Cat Toy Interactive Feather Smart Kitten Teaser Toy 2022 UPGRADE Electronic, Auto Three Modes Random Rotating Feather Slient Cat

£ 26.99

Target species Cat
Colour White
Material Polycarbonate
Special feature Durable, Easy to Use, Automatic
  • 【Why Play with HAPPY HACHI Cat Toy Interactive】 Highly stimulating, engaging and interactive plaything that satisfy your cat's natural Instincts. Keep your cat nimble, physically fit and mentally stimulated. Focused, interactive play can improve your cat’s overall wellness and happiness
  • 【3 Modes Easily Switchable】 3 speeds of this automatic feather toy switch with long press the button, short press on button to turn on or off. Each mode corresponds to a colour distinction, high speed for blue light, medium speed for yellow light while slow speed for purple light. This electronic cat toy will auto shut-off with 8 minutes play and re-open for 1 minute every 4 hours
  • 【Teaser Stimulation for Boredom Play】 The colourful feather teaser entices your cat to try and catch it by randomly moving between the 6 different holes, motion-activated for your cats adult home alone. With anti-skid feet to keep toy in place on smooth surfaces like hardwood floors and tile
  • 【Premium Design Fashionable&Durable】 Inspired by the donut, smooth spherical shape constructed from highly durable aviation PC material combined with semi-matte design. Smooth, light and durable, safe for furry friend
  • 【Smart Cat Toy Recognition of Day and Night】 Power with 4 AA batteries, Runs randomly during the day, sleeps automatically at night. HAPPY HACHI also provides one year warranty on any product quality related problems to target 100% customer satisfaction, please contact us without hesitation


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Product Description

2022 Upgrade Silent Version! Cat’s playmate funny cat toy.The perfect electronic toy mimic the hide and seek movement to arouse the cat’s interest!

feather cat toy


Prod­uct size:17,3 X 17,3 X 2.76″ / 6.8 X 6.8 X 3.0 inch

Body mate­r­i­al: envi­ron­men­tal pro­tec­tion avi­a­tion PC material

Prod­uct weight: 475g


1. This prod­uct is not waterproof;

2. Includes bat­tery , please keep away from fire;

3. Please pay atten­tion to the feath­ers, don’t be swal­lowed by cats

Electric Pet Toy

Day & Night Mode

The feath­er will ran­dom­ly pop out from 6 holes at dif­fer­ent time inter­vals. With added col­or LED light­ing, cats are drawn into the expe­ri­ence to catch the feather

The unit will detect day­time and night time auto­mat­i­cal­ly, great for day­time or night­time hunting.

 Electric Cat Toy Smart Teasing Cat Stick

Colorful Feathers (Replaceable feathers)

Made of high­ly durable avi­a­tion PC mate­r­i­al and nat­ur­al feath­ers. Have nat­ur­al touch,low pow­er con­sump­tion, sta­ble oper­a­tion and long run­ning time.

Change feath­ers method:

Switch to feath­er mode(purple light), short press the but­ton to pause when the feath­er is extend­ed, then replace the cat stick.

 Automatic Interactive Play

What’s in the Box

1 x Smart Cat Toy

2 x Feather

4 x No. 5 AA Batteries

1 x User Guide with Mul­ti-lan­guage (Eng­lish, French, Ital­ian, Ger­man, Span­ish, Japanese)

perfect cat toy

Perfect play partner

This is an auto­mat­ic cat game device based on the idea of using mov­ing objects to sim­u­late the hunt­ing expe­ri­ence. If you want mul­ti­ple cats to play, keep your cats focused and healthy, and teach them to con­cen­trate. (Col­or feath­ers can be replaced to increase the fun of play­ing, ASIN: B08L39W5QN)

Electric Pet Toy
 Electric Cat Toy Smart Teasing Cat Stick
 Automatic Interactive Play
perfect cat toy

Three Speed Modes Play Randomly

Cat Laser Toy


Q1. What should I do if the feath­er acces­sories are damaged?

The toy is equipped with a replace­ment feath­er, if you need more, you can buy ASIN: B082PXFSQY

Q2. The cat is not inter­est­ed in the prod­uct? Or lose inter­est soon?

It can be start­ed and left for a few days to allow the cat to adjust to the toy. Some cus­tomers have stat­ed that the cat will start play­ing with it a week lat­er. Change the play mode often to keep the cat interested.

Q3. Will the cat be afraid?

There will be a sound when acti­vat­ing the prod­uct. In order to attract the atten­tion of the cat. The shy cat will be scared when he hears the sound sud­den­ly, don’t wor­ry, once the cat is adapt­ed, he will fall in love with this toy cat!

Q4. Does the toy sud­den­ly start when you sleep at night?

The prod­uct has intel­li­gent light sens­ing mode, it starts auto­mat­i­cal­ly every 4 hours. If you do not want to auto­mat­i­cal­ly turn on when you sleep, please place the prod­uct in a com­plete­ly dark envi­ron­ment or turn off the product.

Q5. Why isn’t he com­plete­ly silent?

