Cookology UCFF87 47cm Freestanding Undercounter 2 Door Fridge Freezer (Silver)


  • This is a two-door Fridge Freezer that fits underneath your worktop in the kitchen. As you'd expect with a Cookology appliance, you get a reliable, simple to use, and smart-looking Fridge Freezer at an incredibly affordable price. We have developed this undercounter Fridge Freezer with practicality in mind, for example, the doors are reversible so whatever the layout in your kitchen, this Fridge Freezer can be made to fit.
  • The Fridge features one full glass shelf and one half glass shelf over the salad/vegetable drawer as well as storage space in the door. The Freezer has its own door and you get an ice scraper and an ice cube tray.
  • The noise level of just 42dB means this fridge freezer is literally whisper quiet so you can use it in open plan kitchens as well as guest room kitchens without disturbing anyone.
  • This model uses just 168kwH on average per year, which means it should cost you around £26 a year to run (based on an average rate of £0.155 kWh), which is why it has been awarded an A+ energy rating (2021 energy rating F).
  • Lastly, the 4 stars **** Freezer rating is awarded because it can maintain a temperature of -18℃ which makes it safe for long-term storage of suitable frozen foods.


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Mod­el: UCFF87

2 Door

Reversible doors

Adjustable feet

Man­u­al defrost

Mechan­i­cal tem­per­a­ture control

26 liter Ice Box

61 liter Fridge


2019 A+ Ener­gy rating

2021 F Ener­gy rating

168 kWh/annum

42 dB


Volt­age: 220–240V

Fre­quen­cy: 50Hz

Rat­ed Cur­rent 0.6A

Refrig­er­ant: R600a,30g

Cli­mate class: N/ST

Ener­gy con­sump­tion: 0.46kWh/24h


Freez­ing capa­bil­i­ty: 2kg/24h

Tem­per­a­ture rise time: 15h


Width: 470mm

Depth: 505mm

Height: 850mm

Pack­ag­ing dimensions:

Height: 860mm

Depth: 550mm

Width: 515mm

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Additional information

Dimensions 50.5 × 47 × 85 cm


Product Dimensions

50.5 x 47 x 85 cm

Energy Efficiency


Efficiency 10 classes

A+++ to G


61 litres 26 litres

Annual Energy Consumption

168 Kilowatt Hours

Capacity Total

87 litres

Capacity cooling

61 litres

Freezer Capacity

26 Litres

Noise Level

42 dB

Installation Type


Part Number


Form Factor

Freezer Top



Defrost System

Manual Defrost

Door Orientation


Shelf Type


Number of Shelves


Manufacturer Warranty

1 year guarantee



Date First Available

13 Dec. 2019




  1. Fran­cis Mitchell

    This fridge is start­ing to look dubi­ousA few months after I bought the refrig­er­a­tor there was a fair­ly promi­nent news item on the BBC web­site con­cern­ing a Which? report into the fire risk asso­ci­at­ed with elec­tri­cal goods that had a plas­tic (instead of met­al) rear. So I had to look at this prod­uct more close­ly and found that it, indeed, has a plas­tic back. I already had a gap between the wall and the refrig­er­a­tor but I must ensure that this remains so now to reduce the fire risk. Beyond that the freez­er com­part­ment seems to be errat­ic, not real­ly good enough for a con­sumer prod­uct. Luck­i­ly I live in a cold cli­mate and do my bit to keep excess heat down by being stingy but per­haps, if I was a lit­tle less stingy I would have bought a more expen­sive refrig­er­a­tor that did its job better.Although I do feel that the reseller and sup­ple chain should do its bit also to reduce the like­li­hood of prod­ucts end­ing up in homes for only a short tie before they face pre­ma­ture redun­dan­cy. To this end I have been prompt­ed by a report in the Novem­ber 2019 Which? mag­a­zine that details how a mul­ti­plic­i­ty of brands arise because there is a mod­u­lar approach to prod­uct assem­bly in parts of the World that allows less scruti­ny before ship­ping and detracts from the threat of rep­u­ta­tion­al dam­age that can pro­vide pos­i­tive feed­back to prod­uct qual­i­ty. Be very care­ful when buy­ing, not only for the sake of your pock­et but also to pre­vent the World clog­ging up with unwant­ed and bro­ken appliances.

  2. MrZo­olook

    Decent prod­uct, quick­ly deliv­eredHad to buy this as my land­lord was­n’t going to get a new fridge for a week, leav­ing us with­out one in the meantime.I was able to move it upstairs by myself eas­i­ly. So it isn’t heavy. The first thing I did after unwrap­ping, was to reverse the door to keep the hot air off the radi­a­tor out of the unit as the door was open. I was how­ev­er unable to remove the cen­tral bar between the fridge and freez­er sec­tions to do this. After reassem­bling the doors and brack­ets to their orig­i­nal posi­tions, the feet were eas­i­ly adjustable to get the unit lev­el on the rather uneven floor in the house.Next up was plug­ging it in. And I was nice­ly sur­prised that it start­ed feel­ing cold almost imme­di­ate­ly. There was no real issues with noise or vibration.All in all, a very good prod­uct, spa­cious for the size, very good at keep­ing things chilled AND frozen, great idea keep­ing the freez­er door out of the chilled access. Qui­et, and ener­gy effi­cient. Good val­ue, and the black fin­ish suits my pref­er­ence for dark colour elec­tri­cal goods. I would def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend to oth­ers look­ing for an under-counter sized unit, suit­ed for a sin­gle person.

