion per­sists: get med­ical advice/attention. If med­ical advice is need­ed, have prod­uct con­tain­er or label at hand. Do not ingest. If prod­uct is ingest­ed then seek med­ical advice. Close the bag prop­er­ly. Han­dle and store safely

Box Contains

Each pack con­tains 90 dish­wash­er tablets

From the manufacturer

Finish All in One Max Dishwasher Tablets

Fin­ish All in 1 Max tack­les what­ev­er you throw at it, to give you a pow­er­ful clean 1st time every time.

  • Dual lay­er tablet tech­nol­o­gy gives you great clean­ing results
  • Power­ball super­charges the tablet to remove even baked-on food
  • Pow­er­ful Clean­ing
  • 1st time Tough Stain Removal​
  • Removes Baked on Food
  • Pow­er of Gel and Powder​
  • Glass Pro­tec­tion
  • Pre­vents Water Spots​
  • Low-Tem­per­a­ture Action
  • Pre-Soak­ing Action​

Features & Benefits

Fin­ish All in 1 Max tack­les what­ev­er you throw at it. Our Power­ball super­charges the tablet to remove even baked-on food, giv­ing you a pow­er­ful clean the 1st time every time

Easy to use – just place the tablet in the main deter­gent compartment

Giv­ing you great results even at low temperatures

Important information

Safety Information:

Warn­ing Fin­ish all in 1 max lemon sparkle. Caus­es seri­ous eye irri­ta­tion. Keep out of reach of chil­dren. If in eyes: rinse cau­tious­ly with water for sev­er­al min­utes. Remove con­tact lens­es, if present and easy to do. Con­tin­ue rins­ing. If eye irri­ta­tion per­sists: get med­ical advice/attention. If med­ical advice is need­ed, have prod­uct con­tain­er or label at hand. Do not ingest. If prod­uct is ingest­ed then seek med­ical advice. Close the bag prop­er­ly. Han­dle and store safely



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Additional information

Weight 1.55 kg

1.55 Kilograms


90 count

Storage Instructions

Store away from heat and moisture.





Country of origin




Date First Available

9 Mar. 2016




  1. S. Mar­tin

    You get what you pay for!You get what you pay for with fin­ish dish­wash­er tablets as they are supe­ri­or to oth­er I have tried on the mar­ket. I usu­al­ly put them in my Ama­zon shop­ping bas­ket and wait for them to drop in price. If you add them to your bas­ket when the price drops and you next go into your bas­ket you get a price drop noti­fi­ca­tion. Good way to buy house­hold essen­tials for a good price.

  2. sad­girl

    Cleans pots but tablets do not ful­ly dis­solve so leave grit­ty soap residue behind. I now use Fairy Liq­ui­tabs instead.Was buy­ing cheap­er dish­wash­er tablets but pots were not get­ting clean — tea stains still in mugs, weet­abix still in bowl, etc. So swapped to these brand­ed tablets and ini­tial­ly hap­py with results BUT, despite 65* three hour wash cycles, there is ALWAYS soapy, grit­ty residue left on the dish­es. The moment you add liq­uid to so-called “clean” glasses/mugs they bub­ble up! So was back re-wash­ing the wash­ing up. Annoy­ing because I bought such a big pack. Have since used Fairy Dish­wash­er Liqui-tabs and they clean (and rinse) bril­liant­ly, so will stick with Fairy now.

  3. John­ny B

    Less mon­ey, less qual­i­ty.You pay less, you get less qual­i­ty. I believe this aren’t orig­i­nal and maybe even fake. Nev­er had prob­lems with the ones bought from super­mar­ket. You can’t use short pro­gram 30 min­utes with this ones, because it leaves white Staines on dish­es. Noth­ing is cleaned prop­er­ly even on 2h 30 min pro­gram. It’s not the same qual­i­ty with the same prod­uct bought from super­mar­kets. Nev­er buy­ing this again on Ama­zon, very poor qual­i­ty. Unfor­tu­nate­ly I can’t return because I’ve already opened it and don’t have the bag any more. Avoid if you can, if not, you’re more then wel­come to try it yourself.

