Cat Hooded Litter Tray Blue Medium Kitten Toilet Enclosed Box Pan Loo Filter Flap Door CatCentre®

£ 15.95

  • Galaxy Hooded Cat Litter Tray - Medium or Jumbo Size - Grey, Blue, Pink or Green
  • Medium Size, Suitable for Very Small Cats & Kittens - Jumbo for Adult & Larger Cats
  • Removable Hood & Flap - Carry Handle - Air Ventilation Slots - Rounded Corners
  • Equipped with carrying Handle, Charcoal Filter and Flap Door - Filter Removes Odours
  • Medium Tray Dimensions: Height 32cm, Width 36cm, Depth 45cm Jumbo Tray Dimensions: Height 38cm, Width 39.5cm, Depth 57cm


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Small cat lit­ter tray, ide­al for kit­tens and very small cats. This lit­ter tray is phe­nom­e­nal for sav­ing space, unlike some of the larg­er designs, this lit­ter box is com­pact enough to fit in a small­er space, but also large and spa­cious enough to pro­vide your new kit­ten friend with plen­ty of space to do their busi­ness. Please check the prod­uct dimen­sions before pur­chas­ing, this tray is only suit­able for very small cats and new kit­tens only. Includ­ed with each pur­chase is a free acti­vat­ed char­coal fil­ter, this oper­ates inside the tray, fil­ter­ing and pre­vent­ing any bad odors from being released into your home. Each one has a translu­cent flap door for max­i­mum pri­va­cy, round­ed cor­ners for easy clean­ing, and is avail­able in a mul­ti­tude of colours. Tray Dimen­sions: 45x36x32cm. Packs of ultra-absorbent lit­ter also avail­able, the world’s best solu­tion for feline toi­let man­age­ment. Choose from wood pel­lets or clump­ing grav­el. Both have been tried, test­ed and approved for use with this lit­ter tray. The clump­ing grav­el forms a pro­tec­tive lay­er around your cats waste, clump­ing togeth­er and elim­i­nat­ing odors. The high­ly absorbent wood­en lit­ter pel­lets are paw and pet-friend­ly, dra­mat­i­cal­ly reduce odors pro­vid­ing a fresh, easy to clean lit­ter tray. Larg­er lit­ter trays can be found in The Cat Centre.

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Additional information

Weight 830 kg
Dimensions 45 × 36 × 32 cm
Product Dimensions

45 x 36 x 32 cm; 830 Grams


Blue Medium



Number of Items




Batteries Required


Batteries included


Item Weight

830 g



Date First Available

15 Aug. 2017


Cat Centre


  1. Tina

    Per­fect for my kit­tenI choose this lit­ter tray I have restrict­ed space and the dimen­sions are small­er than oth­er hood­ed trays, but it’s not that small — my kit­ten has plen­ty of space and I don’t see an issue for an aver­age size domes­tic cat (although my friend’s siber­ian cat would prob­a­bly find it a bit tight). We intro­duced the hood grad­u­al­ly, so first my kit­ten just had the tray, three days lat­er I’ve put a hood with­out the flap on and he did­n’t have an issue with it at all. Cou­ple days lat­er I’ve put the flap on — he could­n’t quite fig­ure it out on the beg­gin­ing, so I took it off again and put it back on when he was actu­al­ly in the tray (mean me!) — that way he learned eas­i­ly how to get out. He was­n’t too sure about get­ting in, but I’ve put the front of his body in twice and after that he was fine, he now uses the tray with flap no prob­lem. It’s his first tray in our home and so far there was no acci­dents, he always does his busi­ness in the tray, so I sup­pose he likes it 🙂 the tray itself looks smart and does­n’t take too much space. Over­all a good buy!

  2. Cece

    Almost per­fect but.…please read detailed pros and consI pur­chased two of these for our mini lop rab­bits and although we have only had it for a week I want­ed to give my pros and cons of this item. Will start with the cons. First­ly the rea­son why you buy a cat lit­ter tray for a rab­bit is because there are very lim­it­ed options on the mar­ket for rab­bits unfor­tu­nate­ly and cat items, are often good alter­na­tives. How­ev­er, giv­en that rab­bits like to dig this lit­ter box gives them the per­fect enclosed space like a tun­nel, plus the way the base slopes down also adds to the effect as if in the wild, so they dig at the lit­ter and it’s con­tents and bat it all out through the flap and onto the floor. Strike 1.Strike 2 (of course only applies to rab­bits), they like to eat and poop at the same time so ide­al­ly we need to be able to stick a lit­tle hay ball/trough or any hay feed­er with­in this unit or close by which you can­not do unless you remove the lid. Please note: that would be for ANY cov­ered cat lit­ter box NOT just specif­i­cal­ly this product.3. (Not a strike just some­thing to note). Although it has been made very clear on the advert that it is not a car­ry case, it does not stop you from try­ing to pick it up and car­ry it around. Luck­i­ly I had just cleaned it so base had wood pel­let lit­ter and hay. I almost made it but one of them light­ly hit the side of the door frame and all the con­tents emp­tied out onto the floor. So remem­ber they do not clip secure­ly they’re like push but­tons which holds the base to the lid… just not secure enough to car­ry around unless you hold the bot­tom or just make sure it doesn’t hit any­thing. As a safe­ty note.… under no cir­cum­stance should you car­ry your rab­bit or you will risk severe injury.4. Not deep enough if using the trays alone.So all I basi­cal­ly need­ed was a larg­er cat lit­ter tray cost­ing £3 rather than £13 so could have saved myself £10.Now the pros…If it was not for the rea­sons above this box would be perfect!1. Very easy to detach and clean2. Per­fect size for our size­able 6 month year old mini lops. They need room so they have space to go in and turn around com­fort­ably yet it looks com­pact and aes­thet­i­cal­ly real­ly good on the outside.3. The bun­nies love it and had they not dug the con­tents out, it would have all been con­tained nice­ly. No smells whatsoever.4. When we put them out­side it can also act as a lit­tle hidey box for them too.5. Stur­dy enough for our strong and boun­cy lops.Overall I would rec­om­mend this prod­uct for a kit­ten or small cat and even a rab­bit. It’s just that one of our lops is a bit naughty lol. They both dig but only one chucks the con­tents out. The oth­er jumps on top and poops on the lid 🤭

