Brother LC-3217BK/LC-3217C/LC-3217M/LC-3217Y Inkjet Cartridges, Black/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow, Multi-Pack, Standard Yield, Includes


Brand Brother
Colour Black/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow
Compatibility options OEM
Page yield 550
Compatible devices Printer
  • Each cartridge prints 550 pages in accordance with ISO/IEC 24711
  • High quality genuine Brother LC3217VALBP ink cartridge multipack
  • Genuine Brother ink cartridges are rigorously tested to print perfectly every time saving you time and money
  • Using Brother LC3217 original ink cartridges protects your printer warranty
  • More economical than single pack purchases, reducing your cost per page


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From the manufacturer

Genuine Brother LC-3217VAL ink cartridge multipack
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Genuine Brother LC-3217VAL ink cartridge multipack - Hotspots

Why has my ink car­tridge run out soon­er than expected?

This could be due to the type of doc­u­ments or pho­tos you are print­ing from your device. Doc­u­ments and pho­tos gen­er­al­ly use the coloured inks at dif­fer­ent rates so one colour may run out soon­er than the others.


Why should I con­sid­er buy­ing a multipack?

Save mon­ey on your ink with a mul­ti­pack con­tain­ing one of each colour ink car­tridge. This is more eco­nom­i­cal and con­ve­nient than sin­gle pack pur­chas­es, reduc­ing the cost per page.


How do you check your car­tridge is genuine?

You will find the holo­graph­ic secu­ri­ty label on Broth­er gen­uine ink car­tridges. Check the pack­age and secu­ri­ty label has not been tam­pered with and the holo­gram secu­ri­ty label is gen­uine by ver­i­fy­ing the unique 7‑digit ID No. at:


What are the ben­e­fits of choos­ing high yield over stan­dard yield cartridges?

High yield car­tridges con­tain more ink for a high­er page yield and low­er cost per page. For those with high vol­ume print needs, they also save you time by reduc­ing the fre­quen­cy of car­tridge changes.


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Additional information

Weight 160 kg
Dimensions 14 × 10.01 × 7.01 cm


Model Number


Product Dimensions

14 x 10.01 x 7.01 cm; 160 Grams



Number of Items




Ink Colour


Manufacturer Part Number


Item Weight

160 g



Date First Available

14 Sept. 2017




  1. Mad Mar­garet

    Pathet­ic amount of ink — ran out after 12 pho­tosI had to print some images for my stu­dents. I bought these because I want­ed high qual­i­ty pic­tures and these are the cor­rect car­tridges for my print­er. After just 12 x A4 pho­tos two of the colours ran out.These were not high­ly coloured images, it was a por­trait of a man with long hair, so a lot of black as opposed to colour. It’s dis­gust­ing that we pay a for­tune for the cor­rect car­tridges only to find they don’t even man­age to do one job!They have even changed the sides of the car­tridges from clear to opaque grey, so now you can no longer see if there was much ink in them in the first place and worse, have no idea how much is left when they declare they’ve run out of ink!As an art teacher and por­trait artist I use my print­er a lot and I have used the cheap alter­na­tives in the past — I shall not be buy­ing the “cor­rect” car­tridges ever again — total waste of money.


    DISASTER !As a reg­u­lar sat­is­fied pur­chas­er of Broth­er LC3219XL this mul­ti­pack includ­ed a dam­aged Cyan refill. I did not notice the sachet was full of ink as I opened it result­ing in blue ink all over my desk, impor­tant client papers includ­ing two pass­ports, and the office car­pet. I exam­ined the now emp­ty refill to find a 4 cm open crack run­ning near­ly across the side of the refill. It must have been dam­aged in tran­sit. So beware. Always check care­ful­ly before open­ing a Broth­er refill. Ordered a replace­ment Cyan refill which arrived next day. Hope­ful­ly this note will bring a free of charge replace­ment from Ama­zon. It won’t how­ev­er replace my carpet!!

  3. Gary Blonder

    Not cheap but they are qual­i­tyAfter final­ly los­ing patience with Epson and their slow unde­pen­dale hard­ware, Broth­er devices feel like Shangri-La. Like most print­er inks, Broth­er inks are no excep­tion in being eye-water­ing­ly expen­sive, but the XL pack at least gives you bet­ter val­ue and are very easy to replace. They are more lim­it­ed in sup­ply sources — the U.K. super­mar­kets don’t stock them, but they’re easy enough to get hold of on Amazon.

