Cat Centre Cat Flip Litter Tray Dark Grey & White Box 53 x 39 x 41cm Hooded Toilet Charcoal Filter Deep

£ 16.90

  • Cat Hooded Litter Tray - Dark Grey Bottom & White Top - Removable Hood
  • Removable Two-Way Swing Door - Deep Tray - Locking Clips on Both Sides
  • Charcoal Filter & Two Way Flap Keeps the Litter Contents Inside
  • Easy to Clean - Lid Can be Easily Separated from the Lower Shell
  • Litter Box Dimensions 40 x 53 x 41 cm


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Product Description

dark grey white black hooded covered litter tray box toilet litter flap large

Rede­fined Classic 

catcentre cat centre bd direct


Bring­ing you a fan­tas­tic selec­tion of cat prod­ucts at afford­able prices since 2013. We pride our­selves on the qual­i­ty of our prod­ucts and take huge pride in ensur­ing all of our cus­tomers are hap­py with their shop­ping experience.

Simple, Elegant Hooded Litter Tray

With Translucent Two-Way Flap Door

A fan­tas­ti­cal­ly reli­able hood­ed lit­ter box for medi­um to large sized cats. This tra­di­tion­al lit­ter tray has plen­ty of space with­in to ensure that your kit­ty can do their busi­ness in pri­vate. Equipped with a translu­cent flap door for pri­va­cy and a car­bon acti­vat­ed char­coal fil­ter to keep bad smells inside the tray.

  • Large Deep Enclosed Lit­ter Box
  • Per­fect for a Mod­ern Home
  • Can be Used Com­fort­able by Most Breeds
lifting system lift to sift cat kitten litter tray automatic cleaning clean easy open litter box

Deep & Enclosed — Keeping the Litter on the Inside

The deep design ensures that not only there is plen­ty of room inside, but it keeps lit­ter inside too. The high sides ensure that no mat­ter which was your cat is fac­ing with­in the tray, the lit­ter stays in.

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Additional information

Weight 350 kg
Dimensions 53 × 41 × 40 cm
Product Dimensions

53 x 41 x 40 cm; 350 Grams

Manufacturer reference

Hooded Tray

Pet Life Stage

All Life Stages


Dark Grey



Number of Items




Batteries Required


Batteries included


Item Weight

350 g



Date First Available

27 Feb. 2016


Hooded Tray


  1. D. T.

    broke in the first two months and no reply from sell­erUpdate. The tray split at the bot­tom with­in two months. We have a tiny kit­ten so not heav­i­ly used and only moved it once to wash it gen­tly. No rea­son for it to break, so I assume either that it was faulty to begin with and we didn’t notice or that it’s not good enough qual­i­ty. Con­tact­ed the sell­er twice, but got no response. Not happy.It was a day late, but ok. Looks good, good qual­i­ty, quite big so check you have the space first. Kit­ten not sure about the flap and hood, so oniy using the tray for now till he’s used to it, hope­ful­ly he will soon to save us the smell!

  2. Daisy Lorne

    Those catch­es aren’t catch­es!Bought this as I have a kit­ty cook­ie thiev­ing labrador and also want­ed to keep the smells in. So far so good the only thing I would say is that the things that look like catch­es on the sides (think cat car­ri­ers) aren’t, so what­ev­er you do, don’t pick it up to move it using the handle!

  3. Booklover Cat­la­dy

    Great head­room and extra height at back of tray! Smooth cor­ners, looks good and easy to clean. Purr­fect say my two cats…This is a real­ly nice look­ing lit­ter box with lots of nice smooth edges, the door swings very eas­i­ly and does not get stuck at all like some oth­er lit­ter box­es that I have used before. I have two Burmese boys and they share the lit­ter tray and this is plen­ty of room for two medi­um size cats in a house­hold to share. The back is deep­er than the front which is bril­liant espe­cial­ly if you have a cat like mine that tends to pee quite high up (can leak out of those box­es that have a low tray) and bet­ter for clean­ing also. The smooth cor­ners and lack of fid­dly edges and clips makes this super easy to wipe and clean (door flap is removable).PLEASE NOTE: At first I could not work out how the lid stayed on as I was look­ing for slid­ing clips or extra clips and thought there was some­thing wrong but what you do is push the clip DOWN and IN firm­ly and then it clicks on very nice­ly enabling you to car­ry it emp­ty or full.I am using medi­um size kit­ty tray lin­ers that I thought might be too small for this one but they actu­al­ly just fit nice­ly, although I would be large next time I run out pos­si­bly. My cats were hap­py to test it out straight away and they loved they extra head­room they get with this new lit­ter tray and well.…it does the job it needs to! Hap­py cats, hap­py cat mum­my. Real­ly good val­ue for mon­ey con­sid­er­ing worst ones I have bough retail for around £25.00.

