Cuisinart Style Collection Ice Cream and Dessert Maker | Homemade Ice Cream, Gelato, Sorbet, Frozen Yoghurt | Light Pistachio |


Brand Cuisinart
Colour Light Pistachio
Item dimensions L x W x H 21 x 21 x 29 centimetres
Product care instructions Clean the freezer bowl in warm, soapy water. The 2 paddles, locking bar, paddle holder, lid and ingredient guide can be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher, or be washed in warm soapy water.NOTE: DO NOT PUT THE FREEZER BOWL IN THE DISHWASHER. DO NOT CLEAN WITH ABRASIVE CLEANERS OR IMPLEMENTS. Wipe the housing base clean with a damp cloth. Dry all parts thoroughly to see more
Capacity 1.4 litres
  • Make ice cream, frozen yoghurt, sorbet or frozen fruits in as little as 25 minutes.
  • Pre-freeze the bowl overnight before use, or store it in your freezer so it's always ready.
  • Use the ice cream paddle to churn smooth ice cream, frozen yoghurt and sorbet, or use the fresh fruit paddle to blend soft fruits whilst freezing for a healthier alternative.
  • Add ingredients through the lid during churnings such as nuts, chocolate chips, fruit pieces and sauces for a ripple effect.
  • 5-year guarantee.


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From the manufacturer

Layer 1

With home­made ice cream, you can exper­i­ment with dif­fer­ent flavours, and have com­plete con­trol over the ingre­di­ents. Why not try out a veg­an or dairy free recipe?

Includes a Fresh Fruit Pad­dle which can be used to blend soft fruits, whilst freez­ing, as a health­i­er alter­na­tive to ice cream.



You can make up to 1.4L in each batch, which can be eat­en imme­di­ate­ly or trans­ferred to the freezer.

Ingre­di­ents can be added dur­ing churning.

Ice Cream


The ice cream pad­dle can be used to churn smooth ice cream, frozen yoghurt and sorbet.

Fresh Fruit Paddle


The fresh fruit pad­dle can be used to blend soft fruits, whilst freez­ing, for a health­i­er alter­na­tive to ice cream.



Pre-freeze the bowl for at least 12 hours, prefer­ably overnight before use. Handy Tip — store the bowl in the freez­er so it’s always ready.

RECIPE IDEA — Sor­bet is the per­fect refresh­ing, sum­mer dessert, for any­one who likes a sweet fix and is a great way to get some extra fruit into your diet. A health­i­er alter­na­tive to ice cream — watch our quick recipe video and make your Water­mel­on Sor­bet using the Cuisi­nart Iced Dessert Maker.

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Pre-Freeze Bowl


Pre-Freeze Bowl


Pre-Freeze Bowl



25 Mins


25 Mins


40 Mins

Paddle Type

2 — Ice Cream & Fresh Fruit

Paddle Type

1 — Ice Cream

Paddle Type

2 — Ice Cream & Gelato


21cm (W) x 29cm (H)


24cm (W) x 29cm (H)


29cm (W) x 22cm (H)

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Additional information

Weight 5.72 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 29 cm


Model Number



Light Pistachio

Product Dimensions

21 x 21 x 29 cm; 5.72 Kilograms


1.4 litres

Power Wattage

50 watts



Item Weight

5.72 kg



Date First Available

31 July 2019




  1. Wilde’s Cab­bage

    Ele­gant Design …But Very Fid­dly, as a Sin­gle-Use-Per-Day Machine**There’s a num­ber of points list­ed below that you should con­sid­er before pur­chas­ing this machine.**Though this is a love­ly look­ing machine that makes a good gela­to with some pre-plan­ning. We have tried a choco­late recipe and a strawberry.I still have some con­cerns, so I’m not sure if it’s the one I would reach for when I need to quick­ly make some frozen goodness.It’s worth know­ing that this ‘Iced Dessert Mak­er’, as its called, does not have an in-built refrig­er­a­tor.  Instead, it has a freez­able bowl that needs to be frozen for a sug­gest­ed 24 hours.This means it requires a lit­tle for­ward think­ing and not imme­di­ate­ly suit­ed for unex­pect­ed guests like the 

    excel­lent, Sage Smart Scoop Ice Cream Mak­er cur­rent­ly it’s priced at just over £180

