Edgard & Cooper Wet Adult Cat Food — Grain Free & All-natural ingredients (Multipack, 85g (Pack of 12))

£ 9.95

Brand Edgard & Cooper
Flavour Multipack
Target species Cat
Item Form Pate
Breed recommendation Suitable for all neutered or non-sterilized cats of all breeds and sizes, small and big
  • NATURALLY TASTY CAT FOOD: PACKED WITH LOTS OF FRESH MEAT filled with quality and tasty protein (no meat meal, no overprocessed or dried meat), Non-GMO -We cook ingredients slowly to preserve their flavor and benefits. Suitable for all adult neutered or non-sterilized cats of all breeds and sizes. GRAIN FREE and GLUTEN FREE, this recipe is perfect for sensitive stomachs.
  • WET FOOD PACKED WITH FRESH MEAT: This recipe is rich in fresh meat, tasty & easy-to-digest sources of high-quality PROTEINS which support a healthy immune system. Our recipes also include a great mix of fruits and vegetables and herbs and botanicals that further boost their nutritional value.
  • A HEALTHY WELL BALANCED COMPOSITION: Our simple, healthy recipes are developed by experts to provide optimal nutrition from natural ingredients. It's as if your cat had his own personal trainer! For a healthy, complete, and balanced diet, our tasty recipes include a tasty mix of fresh meat & nutritious offal, plus fiber-rich fruits & vegetables.
  • OUR ADVICE: 01 TRANSITION TO NATURAL FOOD: Over 7 days, gradually increase the amount of Edgard & Cooper food in his bowl, while decreasing the amount of regular food - 02 WATER: Make sure fresh water is available at all times, especially during meals - 03 STORAGE: Close their cup of food tightly, cover it if possible, and store it in the refrigerator. Once opened, it will stay fresh for two or three days. Remember not to serve the food too cold - your furry friend will prefer room temperature.


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Product Description

Our recipe for Change, at Edgard & Cooper we do things a little differently.

Cat and Dog reading recipe book

Refrigerator Truck

Slow Cooking at Low Temperature

Balanced Recipes

Our sim­ple and healthy recipes are devel­oped by uni­ver­si­ty experts to pro­vide max­i­mum nutri­tion from nat­ur­al ingre­di­ents. It’s a bit as if your dog had his per­son­al trainer!

Fresh Ingredients

We use refrig­er­at­ed trucks to trans­port our ingre­di­ents, which means they don’t need to be processed to stay fresh and delicious.

Slow Cooking at Low Temperature

Our kib­bles and wet foods are cooked slow­ly at low tem­per­a­ture, which allows them to retain all their ben­e­fits and nat­ur­al flavors.

Edgard & Cooper, our contribution, our commitments…

Fresh is Tasty

Play Nice With Nature

Friends Stick Together

Fresh is tasty

Incred­i­bly deli­cious recipes, a healthy, com­plete and bal­anced diet!

We had had enough of the ultra-processed, dried, frozen food for our 4‑legged friends, so we made our own …

Our dog food is even bet­ter than it looks. Because it’s packed with so much fresh meat and healthy fruits and veg­eta­bles, it’s irre­sistibly tasty and loaded with goodness

Right by nature

Our bags are of plant ori­gin, our pack­ag­ing is made of FSC paper and our box­es and trays are recy­clable. We love nature, and we are proud that our pack­ag­ing does not harm the plan­et. We know that we are not (yet) per­fect. But it is a step in the right direc­tion. We are the first ani­mal food brand to fea­ture a full line of FSC paper bags.

Giving to animal charities

We want our 4‑legged friends and yours to be hap­py and healthy. But mil­lions of cats and dogs around the world need help, so we decid­ed to help by donat­ing 1% of our sales to deserv­ing asso­ci­a­tions such as the Dog Care Clin­ic in Sri Lanka.

The Vet­eri­nary Dog Clin­ic wel­comes stray dogs, pro­vid­ing them with food, med­ical care and lots of love.

