Boostballs Keto Snacks, 12 Pack Mixed Variety Bites, Low Carb & Sugar, Vegan, Gluten Free, 100% Natural, 6 Flavours Pack of 12 ,


Brand Boostballs
Flavour Variety Pack Bites
Item weight 0.04 Kilograms
Number of items 1
Size 12 Count (Pack of 1)
Item dimensions L x W x H 12 x 9 x 2.5 centimetres
Package weight 0.61 Kilograms
Package type Box




  • KETO SNACKS - Delicious low-carb keto balls made from 100% natural ingredients. A great alternative to the usual keto snacks and only 0.35g of natural sugar in each ball.
  • FREE FROM - These delicious keto balls are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and contain no palm oil. As well as being high in fibre!
  • ON THE GO - They're great to take on the go and are perfect for when hunger strikes. Only 4.2g net carbs for the whole pack!
  • BIODEGRADABLE PACKAGING - We're proud to introduce our new biodegradable packaging to help support the war on plastic
  • MIXED PACK - This delicious multi-pack is full of all your favourites. Featuring 2 x Raw Chocolate Brownie, 2 x Chocolate Hazelnut, 2 x Mint Choc Chip, 2 x Chocca Mocha, 2 x Raspberry White Chocolate and 2 x Peanut Butter Cup


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Product Description

Keto snack with a real deli­cious flavour.

Hold. The. Phone. A deli­cious low carb, keto snack that is all-nat­ur­al ingre­di­ents? That’s right. These boost­ball keto burn­ers are gluten free, low carb, veg­an, dairy free, con­tain no palm oil and are full of fibre. There real­ly isn’t much to not like about them.

Our boost­ball burn­ers are great on the go with 4 balls in every pack. Even bet­ter, this amaz­ing mul­ti-pack let’s you try all of our deli­cious flavours to find your favourite! Great as a post-work­out treat or even as an after­noon pick me up. Our keto snacks are cool lit­tle taste sen­sa­tions, com­bin­ing rich choco­late with a vari­ety of unique flavour combinations.

These keto snacks con­tain only 0.35g nat­ur­al sug­ar per ball and only 4.2g net carbs for the whole pack. Great for eat­ing on the go whilst stick­ing to your keto principles!

We’re also proud to offer our tasty keto snacks in ful­ly biodegrad­able packaging.

Our handy mixed 12 pack will keep your cup­boards stocked, but not for long – our deli­cious keto burn­ers will keep you com­ing back for more. Grab life by the boost­balls and treat your­self to a real keto snack sensation.



Cocobut­ter, Creamed Coconut, Toast­ed Coconut Chips, Des­ic­cat­ed Coconut, Peanut but­ter (PEANUTS), Cacao (7%) Cacao nibs(4.7%), Coconut oil, Defat­ted Peanut Pow­der (PEANUTS), Brown Rice pro­tein, Tapi­o­ca Fibre, Sun­flower Oil, Ery­thri­tol, Ste­via, Chopped Hazel­nut (HAZELNUTS), Vanil­la, Nat­ur­al Flavour­ing, Nat­ur­al Mint Oil. MADE IN A FACTORY THAT HANDLES DAIRY, PEANUTS AND TREE NUTS.

From the manufacturer

keto snacks
keto snacks
keto snacks
boostball keto

Important information


Cocobut­ter, Creamed Coconut, Toast­ed Coconut Chips, Des­ic­cat­ed Coconut, Peanut but­ter (PEANUTS), Cacao (7%) Cacao nibs(4.7%), Coconut oil, Defat­ted Peanut Pow­der (PEANUTS), Brown Rice pro­tein, Tapi­o­ca Fibre, Sun­flower Oil, Ery­thri­tol, Ste­via, Chopped Hazel­nut (HAZELNUTS), Vanil­la, Nat­ur­al Flavour­ing, Nat­ur­al Mint Oil. MADE IN A FACTORY THAT HANDLES DAIRY, PEANUTS AND TREE NUTS.


Remove from pack­et and enjoy!

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Additional information

Product Name

Boostball Keto

Allergen Information

Contains: Tree Nuts


0.04 Kilograms


480.0 gram

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place



Age Range Description


Country of origin

Gb, United Kingdom



Date First Available

28 Sept. 2020




  1. lau­ra

    Don’t expect a cakeThese are keto so they are not going to taste like cake!I found them ok, they get rid of my sweet crav­ings, great for break­fast on the go with a coffee.The peanut but­ter cup are by far the supe­ri­or flavour the salti­ness just makes them more appeal­ing. Mint is strong but ok, brown­ie is very rich, white choc rasp­ber­ry are more coconut than any­thing else but still decent.Filling and keeps you out of the bis­cuit tin.

  2. Dee

    Bought the mul­ti pack and got sent mint choc chipBought the mul­ti pack and got sent mint choc chip and I loath mint choco­late 🙁 would nev­er have pur­chased this flavour but want­ed to try some of the oth­er flavours .

