Duronic Ice Cube Maker ICM120 Countertop Ice Machine Makes 12kg per 24 Hours 1.5L Water Tank 600g Basket Automatic 120W Starts


Brand Duronic
Model name ICM120
Capacity 1.5 liters
Wattage 120 watts
Voltage 220 Volts
  • AUTOMATIC ICE CUBE MAKER: You never know when you’re going to need ice. Whether it is for a party, event, function, BBQ, party, or just everyday use, being able to produce your own ice cubes will be a big help. With the ICM120 automatic ice maker machine, you can make batches of ice in just minutes. Use it straight away or stock up in the freezer for a later date. Use ice in beverages, for cooling food in a chiller, chilling bottles of wine or champagne, for beer buckets and so much more.
  • AUTOMATIC ICE CUBE MAKER: You never know when you’re going to need ice. Whether it is for a party, event, function, BBQ, party, or just everyday use, being able to produce your own ice cubes will be a big help. With the ICM120 automatic ice maker machine, you can make batches of ice in just minutes. Use it straight away or stock up in the freezer for a later date. Use ice in beverages, for cooling food in a chiller, chilling bottles of wine or champagne, for beer buckets and so much more.
  • BULLET SHAPED ICE CUBES: Working quietly in the background, this Ice machine produces batches of 9 ice cube bullets in just 7 minutes. Once made the ice bullets/cubes are emptied automatically into the ice basket, and the ice-making process is repeated until the basket is full. The ice basket can hold up to 600g of ice until it needs to be emptied. This nifty machine makes 9 ice bullets every 7 minutes, with the ability to make up to 12kg per day.
  • COUNTERTOP ICE CUBE MACHINE DESIGN: This stylish ice machine has a contemporary design to suit any kitchen. The compact size means you can easily find a spot for it on your kitchen counter without it taking up too much space. No plumbing required is required to make the machine work. Simply plug the machine into the mains plug socket, fill up the tank with water and the machine does the rest of the work for you! Once the ice basket is full or the water tank is empty, the machine will alert you.
  • SOFT TOUCH CONTROL PANEL: For that extra touch of modern convenience, the easy-to-use control panel is touch operated on this ice cube maker. This also makes cleaning easier as there are no physical buttons to get stuck or collect dust/dirt. The control panel features 3 LED indicators ‘Ice Making’, ‘Add Water, and ‘Ice Full’ to let you know what stage of the ice-making process it is in. At the bottom of the panel is the power button to switch unit Onn/Off
  • FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS: Transparent lid. Ice scoop included. The drain plug on the bottom of the ice cube maker machine allows you to empty the tank of excess water. Colour: white. Power: 120W. Ice tank capacity: 1.5L. Cable length: 122cm/48in. Machine dimensions: 31x25x22.3cm / 12.2x9.8x8.8in. Ice basket dimensions: 19.5x13x10cm / 7.7x5.1x3.9in. Fitted with a BS British Standard 3-pin plug.


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Product Description

three colourful cocktails in glasses, pieces of fruit and an ice machine next to them

Duronic Ice Cube Maker ICM120

This is the kitchen gad­get that you did­n’t know you need­ed — until now.

The Duron­ic ICM120 auto­mat­ic ice cube mak­er machine makes ice bul­lets in batch­es in a fast and effi­cient way ensur­ing that you always have ice at hand when you need it.

Mak­ing ice cubes in the freez­er at home can take up to 6 hours, and let’s face it, who wants to wait that long to enjoy an ice-cold drink on a hot day?! Not to men­tion it will take a long time to build up a few kilo­grams of ice this way to have on stand­by. The Duron­ic ICM120 ice mak­er makes refresh­ing bul­let-shaped ice in around 7 min­utes per batch, quick­ly fill­ing up the ice bas­ket ready to be used as and when you need it. With­in just a cou­ple of hours, you will have kilos of ice ready to use. If the water tank is refilled through­out the day, this ice machine can make up to 12kg of ice in 24 hours. That’s a lot of ice!!

With this ice machine, you will nev­er run out of ice. Whether it’s for chilled drinks on a hot day, for serv­ing drinks at a par­ty or for use in an ice pack for reliev­ing injuries, with this ice cube machine, you will keep you in a good sup­ply of ice so you nev­er run out!