  4. ali­son

    Good itempret­ty good at the price. Quite large cat fits inside. We took the door off to start with, but now she can use it quite hap­pi­ly with the door (she was already used to a cat flap). With the door on, the char­coal fil­ter works well to keep the small down too. The top half DOES fit the bot­tom half: you just have to make sure the small lugs on the side have gone over the lip, then it stays well together.

  5. Julie the Magnificent

    Very cheap qual­i­tyI bought two of these lit­ter trays. Both arrived togeth­er in the same box and were ade­quate­ly pack­aged. Imme­di­ate­ly upon open­ing the box I could see the lid of one was very bad­ly scratched, like it had been scuffed along the ware­house floor. It’s dif­fi­cult to see in the pho­tos but is glar­ing­ly obvi­ous when viewed in person.The sec­ond one in the box was not scratched, it was in per­fect con­di­tion, until I tried to assem­ble it. The plas­tic ‘clips’ to attach the top and bot­tom togeth­er and so tight and inflex­i­ble that one broke off with very lit­tle effort from me. Mean­ing the lid won’t fit secure­ly. I ful­ly expect the oth­er clips to give way with­in the first few cleanings.The qual­i­ty of this lit­ter tray is very poor. The plas­tic is thin and brit­tle and scuffs very eas­i­ly. Which is a shame as it’s a good size, with a large door and deep base.

  6. Ama­zon Customer

    Arrived bro­kenReal­ly nice lit­ter tray apart from it being bro­ken. Would of been 5* if it hadn’t been broken.

  7. Steve Antipo­lo

    Poor Qual­i­tyWhen I got it I ques­tioned how strong the side clips were which hold the top to the bot­tom. Less than 2 months and one broke, very soon, prob­a­bly the next time I have to use it, the clip will snap off totally.It’s a good look­ing design and a nice size for most cats but the plas­tic qual­i­ty let’s it down.Have writ­ten to sell­er hop­ing they will sug­gest a refund/return but I sus­pect I don’t have long before I need to start that process myself. I real­ly don’t like leav­ing neg­a­tive reviews but it’s such a good look­ing unit I feel poten­tial cus­tomers need to be warned and read­ing oth­er reviews, it has not just hap­pened to me.Update. Very quick­ly the sell­er made a full refund with no need to return and I can­not fault that ser­vice so, the sell­er gets good reviews, the prod­uct? Not so much

  8. JMK

    Cheap Qual­i­ty — You get what you pay for!I bought this and like the design, but was dis­ap­point­ed at the qual­i­ty. The door flap broke when I was try­ing to fit it in as it is cheap plas­tic and the lit­tle bit that it swings on broke off before my cat even got to use it, so I’m not impressed. I have just ordered a door replace­ment from the same com­pa­ny and was annoyed to see it cost £5, a third of the price of the entire unit, which I think is a bit steep as mkst peo­ple pur­chase this unit because it has a door unlike door­less units.I would rather the com­pa­ny used bet­ter qual­i­ty plas­tic on the whole unti and charge a bit more than have bits break­ing off as the clasps that fit the hood onto the base unit are so frag­ile I am afraid to push them down. It comes with a han­dle but I can’t see how ypu could ever lift this unit when full as every­thing feels so frag­ile and I’ve not yet man­aged to get the clips to click in any case. Would­n’t risk it and pre­fer to just place the hood on top with­out clip­ping them to the bottom.

  9. Ann Claire S Kay

    Per­fect size for a grow­ing catI pur­chase this cat lit­ter box for my Ben­gal cross kit­ten. It’s a real­ly good sized nice and stur­dy with a very deep lit­ter tray.After intro­duc­ing the lit­ter tray to my kit­ten who was a lit­tle unsure with the flap, it took about 48 hours before he was using it with­out any hes­i­ta­tion. I would rec­om­mend to that you don’t use lit­ter tray lin­ers. The lin­ers don’t fit eas­i­ly over the edges of the tray and tend to get ripped off when the cat actu­al­ly uses it.I clear any sol­id waste once or twice a day and then the lit­ter week­ly. To clean the inte­ri­or of the lit­ter tray are used a pet friend­ly clean­er. Which I spray on and then wipe off and then do a wipe with a clean cloth that’s just been dipped in plain water. Let the tray dry and then add the lit­ter again.Although I have severe arthri­tis in both of my hands. I find the removal and replace­ment of the lid rel­a­tive­ly easy. It clips on and you can hear it click into place when it’s in the right position.To be hon­est when my kit­ten has grown into full-size cat because of his Ben­gal mix I’m not sure if the lit­ter tray will be big enough for him but time will see.Good val­ue and worth the purchase.

  10. ANDREA A

    Pleased with this cat lit­ter boxPleased with this cat lit­ter box. Good size and easy to clean. Only down side is that lid does­n’t fas­ten very secure­ly. It fas­tens but you can’t­Pick it up by the han­dle when it’s full of cat lit­ter as clips that fas­ten lid to base are not strong enough, but that’s no prob­lem real­ly. I just take lid off then take the base out­side to emp­ty. All in all a good buy and not expensive.

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