Breville VBL214 Blend Active ColourMix Family Personal Blender, Smoothie Maker and Citrus Juicer with 4 Portable Blending


Colour Multi-colour
Material Plastic
Brand Breville
Item dimensions L x W x H 12.8 x 12.8 x 37 centimetres
Power / Wattage 300 watts
  • Healthy, delicious smoothies, shakes, slushies and protein drinks; ideal for school, days out, work or the gym. Just blend & go!
  • Add freshly squeezed juice to your smoothies with the citrus juicer and whip up super-smooth milkshakes with the whipping disc
  • One-button operation – perfect results in seconds; a quick and easy way to your 5-a-day
  • BPA-free, dishwasher-safe bottles & accessories; stainless steel blades
  • Includes: 300W motor base; 2 x 600ml Sports bottle & lids; 2 x 300ml Sports bottles & lids; whipping disc attachment; citrus juicer attachment; recipe ideas


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From the manufacturer

Fresh flavours on the go. Breville Blend Active.
Breville Blend Active ColourMix Family on kitchen worktop

Blend Active ColourMix Family

Per­fect for all the fam­i­ly, this Blend Active per­son­al blender is a quick and easy way to add tasty, healthy ingre­di­ents into your busy lifestyle. Make deli­cious, nutri­tious smooth­ies, shakes, slushies and pro­tein drinks in no time, at the touch of a button.

Add fresh­ly squeezed juice to your smooth­ie or water with the cit­rus juicer for the ulti­mate in fresh flavours. Make vel­vety-smooth milk­shakes with the whip­ping disc or whip cream in sec­onds for an indul­gent treat.

Each of the 4 sports bot­tles comes with a dif­fer­ent coloured lid; per­fect for keep­ing track of which drink is yours. The bot­tles fit most car and bike cup hold­ers; be on your way to 5‑a-day before you get to work or school!

This com­pact kit takes up min­i­mum space; keep it on your work­top so it’s always ready to go.

  • Fresh, deli­cious drinks in sec­onds
  • Cit­rus juicer to add fresh­ly squeezed zing
  • Whip­ping disc; whipped cream in sec­onds
  • A quick, easy way to your 5‑a-day
  • One-but­ton oper­a­tion; com­pact design
  • Dish­wash­er-safe acces­sories
  • 300W motor base
  • Includes: BPA-free sports bot­tles, lids, cit­rus juicer & whip­ping disc

Strawberry and vanilla smoothie

Enjoy on the go

Citrus Juicer accessory with lemon and orange being juiced

Whipping Disc with chocolate milkshake and meringue and strawberry dessert

Keep your lifestyle fresh

There’s plen­ty of deli­cious recipes ideas includ­ed to get you start­ed but real­ly, the options are end­less – just throw in what you love and off you go. Enjoy your drink, your way.

Just blend & go

Pop in your ingre­di­ents, attach the blades, hit blend, then swap the blades for a lid. Your per­fect smooth­ie, shake or slushie in sec­onds. Great for busy lives: at work, school, days out, the gym or sim­ply enjoy at home.

If life gives you lemons…

…juice them and add to a smooth­ie! The cit­rus juicer attach­es to any of the sports bot­tles so you can add a zesty kick direct­ly to your drinks. Or try whizzing up a quick sal­ad dressing.

Whip up a little treat

You’ve been good all week so how about some indul­gence at the week­end? Try a vel­vety milk­shake, com­plete with a dol­lop of your favourite ice cream. Or meringues topped with sum­mer berries and lus­cious, fresh­ly whipped cream.

Tasty recipes to try


Vanilla & Chocolate milkshakes

Berry Meringues with mint

Spinach, Mango & Coconut Smoothie

½ fresh man­go, rough­ly diced

2 hand­fuls of fresh spinach leaves

½ lime

3–4 mint leaves

300ml chilled coconut milk

100ml cold water

1 hand­ful of ice (option­al)

Juice the lime direct­ly into a Blend Active bot­tle using the cit­rus juicer attachment.

Add all the remain­ing ingre­di­ents into the bot­tle and blend to a smooth consistency.

Velvety Smooth Milkshake

150ml chilled skimmed milk

1 scoop of vanil­la ice cream

For choco­late milk­shake: swap the vanil­la ice cream for choco­late ice cream and add 1 tbsp cocoa pow­der and 1 tsp choco­late spread.

Place all ingre­di­ents into the 300ml bot­tle, attach the whip­ping disc and blend for 10–15 sec­onds until thick and frothy.