     (as of writing).Cuisinart them­selves also do a rather good one at not too much more than this one, which offers heaps 

    more in func­tion­al­i­ty at a lit­tle over £190

     .THE MAIN ISSUES I HAVE:The churn­ing pad­dle and motor of this one are a lit­tle more sen­si­tive than the Sage too, it does not deal well with thick­er con­sis­ten­cies.  The motor can OVERHEAT and switch itself off!I was very con­scious of this, I tried to avoid this hap­pen­ing which made it dif­fi­cult and fid­dly to use. Thank­ful­ly I did­n’t expe­ri­ence this in my use.  But if I’d added too much fruit or nuts to my mix­ture towards the end, I would have had to deal with the prob­lem of a over­heat­ing motor which ini­ti­ates an auto­mat­ic shut­down to it can cool off, along with a rapid­ly warm­ing “frozen” bowl with my con­tents still inside!The prob­lem is, the man­u­al advis­es against leav­ing the mix­ture sit­ting in the bowl as it quick­ly fus­es to the sides. Well, that can’t be helped if you expe­ri­ence a auto-shut­down! Hence this machine makes ice cream mak­ing need­less­ly complicated.My Advice:If this is your first for­ay into home­made gela­to, I advise you buy a unit with an inbuilt refrig­er­a­tor like the ones I’ve men­tioned above. As this machine might put you off ever mak­ing gela­to ever again.☆ Impor­tant Notes: ☆▪︎ Ice cream, gela­to and sor­bet should take no more than 25 min­utes to churn into a thick­er con­sis­ten­cy in this machine if the dlbowl was frozen for a sol­id 24 hours.*▪︎* Ice cream churn­ers do not give you store-bought, firm, tubbed ice cream con­sis­ten­cy.  If you want a firmer tex­ture you will need to trans­fer the con­tents to an air­tight con­tain­er and place in the freez­er till it’s to your liking.Personally I like mine a lit­tle firmer than churned tex­ture so I place it in the freez­er for 30 min­utes.▪︎ The freez­er bowl can­not be washed in the dish­wash­er as doing so may cause risk of fire or elec­tric shock which is slight­ly alarm­ing!▪︎ The bowl must also be frozen on a flat sur­face and upright for even freez­ing for upto 24 hours ide­al­ly.  This may be dif­fi­cult for some inte­grat­ed freez­ers as the draw­ers are not tall enough.  It’s also a lit­tle tricky to place strate­gi­cal­ly in a chest freez­er in a total­ly ver­ti­cal posi­tion as sug­gest­ed in the manual.But it CAN be left in the freez­er longterm so that it can be whipped out for a quick dessert.Though with this machine, you can only make a sin­gle dessert before it needs refreez­ing for anoth­er 24 hours.  Unless you buy a sec­ond bowl.  But does the cost real­ly make sense if you do this?Conclusion:Though it’s a good basic frozen dessert machine, that looks beau­ti­ful in a kitchen, I can­not say it match­es up to 

    the more func­tion­al offer­ing from Cuisi­nart at a lit­tle over £190

     when this freeze-the-bowl Cuisi­nart is at £120, unless the price of this one was reduced dramatically.I’m inclined to say that the Sage is a pret­ty good deal at £180 too! I have it and love it.So, that said, 3 stars.I try to leave fair and hon­est reviews, as I myself, real­ly appre­ci­ate a gen­uine review before I decide on my own purchases.Hope this review helps you decide whether this prod­uct is for you.  If not, I am hap­py to answer more questions.

  2. rob

    WowwwwOver the years my broth­er and sis­ter have both had ice cream machines, and I nev­er thought about it. This year (2020) dur­ing lock­down, in the heat I thought it’d be a good idea — after some read­ing the cuisi­nart machines seemed to get favourable reviews for the midrange maker.And wow, these things are incred­i­ble. I’m not naive enough to think this is due to either this par­tic­u­lar machine, or my ice cream cre­at­ing prowess, but just the fact that sim­ple ice cream machines can make ice cream waayyyyy bet­ter than any­thing you find in a shop.I have made quite a few batch­es of dif­fer­ent flavours (rasp­ber­ry rip­ple crunch, dou­ble choco­late) and they are eas­i­ly my favourite ice creams ever. Every­one is amazed at the results from the machine and always goes down well! I also man­aged to make an ice cream that I think sur­passed ben and jer­rys! (choco­late ice cream with cook­ie dough, choc chips and marsh­mal­lows added in at churning!)Even if you nev­er real­ly ate much ice cream (I did­nt) — this is a game changer!

