Daewoo Stainless Steel Glass Kettle and Toaster Set ‑1.5 3KW Litre Rapid Boil Cordless Illuminated LED Kettle and Defrosting,


  • A SET THAT LOOKS STUNNING ON YOUR KITCHEN & DOESN’T TAKE UP MUCH SPACE - With a kettle and a toaster as attractive as these ones, there’s no need to store them away in the cabinet. In fact, the sleek design and trendy color of the set will match any kitchen décor!
  • FAST BOILING & FAST DEFROSTING - Our large 1.5l clear glass kettle brings water to a raging boil in just a few minutes and it also emits a beautiful blue glow once when the water is boiled. Also, our Daewoo toaster has a glass view that lets you watch your bread while it toasts so you can have your breakfast exactly how you like it in just a few moments!
  • EASY TO CLEAN - You can forget about spending precious time cleaning your kettle and toaster. The Daewoo glass kettle has 360 rotation base which makes easy for cleaning it inside and outside. The same goes for our toaster with its wipe-clean glass surface!
  • MORE THAN A TOASTER, MORE THAN A KETTLE - The Defrost, Reheat, and Bagel one-touch buttons allow you to diversify your breakfast the way you want it. Additionally, our kettle has an automatic cut off that activates seconds after the water is fully boiling, so you never have to worry about getting distracted or forgetting to turn off the kettle!


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Additional information

Weight 1.51 kg
Dimensions 31.2 × 23.5 × 20.6 cm



Glass Kettle & Toaster

Package Dimensions

31.2 x 23.5 x 20.6 cm; 1.51 Kilograms


1810 Steel

Item Weight

1.51 kg



Date First Available

12 Sept. 2018




  1. Ama­zon Customer

    Excel­lantI love the design of this toast­er it looks great It is easy to remove the glass and crumb tray for easy clean­ing — it toasts bread to per­fec­tion and my beloved crum­pets too — So far I can­not fault this toaster

  2. Tony M.

    Dis­ap­point­ed!I liked the look of this match­ing toast­er and ket­tle. Very mod­ern and the see through design is quirky. Total­ly dis­ap­point­ed with the prod­uct as when using it it feels cheap and poor­ly made. This was con­firmed when I went to fill ket­tle up after it’s first use. The cap obvi­ous­ly swells with the heat caus­ing it to stick. The but­ton to release it doesn’t work then so you need to use a knife or some­thing to open it. Then the toast­er was bro­ken with only the ele­ment on one side work­ing so you only get one side of your toast toast­ed. Now I’m left with no toast­er or kettle!!

  3. Bill

    Styl­ish!My toast­ers been dodgy for a while and the ket­tle sud­den­ly died so i decid­ed on these to replace them and i’m glad i did!Both are mas­sive­ly bet­ter qual­i­ty than the ones i had, were cheap­er and per­form bet­ter too!The toast­er .……The tester slice was the best bit of toast i have had for ages! It toasts quite fast so crisp but not dried out! The win­dow is use­ful and looks great too.The kettle.……First boil was full to wash it out, i thought it was­n’t work­ing at first, it was so qui­et! it got loud­er as it start­ed to heat but nev­er as loud as my old one. After emp­ty­ing, i filled to the min’ line (just enough for one cup­pa) and it came to the boil fast so i did the same again and timed it at 55 sec­onds! The lid works well too.Very pleased with pur­chase and would def­i­nite­ly recommend!22/09/2020 the ket­tle han­dle has bro­ken off from the bot­tom ! not even two year old yet!

  4. Ama­zon Customer

    would­nt buy them againI reviewed this them when I first bought them as OK. Would­n’t buy them again. The ket­tles fil­ter kept falling out after only a few days and I have had to glue it in again. The lid stopped open­ing auto­mat­i­cal­ly after a cou­ple of weeks. The toast­er which I thought took 4 slices of bread, giv­en its size which is huge, but it only takes 2 and I did­n’t read the small print, takes beyond my patience even on the high­est num­ber to brown a slice of bread. Null points. I am think­ing of return­ing them and ask­ing for my mon­ey back. Oh and BTW the ket­tle is so noisy I have to turn the radio vol­ume up and it pro­duces enor­mous amounts of steam. I am adding to this review as the lid has just bro­ken off. I bought this in Novem­ber 2018. I will nev­er buy either prod­uct again

  5. lsanderson65

    Been hap­pi­ly using for four months. ⭐️ X 5😻I’ve been using for four months now and still very pleased. I pur­chased as liked the look of see through toast­er and agree with lady who said makes the best toast ever. Much bet­ter than pre­vi­ous 4 slot toast­ers. You can fit two slices in of any thick­ness and have it exact­ly the colour you like. The ket­tle has a nice blue light that goes off once boiled and sounds as you’d expect boil­ing water to sound! The bot­tom of inside changes slight­ly over the first month but has not scaled up too much. I can fit my hand inside to wipe out which I’ve done once as one review­er said you couldn’t. You can and if you have big hands ask some­one to do it for you.Several guests have com­ment­ed on the set as it does look unusu­al and bet­ter than aver­age. It’s mod­ern and styl­ish and looks more expen­sive than price paid. In my expe­ri­ence the mod­ern ket­tles and toast­er last about 3 years before look tat­ty or leak etc, I would def­i­nite­ly buy again if still avail­able. As for clean­ing, not real­ly notice­able that it needs it as the glass doesn’t have water marks and the met­al of toast­er is still pris­tine. Doesn’t leave many crumbs under­neath either. If you are look­ing at this set then buy with con­fi­dence as I am very hap­py to rec­om­mend both items.