  3. Reka Vig

    Rec­om­mend­ed, good qual­i­tyFor the mon­ey it’s amaz­ing value.Looks cool, and not too loud.Small, but this is what we needed.

  4. Maria

    Good val­ue for mon­ey.That lit­tle fridge/freezer does won­ders. Easy to install. I was sur­prised to see how big the freezer/ice side is. Yes, I rec­om­mend them! I am hap­py from order to deliv­ery and hav­ing my fridge at home. Thank you.

  5. aileen smith

    poor siz­ing of itemI pur­chased this fridge freez­er but there was no infor­ma­tion regard­ing how far back top glass shelve was from door, as I have back prob­lems I could not reach into place any­thing on shelve. Also very poor pic­tures of inside of fridge. please be aware that if prod­uct has to be returned you do so at your cost not the com­pa­ny in my case it would be over £200.00 to send back to get £130.00 refund need I say more.

  6. Tasha J

    Small fridge freez­erThis is just the right size for my flat. It works per­fect­ly and arrived quick­ly and in pris­tine con­di­tion. There’s lots of room inside for such a small unit and the fridge has plen­ty of stor­age com­part­ments for dif­fer­ent things.I would def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend this.

  7. j

    STYLISH, ART DECO FRIDGEBought this half sized fridge freez­er for my daugh­ter who has a tiny rent­ed flat. The fridge is now in their small liv­ing room with an art deco cock­tail set on top! It is handy for drinks/ice as well as extra food/frozen stuff which can’t fit in their small kitchen fridge! It has a decent freez­er com­part­ment and door space. An Excel­lent small fridge freezer!!!

  8. don maz­da

    Great unit great price!!Great fridge for my dou­ble sized room. Runs quiet..Fridge keeps food and drinks thor­ough­ly cold!! Freez­er freezes food quick­ly! Very Hap­py with my purchase!!

  9. Kriss

    Cookol­o­gy UCFF87 47cm Free­stand­ing Under­counter 2 Door Fridge Freez­er (Black)First of all, I would like to men­tion that I bought this to replace my expen­sive 24v Isotherm Ele­gance 130 that caused me no end of issues over the last two years regard­ing the ‘freez­er’ sec­tion. I final­ly had enough whist stab­bing at the mas­sive amounts of ice over­tak­ing the fridge (I had to do this every month) and stabbed the gas line. So, here I am buy­ing this Cookology.…I’ve had it two weeks and it’s great. I cools/freezes real­ly well on the min­i­mum set­ting and pulls very lit­tle pow­er (from solar)! The freez­er is frost free but freezes water to ice in no time!The fridge could do with a lit­tle bet­ter thought to lay­out but it’s doing its’ job well. It’s a light weight fridge and looks nice. So far, I love it for my needs (I am not some­one who rams as much food as I can into fridge freez­er and nev­er eats it…yes, you know who you are!!).I have only one small gripe…and for the great price, I feel bad men­tion­ing it but — when the fridge is cool­ing (which hap­pens once ever hour or so) it lets out an audi­ble tone around 1kHz which is a sen­si­tive tone to humans so you hear it eas­i­ly. Now I don’t know if this is just my prod­uct or it’s a design thing. Any­way, for what you are get­ting for your mon­ey it’s a great fridge freezer!

  10. Alan Lewis

    Does what it saysThe review asks “what did you use this for?” Eager to reduce the cost of wear­able tech through the rad­i­cal re-pur­pos­ing of house­hold white-good appli­ances, this, the low­est priced refrig­er­a­tor on Ama­zon seemed the ide­al can­di­date for a per­son­al com­put­ing device, with the added ben­e­fit of a mobile air-con­di­tion­ing and light­ing sys­tem. Tak­ing an Agile stance in terms of prod­uct devel­op­ment, I skipped the fea­si­bil­i­ty and func­tion­al spec­i­fi­ca­tion stages, and pro­ceed to a pur­chase a Com­mer­cial Off-The Shelf product.In hind­sight, that was a mis­take; it lacks com­pu­ta­tion pow­er and has sev­er­al short­com­ing in terms of mobil­i­ty, ‘large’ and ‘cum­ber­some’ being the first two that come to mind.Eventually accept­ing that my choice of rad­i­cal wear­able tech through re-pur­pos­ing house­hold white-goods was some­what poor thought through, I deployed it as a fridge, and was pleas­ant­ly suprised to find that in this area, it excels. Frozen food is kept frozen, and cold/chilled food is kept chilled in the low­er compartment.Living on my own, its per­fect­ly sized for one; its not so large that half of the space is unused, thus lead­ing to inef­fi­cient usage. The doors are eas­i­ly swapped to open from right to left (by default door opens swing­ing to the right) and comes with clear instruc­tions how to swap the door hinge over.Moderate cost to run, light still func­tions and door seals still intact after 10 months.Good buy!

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