Using the ICM120 Ice Maker

The ICM120 ice machine is very easy to use. Sim­ply fill the water tank up to the max­i­mum fill line, place the ice bas­ket inside the machine, close the lid and switch it on. Then watch through the trans­par­ent lid as the ice bul­lets start to form and with­in just 7 min­utes they will be pushed into the ice bas­ket ready to scoop out. This process will con­tin­ue until the bas­ket fills up to the top. When the ice bas­ket is full it will let you know so that you can trans­fer the ice into a dif­fer­ent con­tain­er to either use right away or store in the freez­er for lat­er. For extra con­ve­nience, a free ice scoop is includ­ed which is the per­fect tool for decant­i­ng the frozen ice cubes from the bas­ket into anoth­er container.

As there is no mains water con­nec­tion required, the ICM120 ice mak­er machine is portable and can be posi­tioned in any spot you need it as long as it is on a flat sur­face close to an elec­tri­cal sock­et. This makes it ide­al for a vari­ety of set­tings includ­ing home or work­place kitchens, hol­i­day apart­ments or mobile homes.

ICM120: Features

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Easy to Use Design

The con­trol pan­el has been designed to be extreme­ly easy to use. The pow­er but­ton oper­ates the ice machine switch­ing it on and off.

Above the pow­er but­ton are 3 light indi­ca­tors to let you know what stage of the ice cube mak­ing process the machine is work­ing in.

The unit mea­sures 31x28.5x22.3cm/12.2x11.2x8.8in.

1.5 Litre Water Tank

The ICM120 ice mak­er machine is for small-scale ice pro­duc­tion which is ide­al for places where a mains water con­nec­tion isn’t eas­i­ly available.

The 1.5L water tank can be eas­i­ly filled and will sup­ply sev­er­al batch­es of ice bul­lets before need­ing to be refilled again.

When the water tank is emp­ty the machine will indi­cate that you need to add more water.

Makes Ice in 7 Minutes

Batch­es of 9 ice bul­let cubes will form on the rods inside the machine and when ready will be released from the rods into the ice bas­ket below.

The lid of the machine is trans­par­ent which helps you to keep a check on the progress of the ice as it’s forming.

Basket-Full Sensor

The inte­grat­ed high tech sen­sor will detect when the ice bas­ket is full and will trig­ger the ‘ice full’ noti­fi­ca­tion to let you know.

Once the ice cubes have been removed and decant­ed into anoth­er con­tain­er, and the bas­ket has been placed back into the machine, more ice will start to be made and the cycle will con­tin­ue until either the bas­ket is full, tank is emp­ty or you switch the machine off.

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Whether you’re going on a pic­nic, beach trip or hav­ing a BBQ in your gar­den. Keep the drinks cool by fill­ing up your cool­er with lots of ice to keep the drinks chilled.

Hav­ing an impromp­tu cel­e­bra­tion? Fill up your cham­pagne buck­et and keep your bot­tles chilled all evening.

It is use­ful to keep a batch of ice cubes on stand­by in the freez­er for any acci­dents or emer­gen­cies. Ice is per­fect for sooth­ing aches, sprains and injuries.

Going fish­ing? Keep your catch­es fresh and pre­served in box­es of ice until you get back to shore.

Imagine all of the refreshing beverages you could make…

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Fresh Chilled Cocktails

Refreshing Summer Drinks

Satisfying Smoothies

Delicious Iced Coffees

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Additional information

Weight 8.47 kg
Dimensions 36 × 34 × 28 cm
Part Number


Item Weight

8.47 kg

Product Dimensions

36 x 34 x 28 cm; 8.47 Kilograms

Item model number




Power source type



220 Volts


120 watts

Installation method


Special Features

120W Power 600g Ice Basket Makes 12kg26.5lbs per 24 Hours Duronic Ice Cube Maker ICM120 Automatic Ice Cube Maker Machine 1.5L Water Tank

Included Components

Ice Scoop

Batteries Required




Date First Available

24 Nov. 2020




  1. Branks07

    Makes a lot of well formed ice rel­a­tive­ly quick­lyOn open­ing the box and remov­ing the ice mak­er it was very straight­for­ward to set­up and under­stand how to use it. Was­n’t aware of the need to use nat­ur­al min­er­al water rather than tap water, how­ev­er a quick trip to the super­mar­ket rec­ti­fied that and the nat­ur­al min­er­al water is not expensive.The first load of ice deliv­ered in the tray has some pieces which are very small (1/2 size) how­ev­er from the 2nd load onwards they are all the prop­er size.7 min­utes per ice cube load deliv­ered is a long time when star­ing at the machine to see how it works, how­ev­er when left alone and com­ing back every 45 min­utes, there is a lot of well formed ice delivered.The oth­er trick I had to research online is how to store ice in the freez­er as when stored in a buck­et it becomes one big lump„„,the secret being to store ice in a paper bag in the freez­er, keeps the ice cubes separated.The oth­er rea­son we went with this ice mak­er is that Duron­ic is a UK company

