Calypso Once A Day Tan & Protect SPF25-200 ml CALC25TAN


  • All-day sun protection
  • Absorbed quickly into the skin
  • Active after 15 minutes of application
  • Broad-Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection
  • Non-greasy and fragrance-free
  • Water-resistant
  • Activates natural tanning
  • Longer lasting tan



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A sin­gle appli­ca­tion of Calyp­so once-a-day tan & pro­tect SPF25 offers long-last­ing pro­tec­tion for up to 8 hours allow­ing you more time to enjoy the sum­mer months. Water resis­tant, quick dry­ing, trans­par­ent and non-greasy, the for­mu­la com­bines unique broad-spec­trum UVA/UVB ingre­di­ents with melanin boost­ers to increase the under­ly­ing process of nat­ur­al tan­ning with­in your skin, whilst ensur­ing you are pro­tect­ed all day long from the sun’s harm­ful rays. Helps pro­vide a more uni­form and longer-last­ing tan. Preser­v­a­tive free and odor­less. Suit­able for you and your family.

Scent Unscent­ed
Sun pro­tec­tion 25 SPF
Item weight 0.22 Kilo­grams
Skin type All
Item Dimen­sions L x W x H 50 x 50 x 175 millimetres
Brand Calyp­so
Item vol­ume 200 Mil­li­l­itres
Skin tone All skin tones
Water resis­tance level Water Resis­tant






Prod­uct ben­e­fits enjoy up to 8 hours of reli­able UVA/UVB sun pro­tec­tion; Active after 15 min­utes; Suit­able for all the fam­i­ly.  See more







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Additional information


200 Millilitres


200.0 millilitre





Country of origin

United Kingdom



Date First Available

14 Mar. 2018




  1. Ama­zon Customer

    It works…Hi.…I used to be a com­mit­ted P20 user, for years unused it. Until I looked for some­thing else. I saw this on Ama­zon and read the reviews. I was very impressed I have to say even by the reviews. I was hap­py to take the chance after read­ing one about it basi­cal­ly being as good for a third of the price.So I ordered 2x 25s and 1x 15. We used them in Mex­i­co and I have to hon­est­ly say that I won’t ever be using P20 again. I’ve got a prod­uct which I believe to be bet­ter, not just “as good”.However, I have to dis­agree with the “odour­less” claim by some reviews. It cer­tain­ly is not odour­less. How­ev­er, that isn’t a deal break­er for me. The smell.last a mat­ter of sec­onds, and it’s away. The prod­uct after that is well worth every pen­ny. It lasts as long as you are in the sun giv­en it’s be quite unusu­al for some­one to be sun­bathing for more than 8 or 9 hours any­way, sure­ly? And it still lasts after being in and out the sea, or pool. I’ll be buy­ing this again for my hol­i­day to Turkey next year. I am hap­py to rec­om­mend this no problem.Al.

  2. Cheri Smith

    Spend all day in strong sun­light with­out burn­ing!I LOVE Calyp­so once a day and have been using it for years. When I wear it, I can spend all day in the sun and not burn. This is a great achieve­ment as I have the palest skin and take med­ica­tion that makes you more sen­si­tive to sun­light. With the reg­u­lar once a day, I loved that I did­n’t burn, but wished I could at least get some colour (the pro­tec­tion was so good that I did­n’t tan!). This prod­uct solves that — I’ve been out all day in 30C tem­per­a­tures with blue sky and sun­shine and I haven’t burned any­where, not even on my scar, which is espe­cial­ly prone to burn­ing. Plus, I have a bit of colour — you can tell I’ve had some sun expo­sure. Def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend this product!

  3. Mrs M M

    Non greasy, easy to apply sun­creamHave always used piz buin all day long but have strug­gled to find it rea­son­ably priced at the minute. Saw this pop up as an alter­na­tive and after read­ing reviews thought I’d give it a try.When you first apply it there is a strong alco­hol (like antibac­te­r­i­al hand gel) smell to it but this dis­ap­pears almost imme­di­ate­ly. Light­weight, non greasy and easy to apply.I usu­al­ly wear SPF 30 but have not burnt using this one. Could be the tan exten­der but I’m con­vinced I’ve tanned more quick­ly than nor­mal wear­ing itWould def­i­nite­ly recommend

  4. DaMp

    Pri­at­i­calDoes what it says on the prod­uct keeps you pro­tect­ed for up to 10 hours and very easy to apply so you are pro­tect­ed straight away.We took Three 200ml bot­tles on our 14 day cruise to the Caribbean and it worked out just fine and even after being home now over 3 weeks the tan is still there and has only just start­ing to fade… per­haps we need anoth­er hol­i­day ? Calyp­so take note!

  5. James H.

    Long time calyso user but this was AWFULI have been using calyp­so for 6years +I have used Fac­tor 15 & 30 dry oil and 20 ‘once a day’ his­tor­i­cal­ly and am a big fan of all.I tried this 25 once a day for the first time and burned to cin­ders on the first day of my hol­i­day with­in 1hour in the sun from 10.45am and 2 Hours under a thatched para­sol from 2pmI had used a fac­tor 30 calyp­so dry Oil on my neck and face dur­ing the same time which are both still white.I’m now coat­ing myself in calyp­so after sun.Perhaps I got a dodgy batch but it’s not worth the risk!I’m now hav­ing to buy a £20 fac­tor 50 just to pro­tect myself for the rest of the holiday.Use any­thing but the Calyp­so Tan & Pro­tect range would be my advice.

  6. Trick­ster

    Short­filled bot­tle. Only maybe 160mlI decantered into two 100ml trav­el bot­tles and as you can see from the pic it only just fills half of the sec­ond bot­tle. I then test­ed a trav­el bot­tle with water to be sure it’s 100ml and it is. There­fore mine came short filled.As far as the sun­cream goes this stuff is bril­liant and I will buy anoth­er bot­tle to top my trav­el bot­tles up, how­ev­er I’m rather miffed I did­n’t get what I paid for.Sort your qual­i­ty con­trol out Calypso!

  7. Pmoo

    Very good and cheap­er!Bought this instead of P20 as this is lit­tle nicer on the purse.Both my part­ner and I used this all Hol­l­i­day, easy to apply, dries into your skin quick­ly, did not dry our skin out, no mark­ing of swimwear or tow­els and most impor­tant­ly we did not burn! We both got nice even tans. Very hap­py will buy again.

  8. kat­ri­na

    Con­vert­edLeaves me with a nice gold­en glow, and i usu­al­ly find it dif­fi­cult to tan. I used to use reimann p20 but it stained my clothes real­ly bad­ly and I still burnt, how­ev­er I nev­er seem to burn when using this. I may go a bit red but it nev­er seema to be painful.

  9. Lau­ra

    Great alter­na­tive to the big­ger brand! Actu­al­ly pre­fer this.Val­ue for mon­ey for a great prod­uct. Used for 2 weeks in Thai­land dur­ing 32degree heat! No burn­ing and last­ed all day. Only thing is it flakes when you rub it in too much which is annoy­ing but for all day cov­er­age I per­sist­ed. Hap­py customer.

  10. Steve M‑J

    Fab­u­lousDoes the job and at less than half the price of its brand­ed com­pe­ti­tion (sounds a lot like ‘pea and the num­ber after nineteen!).I buy this every year.

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