Fairy Original All-in-One Dishwasher Tablets Bulk, 78 Tablets

£ 9.00

Brand Fairy
Format Tablet
Item weight 1237 Grams
Item Dimensions L x W x H 28 x 9 x 30 centimetres
Material feature Concentrated
  • With 1st time cleaning action, effective even on 100% grease pure food grease
  • Fairy Original All in One dishwasher tablets
  • Tough stain removal and shine function
  • Built-in salt and rinse aid action also with glass and silver protection
  • Keeps your dishwasher smelling clean and fresh


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Product Description

Fairy Orig­i­nal all in one dish­wash­er tablets have the first time clean­ing action and its for­mu­la even cleans dried-on grease. Fairy orig­i­nal com­bines liq­uid and pow­der in one pow­er­ful cap­sule. Its ultra­sol­u­ble pouch dis­solves much faster than hard-pressed tablets, so they start act­ing imme­di­ate­ly to get the job done. Plus, they’re incred­i­bly easy to use. Just place them in your dish­wash­er deter­gent dis­penser. No unwrap­ping and no mess. Also use Fairy wash­ing up liq­uid in your sink. Its con­cen­trat­ed for­mu­la cuts through grease instant­ly, to give you bril­liant clean dish­es. The clean­ing pow­er you can always trust for your wash­ing up.


Sodi­um Car­bon­ate Per­ox­ide, Trideceth‑n

Safety Warning

Caus­es seri­ous eye dam­age. Keep out of reach of chil­dren. If in eyes: rinse cau­tious­ly with water for sev­er­al min­utes. Imme­di­ate­ly call a poi­son center/doctor. Wear eye pro­tec­tion. If swal­lowed: rinse mouth. Do not induce vom­it­ing. Drink small amount of water to dilute.

Manufacturer Contact Information

Mda Team, Box 77 3 Sil­ver Fox Way New­cas­tle Ne27 0Qn

From the manufacturer

Delivers 1st time cleaning action

Delivers 1st time cleaning action

Delivers 1st time cleaning action

Features & Benefits

Sparkling dishes

Dissolves fast

How to use


Sparkling dishes

Fairy Orig­i­nal All in One dish­wash­er tablets leave dish­es sparkling clean. With built-in salt and rinse aid action, includ­ing glass and sil­ver protection.

Dissolves fast

Fairy’s Orig­i­nal ultra sol­u­ble pouch dis­solves fast to release the liq­uid and pow­der so it can start clean­ing quick­ly and get the job done.

How to use

No need to unwrap the sol­u­ble pouch—just place one pow­er­ful cap­sule in your dish­wash­er deter­gent dis­penser before each wash cycle.


With every wash cycle the lemon scent­ed cap­sules will keep your dish­wash­er smelling clean and fresh.

Discover Fairy All in One dishwasher tablets

Fairy Platinum

Fairy's best cleaning action

Fairy’s best cleaning action

Fairy Plat­inum Plus dish­wash­er tablets give you Fairy’s best clean­ing rec­om­mend­ed by glob­al dish­wash­er man­u­fac­tur­ers. They remove dull­ness built up over time, to restore the orig­i­nal shine of your dish­es. No pre-wash­ing is need­ed thanks to the built-in pre-wash sys­tem with Hydra­Boost that rehy­drates the food for actives to pen­e­trate and break it down.

Discover Fairy All in One dishwasher tablets

Fairy Platinum

Fairy Plat­inum All in One dish­wash­er tablets tack­le even tough clean­ing chal­lenges the 1st time for spark­ly clean dish­es. They help pre­vent grease build-up in your dish­wash­er and take care of your greasy fil­ter for clean dish­es and a fresh dishwasher.

Important information

Safety Information:

Caus­es seri­ous eye dam­age. Keep out of reach of chil­dren. If in eyes: rinse cau­tious­ly with water for sev­er­al min­utes. Imme­di­ate­ly call a poi­son center/doctor. Wear eye pro­tec­tion. If swal­lowed: rinse mouth. Do not induce vom­it­ing. Drink small amount of water to dilute.


Sodi­um Car­bon­ate Per­ox­ide, Trideceth‑n

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Additional information

Weight 1237 kg
Product Name

Fairy Original All In One Dishwasher Tablets Original 78ct


1237 Kilograms


78 count

Manufacturer contact

Mda Team Box 77 3 Silver Fox Way Newcastle Ne27 0Qn





Country of origin




Date First Available

1 Sept. 2019


Mda Team Box 77 3 Silver Fox Way Newcastle Ne27 0Qn


  1. David

    Con­sis­tent­ly excel­lent clean­ingI’ve exhaus­tive­ly tried most if not all of the super­mar­ket brand tablets, Fin­ish’s 800 vari­eties… You name it, in my quest to find a dish­wash­er tablet that actu­al­ly does it all — gets rid of ALL the stains, shines up the glass and ALL the trays, pots and pans.The dif­fer­ence with these was notice­able. They work great on a quick load BUT work best in a ful­ly loaded, long cycle (1–3hrs) with rinse aid and salt. The scent is akin to Fairy wash­ing up liq­uid and real­ly pleas­ant once you get over the ini­tial ‘bou­quet’ open­ing the packet!Cost… On the Sub­scribe & Save deal the price is very rea­son­able indeed, great val­ue for money.Only down­side is the sil­ly foil plas­tic bag they come in, come on guys. This could be a home recy­clable mate­r­i­al (and don’t be fob­bing me off with this Ter­ra­cy­cle rub­bish, what a token gesture!).

