Drawstring Backpack,Swimming Bags Sackpack Water Resistant,String Gym Sacks with Inside Pocket for Adults Kids Boys Girls School


  • ✅【Thicken&Tear-Resistant Material】:Made of thick,high-density oxford fabric, enhanced seam and thicken bottom, our swimming bags for kids and adults is SUPER durable and withstands daily wear and tear. It can carry heavy loads of your personal stuff. The water-resistant material keeps your stuff dry and clean.
  • ✅【Foldable and Large Capacity】:This drawstring gym bag can be folded to your hand size. The bottom is wide so this bag has a large capacity to pack multiple stuff-like adult sneakers, clothes, magazines, and sports gear. Size L equals 40L, can pack a basketball.Size S equals to 20L,can pack a football(size 5). They are lightweight and practical to be used as a school pe bag or gym sack.
  • Fastening: Zipper, Drawstring
  • ✅【Adjustable Wide Shoulder Strap and 3 Pockets】:The wide shoulder strap can be adjusted to different lengths. The sturdy shoulder straps make this string backpack more durable for long-time wear. Meanwhile, a wide strap can reduce loading on your shoulder, non-slip, and make your journey more comfortable. This pe bags drawstring is designed with an inside anti-theft pocket for small valuable items like phones, wallets, and keys. The two-side mesh pockets for water bottles, umbrellas, or towels.
  • ✅【Include 3 Waterproof Drawstring Pouch】:Package comes with 3 small waterproof drawstring storage bags in different sizes for separating your shoes/wet swimming suit/dirty clothes, organizing your socks/underwears/cosmetics, very convenient and necessary in your sports or traveling.
  • ✅【Widely Used, For Kids Adults】:This drawstring bag is unisex.Size S fits for kids from age 6(around height 4'3"),Size L for junior/adults.It can be used for most of your occasions like swimming, beach, gym, school, camping, hiking, running, cycling, shopping, travel, and more. With size S/L and adjustable shoulder strap, This is a very practical drawstring backpack in your life for whole family members.


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Product Description

drawstring bag-1

With Size Small and Large, Meet Your Needs for Variety of Activities,for Kids from Age 6 (around height 4′3″) and Junior Adults,for whole family use.

Pack­age Includes:

  • 1 x draw­string backpack
  • 3 x small draw­string stor­age bags

drawstring bags-2

Light­weight on Your Jour­ney, But Large Capac­i­ty for All Your Essen­tials, Thick­ened Mate­r­i­al for More Weight Load­ing, Fold­able to Hand Size.

Kind reminder: Only size “Large” is big enough to pack a bas­ket­ball or a Mac­Book Pro16inch. size “Small” is big enough to pack a foot­ball size 5.

drawstring bags11

Comes with 3pcs small draw­string stor­age bags in dif­fer­ent sizes

  • Keep your stuff orga­nized in your back­pack or suit­case dur­ing your journey
  • Sep­a­rate your shoes/dirty stuff/wet swim­ming suit in your bag (The largest one can fit one pair of adult shoes)
  • Keeps your shoes or clothes dust free in the closet
  • Can be used as make­up bag,toiletry bag,gym accessories,laundry bags trav­el and more

drawstring bags-4

drawstring bags-4

drawstring bags-5

drawstring bags-6

Left and Right Side mesh pocket for water bottle/umbrella/towel

Inner anti-theft pocket for small valuable items like phone/wallet

Adjustable shoulder strap for different height

Widen bottom for more capacity

drawstring bags-6

drawstring bags-7

drawstring bags-8

drawstring bags-9

Super tear-resistant and thicker oxford fabric for more weight loading

Thickened bottom for better durability

Wide shoulder strap for comfortability,Non-slip

Water resistant material,Keep your stuff dry and clean

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Additional information

Date First Available

2 April 2022








  1. R. G.

    Use­ful size and com­fort­able strapsI find this bag to be a pret­ty stan­dard design, but with the added ben­e­fits of being water resis­tant, with an inner zip pock­et and 3 dif­fer­ent sized sep­a­rate pouch­es for stor­ing var­i­ous items.The bag is quite well man­u­fac­tured with taped seams with neat sewing. The zip­per on the decent­ly sized inside pock­et runs smooth­ly. There are 3 plas­tic draw­string pouch­es also includ­ed which are a use­ful addi­tion that might be used for dirty or damp gear, or per­haps to keep pre­cious items even more pro­tect­ed in the event of rain.The straps are much wider and flat­ter than the usu­al draw­string affair you get on this type of bag, and as a result I find they are much more com­fort­able when the weight of the bag starts to increase. These straps appear to be well attached with the strap stitched along the full width of the bot­tom of the bag to help suport any weight.The only down­side I can find to this arti­cle is that the drink bot­tle hold­ers are not very stretchy at all. This will restrict the size of bot­tle car­ried, but the pock­ets are deep so any bot­tle car­ried should be held in securely.I do like this bag, and shall use it a great deal.Likes:SizeWide, com­fort­able strap­sWa­ter resis­tantZip­pered inner pouchAd­di­tion­al loose draw­string pouch­es includ­ed­Light weightDislikes:Drink bot­tle hold­ers could per­haps be more elastic

  2. Charles

    It’s okayThis pack­age offers both a light man made fibre weave can­vas like bag, with a draw string fas­ten­ing — with three reusable plas­tic bags. The lat­ter were no great shakes and were func­tion­al­ly like re/using a zip tie bag, but draw string.At this price point the bag is at and around the price of a dry bag which tend be heav­ier duty mate­r­i­al, these are sized by the litre, from 5–30 litres, or more.This met­ric isn’t giv­en here so a direct com­par­i­son is hard­er. But side by side with a 20L dry bag this is sim­i­lar in size, and there are 20L dry bags at this price point.Personally hav­ing the oppor­tu­ni­ty to com­pare them, I pre­fer the dry bag design to this for the pur­pose intend­ed; “Swim­ming PE Sacks Waterproof“That said this bag is made of lighter mate­r­i­al and the draw string is a sim­pler clos­ing method over the dry bag design — and so this bag may then bet­ter suit a small­er child.