Berry Meringues

4 ready-made meringue nests

150ml whip­ping cream

400g fresh berries (keep a hand­ful to one side)

40g pis­ta­chio ker­nels or flaked almonds (option­al)

Pour the cream into the 300ml Blend Active bot­tle, attach the whip­ping disc and blend for 10–15 sec­onds until thick.

For the berry sauce: pop a hand­ful of the berries into the oth­er 300ml bot­tle. Pulse until liquidised.

Spoon the cream over each meringue nest, add the whole berries, then driz­zle with the berry sauce. Dec­o­rate with a sprin­kling of pis­ta­chios or almonds (if using).

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Additional information

Weight 1.37 kg
Dimensions 12.8 × 12.8 × 37 cm


Model Number




Product Dimensions

12.8 x 12.8 x 37 cm; 1.37 Kilograms


0.6 litres

Power Wattage

300 watts



Number of Speeds


Item Weight

1.37 kg



Date First Available

26 May 2018




  1. JOJO

    Easy to use and great val­ue for mon­ey would high­ly rec­om­mendThis is bril­liant for mak­ing smooth­ies on the go as it makes them direct­ly into the drinks beaker, so less mess and less wash­ing up. It does strug­gle a bit if your using frozen fruits and you put the all in at once, so best to add a few at a time and blitz. Ide­al for mak­ing the night before so you can just grab and go in a morn­ing. Great qual­i­ty, looks good, easy to clean, easy to use and great val­ue for mon­ey with the dif­fer­ent blades and sizes of beakers you get with it 5* would high­ly recommend

  2. Car­ol Anne

    Did not last long.…This is just what I want­ed for smooth­ies and mak­ing sal­ad dress­ings with lots of herbs. My Ken­wood smooth­ie attach­ment broke and so I thought I’d try this Bre­ville and I am not dis­ap­point­ed. It’s well-made, bet­ter than my Ken­wood I’d say, easy to clean, which is a bonus. Over­all I am delight­ed. I hope it lasts a long time!AN UPDATE — I pur­chased this in July 2019, it is now 13th Jan­u­ary 2020 and I have just had to throw the Bre­ville out­side onto to my lawn as it began to have tthe most acrid smoke come from it! It was very scary and fright­en­ing. I can’t see any way of telling Ama­zon about this as there is no ‘con­tact’ bar in my orders col­umn. I am real­ly fed-up as I haven’t used the Bre­ville very often — once a month if that. DO NOT buy this prod­uct, as far as we are con­cerned it is extreme­ly dan­ger­ous. I won­der if any­one will con­tact me?

  3. Ama­zon Customer

    Total dis­ap­point­ment! Faulty piece.The media could not be loaded.

     Unbe­liev­able!! Very disappointed…Received a faulty blade unit like some oth­er cus­tomers. Liq­uid is flow­ing out of the blade base like a sieve. Doesn’t fit the pur­pose. What a shame! Return­ing the product.Material qual­i­ty is also not great. I have used a bet­ter blender for less­er price from Duron­ic. I have used that for almost 2.5 years with­out any issues. But they don’t man­u­fac­ture that spe­cif­ic mod­el anymore.Anyway total­ly dis­ap­point­ed with this blender. I was so excit­ed to use it. Not anymore!View the attached video.

  4. Val

    Per­fect for a large fam­i­ly! The bot­tles are amaz­ing!!!!I absolute­ly love this! The smooth­ie and shakers/bottles are just per­fect, real­ly can’t fault either. The shaker/bottles even wash won­der­ful­ly in the dishwasher.We are for­ev­er buy­ing then los­ing or expe­ri­enc­ing leak­ing sports direct and oth­er shak­ers. I real­ly have got­ten so fed up of not find­ing any shak­ers that actu­al­ly seal the way they claim they do, or should. This was the biggest appeal and rea­son I pur­chased this smooth­ie mak­er. I have 4 chil­dren, two terms and two under 10s, so this came with per­fect amount and sizes of shaker/bottles for me, in addi­tion to actu­al­ly being the colour they pre­fer. This in itself was mas­sive­ly reliev­ing lol.So, the smooth­ie was easy to assem­ble, effort­less to nav­i­gate around its usage, it’s all been so easy to clean and I gen­uine­ly have no com­plaints. I’d love for there to have been 5 bot­tles so I could have had one, so I’ll prob­a­bly buy anoth­er machine just for the bonus of hav­ing more as well as a spare smooth­ie maker.My teens loved the recipes inside also! We’ve tried all of them so far and none have dis­ap­point­ed. I even made the iced cof­fee one and made up one with this scrump­tious peanut but­ter pow­der from Tesco called “Peanut Hot­tie” that’s per­fect for blend­ing with­out the glu­pey tex­ture of nor­mal peanut but­ter. Goes beau­ti­ful­ly with bananas and cinnamon…omg yum!

