Epson Expression Photo XP-8600 Print/Scan/Copy Wi-Fi Printer, Black


  • Compact and versatile: Small footprint, A4 double-sided, and CD/DVD printing
  • 6-Colour Claria Photo HD Inks: Produce superior, long-lasting, glossy photos
  • Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct: Wireless printing with or without a network
  • Easy mobile printing: Print easily from your smartphone or tablet
  • Dual paper trays: One for A4 and another for photo paper


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From the manufacturer

epson expression photo xp-8600

What’s included in the box?
  • Main unit
  • Indi­vid­ual ink cartridges
  • Pow­er cable
  • Set­up guide
  • Soft­ware (CD)

Epson Expression Photo XP-8600

3‑in‑1 A4 photo printer

The Expres­sion Pho­to XP-8600 is great if you’re look­ing for an A4 print­er that can cater for both every­day print­ing and pro­duc­ing supe­ri­or, glossy pho­tographs. Mak­ing every­day tasks easy, it includes mobile print­ing, a large touch­screen and dual paper trays.

  • Com­pact and ver­sa­tile — Small foot­print, A4 dou­ble-sided and CD/DVD print­ing
  • 6‑colour Clar­ia Pho­to HD Inks — Pro­duce supe­ri­or, long-last­ing, glossy pho­tos
  • Wi-Fi & Wi-Fi Direct — Wire­less print­ing with or with­out a net­work
  • Easy mobile print­ing — Print eas­i­ly from your smart­phone or tablet¹
  • Dual paper trays — One for A4 and anoth­er for pho­to paper

expression photo, xp-8600, epson, photo printing, claria ink, mobile printing, home printer

xp-8600, photo printing, home printing, home printer, expression photo, epson, claria ink, cartridge

xp-8600, photo printing, home printing, home printer, expression photo, epson, claria ink, cartridge

Superior A4 photo printing

You’ve spent time pick­ing your cam­era and lens­es, now com­plete your kit with this print­er and long-last­ing Clar­ia Pho­to HD Ink. It’s easy to bring out the true beau­ty of your pho­tos at home with this 6‑colour inkset. Access pho­tos direct­ly via the mem­o­ry card slot and scan at 1200 dpi. You can print on CDs and DVDs, plus thick­er papers using the rear spe­cial­i­ty media feed. It’s easy to switch between tasks with the two front-load­ing paper trays (A4 and photo-sized).

User-friendly and compact design

Show off your pho­tos to their very best and print every­day doc­u­ments with this 3‑in‑1, that’s designed to com­ple­ment your home with its com­pact and styl­ish design. It offers print, scan and copy func­tion­al­i­ty, with the added ben­e­fit of dou­ble-sided print­ing for sav­ing paper. It’s designed with con­ve­nience in mind with a sim­ple user inter­face, a 10.9cm touch­screen and auto open out­put tray and auto pow­er on.

Flexible printing solutions

Use Wi-Fi for print­ing and scan­ning wire­less­ly around the home, and Wi-Fi Direct for print­ing with­out a wire­less net­work. Print and scan wire­less­ly with Epson’s iPrint1 app or try Epson’s Cre­ative Print1 app to print pho­tos from Face­book, cre­ate greet­ing cards and more. And print from almost any­where in the world by email­ing files to the print­er with Epson Email Print¹ .

xp-8600, photo printing, home printing, home printer, expression photo, epson, claria ink, cartridge

xp-8600, photo printing, home printing, home printer, expression photo, epson, claria ink, cartridge

xp-8600, photo printing, home printing, home printer, expression photo, epson, claria ink, cartridge

Meet Claria Photo HD Ink

Print long-last­ing and pro­fes­sion­al-look­ing, glossy pho­tos with Clar­ia Pho­to HD Ink. Both pho­tog­ra­phy enthu­si­asts and semi-pro­fes­sion­als are sure to appre­ci­ate the enhanced lev­el of qual­i­ty pro­duced by its 6‑colour inks. It deliv­ers detailed images and real­is­tic skin tones with smooth tonal gra­da­tions and deep­er, more nat­ur­al blacks.

Minimise printing costs

Whether you print all the time or just occa­sion­al­ly, there’s an afford­able option to suit with both stan­dard and extra-large (XL) car­tridges. By invest­ing in XL inks, you can print more and pay less. With both car­tridge types, the colours are avail­able indi­vid­u­al­ly so only the colour used needs to be replaced.

Hassle-free and reliable

Epson gen­uine inks and papers have been devel­oped to work hand-in-hand with Epson print­ers to pro­duce the best results time and time again. We invest in exten­sive research and high-tech man­u­fac­tur­ing facil­i­ties, and put our prod­ucts through rig­or­ous tests to deliv­er the best qual­i­ty prod­uct to you.

