Breville Cream Kettle & Toaster Set | High Gloss Collection | with 1.7L Fast-Boil 3KW Kettle and 2‑Slice Toaster featuring High


Brand Breville
Colour Cream
Capacity 1.7 litres
Material Stainless Steel
  • Timeless high gloss design with a clean, geometric aesthetic and precision engineered stainless steel accents
  • 3kW concealed element for rapid boiling; 1.7L capacity makes 6 to 8 cups
  • Timeless high gloss design with a clean, geometric aesthetic and precision engineered stainless steel accents
  • Variable width bread slots allow for both thick and thin slices


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From the manufacturer


Breville High Gloss Toaster




Timeless Look & Feel

The styl­ish design pairs a clean, geo­met­ric aes­thet­ic with stain­less steel accents.

The Perfect Slice

Vari­able width slots and brown­ing con­trols ensure bread, crum­pets or bagels are just the way you like them.

Rapid Boil

The large 1.7 Litre capac­i­ty boils up to 8 cups at once. A remov­able, wash­able limescale fil­ter keeps water clean and clear.

Keep It Tidy

Add some shine to your kitchen while also keep­ing it clean and tidy with cord stor­age and remov­able crumb tray.

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Additional information






1.7 litres

Volume Capacity

1.7 litres


Stainless Steel



Date First Available

17 May 2021




  1. Mag­daLe­na

    Love­ly design and extreme­ly qui­et!Ket­tle arrived today and I’m pleased with it.I want­ed white, sim­ple ket­tle for a while and bought SMEG for over £100. After a week I end­ed up with a ket­tle called MEG as the S fell off. Got mon­ey back from the retail­er with­out issues as appar­ent­ly its very com­mon. Decid­ed that spend­ing that much mon­ey on a ket­tle was stu­pid and kept my eye on this one…After cou­ple of months I decid­ed to buy it!The plas­tic does not look cheap at all and the ket­tle looks slight­ly more expen­sive than it actu­al­ly is. Com­pared to my orig­i­nal old ket­tle (which I had for near­ly 10 years) it’s very quick and SO QUIET!It is PURE/SNOW WHITE and the cable is also white (I absolute­ly hate black cables!).The light glow­ing when the ket­tle is on is a love­ly light roy­al blue colour. The dis­play show­ing water lev­el is very clear to me.Yes… peo­ple com­plain that the water lev­el dis­play is hid­den behind the han­dle and it’s a stu­pid idea but I actu­al­ly like it as it does not ruin the design and the ket­tle does not look like it has a ther­mome­ter stuck at the front!The lid pops up eas­i­ly, qui­et­ly and slow­ly which again, makes this plas­tic ket­tle feel and look more expensive.This ket­tle is also very light due to the fact it’s plas­tic so it’s eas­i­er to use, espe­cial­ly for old­er people.The plas­tic does get warm after boil­ing but, as far as I’m aware, this hap­pened with every sin­gle ket­tle I’ve used so I do not see an issue here.I also pur­chased the 2 slice toast­er but I’ll review it sep­a­rate­ly once I’ve used. But they look beau­ti­ful­ly sim­ple in a kitchen and it’s exact­ly what I wanted.5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ so far

  2. Philip C

    This ket­tle becomes UNSAFE over timeOver time, this ket­tle has dis­col­ored. The man­u­al says, under the guar­an­tee, that “nor­mal wear and tear, includ­ing but not lim­it­ed to, minor dis­col­oration and scratch­es are not cov­ered by this guarantee”.So, some dis­col­oration is to be expected.However, as you can see from the pho­to, the dis­col­oration on our ket­tle is exces­sive. It is not near anoth­er heat source — this is *entire­ly* from just using the ket­tle. Worse than that, where the ket­tle has dis­col­ored, the plas­tic has gone rough and, now, cracked. Yes, our ket­tle leaks *from the body of the ket­tle*. That is why it is now unsafe and we’ve replaced it with a dif­fer­ent brand.Our advice is NOT to buy this kettle.

  3. G Lyon

    A great ket­tle.Its a good look­ing ket­tle and the price is great, half that of Argos. It boils quick­ly, fills eas­i­ly and pours nice­ly. Whats more is there to say. Don’t put too much weight on the neg­a­tive reviews.


    Don’t leave water in the ket­tle and then boil it up again lat­er — it will taste fun­ny which I learn is because of the seal between …Works quick­ly and pours with­out drips, so we’ve decid­ed to keep it despite its flaws, which are: Don’t leave water in the ket­tle and then boil it up again lat­er — it will taste fun­ny which I learn is because of the seal between the ele­ment and the ket­tle — you have to use fresh water every time. This ket­tle is plas­tic — it looks met­al, which is what we want­ed, but it isn’t. You can’t see the guage while you are hold­ing the ket­tle, because the guage is behind the han­dle (sil­ly design). Oth­er than that, it’s fine.

