Clics construction toys, starter pack Bucket, 122 building blocks, 38 accessories and stickers, educational kids toys, STEM toys


  • ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: a plane, a dog, a train, a duck … Click the coloured pieces together, let your creativity run wild and build what you want! With these girls and boys toys age 3 and up, your child can easily build anything he can imagine.
  • REALISTIC: in addition to the large building blocks, this toy box contains many other shapes and accessories to give your figures full shape. Next to this, the stickers and other decorations ensure that you can fully finalise your creations!
  • EDUCATIONAL: the principle 'let's click and play' lets children play and discover with these STEM toys for boys age 3 and up and girls age 3 and up. Playing with Clics, chilren build on cognitive development, gross motor skills and creativity.
  • DURABLE TOYS: Clics is not only produced LOCALLY IN BELGIUM, but is also made with RECYCLED PLASTIC (both the Clics blocks and the plastic packaging). In this way, Clics Toys lowers its CO₂ footprint with 90%- we are committed to continue to look for solutions in the future to reduce the ecological burden on our planet and its inhabitants.
  • BUILDING PLANS: is your imagination running out or do you have no idea what to build? Then get inspired by the building plans provided. The Clics educational toys for 3 year old and up are also fully compatible with one another.


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From the manufacturer

Clics construction toy building block

Clics bucket 8 in 1

Do you like con­struc­tion toys? Then you will love Clics! Because the Clics build­ing blocks will allow you to build your own uni­verse or the one of the includ­ed build­ing plans. And because one has to start some­where, Clics cre­at­ed this starter pack. It con­tains every­thing you need to be cre­ative with build­ing blocks. The huge plus of this build­ing buck­et? You can build a plane as well as a car, but also a train or even a duck­ling and also any­thing you can image, of course. Because 122 Clics, 38 acces­sories and the gor­geous stick­ers will sure­ly get you somewhere!

Endless building fun!

About Clics

Are you look­ing for toys that will boost your child’s cre­ativ­i­ty and imag­i­na­tion? Orig­i­nal con­struc­tion toys for boys and girls as from the age of three? Your tod­dler will expe­ri­ence many hours of enjoy­ment while play­ing with Clics build­ing boxes.

End­less Con­struc­tion Enjoyment.

Unique Struc­tures.

Edu­ca­tion­al Toys.

Patent­ed Toys.

New Clics Products

Clics glitter bucket 8 in 1

Com­bin­ing con­struc­tion toys and glam­our? A piece of cake with the 8 in 1 glit­ter buck­et from Clics. It con­tains loads of glit­ter Clics and a huge amount of acces­sories to build bril­liant cre­ations with. How about a Clics hand­bag? Or a shiny car­a­van and car? Real fash­ion queens will show off their home­made bracelets or a crown. And the future engi­neers will also appre­ci­ate the build­ing plan of the glit­ter hov­er­craft. After all, one wants to trav­el in style! That is what we call fun edu­ca­tion­al toys at Clics. Dis­cov­er the 133 Clics, 42 acces­sories and most­ly a lot of glit­ter in this beau­ti­ful bucket.

Clics roller box 15 in 1

You’ll be on a roll with this Roller­box 15 in 1 from Clics. Not only this Roller­box, but also your own cre­ations will be rolling across your room from now on. This beau­ti­ful box will allow you to build any race­car you want. Think about what you can build with 305 Clics, 72 acces­sories and the nec­es­sary stick­ers! You’ll make your own toy car and tons of oth­er fun toys. The free build­ing plans will also show you how to build a boat or a fork­lift and even an ele­phant, a house and a robot. You will build all that com­plete­ly on your own and you’ll have cre­at­ed your own toy uni­verse in no time. 3–2‑1 go!

Clics bucket 10 in 1

With this Clics drum 10 in 1 you can build any­thing you want. A bull­doz­er or a truck, just as eas­i­ly as you can build a plane, a dog or a mon­key. With the help of the free build­ing plans, build­ing with Clics real­ly is a piece of cake. The Clics build­ing blocks are so strong, that you can keep on cre­at­ing new things with them. Also your own cre­ations, by the way, because Clics are cre­ative con­struc­tion toys. Are you a cre­ative build­ing tal­ent? Then take on the chal­lenge! Show us what you can cre­ate out of the 226 Clics, 49 acces­sories and stick­ers this drum contains.