¹ Epson iPrint and Epson Cre­ative Print require a wire­less con­nec­tion and the Epson print­ing apps. Epson Email print and Epson Remote Print Dri­ver require an inter­net con­nec­tion. For more infor­ma­tion, sup­port­ed lan­guages and devices, please vis­it the local Epson website.

² Print per­ma­nence rat­ings are based on accel­er­at­ed test­ing of prints on spe­cial­ty media stored in archival sleeves in album stor­age. Actu­al print sta­bil­i­ty will vary accord­ing to the media, print­ed image, dis­play con­di­tions, light inten­si­ty, humid­i­ty, and atmos­pher­ic conditions.

³ Air­Print-enabled print­ers work with iPhone 4s and lat­er, iPad 2 and lat­er, all mod­els of iPad Air and iPad mini, and iPod touch 5th gen­er­a­tion with the lat­est ver­sion of iOS, and Mac with the lat­est ver­sion of OS X.

⁴ Deter­mined in accor­dance with ISO/IEC 24734 show­ing the aver­age of ESAT from the Office Cat­e­go­ry Test for default sim­plex. For more infor­ma­tion vis­it the man­u­fac­tur­ers website.

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Additional information

Weight 6.71 kg
Dimensions 48 × 41.2 × 20.6 cm


Package Dimensions

48 x 41.2 x 20.6 cm; 6.71 Kilograms

Item model number






Form Factor


Connectivity Type



16 watts

Hardware Platform

Tablet Smartphone

Operating System

Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later Windows 10 Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 8.1 Windows Vista Windows XP SP3 XP Professional x64 Edition SP2

Are Batteries Included


Item Weight

6.71 kg



Date First Available

17 Sept. 2019




  1. Mr. D. G. Sheppard

    Do not buy this print­er.After ten days of con­tin­u­al­ly report­ing the prob­lems with this print­er’s inabil­i­ty to print DVDs to Epson and hav­ing to jump through every pos­si­ble hoop imag­in­able (yes the prob­lem was always made out to be my fault) wrong apps, wrong inks, wrong dri­vers, wrong util­i­ties, wrong print pro­ce­dures and wrong of me to sug­gest the print­er was faulty. I have wast­ed loads of extor­tion­ate­ly expen­sive orig­i­nal inks and blank DVDs try­ing to get a faulty machine to print. I have unin­stalled and rein­stalled every app, dri­ver and per­formed every pos­si­ble com­bi­na­tion of this over and over dur­ing the ensu­ing ten day peri­od. Today, I final­ly have had enough of Epson (lack of) sup­port and giv­en up on this dread­ful print­er. Buy­ers beware, if your get one that does­n’t work you will be strung along with every con­ceiv­able excuse known to man and still be no clos­er to hav­ing a work­ing machine. Do I rec­om­mend this print­er? NO I DO NOT. Do I rec­om­mend Epson for their sup­port? NO I DO NOT. Will I be buy­ing anoth­er Epson Print­er? NOT A CHANCE. Am I a sat­is­fied cus­tomer? NO!


    … I could afford / jus­ti­fy the expense of a good qual­i­ty A3+ pho­to print­erI had been wait­ing for the time when I could afford / jus­ti­fy the expense of a good qual­i­ty A3+ pho­to print­er, then Epson announced the launch ofthe Expres­sion XP 15000. I did­n’t take long to search and find the low­est cost sup­pli­ers, and decide which one I trust­ed most.Just a lit­tle frus­trat­ing to not have any media to check the print­er, but luck­i­ly, the deliv­ery was just in time to beat the Sat­ur­day clos­ing time ofmy near­est supplier.Then I spent about half an hour unpack­ing and set­ting up. Note that there are sev­er­al adhe­sive tapes hold­ing var­i­ous parts firm­ly togeth­er with some of them not easy to find, which involves remov­ing the two paper trays to get at the inter­nal ones (which are not vis­i­ble from the out­side) I was guid­ed by the step by step instruc­tions on the CD. but even so, missed one inter­nal tape.The guide refused to go any fur­ther, and warned me to remove all tapes before try­ing to move to the next step, but the machine had already attempt­ed to move on, and tried to move the print­er car­riage, which pro­duced a strange noise, but luck­i­ly did not seem to have caused any dam­age. In my view the menu should have explained how many tapes were hold­ing things togeth­er and how to find them before press­ing “Next”.Finally I made my first A3 print, Wow what a beau­ti­ful result ! I am quite used to super A4 prints from my old Epson pho­to print­er. but this print­er allows LIFE SIZE facial por­traits, with a qual­i­ty that I could only pre­vi­ous­ly obtain by send­ing my files off to a Print firm.Very expen­sive media but the results are worth every pen­ny. Just make sure you don’t waste any.



