Dualit 6 Slice Toaster 60144 — Polished


Brand Dualit
Colour Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Item dimensions L x W x H 46 x 21 x 22 centimetres
Item weight 5.1 Kilograms
  • Capacity 2, 4 or 6 slices
  • Award-winning ProHeat elements, guaranteed for 2 years
  • Fully repairable or replaceable parts for a toaster that will last a lifetime
  • High lift mechanism to remove small items easily. Manually operated eject lever to keep items warm until needed; removable crumb tray
  • The selector control allows you to heat two, four or all six slots. Output per hour 240 slices. Note-The ProHeat elements are covered in a sheet of mica for even toasting and to protect the wires during use. DO NOT REMOVE - this will damage the toaster. Due to the unique design of the Dualit element it may not be apparent that the elements are 'glowing red.' This is perfectly normal and does not mean your toaster is faulty


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From the manufacturer

Dualit, toaster, 6 slot toaster, 6 slice toaster, manual toaster, small appliances, kitchen

Dualit, toaster, 6 slot toaster, 6 slice toaster, manual toaster, small appliances, kitchen

Dualit, toaster, 6 slot toaster, 6 slice toaster, manual toaster, small appliances, kitchen

  • Style-con­scious design, first designed in 1947.
  • Hand built in Eng­land – as iden­ti­fied by the indi­vid­ual assembler’s mark on the base plate.
  • Adjustable inner wire guard to grip toast.
  • Easy clean­ing with a stain­less steel cover.
  • High lift mech­a­nism to remove small items easily.
  • Extra wide 28 mm slots to accom­mo­date larg­er items like bagels and the option­al sand­wich cage.

Dualit Classic Toaster, 6 Slot

The Dualit Clas­sic Toast­er com­bines sim­plic­i­ty and sophis­ti­ca­tion, mak­ing every break­fast extra­or­di­nary. The extra wide slots can accom­mo­date a Sand­wich Cage, and the award win­ning Pro­Heat ele­ments increase toast­ing effi­cien­cy & ele­ment longevi­ty. Every toast­er has a remov­able crumb tray and an adjustable rear foot. The Dualit toast­er fea­tures an ejec­tor sys­tem which means that the toast does not pop up but stays warm until the ejec­tor lever is pushed up.

  • Option­al sand­wich cage.
  • Selec­tor dial — use only the slots required.
  • Con­cealed, remov­able crumb tray.
  • Adjustable rear foot.
  • Pro­heat ele­ments designed with pro­tec­tive lay­er over the wires, mak­ing them vir­tu­al­ly unbreak­able.
  • Mechan­i­cal timer to con­trol toast­ing.
  • Man­u­al­ly oper­at­ed eject lever to keep items warm until need­ed.
Dualit, toaster, 6 slot toaster, 6 slice toaster, manual toaster, small appliances, kitchen

The perfect “crunch”

After more than 70 years of toast­ing exper­tise, Dualit’s Clas­sic Toast­er range instils every­thing they’ve learnt so far. Reg­u­lar ‘Crunch Tests’ ensure that every Dualit toast­er pro­duces ide­al toast – crunchy on the out­side, soft and fluffy inside.

Dualit, toaster, 6 slot toaster, 6 slice toaster, manual toaster, small appliances, kitchen

ProHeat elements

Exclu­sive to Dualit, Pro­Heat ele­ments have a pro­tec­tive armour plat­ed lay­er cov­er­ing the fil­a­ment mak­ing them vir­tu­al­ly unbreakable.

Dualit, toaster, 6 slot toaster, 6 slice toaster, manual toaster, small appliances, kitchen

Hand built in the UK

Each toast­er is hand-assem­bled from start to fin­ish. Who made your toast­er? Find the assembler’s name on the base plate.

Dualit, toaster, 6 slot toaster, 6 slice toaster, manual toaster, small appliances, kitchen

A toaster to last a lifetime

Ful­ly repairable or replace­able parts for a toast­er that will last a lifetime.