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Additional information

Weight 621 kg
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 20.3 cm
Product Dimensions

24 x 24 x 20.3 cm; 621 Grams

Item model number

Clics seau de base 8 en 1

Educational Objectives

Hand-Eye Coordination Creative Thinking Motor Skills STEM


English Polish French German Dutch

Number of pieces


Assembly Required


Batteries Required


Batteries included


Material Types


Material Composition


Remote Control Included






Date First Available

6 Sept. 2016


4 - 12 years


  1. Glas­gow­Fam­i­ly

    Dif­fi­cult to put togeth­er, hard­er to take apart — there are bet­ter con­struc­tion toys avail­able.I have 3 boys and lots of STEM toys at home. I thought this would be a nice addi­tion to the oth­ers (mag­nets, Lego, k’nex) but I real­ly don’t like these. They are very dif­fi­cult for a small child (my son are 4, 5 and 8) to manip­u­late — dif­fi­cult to click togeth­er and require adult force to take apart which means that my kids became frus­trat­ed and dis­en­gaged very quick­ly. I bought these for christ­mas and after one frus­trat­ing hour long ses­sion try­ing to build with them, they gave up and pulled out the mag­net­ic tiles. They’ve gone in a cup­board and haven’t come back out. I think over­all there are bet­ter con­struc­tion toys avail­able that allow kids to make 3D shapes but are far eas­i­er for chil­dren to play with.

  2. Zel­da

    Would rec­om­mend as a con­struc­tion kit and there are a num­ber …Crist­mas present for 4 year old grand­daugh­ter who found it dif­fi­cult to put togeth­er but kept try­ing with it and now 6 months lat­er she has got the hang of it and has even made a few things on her own (no help from adults). Would rec­om­mend as a con­struc­tion kit and there are a num­ber of add on kits for lat­er on.

  3. sc344

    Very peace­ful play­ingMy five year old grand­son and I have played and played with this and they are fun to use, once you work out to twist them apart. I bought two tubs and am glad I did as you can make big­ger things. Yes­ter­day we make him leg and arm armour (smooth side in) although we did­n’t have enough to attempt body armour as well. They are well made and easy to use.

  4. Johanka

    Cre­ative and qual­i­ty toyI bought these clics for my 4 year old boy, after one year its still one of his favorite toys. Made of stur­dy plas­tic mate­r­i­al, dif­fi­cult to break ;)Very cre­ative toy. I bought anoth­er tub as a present for my God-daugh­ter and she spends hours play­ing with it.

  5. katharine Rid­dett

    Love themGreat toy my chil­dren all like them espe­cial­ly my 8 yo, my 3 yo finds them a bit tricky to make buy enjoys build­ing them with me.Only wor­ry is how long they will last as it’s a week old and plas­tic seems to be weak­ened in places

  6. Val­ued customer


  7. susan McCord

    Quick deliv­eryStur­dy buck­et handy to keep clicks tidy

  8. Jane

    Per­fect for 3, 4, 5 year olds.Bought this set as a Christ­mas present for a bright 3 year old, hav­ing used it very suc­cess­ful­ly with 4 and 5 year old chil­dren in my ear­ly years class­room. The 3 year old loved it from the moment he opened it, only tak­ing a minute or two to get the idea of click­ing the pieces togeth­er. Adults were keen to get involved and encour­aged him to look close­ly at the pic­tures but in no time atall he was con­struct­ing both flat and 3D mod­els by him­self. This set will con­tin­ue to inter­est and chal­lenge him for many years to come.

  9. Ama­zon Customer

    A great toy to devel­op imag­i­na­tive build­ing.Christ­mas present for my 7 year old son who real­ly enjoys build­ing. A great present for him. Although some­times the items can be dif­fi­cult to take apart.

  10. Shla222

    Great for hous­es already lov­ing LEGO, a bit dif­fer­ent but just a fun for 4 year oldsMy 4 year old loves these, very easy for him to use and makes the great­est things…well in his imag­i­na­tion, he loves them.

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