  4. Christo­pher Triggs

    BE CAREFUL!Be care­ful with this pur­chase! Ama­zon claim that the Squir­rel 378 pack with the light cyan and light magen­ta is com­pat­i­ble — it is NOT. Do not buy the bun­dle pack adver­tised for this prod­uct! Epson are just as bad not know­ing what’s what with their inks.Also, Epson only make Red and Grey XL. The only mul­ti-pack that is com­pat­i­ble with this print­er that I can find is the C13T379D4010 which is the pack that comes with Red and Grey and it’s only XL! So the cost is £112!!!I don’t under­stand why Ama­zon is still adver­tis­ing the light cyan and light magen­ta as com­pat­i­ble! I pur­chased this print­er on the fact the ink (£53 pack) was doable. I did­n’t pur­chase the adver­tised pack, thank god but I did­n’t know that I would have to spend £112 on bloody ink for this thing!!!Also, be care­ful with A3 prints. It can­not print on 80GSM. I tried every­thing and the print head just tears the paper. In the instruc­tion man­u­al it claims 75GSM but I think that’s for A4 only. So, while the machine wast­ed all my ink try­ing to print on A3 at dif­fer­ent set­tings, I had to pur­chase much thick­er paper.It is a good print­er with good qual­i­ty prints and it is very easy to use, but it is a mon­ey hole when it comes to inks and with Ama­zon STILL adver­tis­ing the INCORRECT ink bun­dle, which is bloody amaz­ing to me, peo­ple are going to end up with inks they can’t use!If you don’t want to buy the hor­ren­dous­ly priced XL pack at £112, you will have to pur­chase the adver­tised pack then pur­chase the XL red and grey sep­a­rate­ly because they only do XL which will leave you with Light Cyan and Light Magen­ta lying around doing nothing.This is mind bog­gling and Epson are also guilty of screw­ing peo­ple over here not just Amazon!

  5. Chris

    Do Not BuyNice Print­er if you only want to print 20 pages a yearI have print­ed around 400 A4 colour pages it now is telling me Ink Pad Full send off for a ser­viceThis is a Joke print­er Not Rec­om­mend­ed unless you are pre­pared to spend a lot of mon­eyY­ou Have Been Warned

  6. Paul John­son

    Real­ly good qual­i­tyI bought this print­er to replace my pre­vi­ous HP print­er which had been an absolute dis­as­ter of unre­li­a­bil­i­ty and con­nec­tiv­i­ty problems.Well this is com­plete­ly the oppo­site. Set­up was incred­i­bly sim­ple, adding it to WiFi very easy, both Macs and PCs hap­pi­ly found and installed the dri­vers for it straight away, and the print qual­i­ty has been excel­lent. I have some very slight con­cerns that there are mov­ing parts that just don’t need to move (the out­put tray extends itself out when it’s about to print — it makes the device more com­pact when it’s not print­ing, but the pla­s­ticky gears seem like a good fail­ure point to me, and it’s real­ly unnec­es­sary) and you would want to be care­ful if chil­dren are using it.The rea­son I’ve not giv­en a five star review is because Epson, like all the print­er com­pa­nies, pro­vide just a pathet­ic amount of ink in the “set­up” pack. I know it lets them keep the cost of the print­er low, which makes them seem like a more attrac­tive pur­chase, but buy­ing a print­er only to find that after a cou­ple of days you need to spend £100 on replace­ment ink car­tridges feels like a “bait and switch” manouver.It would be bet­ter for con­sumers if print­er com­pa­nies stopped this practice.

  7. Pete John­ston

    Failed in many so waysI bought this before Christ­mas to replace an XP-950 which I had been using with few prob­lems for almost 3 years. I have had so many errors, the lat­est of which is that “Main­te­nance Box is near­ing the end of its ser­vice life”. I have been using it for 45 days. The deliv­ery date was the 12th Novem­ber and it is now 27th Decem­ber. In the same year just in case you thought I had a slip of my mem­o­ry. After an online chat I was asked to con­tact their ser­vice cen­tre. 1 and a half hours lat­er I was still hold­ing! I don’t think I’ll be buy­ing Epson again.Maybe you’ll have a bet­ter experience 🙁

  8. GH Dixon

    Save your mon­eyI have owned 2 pre­vi­ous Epson print­ers, both good. This one is not. The print­er prints par­al­lel hor­i­zon­tal lines down the page and has proved impos­si­ble to resolve. Epson sup­port has been poor at resolv­ing the issue pre­fer­ring to con­cen­trate on blocked nozzels and the use of incor­rect inks, clear­ly not the issue here. I am now expect­ed to take this print­er over 40 miles to a repair cen­tre dur­ing lock down. Con­sid­er­ing this print­er is brand new and straight out of the box I do not con­sid­er this solu­tion to be good enough from a major brand like Epson.