The prod­uct will auto­mat­i­cal­ly start every 4 hours. When turned on, it needs a sound to get the cat’s atten­tion and come and play.

Smart Interactive Cat Toy

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Additional information

Weight 560 kg
Dimensions 18 × 17.9 × 8.2 cm
Package Dimensions

18 x 17.9 x 8.2 cm; 560 Grams

Manufacturer reference






Special Features

Durable Easy to Use Automatic

Specific Uses

Daily Use Interactive Play Indoor

Batteries Required


Batteries included


Item Weight

560 g



Date First Available

21 Oct. 2019




  1. Paul. 🖥️

    Bril­liant Cat ToyThe media could not be loaded.

     My cat loves this toy. I like the idea that it auto­mat­i­cal­ly turns off after 8 min­utes which gives her a rest and pre­vents bore­dom. It isn’t noisy at all. Keeps cat and me entertained.

  2. Lon­don­er

    Lim­it­ed appeal for our catThis is the sec­ond elec­tron­ic toy we’ve bought our cat for the win­ter. She went absolute­ly mad for both toys the very first time it was giv­en. As soon as she sussed it out it was game over — lost all inter­est. I think I’ve spent a good £55 for both toys (the oth­er was the but­ter­fly toy that goes around in cir­cles) and had about 50 mins enjoy­ment. Hon­est­ly, noth­ing beats me sit­ting down on the floor and play­ing with rolled up paper or a feath­er on a string, that is much more fun for her and will play for hours. Save your dosh imo and just play with the cat! 🙂

  3. Mis­qué

    Cats absolute­ly love this! I’m so glad I bought it, despite the price. Total­ly worth it!My house cats have been through a hard time late­ly after suf­fer­ing with Pan­cy­tope­nia, so I thought I would treat them to some new toys. I’d already test­ed them out with some cheap­er but­ter­fly toys and inter­ac­tive spin­ning feath­er toys which they went nuts for. So I knew they would love this. I was ask­ing myself if I was los­ing my mind spend­ing just over £20 on a cat toy, but after see­ing how much they enjoy play­ing with it and how often they are sat there wait­ing for you to turn it on I’d say it was mon­ey well worth spent and I may actu­al­ly buy anoth­er at some point since I have 3 cats and like there to be enough resources for all so there’s no fight­ing or jealousy!Even though it is a sup­pos­ed­ly qui­et mod­el, it’s actu­al­ly still quite noisy so just be aware of that. The two boys are not as brave as the female kit­ty who rules the house and is always the first one to get straight in there. So once she did and they boys saw it was noth­ing to be afraid of they soon fol­lowed suit. They all absolute­ly love it. When it goes off, one of them in par­tic­u­lar is there with his eye or nose at a whole look­ing for the feath­er and/or look­ing at it wait­ing for a feath­er. So need­less to say one of us has to switch it back on. That is the only down­side of this toy. It only stays on for 8 min­utes at a time. Sounds a lot — but it’s not. If your cats love play­ing with it as mine all do you will con­stant­ly find your­self up and down switch­ing it on for them.When I bought the toy I expect­ed flim­sy feath­ers like in anoth­er toy I bought so I bought 3 spare. It actu­al­ly comes with 1 spare already and the feath­er are attached so firm­ly and the machine so stur­dy your cat can real­ly rough house with it and the feath­er will last. So I can see I’m not real­ly going to be need­ing them any­time soon. They’ll last a year or more I’m sure.I did actu­al­ly think mine was bro­ken or not as described as I’d nev­er seen it turn on itself dur­ing the day­time. How­ev­er, that’s prob­a­bly because it is nev­er off long enough before the cats want you to switch it on again. How­ev­er, I fell aslepp on the sofa one night and at 6 a.m when it was light enough it sud­den­ly switched on for 1 minute or so just as it says in the description.The toy itself is absolute­ly fan­tas­tic and I high­ly rec­om­mend for your feline friends. I only wish it would stay on longer than 8 min­utes at a time or at least there was an option for you to switch it on and leave it on until you switch it off, or for it to go off ofter 30 mins or an hour etc. The bat­tery life on it is great. We have had it a few weeks now and not had to replace them and believe me, it is get­ting A LOT of use. Would high­ly recommend!

  4. Yuliya Shus­ter­man

    Cau­tious at first, loves it now!Our boy is a play­ful 18 month old, and heart­break­ing­ly he just lost his broth­er a few days ago, so we decid­ed to get him some­thing to keep him play­ing when we aren’t around. Thank­ful­ly he’s lov­ing it now.When I first came out of the box and start­ed mak­ing nois­es he was def­i­nite­ly unsure, but intrigued. The toy is quite loud due to the mech­a­nism. How­ev­er, after a day of cau­tion, and obser­va­tion he now decid­ed he’s hunt­ing it until he destroys it.I think it’s a stim­u­lat­ing source of enter­tain­ment for him, and there’s a mode that reac­ti­vates the toy for a minute every few hours, which is great if you’re working.