  2. too_orangy_for_crows

    Leaves a chem­i­cal taint to dish­esOk so years ago I got burned by the Fairy Lemon tabs which left every­thing taint­ed with a weird lemon chem­i­cal taint which got into the food and did­n’t smell good either. I thought the non Lemon tabs would be fine. But I was wrong. Not easy to notice at first but sure enough after many wash­es with it our dish­es and tup­per­ware are start­ing to smell like chem­i­cals and i think it is trans­fer­ring onto food. It isn’t as over­whelm­ing as the Lemon tabs but there is def­i­nite­ly some­thing in the fairy prod­uct that is giv­ing every­thing a chem­i­cal taste and smell. Unpleas­ant and will be return­ing to Fin­ish tabs soon.

  3. RVEM

    Clean well but don’t enjoy the smellThese do clean the dish­es well and don’t leave a residue, so I guess that’s the main thing. I do agree with oth­ers though in that they have a very strong smell and the dish­wash­er does have a chem­i­cal smell when first opened. I must add that I am par­tic­u­lar­ly sen­si­tive to smells, so it may just be me.I think all dish­wash­er tablets have sim­i­lar ingre­di­ents from what I’ve seen, there’s no nat­ur­al prod­uct option unfor­tu­nate­ly, so the short lived smell is some­thing that I will have to live with. I give the plates a quick rinse before I use them to remove any poten­tial residue, but prob­a­bly don’t need to really.Overall they clean the dish­es real­ly well and no vis­i­ble residue, hence the 4 stars despite the smell. Would rec­om­mend for their clean­ing power.

  4. C — London

    Fairy or Fin­ish?For Years I thought Fin­ish is the only one avail­able for dish­wash­er as they came with machines like bosch and miele. We thought our old Bosch is not good as it does­n’t wash as good as by hand. So for years I have washed dish­es by hand.… fast for­ward few years Ama­zon had this one on sale and i thought lets try… since then i nev­er looked back. Fairy always .…

  5. macdonald55

    would­nt buy againThe smell off them is so strong you can still smell it off the dish­es and the trays as they heat up in the oven. They clean well, although on some dark bowls I have noticed you can see a residue left and so some­times I rinse items after they’ve been through the dishwasher.I won’t be buy­ing again.

  6. Coco

    “Air” podsCan’t help but feel that these pods are get­ting less val­ue for mon­ey. Most of the liq­uid com­part­ment are filled with air. And a lot of our uten­sils smell and taste like soap after a wash. Even after hav­ing filled the salt in the dish­wash­er. It maybe time to look for anoth­er alter­na­tive. Also Ama­zon doesn’t allow prod­ucts to be returned if it is sold by Ama­zon vs. oth­er com­pa­nies sell­ing on Amazon.

  7. Vicuña

    Tack­le even tough dirt wellI pre­fer Fairy tabs to anoth­er well known brand, but only buy when they’re on offer. The prices vary con­sid­er­ably and I find have to keep an eye on the num­ber of tabs in the pack and work out your tar­get price per tab. I don’t pay more than 15p per tab and prefer­ably lower.These orig­i­nal tabs are just as good as they ever were. They remove grease and leave both glass and crock­ery clean and sparkling. The fra­grance is not too pun­gent and every­thing wash­es streak free, includ­ing roast­ing pans with burn­ing. High­ly recommended.

  8. Alan

    Con­ve­nient Way to Buy TabsDish­wash­er tablets are one of those things not to scrimp on. I’ve used cheapo ones in the past and they’ll clean things that aren’t that dirty but any­thing with dried on food needs a pre­mi­um brand. Fairy liq­uid is the pre­mi­um wash­ing-up liq­uid and their dish­wash­er tabs are the same. I have a sub­scrip­tion from Ama­zon for these at a good price and they’re deliv­ered to my door so for con­ve­nience its the way to go. What more can I say?

  9. Imp

    Soapy tast­ing foodWe’ve used these before and found them to be good. How­ev­er this lat­est batch seems to have a stronger fra­grance that adheres to pans and oven trays mean­ing food ends up tast­ing soapy. I’ve noticed this with some new Plat­inum wash­ing up liq­uid too so not sure if it’s an over­all change at Fairy.

  10. Deb­o­rah Johnson

    Dis­ap­point­ingDo not use if you are wash­ing baby plates or cut­lery made of sil­i­cone or plas­tic. One wash with these tablets left a soapy taste on all our baby stuff. Now, fif­teen wash­es lat­er and after boil­ing these items and soak­ing them in vine­gar and bicarb, my baby’s food still tastes of soap. Very dis­ap­point­ed and angry as these items will cost at least £50 to replace if I can­not remove the taste.

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