  4. T. de Belgeonne

    64 sheets of heavy gloss B&W .. and i’m still using the b&w starter pack!.. XP sits wait­ing!! Top notch sir!The qual­i­ty of fin­ish com­pared to the cheap­er options is very notice­able. As a pho­tog­ra­ph­er who spends a lot on print­ers i have to say i feel I would be wast­ing my funds if i were to use either infe­ri­or inks or print materials.the Black car­tridge has just done 4 x 16 page tiled posters of Bowie in an almost total­ly dark room filled with the smoke from his Gitanes Cig­a­rette, You may think it quite a straight­for­ward /B&W print run, but on the con­trary , the fine grainy gra­di­ents between light and dark are hard enough (at 600dpi) , but to get a ‘Pho­to Fin­ish’ on his puff of smoke over satin sleeves could look awful, or, as in this instance, look as smooth and grit­ty as the orig­i­nal room would have looked as this epic image was cap­tured . Excel­lent Inks . Excel­lent Inno­bel­la Broth­er Satin Papers.Oh, and btw, all that was print­ed on the ‘starter pack’ inks , i used all my colour inks print­ing post­cards on Kodak Pre­mi­um Plus Gloss pho­to paper from a stack of Post­card scale Kodak pars in the rear tray, so they are onto ‘XL’ but my Black car­tridge looks like it could han­dle anoth­er project before fit­ting the 5000 sheet Bumper Thick­ness Black XL car­tridge. Top Stuff (stick with your man­u­fac­tur­ers media and all will be well imo!)

  5. George Har­ris

    Good qual­i­ty, lit­tle expen­siveThe ink car­tridges come neat­ly packed in this mul­ti pack. They are indi­vid­u­al­ly wrapped in their respec­tive colour/black car­tridges so you can open the main pack­et with­out hav­ing loose car­tridges everywhere.The ink qual­i­ty is good and depend­ing on what print­er you have it gen­er­al­ly comes out as quite a sharp image.Overall they are good car­tridges but being a car­tridge from a main brand you do pay that extra amount for it.

  6. UKash

    Great prod­uct but over­pricedYou can’t beat the orig­i­nal. Tried the com­pat­i­ble ink from dif­fer­ent ven­dors and the black always comes as grey. Per­haps Broth­er is pre­vent­ing the use of com­pat­i­ble ink via their print­er firmware, ink is ink, but appar­ent­ly not with Broth­er print­ers, as com­pat­i­ble black ink always comes out as grey.The best option to save mon­ey is to use Broth­er LC-3219XL or Broth­er LC-3217XL (small­er) for Black and com­pat­i­ble for colour.The Broth­er LC-3219XL also lasts longer than Broth­er LC-3217XL. Great prod­uct but overpriced.

  7. IamQ

    Great car­tridges and OK val­ue for mon­eyReal­ly good! Dur­ing the lock­down, the chil­dren have been print­ing a huge amount of work­sheets and activ­i­ties. These car­tridges have kept us going and pro­duce a clean and dry print every time. Yield is also as expected.They are not cheap. Although I’ve had expe­ri­ence with ‘com­pat­i­ble’ car­tridges before and had mixed results so have decid­ed to stick with the offi­cial brand.The pack­ag­ing and instal­la­tion is good and does­n’t feel that there is a huge amount of plas­tic going to waste as with oth­er brands.

  8. Pete F.

    Expen­sive but nec­es­saryOEM inks are obvi­ous­ly the best inks to use with any print­er — if you don’t mind the cost.OEM inks clean and lubri­cate the print heads and ensure no block­ages build up, the inks are bet­ter qual­i­ty and in con­junc­tion with good qual­i­ty pho­to paper will always give the best results.The Broth­er LC321XL ink car­tridges are expen­sive but I find them to be a neces­si­ty when print­ing photos/documents where qual­i­ty is the priority.

  9. mal

    Expen­siveThese car­tridges are very expen­sive, but the cheap­est I found so far. Even the Broth­er rep­re­sen­ta­tive led me to here as car­tridges from them are even more expen­sive. My print­er is great but there is no way the black car­tridge prints out 3,000 pages or the colour ones 1,500. I don’t print that much and they seem to run out pret­ty quick. More like 200 pages rather than 3,000 pages. Next time I get a print­er it won’t be Broth­er. Car­tridges are too expensive.

  10. Queen Gad­get

    My faultAgain the car­tridge did­n’t fit my broth­er machine mon­ey down the drain only gave one star because it did­n’t fit hav­ing such a rough time try­ing to get school work done. through this covid time it not the com­pa­ny’s fault just mine try­ing to buy ink quick­ly to get stuff done I have tried twice and because the ink is open it voids return it needs to be in good con­di­tion just so sad just need to get stuff done thank ama­zon for deliv­ery A+ there

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