  3. Ambi­en­thigh­way

    Nice large back­pack bag, com­fort­able on bag when used, facil­i­tates as expect­edThe Back­pack with Inside Zip­per Pock­et and draw­string bags arrives in a flat clear zip lock pouch. Open­ing reveals a light robust type back­pack with 2 pock­ets on the outside(open) and a zip pock­et inside the back­pack. The draw­string bags are use­ful to keep things togeth­er or store damp items in. The back­pack is of a tear resis­tant durable type mate­r­i­al and I think this is very robust. The straps can be altered to size to fit as desired. I note the back­pack is water resis­tant and not water­proof. In time if in wet weath­er water will pen­e­trate the back­pack even­tu­al­ly. Also the back­pack does not offer any par­tic­u­lar pro­tec­tion to del­i­cate items, so you would not put a lap­top in the bag. For swim­ming camp­ing cloth­ing etc this is a good all-round pur­pose gen­er­al is ide­al. I thought the bag as used and what this facil­i­tates its excel­lent in what this provides.

  4. Niree

    GoodThe media could not be loaded.

     Draw­string Bags,Swimming PE Sacks Water­proof Durable,Drawstring String Gym Back­pack with Inside Zip­per Pock­et for Sports School Kids Boys Girls Men Women with 3pcs Draw­string Stor­age Bags­Good qual­i­ty gym back, thick easy to wipe mate­r­i­al. Adjustable draw­string straps and mesh pock­ets at each side of the bag which will hold a water bottle.I got this for my son start­ing school to use as a gym bag and first impres­sions are it will be per­fect for exact­ly that.You also receive an addi­tion­al 3 dif­fer­ent sized stor­age bags which would be handy for wet or mud­dy clothes.Overall great val­ue and qual­i­ty, would recommend.

  5. Bird!

    Great bagThis prod­uct exceed­ed my expectations.It was actu­al­ly larg­er than I expect­ed but if you’re look­ing for a bag to car­ry loads of clothes or big tow­els etc, it is a very def­i­nite plus.It has two pock­ets on the out­side that can hold a large water bottle.The mate­r­i­al is water­proof so the mois­ture sweat­ing off a cold water bot­tle will not get the con­tents of the bag wet.The mate­r­i­al and cords are very heavy duty.It’s larg­er enough you could even use it as a gym bag to hold your work­out clothes, shoes and a towel.

  6. H

    Good draw­string bagThe Silorea Draw­string Back­pack is a nice large bag, it has 2 side pock­ets that can fit a water bot­tle. There is also a small pock­et on the inside. The bag is ide­al for the gym or swim­ming as it also comes with 3 reusable plas­tic bag for wet or sweaty clothes.I’ve been using it for days out with my son, car­ry­ing lunch­es, drinks, books and a pic­nic blanket.Unlike nor­mal draw­string bags, this bag use straps that can be adjust­ed for size. The bag is com­fort­able to wear.

  7. YR

    light­weight ruck­sack, anti-theft when in useThis Water­proof Durable Draw­string Ruck­sack comes with inter­nal zip-up pock­et which you can put impor­tant items sep­a­rate­ly to oth­er items.The fab­ric feels thick and good quality.The thing l love about this bag is that while in use pick­pock­ets can’t put their hands into the bag.It comes with 3 plas­tic bags which you can put wet or dirty clothes before putting them in the rucksack.£10.99 for this is quite a good value.

  8. A. Dou­glas

    Not a bad swim bagThis swim bag is nice. It has a draw string top with back­pack straps. It has an inter­nal back zip pock­et like in a hand­bag then two mesh side pock­ets. You also receive three plas­tic zip lock bags. As a swim bag I don’t have much use for the mesh pock­ets. The inter­nal pock­et is small so only good for keys, phone etc. You need to use the zip lock bags for wet items. It’s okay but needs usable com­part­ments. It makes a bet­ter p.e bag.

  9. Mems

    The strap does­n’t make senseThe only rea­son i gave it two stars was because it comes with 3 water­proof bags for swimming.The bag itself is okay for the size, how­ev­er the strap sys­tem does­n’t make sense. I strug­gled to adjust the strap as i like my bags very loose.Maybe i could­n’t fig­ure it out, but that’s the prob­lem, it should­n’t be dif­fi­cult adjust­ing the straps of bags.

  10. Book Read­er

    Excel­lent sports bagVery pleased with thus draw string sports bag. It is big­ger than I had expect­ed which is good as can get in spare clothes, tow­el and even shoes. Pock­ets for water etc. Made from good strong mate­ri­als. Nice well made feel. Good price. Very pleased to recommend.

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