All cats will love this recipe, natural and without cereal!



transition cat


The benefits of our cat recipes

+max fresh meat (exclud­ing ground meat, dry and dried meat)

Grain-free and gluten-free for easy digestion

Pre­bi­ot­ic for a healthy digestion

Free of GMOs

Our recipes con­tain tau­rine, which is impor­tant for vision and heart

Our recipes are suit­able for all ster­il­ized or active cats of all breeds

All our cro­quettes con­tain glu­cosamine and chon­droitin for sol­id bones and joints

Daily dietary instructions

Ster­il­ized cats / domes­tic cats

2–3kg = 15–23g + 1/2 pate

4–6kg = 20–33g + 1 pate

Active cat / out­door cat

2–3kg = 32–45g + 1/2 pate

4–6kg = 47–68g + 1 pate

The size of the kibles

Kit­tens: 7mm x 5mm/ Cat: 8 mm

Transition to healthy and natural nutrition

A smooth tran­si­tion is strong­ly rec­om­mend­ed. Increase the amount of Edgard & Coop­er food in the bowl for sev­en days while reduc­ing the usu­al amount of food:

Day 1 : 75% old food, 25% Edgard & Cooper

Day 2 : 50% old food, 50% Edgard & Cooper

Day 3: 25% old food, 75% Edgard & Cooper

Day 4: 100% Edgard & Coop­er, MIAOU!


Cats pre­fer real­ly fresh food, so seal the open bags or bowls tight­ly and store them in the fridge (cats are not a fan of cold food!). Once opened, a bag of dry food stays cool for a few weeks.

Important information


Itsy-bit­sy kit­ty (2kg) = 26g per day (Neutered &/or Indoor cats) / 43g per day (Active/Outdoor cats) On the light side (3kg) = 34g per day (Neutered &/or Indoor cats) / 56g per day (Active/Outdoor cats) Cat-sized cat (4kg) = 41g per day (Neutered &/or Indoor cats) / 68g per day (Active/Outdoor cats) King of the jun­gle (5kg) = 48g per day (Neutered &/or Indoor cats) / 79g per day (Active/Outdoor cats)


Game/Poultry Cup: chick­en 46%, game 14%, min­er­als, cran­ber­ries 0.25%, chamomile 0.13%, red bush 0.13%. Cod/Chicken Cup: chick­en 54%, MSC* cod­fish 6%, min­er­als, cran­ber­ries 0.25%, sage 0.13%, valer­ian 0.13%. *From an MSC cer­ti­fied sus­tain­able fish­ery. http://www.msc.org Turkey/Shrimp Cup: chick­en 40%, turkey 14%, shrimps 6%, min­er­als, cran­ber­ries 0.25%, turmer­ic 0.13%, basil 0.13%. Beef/Duck Cup: beef 46%, duck 14%, min­er­als, cran­ber­ries 0.25%, net­tle 0.13%, turmer­ic 0.13%.


Your cat is not a cac­tus, they like to drink water reg­u­lar­ly. Make sure that fresh water is avail­able at all times, espe­cial­ly when you feed them.

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Additional information

Weight 1.02 kg
Dimensions 18.6 × 12.4 × 9.4 cm
Pet Type


Product Dimensions

18.6 x 12.4 x 9.4 cm; 1.02 Kilograms

Item model number


Breed Recommendation

Suitable for all neuteured or non-sterilized cats of all breeds and sizes small and big

Pet Life Stage




Item Form


Allergen Information



FSC paper packaging and recyclable box


12 Count Pack of 1

Number of Items




Storage Information

Keep in dry area Tightly close container after each use

Specific Uses

Sensitive Stomach

Batteries Required


Batteries included


Item Weight

1.02 kg



Date First Available

10 May 2021


Edgard & Cooper


  1. Beck­ie Boo 🌸

    Lit­tle cat food pâté tinsReal­ly Sor­ry to give 3 stars was gonna give low­er but that’s not fair … My Sylvia is real­ly very fussy and I was sur­prised she actu­al­ly ate one of these!! I thought Bril­liant!! But with­in 20mins or so less she honked it up in 3 places… poor baby.. so Sor­ry won’t be buy­ing again. My oth­er 2 pussies 🐈‍⬛ Romeo & Juli­et loved it by the way.. but they aren’t Fussy at all… it’s just their daugh­ter Sylvia.. she doesn’t even like dry food or treats!I usu­al­ly buy Felix as good as it looks.. but the price keeps going up and down and it’s real­ly annoying!But thank you Ama­zon for all your hard work!! I’ve no idea where I’d be with­out you!💋