  6. Stephen M

    Toast­er OK, but ket­tle not so good.I have been using the toast­er and ket­tle for a cou­ple of weeks. My old toast­er had the usu­al two small slots, which is OK for the stan­dard Medi­um Sliced, but not so much for the more rus­tic loaves I pre­fer — either the end of the slice sticks out and isn’t toast­ed, or you cut the slice in half and toast it in the two com­part­ments, but then burn your fin­gers get­ting them out again. Any­way, the long slot of this toast­er solves that prob­lem as I had hoped — it also toasts evenly.The ket­tle, though, is dis­ap­point­ing. I live in a hard water area and the glass has become ‘milky’ with limescale. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the neck of the ket­tle is too nar­row to reach in and wipe it off. Also, there is a very fine fil­ter across the spout which clogs up read­i­ly, great­ly reduc­ing water flow. No prob­lem I thought, take it out. When I did that, how­ev­er, the auto switch-off stopped work­ing (pre­sum­ably, the steam no longer builds up inside the ket­tle enough for it to work).

  7. C Paine

    VALUE FOR MONEYI just love the ket­tle from this set. It is com­plete­ly see through so I can see exact­ly how much water is in it. Was always afraid that my son would blow up the old one as nev­er checked if any water in it before switch­ing on. No excuse now. A blue light glows as it boils which looks real­ly nice these dark win­ter days. Am left hand­ed so the 360* base is per­fect. I used to have a sim­i­lar ket­tle which was all glass and hub­by broke it with a sharp tap against the met­al tap. This ket­tle has a steel rim so less chance of dam­age in that way. Can­not rec­om­mend high­ly enough.Toaster also see through which attract­ed me as son was always turn­ing up the old toast­er and con­stant­ly burn­ing my toast. I won­dered how could toast with glass side but dis­cov­ered the heat­ing rods are down the bot­tome. Reminds me of an elec­tric fire I once had. I like the fact that it acco­mo­dates any size bread as just has one long slot. Also can toast crum­pets and bagels, As the heat­ing ele­ment as in the base, seems to burn the bot­tom cor­ner of the bread which is clos­est to the heat. Hub­by says makes bread dry but he was toast­ing a very thin piece of cheap bread. My son seems to like it. I like the stop func­tion clear­ly vis­i­ble on front of set­ting knob. No more burnt toast (apart from bot­tom cor­ner) Sev­en set­tings but usu­al­ly use num­ber 3 (even no 1 son uses same) so heav­en knows what 7 is for? Bought indi­vid­u­al­ly would cost much more.

  8. Freaky­dogs

    Poor val­ue for mon­ey, did­n’t last long.Bought in Feb 2019, toast­er died just before Christ­mas 2020 — one of the glass ele­ments just stopped work­ing and the leaver to put down the bread would­n’t work so you had to hold it down whilst the bread was only being toast­ed on one side.The ket­tle still works but where the glass sides attach to the met­al base its all rusty (inside the actu­al ket­tle) so water leaks out onto the stand part. It’s not a small amount of water either, enough that we always have to emp­ty the ket­tle after each use and dry the base as well as the actu­al ket­tle base. Does­n’t seem very safe to have so much water drip­ping out onto the elec­tric stand so am now ditch­ing it.Oh, and the blue light inside the ket­tle also only works on one side.Fine whilst they worked but very short life span, bad val­ue for mon­ey. The glass sides of the toast­er were also a pain to clean and I would­n’t let any­one else de-crumb it for fear they’d smash the glass — it was cum­ber­some and awk­ward from that point of view.

  9. Cather­ine Lawson

    Needs replaced after 3 years of useI real­ly liked this ket­tle and toast­er set. How­ev­er after using it for 3 years they both need replaced. I live alone and don’t use the toast­er much. I’d say usage has been fair­ly low and I expect­ed this to last longer.The base of the ket­tle han­dle has come away and the toast­er no longer toasts the top half of the bread. I expect­ed to get a bit more use from a brand like this. I hate throw­ing out products 😒

  10. Lau­ra

    Excel­lent items.I love these items.They real­ly look great. They have a sleek, mod­ern appear­ance. I like the blue light that’s cast when it’s switched on, and I’m 100% con­vinced that tea and cof­fee made with water boiled in this glass jug tastes so much bet­ter than all my pre­vi­ous metal­lic kettles.I real­ly like the toast­er too, so much so that I ate two slices of toast before Sun­day lunch. 😂 It sounds sil­ly but being able to decide when your toast is at the per­fect brown­ness and switch it off instead of just accept­ing what pops out is real­ly satisfying.I rec­om­mend these items.

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