  5. Lau­ra

    Def­i­nite­ly enter­tains her!This toy is a bit hit and miss. She loved it when I first bought it, but now her reac­tions are mixed, some­times she wants to play some­times she’s not interested.I found that I had to play around with the speed set­tings. She was a bit scared of the fast set­ting, so I put it on slow and she’s now used to it.I don’t like the fea­ture where it turns itself on. It often hap­pens on an evening when she’s just set­tled down so I have to rush to turn it off! You don’t seem to be able to change this feature.

  6. The Bel­gian Reviewer

    I final­ly found a favorite toyThe media could not be loaded.

     My cat is 10+ and does­n’t play with mice or balls any­more, the only thing she finds inter­est­ing is when I move a stick under a blan­ket and let it peep in dif­fer­ent places. I thought this toy might do the trick too and I was right, she loves it! Even after I tell her it’s been enough — because she gets a lit­tle worked up even — I have to let her play anoth­er round. The toy does turn off auto­mat­i­cal­ly but I turned it off myself when I feel it’s the right moment. Her favorite colour is green (the mid­dle speed) and she has a habit of guard­ing one side with two, three holes and wait­ing there to attack, before try­ing the oth­er side. Good thing it’s so stur­dy because she’s pawed at the emp­ty holes quite a few times and moved the cat toy doing so. It does make some noise (more than the inter­ac­tive cat mat I also bought her) and I was scared that would put her off but she does­n’t mind at all, she likes play­ing with this the most.

  7. Sas­silee

    Meh…It’s a good enough con­cept it’s just my cat does­n’t real­ly under­stand it, as of yet (been a cou­ple of days). He watch­es it, but I think the noise it makes keeps him from play­ing with it. I like the dif­fer­ent speed set­tings. Pur­ple light set­ting is the best because it keeps his atten­tion the most and I fig­ure that it may take time for him to pluck up the courage to paw at it. It’s not super noisy, but the sound it does make just seems to keep him from going too near it. I like how it’s light sen­sors set it off on occa­sion too; gives him more oppor­tu­ni­ty to adjust to its sound when I’m not in the room to turn it on. His first reac­tion was awe; then he quick­ly got bored and played with a kiwi fruit instead, but he does go watch the toy every so often since then, and has shown some interest.

  8. HB

    Still going strong despite our cat being “The Destroy­er”We’ve had this for ages now and it is still going strong and get­ting reg­u­lar­ly used. All 3 of our cats pounce on it. We have a large rag­doll cat called Noo who has cost us hun­dreds of pounds destroy­ing things around the house. Every cable is now cov­ered in pro­tec­tive wrap and we had to replace all the car­pet with wood because he was pulling out tufts of it (and eat­ing the nylon). He has tried long and hard to catch the tuft that swivels around this machine, he wants to pull it out and rip it to pieces. This toy has com­plete­ly out­wit­ted him and still looks as good as it did the day we bought it. It’s great.

  9. Vic­to­ria

    Best cat toy ever!!The media could not be loaded.

     This is the sin­gle great­est cat toy I’ve ever bought. I ordered this 8 months ago, and it has been in use day and night with­out pause since. I have two cats; one of which is entire­ly unin­ter­est­ed in this toy. The oth­er one how­ev­er is pos­i­tive­ly OBSESSED with it. The toy auto­mat­i­cal­ly turns itself on at ran­dom inter­vals, and makes a lit­tle acti­va­tion beep. That beep sum­mons my cat from wher­ev­er he is and what­ev­er he is doing, instant­ly. As you can see in the video, he real­ly loves that thing. Some­times he just sits and watch­es it, but most­ly he pounces on it, tries hunt­ing and fight­ing the feath­ers, and often­times even cat­a­pults it across the room in the process. I must say I’m incred­i­bly impressed with the toy’s dura­bil­i­ty, as there’s not so much as a dent in it, and it real­ly gets thrown around! The only down­side is that the toy makes a rather loud mechan­i­cal noise, which is why my oth­er cat real­ly does­n’t like it and tends to avoid it. I’d high­ly rec­om­mend this to any­one whose cats enjoy hunt­ing and aren’t put off my mechan­i­cal noises.

  10. Anony­mous

    MY CATS ABSOLUTELY LOVE ITThis prod­uct is great for your cats and they absolute­ly enjoy it!This is a worth it prod­uct but the rea­son i gave this 4 stars is that my old­est cat gets bored with it. But when­ev­er she is ready to play she comes by and begs me to turn it on! This is amaz­ing and i total­ly rec­om­mend it if your cats get bored eas­i­ly with toys. Espe­cial­ly if you have a kit­ten that needs toys or a old­er cat that gets bored real­ly easily.This is real­ly expen­sive for a toy but its a rea­son­able price. Once you have enough you should total­ly buy it for your cat! It does­n’t only ener­tain my cats but me. Watch­ing them hav­ing fun is absolute­ly hilar­i­ous! They con­cen­trate on the feath­er the whole time! Once again, I total­ly rec­om­mend it!!

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