  2. Rena­ta Barnes

    My cat is not fussed on it.My cat patient­ly was wait­ing for his food and was quite hun­gry today as I had run out of his usu­al food and could not get his usu­al on Ama­zon for next day deliv­ery, so tried this brand for the first time. Upon open­ing the food my cat sniffed it, gave me a look of dis­gust and walked away and left the food on the plate. He likes Gour­ment and She­ba but is not fussed on this brand. But that is not say that oth­er cats are going to be as fussy as mine. As for the qual­i­ty of the ingre­di­ents hard to tell and the flavour­ing as I am not about to try it for myself.

  3. Anna H.

    Not For My CatI tried this as my cat loves the pate type or loaf but this was a no no he would lick the top then leave it , I left it all day think­ing he would get hun­gry but would he eat it , no!It looked nice and smelt good but some­thing he just was not will­ing to eat tried sev­er­al and none he would touch sad­ly not for my cat but maybe oth­ers will enjoy it .

  4. Fia

    Gone in sec­ondsAma­zon deliv­ered the day after I ordered and it arrived in time for break­fast. The food did­n’t smell dis­gust­ing, not that yer aver­age cat would be put off by that, it is like a pate and Milo loved it, he scoffed it down quick style and licked the bowl clean. he nev­er does does this he tends to come back through­out the day hav­ing lit­tle bits. He might hate it tomor­row, cos that’s what cat’s do but today he loved it. 🙂

  5. Kev John­son

    Great food — cat’s loved it!So I have a cou­ple of incred­i­bly picky cats — they’ve got­ten to the point where they turn their noses up at the Lily’s Kitchen that they’ve been eat­ing for the last cou­ple of years, but I still want­ed to get them some­thing with nutri­tion­al val­ue (as they’re get­ting old­er one of them is strug­gling with him tum­my). They *loved* the chick­en and salmon so much that I bought anoth­er 3 cas­es. Obvi­ous­ly as soon as I did that, they decid­ed that they were bored of this one, so I bought the oth­er flavours too and mix them up so there’s variety.Overall I’m very hap­py with the results — coats are nice and shiny, bowls are get­ting cleaned every time and the tum­my issues seem to be ok too (fin­gers crossed!)

  6. Tin­ker­belle

    Cat wouldn’t touch the stuffSad­ly a com­plete waste of mon­ey. My cat just wouldn’t go near it, even when mixed with oth­er food she likes. I want­ed so much to like this, as I want to sup­port new brands cre­at­ing healthy alter­na­tives to the processed crap out there. But it has to taste good too! This miss­es the mark, and is expen­sive for what it delivers.

  7. Katie Cook

    Ide­al for cats who you think can’t eat wet foodHave an elder­ly adopt­ed cat who I was told won’t eat wet food as it gives her the runs and doesn’t eat much. I was advised to try grain free so chose their. This is grain free and the right size for her. She real­ly enjoys it and I can see the dif­fer­ence in how live­ly she is. No runs! Worth bulk buy­ing. FOil car­tons rinse out eas­i­ly and can be recy­cled by cer­tain char­i­ties as not all house­hold recy­cling includ­ed foil.

  8. Lisa

    Cat loved themMy cat who is kin­da fussy loved these. They dont stink and she ate it all (which is rare). Defi­nate­ly get­ting again

  9. Julie Evans

    Cat says neow.Cat did­n’t like it. Jack Rus­sell loved it. Rebrand it as dog food and I’ll give you 5 stars. Cat went with­out din­ner and he can cry all he likes until I buy his reg­u­lar brand tomorrow.

  10. Emmanouil Pro­topa­pas

    Yum­my food for a fussy catNow that we’ve intro­duced Mushu to Edgard & Coop­er, and we took the time to tran­si­tion him slow­ly, he won’t go back to any­thing else! We’ve also noticed he seems to have more ener­gy and waaaay less diges­tion issues. We’ve switched him this brand’s wet and dry food, I high­ly rec­om­mend it. I would just advise patience when start­ing out, cats tend to be stub­born even when pre­sent­ed with great food.

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