Bonsenkitchen Electric Kettle, Temperature Control (40 ℃ — 100℃) Tea Filter Kettle with Keep Warm Function, 2200W Fast


Brand Bonsenkitchen
Colour Transparent
Capacity 1.7 litres
Material Glass
Voltage 120 Volts
  • ☕ 【Temperature Control & Keep Warm Function 】Different Temperatures for Optimal Brewing, you can set various temperature from 40 ℃ - 100℃ depending on the type of beverage to prepare; The glass kettle also can keep warm function setting from 40℃ to 95℃ that stays on for up to 2 hours. Always ready for brewing the next cup of tea or coffee and without waiting to heat water again.(One touch "+""-" will adjust 10℃ )
  • ☕ 【Fast Boiling & Large Capacity 】The fast boiling kettle boiling at 2200W high power, only takes about 5 minutes to boil 1.7 liters of water; 0.5L for just 2mins. Can let you wait less for per boil, Effectively saves more energy. 1.7L Large capacity makes enough water for 6-7 people, perfect match for Coffee, tea, pasta, oatmeal etc.
  • ☕ 【Tea Filter & LED Indicator 】Borosilicate glass kettle utilizes a customize blue indicator technology to bring you a visible boiling process. This charming addition will brighten your kitchen. This tea kettle has a adjustable height of tea infuser, not only boil water, but also brew your favorite green tea, black tea ; built in filter makes sure you get the best taste possible.
  • ☕ 【Extraordinary Safety】Built with the professional temperature controller, advanced auto shut-off and boil-dry protection function ensure 100%. The stay-cool handle will ensure that handling of the tea kettle is easy and safe, helps to prevent burns. Protect you and your family on all sides
  • ☕ 【12 Months Warranty】The electric water boiler comes with 12 months warranty. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us,and we will reply you within 24 hours to solve your concerns.


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Product Description

1500W Fast Heating 1.7L Variable Temperature Control Water Boiler

2 IN 1 One Touch Tea Maker and Hot Water Boiling

2 IN 1 One Touch Tea Maker and Hot Water Boiling
  • Var­i­ous tem­per­a­ture from 40℃ — 100℃
  • Keep warm for up to 2 hours
  • 2200W,220V
  • 1.7L capac­i­ty
  • Boil Dry Pro­tec­tion
  • Auto Shut-Off
  • Remov­able tea fil­ter, you can be easy to make tea
  • Adjustable tem­per­a­ture from 40℃ to 100℃ 
  • Keep warm 2 hours in choos­ing 40℃ ‑90℃ (Once you take down the ket­tle from the pow­er base, you need re-set this feature)
  • 2200W fast heat water, only short 5–7 minutes
  • 1.7 L large capac­i­ty, meet fam­i­ly dai­ly demand ( If you add the tea fil­ter with tea leaves, please keep don’t exceed 1.5 L)
  • Stain-resis­tant borosil­i­cate glass material
Happy to Make Your Favourite Tea





2200W Fast Boiling

The fast boil­ing water heater oper­ates on 2200W , only takes about 5 min­utes to boil 1.7 liters of water; 0.5L for just 2mins. Can let you wait less for per boil, effec­tive­ly saves more energy.

Touch Screen Panel

Con­trol pan­el is showed as LCD, which light touch­ing the key oper­ate, easy to operation

Charming Blue LED Indicator

Borosil­i­cate glass ket­tle uti­lizes a cus­tomize blue indi­ca­tor tech­nol­o­gy to bring you a vis­i­ble boil­ing process. This charm­ing addi­tion will bright­en your kitchen.

tea filter

Wide Mouth Opening


Adjustable Lid Linker in Height

This tea ket­tle has a adjustable height of tea infuser, not only boil water, but also brew your favorite green tea, black tea or cof­fee; built in fil­ter makes sure you get the best taste

Detachable Lid & Wide-Mouth Opening

Detach­able lid and wide-mouth open­ing, allow for con­ve­nient fill­ing water and clean­ing. You can quick­ly clean with a sponge or cloth

Stainless Steel & Glass Material

The inner wall is clean eas­i­er which is stain­less steel and glass mate­r­i­al. Don’t wor­ry fla­vor con­t­a­m­i­na­tion or bad odors.