  5. Wolf­man

    Enjoy­ing Exper­i­ment­ingBought this slight­ly on a whim, after talk­ing to the Health & Well­be­ing spe­cial­ist at my work. She sug­gest­ed try­ing smooth­ies to intro­duce more fruit into my diet.I’m lov­ing try­ing the dif­fer­ent com­bi­na­tions of fruit smooth­ies, and using frozen fruit in the hot­ter weath­er has been brilliant!Just remem­ber, when using fresh fruit to make a smooth­ie, if you’re using it to lose weight, a smooth­ie may con­tain a cou­ple of apples, a cou­ple of bananas, and a hand­ful of straw­ber­ries — and you would­n’t nor­mal­ly eat that in one sit­ting. Sev­er­al smooth­ies through­out the day and you are get­ting WAY MORE than your 5‑a-day! More like 15-a-day!Everything in mod­er­a­tion, as they say…

  6. Ami Wilkins

    Easy to use, easy to clean!!Brilliant!This blender is the per­fect size for mak­ing sin­gle por­tion smooth­ies. I reg­u­lary use seeds, nuts and frozen fruit and veg. It has good blend­ing pow­er for its size , just as good as my old (much high­er priced) brand­ed blender! Infact unlight old said blender this one nev­er leaves lumps, always a smooth smoothie!I have a weak­ness in my hands and fin­gers and was wor­ried when i saw i had to hold the but­ton in, but it actu­al­ly only needs a light touch so ot has­nt been a prob­lem. Qui­eter then my pre­vi­ous blenders.The cups are tough, non spill and i live the vary­ing sizes, mean­ing that i can make my daugh­ter her own smooth­ie at the right size instead of wast­ing huge por­tions. Which was par­tic­u­lary impor­tant for me as i hate waste.I hand wash mine so not sure if the cups are dish­wash­er safe but so far non have marked , stained or worn after 5 months dai­ly use. So i am a very hap­py customer!For any­one want­ed a safe sen­so­ry aci­tiv­i­ty for young babies throw some chee­rios in, blend for 2 sec­onds and hey presto, baby safe, edi­ble sand!

  7. Ama­zon Customer

    Eas­i­ly cleanedUse this for my Mix­ing oats, pro­tein pow­der fruit, blue­ber­ries, straw­ber­ries or Rasp­ber­ries. To start my day. Its Quick easy to use and easy to clean. Bril­liant item. Wish I’d bought 1 yrs ago

  8. Char­lotte

    Great smooth­ie mak­er and great price.I’m dis­abled so strug­gled to hold down and turn bot­tle to lock into place. But I did man­age to do it.Note: the blades/attachments do not leak. Run­ning them under the tap means they are not sealed units and water will pass through as if leak­ing. Put water in the bot­tle add blade attach­ment and shake, the attach­ment does­n’t leak. It’s not faulty.The whip­per real­ly does whip, it looks like a lit­tle cheese grater, I thought this is nev­er going to work, hey presto it does. Light and fluffy.Great for the fam­i­ly with 4 bot­tles and 4 lids includ­ed. Three attach­ments, blender blade, whip­per and juicer.Sturdy, sticks to work sur­faces, easy to use.You can use frozen berries and ice using the blender blade.A great lit­tle smoothy mak­er and the price is great too.

  9. Can­dy

    So far so good looks lov­leyThe media could not be loaded.

     This thing is a game chang­er and it’s not a crip­pling price either !We absolute­ly love this for our health shakes and our very sweet very yum­my smooth­ies and milk shakes to.To clean just put soapy water and blend it and it will get all the od bits out.Not sure if these are dish­wash­er proof so I hand wash them with a long bot­tle brush aswell.Super easy to use. Get the fam­i­ly one as the bot­tles are expen­sive to buy on their own

  10. S. Guy-Hawthorne

    Would rec­om­mend for occa­sion­al useReal­ly good for the first two weeks, motor slowed after this time and gets hot quick­ly. Not good for any­thing too chunky, and needs liq­uid of some sort to help it blend well. Bot­tles are great. But can be hard to clean at times. Would rec­om­mend for occa­sion­al use and does make a good smoothie.

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