  9. Evily Mash

    Doesn’t print black and white!I first tried Canon IP8750 but it was too sim­plis­tic and didn’t print black and white with­out a red colour cast. I forked out a bit more for this one. I’m a semi-pro­fes­sion­al pho­tog­ra­ph­er, but I tru­ly can­not afford to pay more though it’s quite obvi­ous that you only get a real­ly good result from a more expen­sive printer.I pre­fer that on the Epson print­er, there’s a dis­play that gives you all the instruc­tions you need for cal­i­bra­tion and main­te­nance. How­ev­er, I did strug­gle a lot before I dis­cov­ered the Epson iPrint app. There is no nat­ur­al way of print­ing square pho­tos from an iPhone. Though you can cre­ate a cus­tom pro­file on the print­er, you can’t seem to use it with an iPhone. I tried an app called Print to Size but it didn’t believe that the Epson print­er could print on A3+… I only then dis­cov­ered the Epson iPrint app and in the end fig­ured out that you can pinch your pho­to into place so you do get what­ev­er size pho­to you like even if like me, you only have A3+ size papers at hand. You can trick the sys­tem by pre­tend­ing it’s on an A3 rather than A3+ So the res­o­lu­tion is more accept­able (iPhone 6 pho­tos are pret­ty poor res­o­lu­tion and will only go up to about A3) AND you get a bor­der (which I want). How­ev­er, you end up hav­ing to cut the paper to size because the image won’t land in the mid­dle. Please note that this print­er also does NOT print black and white to sat­is­fac­tion and has the same red colour cast as the Canon. I tried sev­er­al apps that turn the pho­to into B/W. The print­er tells me it’s a prob­lem with the cal­i­bra­tion of my screens, which is just rub­bish. I got around the prob­lem by adding a colour cast of my choice, so my art pho­to came out mono­chrome rather than pure B/W. Anoth­er prob­lem is that the prints come out a lot dark­er than what you see on an LED screen (I’ve test­ed this on both my iMac and my iPhone) so you have to yank up the expo­sure. I bought the print­er with­out ink tanks but the ones that did come with the print­er seem to print quite a few large test prints so I can make my mind up before they run out. They actu­al­ly seem to last a tad longer than the Canon ones did. I hope that when I change the inks, the print­er will recog­nise the tanks. On the Canon, it didn’t!

  10. Vandal76

    Absolute sh*t show!This is the same print­er as the XP-8600, but in white colour.Having bought on the strength of the reviews on here, I was seri­ous­ly disappointed.Starting on the set­up, halfway through I got an error mes­sage and prompt­ed me to switch it off. When switched back on, there was no way of going through set­up again. Start­ed off well!Being a com­put­er lit­er­ate per­son myself, I found the print­er to be incred­i­bly fussy and fid­dly with set­ting up and paper.There were sev­er­al jams, wast­ing me ink and expen­sive paper in the process. This was with­in 2 days of own­ing it.Print qual­i­ty for text is ok (noth­ing spe­cial), and I would be will­ing to accept that were it not for the black trails at the page edges it occa­sion­al­ly left behind. A big no no.Photo qual­i­ty is ok ONLY on 6x4 prints. Any­thing big­ger than that and you’ll lose detail and images appear soft and mushy. Colours are always much dark­er than the actu­al image.Black and white images are NOT back and white. They have a col­or cast to them, green­ish blueish tone on this printer.The worse by far are the paper trays.You see, tray 1 is a pho­to paper tray with a siz­er, which hov­ers above tray 2. This is tricky and fid­dly when hav­ing to feed paper on tray 2, unless you have very skin­ny hands or like to get your hand stuck inside the printer.Also, tray 1 tends to “push back” before print­ing some­thing, and then you get an error mes­sage. You then have to push it in and some­times hold it, until the print­er takes the paper.Loading paper in the back tray is also an adven­ture. It sent me around in loops, spit­ting paper out, until it felt like print­ing. And when it does, it’s very slow at printing…It’s a mess!Printer build is flim­sy and tat­ty, looks like it will break easily.Immediately packed it all up and returned.If you want a good all around print­er, this is not the one!On the oth­er hand, if you want to get frus­trat­ed and waste end­less time and expen­sive ink, whilst tempt­ing your nerves, then get this print­er. It’s good for that.

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