  2. Ms Lau­ra Young

    Waste if Mon­eyI pur­chased the ice machine at the end of March 2021, at first i thought it was a nice lit­tle machine. But as time as gone by it’s absolute­ly a waste of space. It was bought as a replace­ment for a machine i had had for a cou­ple of years and nev­er had a bit of trou­ble with. This machine as soon as the ice bas­ket is full, the red light flash­es and thats is. It doesn’t make any­more ice. So when you want­ed ice the bas­ket was emp­ty but the red light was still flash­ing as if the bas­ket was full. I was turn­ing it off and on again from the mains and press­ing the start but­ton so it would make ice. Now i have to turn it off and leave it overnight and its hit or miss if it works. So after 8 months of use I’ve decid­ed it’s absolute­ly use­less and have ordered a new one from Ama­zon but a dif­fer­ent make. Very dis­ap­point­ing for the mon­ey that was paid for it

  3. MH

    Fan­tas­tic price for loads of iceThis machine didn’t dis­ap­point! It arrived with­in a day. I didn’t both­er putting my card details in to get the online man­u­al (why would any­one vol­un­tar­i­ly do that?). I took it from the box, cleaned it, turned it on, put the water in and pressed the start but­ton. It was that easy! As long as the water is filled to max lev­el, it keeps churn­ing ice until the ice bas­ket is full. I tipped the first batch of ice into the sink.… 3 hours lat­er, the ice was still there! How have I man­aged so long buy­ing bags of ice for par­ties when I could’ve just made my own con­tin­u­ous­ly through the evening. Best Buy I’ve made this year!

  4. Lynne Kin­dle Customer

    4* because no user man­u­al sup­pliedBaught as a gift for a rel­a­tive. She said it works fine. Only down­side is that it does­n’t come with a man­u­al. Not every­one has access to print­ers or emails and the com­pa­ny should pro­vide writ­ten mate­r­i­al to cus­tomers when request­ed instead of telling them to get some­one to down­load a copy for their website.

  5. Aman­da

    Duron­ic Ice MachineI always go to Duron­ic prod­ucts where pos­si­ble I find them a great brand to deal with nev­er any issues always great quality.Easy to set up makes ice quick­ly. Good size not small but also doesn’t take the whole work top up.Really hap­py I don’t have to have bags and bags of ice in the freez­er 😁Hold the phone cam­era over the QR code on the side and it brings up the whole user man­u­al very sim­ple and easy

  6. P and J

    This is real­ly good.This is a real­ly good machine. We are nev­er short of ice and it’s quick so when guests arrive unan­nounced and want drinks, ice is no prob­lem. At first I used too much water and got far to much ice, I popped it in food bags and put it in the freez­er. I use less water now and make just what I need with some over for emer­gen­cies. It is quick and easy to use, the cubes stay frozen a good time in the drink too. Once you’ve fin­ished just drain any sur­plus water out. I give it a good wipe with kitchen tow­el and anti bac spray. Next time I use I give it anoth­er quick anti bac wipe before I start and if I go. I love this machine. It’s also white and looks clean and modern.

  7. Andrew F.

    Type of water to useIt’s very qui­et and easy to use it works very well

  8. Mrs J.

    Great pur­chase and very easy to useGreat pur­chase. I used to pur­chase large bags of ice 2 to 3 times a week, not any more. It is very easy to use and makes ice quick­ly. We use it 2 to 3 times a week and one fill of water to the max line is enough to fill up the bag that I used to buy. It’s quite good fun watch­ing it push the ice into the basket.…..we don’t get out much.Would have no hes­i­ta­tion into rec­om­mend­ing this product

  9. SJW1

    Effec­tive but takes a lit­tle timeNow I’ve used this a few times I can say it’s a good val­ue and easy to use ice mak­er for the mon­ey. If you run it for an hour or so you will have a enough bul­let sized ice cubes to make six or eight cock­tails or iced drinks. It’s not a bulk/rapid ice mak­er though for fill­ing ice buck­ets in a few minutes.

  10. tazi

    SmellWhen I used it for the first time it stank of old water, so I had to use it a cou­ple of times and throw the ice because of the smell!!! I don’t know if this is nor­mal, or some­body has it before me? I will try it for 10 days and hope­ful­ly the smell will go, if not I’m return­ing it, but at the minute the ice is made quickly.

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