Dualit, toaster, 6 slot toaster, 6 slice toaster, manual toaster, small appliances, kitchen
Dualit, toaster, 6 slot toaster, 6 slice toaster, manual toaster, small appliances, kitchen
Dualit, toaster, 6 slot toaster, 6 slice toaster, manual toaster, small appliances, kitchen
Dualit, toaster, 6 slot toaster, 6 slice toaster, manual toaster, small appliances, kitchen
Dualit, toaster, 6 slot toaster, 6 slice toaster, manual toaster, small appliances, kitchen

Why choose Dualit?

Dualit Qual­i­ty

Lots of com­pa­nies talk about qual­i­ty; for Dualit it is a fun­da­men­tal part of the busi­ness. Our Qual­i­ty Pol­i­cy exists to pro­vide employ­ees and sup­pli­ers with a frame­work that ensures they deliv­er our promis­es to cus­tomers, whether prod­uct or ser­vice relat­ed. Its suc­cess is a con­se­quence of sev­er­al key fac­tors — a con­tin­u­ous process of mon­i­tor­ing and improve­ment, senior man­age­ment ‘cham­pi­ons’, sup­pli­er rela­tion­ships that work as true part­ner­ships, and employ­ees who often ‘go the extra mile’ for the ben­e­fit of their customers.

Dualit Respon­si­bil­i­ty

Our Cus­tomers have high expec­ta­tions con­cern­ing our Eth­i­cal Stan­dards and we need to ensure we can live up to those expec­ta­tions. For this rea­son Dualit have imple­ment­ed an Eth­i­cal Sourc­ing Pro­ce­dure which is based on inter­na­tion­al stan­dards such as the con­ven­tions of the Inter­na­tion­al Labour Organ­i­sa­tion. We reg­u­lar­ly vis­it our Sup­pli­ers and con­duct Site Inspec­tions & Audits to ensure their com­pli­ance to our standards.

Dualit Envi­ron­men­tal

Dualit is aware of its envi­ron­men­tal respon­si­bil­i­ties and we have imple­ment­ed Pro­ce­dures to pre­vent pol­lu­tion, min­imise waste, reduce our emis­sions and man­age risks and haz­ards. We are work­ing to reduce the ener­gy con­sump­tion of our prod­ucts and we active­ly encour­age recy­cling both of our own waste and that of our cus­tomers with the aim of reduc­ing the amount going into landfill.

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Additional information

Weight 5.1 kg
Dimensions 46 × 21.01 × 22 cm


Model Number




Product Dimensions

46 x 21.01 x 22 cm; 5.1 Kilograms

Power Wattage

3 KW


230 Volts


Stainless Steel

Number of Slices


Special Features


Item Weight

5.1 kg



Date First Available

6 Dec. 2001




  1. The Don

    Vast­ly Over­rat­ed and over­pricedThe media could not be loaded.

     Toast does not fit prop­er­ly as bread must have been small­er when they designed this in 1945.It does not toast perfectly.…one side was brown­ing more than the oth­er and it takes for­ev­er to toast.Not worth the hype nor the money

  2. Ama­zo­ni­ac

    Final­ly a toast­er that can be repairedGot fed up with throw­ing toast­ers away when the spring mech­a­nism goes.Tried to get the last one repaired, but the bloke in the shop almost laughed at me.He sug­gest­ed buy­ing a Dualit, because if any­thing goes wrong with it he CAN repair it.So, three Mur­phy Richards toast­ers to the recy­cling cen­tre in just over 2 years, I took the plunge and splashed out on this.It’s great!Heavy and well made. Easy to use with no twid­dly bits.It has a one slice or two slice set­ting — so that is sav­ing me mon­ey straight off.The lift­ing bar (it doesn’t ‘pop’ up) let’s you lift the toast to check how it’s doing, so you can take it out when it is per­fect for you. The timer is — wait for it — clockwork!I usu­al­ly set mine to lev­el 2.It stops cook­ing when the lev­el timer stops.It’s eas­i­er to use than to write about it.I have seen these things in hotels before and always won­dered what made them so spe­cial, and now I know.Apparently I am now trendy it seems!All I know is, I get per­fect toast, and I will be tak­ing this one to the repair shop if it breaks down, and not to the recy­cling centre.