  3. Ms. N. Peters

    Incon­sis­tent, sat­is­fy­ing and fill­ingThis is a very incon­sis­tent prod­uct and it seems like it isn’t just me, look­ing at com­ments like “mouth on fire” chilli tast­ing pep­per­mint oil.Initially I hat­ed the choca mocha flavour, I could taste noth­ing but sweetener.The oth­ers were bet­ter bal­anced for sweet­en­er but upon try­ing anoth­er bag of mocha, it was bal­anced again. I could­n’t taste coffee.Either the brown­ie or the mocha con­tains cacao nibs, except some­times it does­n’t and con­tains none.The same can be said for the hazlenut which some­times appears to have been rolled in nuts and oth­er times is naked. The same occurs with with rasp­ber­ry which is some­time entire­ly white, or stud­ded and cov­ered with raspberry.They are cer­tain­ly fill­ing, I’ll only ever eat one or two. And to be hon­est, if you man­aged to eat the whole bag you’d like­ly be over your fat for the day after you’ve eat­en your meals.They’re good for when I’m hun­gry and need some ener­gy, but am out and it’ll be a while until I can eat. They will melt in warmer weath­er though.My favourite was prob­a­bly the peanut, and enjoyed, although some­times the salt did­n’t seem to be present so I added a lit­tle myself.I also enjoyed the mint, espe­cial­ly to have one after din­ner. If the prod­uct were more con­sis­tent I would buy a box of those.The rasp­ber­ry was great when it had rasp­ber­ries, oth­er­wise it was just coconut fat with coconut… Prob­a­bly would­n’t get that one again.Awaiting a choco­late orange flavour.The recipe must have changed fair­ly recently.Those found on Ama­zon and in Sains­bury were the new low­er carb recipe. Hol­land and Bar­rett pre­dom­i­nant­ly still car­ry the old­er recipe with high­er carbs, which I have not tried.

  4. The Beard­ed Trio

    They are nice and supress your sweet crav­ingsMan­age expec­ta­tions. These are not going to be a Bel­gian choco­late tast­ing choco­late bar with the same tex­tures. Real­ly don’t war­rant the one star reviews doing the rounds. They are low in carbs, main­ly have coconut bits but the taste does vary from flavour to flavour. I’m only eat­ing one from a bag each day so can’t tell if affect­ing my stom­ach or not but so far so good. As some­one who is try­ing to reduce their carbs, these are perfect.

  5. Mark McNee

    Just okI bought these to fill the sweet tooth gap whilst on Keto, they’re ok, a bit bland to be hon­est and def­i­nite­ly not cheap! The Mrs makes fat bombs that blow these out the water in terms of taste, but they need to be kept in the freez­er. These were bought pure­ly for convenience.

  6. Rajab

    hor­rid tasteunbear­able to eat had to stop myself from throw­ing up very bit­ter and the tex­ture is off

  7. Cotswold­sEm

    Sort out a sweet crav­ing but a lit­tle dry and dustyI fol­low a Keto lifestyle and got these for an occa­sion­al treat when I fan­cied some­thing sweet. Out of the vari­ety box I think my favourite is the Mint Choco­late one — the Hazel­nut and Peanut ones taste more of less the same for me. The 40g bags are pret­ty fill­ing; I tend to eat half as a snack. Ingre­di­ents are good for Keto, the only thing I’d say is that I think they could have done with some more fat in them some­where as they are a lit­tle dry and dusty in tex­ture. It’s not a game over sit­u­a­tion, but it does mean that these Boost­balls don’t make it on to my favourite list of pre-bought Keto treats unfortunately,

  8. Mirage

    Great snacks. Good ingre­di­ent.I real­ly love all of these these and take them to work as their so handy on the go!I com­bine them with but­ter por­tions for extra fat.Brilliant to have no malti­tol or xyl­i­tol in .and the great­est keto sweet­en­er on the plan­et ery­thri­tol instead! ste­via I use for drinks as these two are my favourites­Now all we need is for these to hit the high street shops 🙂

  9. SARA

    Rich, gpod con­tents, sat­is­fy­ingTaste, pack­ag­ing, sim­ple taste, no added sug­ar, gives a real nutri­tious ener­gy boost, great for on the go!

  10. Hashem

    Not so goodI’ve tried many pro­tein snacks and every one had it’s weird flav of it’s own but this has this real­ly strnge after taste kin­da makes wan­na gagg I could­n’t fin­ish the whole 12 pack­ets only ate 3 and the last one bar­ley fin­ished. But to be fair it’s keto and it’s hard to do a good pro­tein snack with low carbs so for who­ev­er is look­ing for real­ly low carb this might be for you but if you real­ly like enjoy­ing your pro­tien snack and don’t mind a bit carb I’d go with the best bar I’ve tast­ed it to date and that is cliff bars you nev­er go wrong with these bad boys.

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