Chemo Turban For Cancer Women Cancer Headwear Headwrap Scarfs Cap


  • Bamboo Viscose Fabric--natural, lightweight, and stretchy, Soft like silk and smooth like milk, make sensitive scalp cool in summer and warm, NOT HOT in winter
  • The turban provides total head coverage, perfect for women undergoing hair loss due to chemotherapy treatments, Alopecia, or other medically related hair loss. It is made specifically to be worn by women who have little to no hair.DIY many tie ways as you hope
  • 95% Bamboo Viscose, 5% Spandex Knitting Jersey
  • Hand Wash Only, Machine Wash
  • Fastening: Fitted
  • AMA
  • Fitted


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Product Description

Since 2009, Focus­Care has tak­en pride in offer­ing hair solu­tions to bring warmth and com­fort to mil­lions of peo­ple. Our Mis­sion is to make your HAIR&SLEEP “More than relax”!

We are com­mit­ted to intro­duc­ing inno­va­tion and tech­nol­o­gy into hair and beau­ty to help you live a bet­ter life.

  • Nat­ur­al 95% bam­boo vis­cose 5%Spandex pre­mi­um fabric
  • 1st class stun­ning scarves in 80 pat­terns and col­ors includ­ing anoth­er listing
  • Full head coverage
  • Spe­cial wrin­kling design make the hair loss head more plump
  • Sweet gifts for hair loss women
  • Fit for Spring,Summer,Autumn and Winter.
  • Cool in sum­mer and warm NOT HOT in winter.
chemo turban

Wrinkling design make hair loss head more plump and more feminine.

  • The soft head­band and scarf are both made spe­cial wrinkling. 
  • With this wrinkling,the scalp does not look flat,particularly for hair loss women.
chemo hat

Ideal gifts for patient or for self

  • Styl­ish look make hair loss or thin hair women more fem­i­nine and confident. 
  • More vague look mix bet­ter with dif­fer­ent clothes and styles. 
  • Great on a windy day out­doors, or rid­ing in convertible. 
  • Good for days don’t want to spend time on hair,still keep a neat pol­ished look.
chemo scarf

DIY your Unique Fashion Statement and Find Another Ourselves

  • There’s always one for you.It just takes some time and patience to find the per­fect look for you. 
  • Don’t hes­i­tate. Add it to the shop­ping cart and start your mag­ic show.

Easily DIY own special style and win many compliments.Try it Now.

chemo scarves

cross head scarves

cross head scarf

Simply tie in a big bowknot at the back.Looks more feminine

  • Ties in large bow for small­er tails 
  • Or small­er bow with awe­some longer tails,sexier look. 
  • Sure­ly love the long ties that drape beau­ti­ful­ly down the back or across the shoulder.

Cross in the front and tie at the back.Looks more elegant

  • Ties a knot at the back.Then cross in the front and tie at the back. 
  • Or ties in the front or one side of the head like a flower.

Two tails together go wrap around the head.Looks more stylish

  • Just slip this head scarf on, wrap it around the head and tuck in the end for a secure finish. 
  • sim­ply placed on the head and will be ready in seconds.

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Additional information

Weight 58.97 kg
Dimensions 25.91 × 18.03 × 0.51 cm
Package Dimensions

25.91 x 18.03 x 0.51 cm; 58.97 Grams

Date First Available

3 May 2017








  1. Soozy­su

    Very glam chemo head­gear!I love this, as do my friends and fam­i­ly. It’s com­fort­able to wear, easy to care for, hides my patchy bald chemo head, and will be good to wear in warmer months too.

  2. Kris

    Soft, pret­ty and does­n’t give pres­sure headaches.I love this!It only arrived yes­ter­day but I wore it to church this morn­ing and loved it.I have a large head so hats, hair­bands etc are often too tight and cause headaches. This is soft­ly stretchy so did­n’t hurt at all!After two tri­als yes­ter­day I tied it today with no mir­ror. I lat­er checked it and it looked great so this real­ly is easy to tie.I bought this as a Chris­t­ian head­cov­er­ing but I’m sure it’d be just as good for chemo, alope­cia etc, or just as a beau­ti­ful head scarf.I had this in my bas­ket for ages as it was prici­er than some, but now I’ve tried it I’m real­ly glad I bought it.I would whole­heart­ed­ly rec­om­mend it to anyone!

  3. choco­late­sue

    So pret­ty.I have had some nice remarks say­ing how pret­ty this is. I’m resist­ing a wig (for chemo hair loss) at the moment so this head cov­er­ing has been perfect.The scarf part can be tied to how­ev­er you like it. I have mine with a dou­ble bow and a knot to secure it, so that it’s short­er, but it could be left longer by just doing one bow and a knot.Light and cool and it doesn’t put pres­sure on my fore­head or make my ears feel achy by the end of the day. Love­ly and com­fort­able head covering.