Endulge Bar, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cups,


Flavour Chocolate^Nuts
Total each 1
Item weight 0.37 Pounds
Brand Atkins
Number of pieces 5
Specialty Suitable_for_vegetarians
Item dimensions L x W x H 15 x 12.2 x 6.9 centimetres
Package weight 0.19 Kilograms
Format Chewables




  • Manufactured by Atkins
  • Endulge Peanut Butter Cups
  • Serving Size 2 Pieces Serving Per Container 5


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Atkins Endulge Peanut But­ter Cups

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Additional information


109 Grams


170.0 gram







Date First Available

2 May 2011




  1. JH

    total carbs far too high for Keto dietno good for keto diet as net carbs are only small amount — total carbs are the impor­tant fac­tor, and these are way too high.

  2. C. C. Johnson

    Choco­late gone bad yet still soldThe choco­late has been stored wrong so the prod­uct has gone bad, as you can see from the pho­tos. I want­ed to return it and get a refund, but it will cost me mon­ey to do that, so I’ll just throw it in the bin and advise you not to waste your mon­ey on this prod­uct. I’m very disappointed.

  3. Suze

    Choco­late tastes waxy and peanut but­ter was just sol­id 😔I have only once enjoyed this prod­uct in good con­di­tion. These and all the oth­ers I’ve tried sim­ce have been dis­ap­point­ing. The choco­late tastes waxy and the fill­ing is sol­id and does­n’t taste quite right. I think this is not the sell­ers fault but some­thing that needs to be looked at by Atkins, for some rea­son these don’t store well. If I’d nev­er had the good ones I’d nev­er have known but I’m for­ev­er hop­ing each time I order them to once again enjoy the expe­ri­ence, sad­ly I still haven’t.

  4. Dale B.

    Shock­ing val­ue for mon­ey!!!£10 for a small box of 10 peanut but­ter cups!Shocking val­ue for mon­ey just because it has the Atkins brand nameWon’t be bay­ing again!Had the same issue with chew bars

  5. Bebishen­ron

    Had melt­ed and reformed. Not great tast­ing.These do not taste like the famous brand of peanut but­ter cups. If you hope they will I am afraid you are out of luck.They taste of very poor imi­ta­tion choco­late (remem­ber chew­ing nuts choco­late or cheap choco­late advent cal­en­ders from many years ago?) and a pow­dery stuff in the mid­dle. I did­n’t real­ly get a taste of peanut to be hon­est. Maybe it was some­thing to do with them hav­ing melt­ed and reformed so they weren’t as good?They are sweet how­ev­er so if you want a sweet treat about the size of a sink plug then that’s great. But to be hon­est it just made be feel a bit “bleugh”.I love Atkins coconut choc bars so this was a real shame.

  6. bar­bara young

    Not full box only 7 I box already openedIt was deliv­ered yes­ter­day and the box was already opened the 6 box­es of crisp­breads were fine also the noo­dles but the cup­cakes there was only 7 in the box sor­ry but too expen­sive for parts miss­ing refund please thank you

  7. Belin­da Bostock

    Very Poor Qual­i­tyNot sure if the prod­uct had been effect­ed by heat but every­one was an odd shape or crushed or had a grainy texture

  8. Nico­la Dales

    Not quite Reese’s but still love­lyThese are real­ly good! As a low sug­ar alter­na­tive, don’t expect a Reese’s cup but these are sur­pris­ing­ly nice.I had these on keto with no ill effects. Also hand­i­ly wrapped sep­a­rate­ly so could be popped in a lunch box or bag.Only down­side is how expen­sive they are in the UK 🙁

  9. Grainne

    Avoid if on Keto diet — it’s lies!I learned the hard way. Spent so much on these stu­pid prod­ucts lured by the false promis­es of “only 2net carbs” but the sweet­en­er they use “Mal­i­tol” is recog­nised by your body the same as sug­ar (test your BSL before and after you’ll see) so you won’t get into ketoses with these treats.Other sweet­en­ers work well but not this one. Don’t make the same mis­take I made!Also how did I pay £15 for 5 pack­ets of sweets … what’s wrong with me?!

  10. Com­rad­boris

    Ultra expen­sive at over a £1.19 for each tiny choco­late wax.They are rea­son­ably tasty. The thin, small lay­er of peanut but­ter is nice and salty. Sur­round­ed by a fat waxy “choco­late”. Thing is, these things are tiny. Not much big­ger than a 50p piece in diam­e­ter. Worse, there are 10 in a box. So tak­ing the price here, that means each small piece of choco­late costs around £1.10!!!!!! This is frankly out­ra­geous. How this can be jus­ti­fied is beyond me.

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