  3. Mr E Man

    Pret­ty awful. I wish it was­n’t trueRewrit­ing this review as very dis­ap­point­ed in this, hav­ing had more time to use it.The basic prob­lem — it does­n’t make remote­ly good toast. The ele­ments heat uneven­ly — you can see parts glow­ing red and oth­ers not. The mid­dle ele­ments is way hot­ter than the oth­er two.Result: patchy toast that burns on one side but under­done on the other.It gets way too hot so thick­er bread is total­ly uncooked in the mid­dle with black patch­es on the outside.It has no cen­ter­ing cage like all oth­er mod­ern toast­ers. Result: the bread isn’t cen­tered in the slot so whichev­er side is lean­ing into the ele­ment burns.Making toast­ed sand­wich­es is use­less too. Again — it’s too hot so the toast burns way before cheese can melt.Honestly, I’m so angry! I spent 130 quid on a toast­er that can’t make toast as well as a 10 pound super­mar­ket one. Are they hav­ing a laugh? No won­der British busi­ness­es can­not com­pete. I real­ly want­ed to sup­port a UK com­pa­ny but I’m not being tak­en for a ride.

  4. Ama­zon Customer

    DO NOT BUY!!Do not buy a Dualit toast­er. See the result. Abso­lut­ly not worth the mon­ey. Nice sta­tussym­bol, but crap­py toast­er, look at the pic­ture. Do not buy! Save your £$€

  5. Jans

    A bril­liant­ly engi­neered, British-made design clas­sic. Worth every pen­ny.I sup­pose the main ques­tion for any­one con­sid­er­ing this toast­er is “does it jus­ti­fy the price?”. In my view, it absolute­ly does.First of all, it makes crack­ing toast. I can’t stand dry, crunchy toast, which seemed to be an unfor­tu­nate spe­cial­i­ty for some of my old toast­ers. This one, in con­trast, gets me a nice gold­en slice with­out tak­ing all the mois­ture out. And so far it’s dealt admirably with bread rolls and odd-shaped bits of cia­bat­ta, too.As you might expect for some­thing intend­ed for com­mer­cial kitchens, the build qual­i­ty is very high. There’s no doubt­ing that the Dualit Clas­sic is built to last and to be eas­i­ly repaired. Obvi­ous­ly that extends its lifes­pan well beyond that of a typ­i­cal toast­er, but it also scores some envi­ron­men­tal brown­ie points too. It’s nice know­ing my shiny new toast­er won’t be land­fill in two years’ time. It’s also hand made in Britain; some­thing I’m very hap­py to support.Some peo­ple feel hav­ing to man­u­al­ly eject the toast is an unjus­ti­fi­able fail­ure for such a cost­ly toast­er. It’s delib­er­ate. The idea is your toast stays warm until you’re ready to grab it, and it real­ly does work.Last, but not least, it’s an design clas­sic on par with Eames chairs, Kitchenaid stand mix­ers, Apple iMacs, and so on. Not every­one has the lux­u­ry of gaz­ing lov­ing­ly at an icon­ic, inter­na­tion­al­ly recog­nised exam­ple of 20th Cen­tu­ry indus­tri­al design while wait­ing for their morn­ing toast

  6. Mandy

    Worth the price for longevi­ty and per­fect toast.My ex hus­band got cus­tody of my last Dualit toast­er that was still going strong ( and prob­a­bly still is) after years. AS I remem­ber we only had to replace an ele­ment once. In the 10 years we have been apart I have got through 3 toast­ers ‚all end­ed up in the tip as they could­n’t be repaired . So I think the high price is jus­ti­fi­able giv­en that the ele­ment and timer are replace­able if they fail. The oper­a­tion of these toast­ers takes a bit of get­ting used to but it means you can make sure you get the toast exact­ly how you like it!

  7. Matt F‑S

    Actu­al­ly well worth the ini­tial high costA week after my Dualit toast­er was deliv­ered, I am won­der­ing how I lived with­out it!My main pur­chase influ­ences were rec­om­men­da­tions from friends and my desire to be more envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly in not buy­ing throw away small electricals.My main rea­son for writ­ing this review is because this thing toasts so even­ly and nice­ly I can­not believe I have lived forty odd years with­out one.I know that this toast­er seems shock­ing­ly expen­sive but the reli­a­bil­i­ty and stonk­ing per­for­mance are well worth the pur­chase price. I even realised when I got it out of the pack­et that my great aunt had one and that had been work­ing ever morn­ing for over fifty years.This is tru­ly a fan­tas­tic toast­er, had I bought one 35 years ago when I moved out of home Inwould have saved over 200 quid in all the bro­ken toast­ers I threw away.