  5. Chris Wake­field

    Qual­i­ty and StyleThis ket­tle is prob­a­bly the best one I’ve owned. I tend to be con­scious of style in the kitchen and this Bre­ville stands out from oth­ers with it’s cool spout pro­file, sub­tle blue illu­mi­na­tion and met­al band styling flour­ish towards the base. It has a def­i­nite qual­i­ty feel also, not too heavy (remem­ber, water weighs quite a bit when full!), and has a well bal­anced feel when using the han­dle. The on off pad­dle-like switch is reas­sur­ing and has a great easy flick­ing feel to it. Two impor­tant things to know about this ket­tle: it locates real­ly eas­i­ly on the base, this is impor­tant to me, as is the boil time which I find to be quick­er than most, but then I don’t over-fill and boil water much more than I intend to use! Would I rec­om­mend it? Def­i­nite­ly if you like style, qual­i­ty and the reas­sur­ance of a proven brand. Very hap­py, also bought the match­ing toast­er and at time of pur­chase this ket­tle was reduced to less than £30! I’ve seen them sold from between £40 to £60 else­where. You could say it’s a more pre­mi­um kettle…if there ever was such a thing…enjoy.

  6. Owain

    If you read the reviews for ket­tles you would nev­er buy one — this one is Great!I must have read reviews for 30 ket­tles. Com­plaints on taste issue, plas­tics, qual­i­ty build.….honestly I found I was get­ting to the point I could not buy any ket­tle because they were all flawed. If you dont believe me look at any review in last 6 months. Now back to this ket­tle. I decid­ed a ket­tle need­ed to be bought.This one is light weight. It is pret­ty qui­et — of course it makes a noise — what do peo­ple think ket­tles do — whis­per boil! Its fine — hon­est­ly. It boils quick­ly. Its got a real­ly easy lid release on the han­dle. It has an easy pour spout.It did not cost the earth, and I can hon­est­ly say Im delight­ed with it. If I could make a sug­ges­tion stop read­ing reviews writ­ten I can only assume by com­peti­tors or peo­ple who dont like ket­tles. Buy this one — you wont regret it!

  7. M1nd

    A nice ket­tle with a cou­ple of minor dis­ad­van­tagesI like our Bre­ville VKJ946 ket­tle, although it has a cou­ple of minor dis­ad­van­tages. It is a bit of a slow pour­er (the temp­ta­tion is to tip it up too far to increase the flow, which results in water com­ing out around the lid). The oth­er minor issue is that the lid does­n’t always open ful­ly on its own, although you do get into the habit of giv­ing the ket­tle a lit­tle jerk to give the lid a bit of help. On the upside the ket­tle looks good, is nice and qui­et and it has a scale fil­ter that works well. It also boils quickly.

  8. R. Gam­mon

    Smart ket­tleI bought this ket­tle hav­ing read Which? reviews. I want­ed a white ket­tle and like the smart look of this ket­tle. I read the neg­a­tive reviews on this site but have not expe­ri­enced any prob­lems. It is very easy to fill. I am hap­py with how it pours, although it pours more slow­ly than some pre­vi­ous ket­tles I’ve owned. Over­all, I’m very pleased with it.I have added a pic­ture of the filter.

  9. Pene­lope

    Good points and bad pointsI like the fact that this ket­tle boils quick­ly and qui­et­ly and the design — in white and sil­ver — is quite attractive.However, I find it heavy and it looks soooo big. The han­dle is round at the back and flat at the front which means it’s not com­fort­able to hold. It would have been bet­ter if it was con­toured all the way round. Also, a cou­ple of times when I first used it I must have mis­judged it some­how and it poured all over the place — every­where except in the cup! I think it’s some­thing to do with the spout — it appears fore­short­ened? I am hav­ing to return it.

  10. Anna

    Lid mech­a­nism broke after 2 monthsPros: nice white, easy to wipe clean, quick boil, large lid that can be opened with one hand for easy fill­ing, spout is quite good, doesn’t drip, can boil with a small amount of water so more efficient.Cons: lid mech­a­nism broke after 2 months’ use, the water lev­el indi­ca­tor is under the han­dle so not easy to see, which is sur­pris­ing­ly annoy­ing, only real­ly vis­i­ble when you turn the ket­tle on and the blue light comes on. Pour­ing spout is quite slow.Overall a decent ket­tle but not real­ly use­ful once the lid mech­a­nism breaks as no man­u­al way to work the lid. Very sad as I real­ly enjoyed this ket­tle until now 🙁

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