  3. Kat­te W

    rec­om­mend­edper­fect 🙂 good shaped, com­fort­able for a cat, easy to clean 🙂 smells did­n’t go out 😛

  4. Claire

    Don’t buy unless you have a small catIt says cat lit­ter tray how­ev­er unless you have a small cat this is way too small, a lit­ter tray should­n’t be some­thing your pet grows out of how­ev­er if you do have a small cat then this is a nice design and does­n’t take much space, I gave it 2 stars only because of the size as I expect­ed it to be big­ger, if it was the cor­rect size for my cat I’d be giv­ing 5 star

  5. Hap­pyshop­per

    Great bar­gain but the tray is real­ly small insideI pur­chased this as I had the jum­bo cat lit­ter tray it was to big for my cat she’s a small cat this lit­ter tray is worth the mon­ey but the lit­ter tray itself isn’t very big I think I’l have to look at get­ting one a lit­tle bit big­ger. It would be ide­al for a kit­ten or small­er cat it’s just to small for my wee fury baby it needs cleaned as soon as it’s been used with the tray been so small. Can’t com­pli­an it was a great price and also great deliv­ery it was my own fault for not check­ing the measurements

  6. Lit­tle miss t

    Great for very small catsI ordered this for my rag­doll cat, who I’d describe as more of a medi­um cat and she’s been hap­py in this. This is only because she likes real­ly small spaces so I’d say this lit­ter tray is suit­able for small­er than a rag­doll cat.Having said that it’s a great lit­ter tray and it’s real­ly com­pact and doesn’t take up much space at all. I use a lit­ter lin­er and it makes this so easy to clean.It looks quite styl­ish (for a lit­ter tray any­way) and clicks shut into place with a gen­tle push as well as being easy to take apart.Doesn’t quite block out all smell but then again for the great price I wasn’t expect­ing per­fec­tion. Price is very good for a lit­ter tray. I’ve had this for months now and it’s still in great condition.We’ve been pleased with this so would be hap­py to recommend.

  7. Beany­bop

    per­fect for SMALL cats and kit­tensThis is great for SMALLER cats, but this is defi­nate­ly not suit­able for the aver­age sized mog­gie ! do read the size mea­sure­menst and check out the sizes of the stan­dard oth­er box­es . THIS IS SMALL !! for kit­tens its easy, low down and easy to get into for toi­let training.The plas­tic is of a sol­id nature as well, nice and hard, good qual­i­ty and not bendy at all , always a risk when buy­ing online, but this is a great struc­ture and the 4 clips that hold the lid down pop on and off well, so no risk of them snap­ping easily.Im hap­py with this lit­tle box and would buy anoth­er one !!

  8. Reg­u­lar Customer

    Per­fect lit­ter tray with a minor design faultPositives…This lit­ter box is pleas­ant to look at, ide­al for small cats or kit­tens, does­n’t leak and easy for small kit­tens to use as step in is quite low. Reduces amount of lit­ter that ends up out­side the box.Negative…The clasps that hold the top in place are too flim­sy. If you are car­ry­ing it, the tray hold­ing the lit­ter some­times falls of so you end up with lit­ter every­where, espe­cial­ly if you use the clump­ing lit­ter as I have just start­ed using ( I used to use wood chips)I will be buy­ing some clips to hold this togeth­er prop­er­ly so that it can be car­ried easily…

  9. Olympia

    Very SmallThis is very sweet for a kit­ten but unless you’re intend­ing on hav­ing a stream of kit­tens this I sus­pect will not last more than 3/4 months. My kit­ten will be 13 weeks old when I col­lect her so will no doubt have to buy anoth­er as she is going to be an indoor cat. I should real­ly have bought a prop­er size in the first place but it’s cute and it’s sol­id. I’m not sure that I approve of closed lit­ter box­es as they are very dif­fi­cult to keep clean and give you a back ache every time.

  10. jen­pen

    Bril­liant for kit­tensI was sil­ly and bought a hood­ed lit­ter tray but when it arrived my kit­tens were way too small so I ordered this one and hey presto the kit­tens used it straight away, I did have to take the door off at first as I did­n’t want them going to the toi­let any­where else, how­ev­er I did put it back on the day after, I need­n’t have wor­ried as the kit­tens went in and out to play with the door for ages, they were so fun­ny to watch. I real­ly do rec­om­mend this prod­uct, it real­ly is puu­ur­fext for my babies

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