  4. Buy­er­ga­lore

    Leaves hor­ri­ble salty grit­ty residue on every­thingAppalling prod­uct. Not usu­al Fin­ish stan­dard at all. Leaves hor­ri­ble salty grit­ty residue on every­thing. My glass­es are pret­ty much ruined as I can’t get it off. Ama­zon Pol­i­cy states no returns even though faulty so left with a box of dish­wash­er tablets I absolute­ly can­not use. Don’t both­er buy­ing these if you want your crock­ery and glass­es (par­tic­u­lar­ly) to come out clean and clear!

  5. AmazonCustomer724

    Not great, dish­es left dirtyPur­chased these instead of the usu­al quan­tum tablets from the same brand. The first three wash­es I did had to be rewashed. Have been a bit more strin­gent with rins­ing and per­for­mance is ok but not bril­liant and unable to cope with pots, pans and dish­es that haven’t been rinsed. Will not remove tea stains from cups. I emailed Fin­ish to enquire about a refund as I have dis­posed of the orig­i­nal pack­age (I store my tablets in a screw top jar for safe­ty) and got a non­sense, poor­ly writ­ten response that describes how to make sure the tablet com­part­ment in my dish­wash­er opens and ignores my question.….Poor per­for­mance and even worse cus­tomer service

  6. Han K

    It’s all in the glass­wareThese dish­wash­er tablets are amaz­ing­ly good val­ue. Such a large pack means that you don’t have to remem­ber to put it on your shop­ping list too. Glass­ware is crys­tal clear and com­plete­ly streak free, not­i­ca­bly more so than with cheap­er brands. I also feel after spend­ing a ludi­crous amount on a new dish­wash­er that I should prob­a­bly only use the best tablets to keep it in good condition.The dish­wash­er itself always smells real­ly clean & fresh after using these. The only brand I’ll use from now on

  7. Click4akshay

    Not good at all as adver­tisedTablets do not pro­vide good clean. Most of my uten­sils come out with scrapes still not cleaned. Also, the tablets stuck to dis­penser quite often even I fol­lowed instruc­tion to use dry hands and put them in dry dis­penser. Very unhap­py with the product.

  8. bright_sales

    Cleans very well — even in a half tabletWe use the ‘Quick’ (29 mins) func­tion on our dish­wash­er, for day to day use. We have a Bosh dish­wash­er. We were fre­quent­ly find­ing that at the end of the cycle, there’s would be a lot of soap residue left on the crock­ery and some­times there would even be a par­tial­ly dis­solved Fin­ish tablet leftover.We have now start­ed cut­ting the tablets in half (a bit messy because of the ball in the mid­dle, but do-able) and the soap residue prob­lem has resolved and there’s nev­er any undi­s­olved tablet left. The dish­es are spark­ly clean and smell fresh. So these end up being dou­ble the val­ue for money!

  9. A M

    Doesn’t clean well at all and leaves streaksWorst dish­wash­er tablet — literally!I always quick­ly wash the dish­es to at least 80% clean — some­times it’s not even pos­si­ble to tell if they’ve already been cleaned or if they’re in the machine dirty, so they nev­er go in filthy or with any­thing on them.That should make clean­ing a breeze for any tablet… but not these ones.Dirt ends up on the plate from I don’t know where land, and the streaks and marks are aston­ish­ing. After a few wash­es, I’ve had to go back my old brand with the 3 in one blue & green soft tablet, just to make sure I don’t get sick from dirty dishes.That’s what hap­pens when I try to save on a few pounds.I real­ly don’t rec­om­mend these at all.

  10. ExecBum

    Not Clean­ing Any­thing — Rub­bishThese are so bad, I regret wast­ing mon­ey on them. I bought these because they were quite a lot cheap­er than the usu­al Quan­tum ones I get, but they are just not get­ting any­thing clean. Yes­ter­day, I wast­ed half my morn­ing clean­ing all the glass­es and cups by hand with wire wool to get all the nasty crusty bits off, then popped them back in the dish­wash­er on the top shelf, but again, they have come out this morn­ing cov­ered in crusti­ness and dirt! These tabs have actu­al­ly made clean glass­es dirty! I have come back on here to order the expen­sive ones, as these are ter­ri­ble and will be donat­ed to the food bank in case any­one else can get them to work properly.

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