  8. Mrs. Wendy Watson

    Excel­lent.A love­ly stur­dy, tra­di­tion­al British built toast­er. Back to the old style of toast­ing which is a very con­trol­lable and effi­cient piece of kit once you get used to the dif­fer­ent way of using it. I use the sand­wich cages with it all the time even for toast only, as it appears to toast more even­ly and make removal far more eas­i­ly and avoids burn­ing your fin­gers on the hot toast. Over­all very pleased with my pur­chase in spite of the high price and would rec­om­mend it. I did have reser­va­tions ini­tial­ly about it not being a “pop up” but after using it for a while, I far pre­fer the con­trol­la­bil­i­ty of this toast­er and there is the added ben­e­fit of hav­ing replace­able parts. I have pur­chased many toast­ers over the years and am hop­ing this will last for many years to come.

  9. Osama bin Liner

    Looks great, but vast­ly over priced and has basic design flawsOnly bought it because it can be repaired indef­i­nite­ly and is made in Britain. Both major plus points for me. Looks good and toasts bread well and quick­ly, which is a min­i­mum at this price. Or at least it did, after only 2 weeks browns toast very uneven­ly see pic­tures. Con­trols feel solid.Crumpets are crap, as the heat is so fierce the tops and bot­toms turn to coal before they are warmed through prop­er­ly. The feet are made from very hard plas­tic, so it just slides about on the kitchen work­top when try­ing to oper­ate the con­trols. The crumb tray han­dles are so close to the lift knob you can’t grab it prop­er­ly. Sim­ple basic over­sights you won­der if the design­ers have ever even used one. real­ly want­ed to like this as it looks great, could­n’t send it back fast enough.

  10. Jon Smith

    ShockedI bought this after get­ting sick of mid lev­el toast­ers. Spend­ing 50 quid on a decent toast­er only for it to brun toast one time and only make hot bread anoth­er… I was tired and thought I’d put down the 200+ and buy for life, these are Dualit right? They are meant to be one of if not the best.I am so dis­ap­point­ed with the pur­chase. Yeah, it is reli­able in terms the out­put but hell, you can’t even fit in a nor­mal size slice of bread in! (Height wise) £200 for a toast­er and it does­n’t even accept War­bur­tons stan­dard issue white??? COME ON!As for the build qual­i­ty, it’s ok, ish but for 200? trash. The crumb tray does­n’t come out smooth­ly, it needs to be jig­gled as the screws they use are too long and they extend out the oth­er side! The crumb tray itself is also way to thin. Maybe this is a legal/fire rea­son but it’s still rubbish.As for toast­ing, it is pret­ty good for 6 slices but if you use either the 2 and the 4 set­ting, it burns the bread fur­thest right and requires flip­ping halfway through. I know it’s for a cater­ing envi­ron­ment that maybe uses set­ting 6 most of the time but I think maybe a lit­tle insu­la­tion would solve this issue.I do think this is a toast­er for life though, it does look pret­ty easy to repair.The high lift lever is good (I am a fan of man­u­al pop up) but could do with being a lit­tle more ‘high’ on the high lift.It real­ly could do with a can­cel but­ton if you want to cease toast­ing before the timer has fin­ished. I guess you could do this on the sock­et but it’s not quite the same.There are oth­er lit­tle nig­gles with it too which are of just bad design.It does look good though.I am being very crit­i­cal, but I think I am justified.Since then, I have bought a stu­dent flat in Glas­gow and kit­ted it out with cheap stuff. The £10 quid 2 slot Tesco toast­er I bought makes the best toast I have ever had AND once more, it fit War­bur­tons stan­dard issue white! As much as I am pleased I have now found the toast­er for me, the fact that this was a ten­ner just rubs salt in the wound.It is bet­ter than most of the toast­ers I have used but is just no where near as good as it should be. In my hum­ble opin­ion if i am spend­ing 200+ on a toast­er, I should be able to walk away with full height eve­ly toast­ed bread think, damn, that’s a nice toaster.I like what the design is going for, it just needs to be better.Rant over

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