  3. Paul Wilmot

    Inef­fec­tive, time con­sum­ing and noisy.Impos­si­ble to under­stand pos­i­tive reviews I read before pur­chase. Sus­pi­cions arose when the instruc­tions said to chill ingre­di­ents for sorbet/ice cream for 2 hours before use. My pre­vi­ous machine required no such treat­ment and made per­fect ice creams in 25 min­utes from room tem­per­a­ture — and cost one third the price (replaced after 8 years ser­vice). So I did chill the ice cream mix­ture first — and sub­se­quent­ly a man­go sor­bet mix­ture — and the machine was not able to cope despite freez­ing the bowl for the required 12 hours first. The ice cream was bare­ly frozen and the man­go puree mix­ture unfrozen after 30 min­utes. The wall thick­ness of the bowl was less than my old Mag­im­ix thus, I assume, I did not retain its low tem­per­a­ture for long enough. Also unless you fill the bowl with your mix­ture the ice cream pad­dle does not reach it, stand­ing idly above the sur­face.. On top of that the machine is so noisy I could hard­ly bear to be in the same room when it was work­ing (or rather not work­ing), Use­less; I am send­ing it back and return­ing to the far cheap­er Mag­im­ix I had before. Paul Wilmot

  4. Aggi

    Nice, but time con­sum­ingIt makes nice ice cream, I also got Ben& Jer­ry’s book on kin­dle and it goes well with it.Pros:- nice home­made ice cream, well blend­ed and emulsifiedCons:-takes space on the counter, quite heavy to move- bowl needs to be in the freez­er for at least 24 hrs and it is not small- you can only real­ly make one flavour at once and then defrost, wash and freeze bowl again. I have man­aged to actu­al­ly make 2 dif­fer­ent ice cream, ie light and dark, keep them cooled in the fridge ready and then make the light ones first, dish out and quick­ly put the dark ones in lat­er, whilst the bowl is still frozen. How­ev­er, they need to co-ordi­nate as the light mix would be still stuck to the frozen bowl so kind of vanil­la first and choco­late after­wards is fine.It makes nice ice cream, but it is too expen­sive for what it is and not that practical.

  5. Turn­er­Fant

    A churn, rather than an ice cream mak­er.This doesn’t make ice cream. Its a churn, it mix­es the ingre­di­ents & then your freez­er makes ice cream. Hav­ing expect­ed to make ice­cream with the chil­dren, I instead spent the day putting things in & out the freez­er. I’d rather buy ice­cream. Should Hve spent more! Same old.

  6. Robert H.

    AMAZING PRODUCT! Why did­n’t I buy it years ago?!I’ve been mak­ing the most amaz­ing flavour­ful ice-creams with this machine. It’s easy to use and to clean.It makes approx­i­mate­ly half a litre of ice-cream per use. The down side is that you’ve got to wait until the bowl is frozen again to make a sec­ond batch of ice-cream; or alter­na­tive­ly, you could buy an extra bowl. To us, this has not been an issue at all; rather than hold­ing the excite­ment of want­i­ng to make more ice-cream!I high­ly rec­om­mend it!

  7. Mrs Ruth F

    Bought this at the start of sum­mer amaz­ing pur­chase so far.This was very easy to use since its pow­er only comes from one thing to plug in.The instruc­tions were very easy to fol­low for the set­up and mak­ing ice cream or sor­bet how­ev­er it only came with a few recipes so I sug­gest you buy a few oth­er recipe books. In addi­tion to this you have to put the con­tain­er into the freez­er before hand for 12 to 6 hours so it is frozen this is what most iced cream mak­ers have any­way around this price range unless you want a mar­gin­al­ly more expen­sive one. In sum­ma­ry I rec­om­mend this for gifts or use it make amaz­ing qual­i­ty ice cream and the design is amaz­ing quality.

  8. Ama­zon Customer

    Good ice cream and easy to useI’ve just received my ice-cream mak­er and just made a cou­ple of batch­es of ice-cream, so far I’m real­ly pleased with this prod­uct. I had nev­er made ice cream before, and found the instruc­tions clear an easy. The result­ing ice-cream is deli­cious and the tex­ture very creamy.The only down­side of this machine is that a smal por­tion of the prepa­ra­tion will freeze on the sides of the bowl, but I find it an accept­able loss.Contrary to any review I have seen about any freeze-ahead machine, I have eas­i­ly man­aged to make 2 batch­es in one day, and I’m pret­ty sure I could make a third if I want­ed to. I’ve just froze the bowl 24h for the 1st batch, then cleaned it quick­ly with water just warm enough to melt the remain­ing ice-cream, dried it with a tow­el and put it back in the freez­er for anoth­er 5h before mak­ing the sec­ond batch. Worked like a charm!

  9. Neil Wynn

    Good basic ice cream mak­erArrived very quick­ly — a sim­ple prod­uct. You need room in the freez­er (but can put things inside) Freezes very well and oper­ates quite sim­ply. Ice cream is good — work­ing out how to add flavours!

  10. Olek­sii Perekatov

    If you put ice-cream in the freez­er after­wards it basi­cal­ly becomes a sol­id block of iceWorks pret­ty much as expect­ed but if you don’t like soft ice cream (i.e. eat it after you make it), beware: putting it in the freez­er would make it a sol­id piece of ice (tried it with rec­om­mend­ed recipes that came with the machine)

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