Get The Brew You Like It

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Additional information

Weight 1.71 kg
Dimensions 17 × 21 × 37 cm




Product Dimensions

17 x 21 x 37 cm; 1.71 Kilograms


1.7 litres

Volume Capacity

1.7 litres

Power Wattage

2200 watts


120 Volts



Special Features

Boil Dry Protection

Item Weight

1.71 kg



Date First Available

7 Jun. 2020




  1. Philip Steven­son

    Best Rea­son to “Pop the Ket­tle on“The media could not be loaded.

     Absolute­ly bril­liant ket­tle in terms of design and func­tion­al­i­ty. Looks beau­ti­ful and I’ve nev­er had a ket­tle as good as this one before. The ket­tle boils in five minute, which is real­ly quick. The see through design looks fan­tas­tic while it boils and the LED light makes it glow a beau­ti­ful blue colour. The con­trols of the ket­tle are built into the han­dle and it’s touch oper­at­ed and LED dis­play. The tem­per­a­ture can be set between 40 to 100 degrees, and can be left in a keep warm state. Bril­liant for the avid brew lover. The ket­tle has a mas­sive 1.7l capac­i­ty which is more than enough for any­one’s needs. I real­ly love this Ket­tle, it’s sup­per easy to use but real­ly hi-tech, it looks fan­tas­tic and is packed with fea­tures, on top of all that it boils real­ly quick­ly. Great product.

  2. Nico­la L

    Fan­ci­est ket­tle ever!The media could not be loaded.

     You would won­der why you need a ket­tle such as this very fan­cy mod­el. Well it’s a lux­u­ry item to be hon­est! And such a great price.I love the lights on it, just makes it all that lit­tle more special.Everyone who likes tea knows that its bet­ter with­out the water being boil­ing so I like I can set it to 80 degrees tem­per­a­ture which is just right. Keep warm func­tion is handy if you have friends or fam­i­ly round. Very easy to clean after.Saw a com­ment about lid falling off when pour­ing but I have nev­er had that issue and been using the ket­tle for weeks.Don’t real­ly use the tea infuser part because it’s nor­mal­ly only me drink­ing tea but if you’re enter­tain­ing it’s a nice lit­tle thing to have.

  3. Amelia

    Broke in a few daysI brought this ket­tle for two rea­sons. 1. The sim­ple design 2. The price. How­ev­er sad­ly only after a few uses it broke, show­ing the error code “E1” (shown in the pho­to). I was unable to cor­rect the error, and have since received a refund. I give five stars to Ama­zon for their cus­tomer sup­port how­ev­er was not pleased with the poor qual­i­ty of the ket­tle. I believe it’s pos­si­ble that some of the ket­tles work per­fect­ly fine and oth­ers are defec­tive. So if you want the gam­ble, then do it! It’s cheap and brewed a love­ly tea (when it worked).

  4. Mr. R. W. Walton

    Cheap and poor qual­i­ty, doesn’t last long…The ket­tle is flawed in that the glass is very brit­tle and the lid makes that even weak­er. Last­ed a few min­utes then as boil­ing crack­ing nois­es not­ed. The ket­tle then split the glass and major cracked appeared. Will only be buy­ing “thumb open­ing hinged lids” after this. Also could nev­er get the keep warm func­tion to work and instruc­tions use­less. Please Ama­zon. Check qual­i­ty con­trol for all these cheap imports. Buy­ing known brands after this.

  5. Sarah White­head

    Ter­ri­ble!It’s actu­al­ly a very nice ket­tle, very quick to boil, nice-look­ing, but with one problem…it leaks every­where. It’s so dan­ger­ous. For the first month, it was absolute­ly fine, and then I came home from shop­ping one day, went to make a cof­fee, lift­ed the ket­tle up and it just poured out of the bot­tom. All of the elec­tri­cal base was wet. Such a ridicu­lous design. They’ve put holes at the bot­tom of the ket­tle (Lord knows why). I’ve seen oth­er peo­ple say the same thing on reviews. And it’s not like I over­fill it, I usu­al­ly only put two cups worth in there. So now, I make sure it’s emp­ty after using it, or I just don’t put it back on the base, which is a pain. Con­tact­ed Ama­zon, but because it’s been over a month, I couldn’t get a refund, which is a bit of a joke. Such a dan­ger­ous ket­tle — shouldn’t be sold. So, I’ll have to buy a replace­ment now (not from Ama­zon!). It’s a shame, because if it wasn’t for that, it would be a real­ly good ket­tle. It also doesn’t have a filter.

  6. fix

    Trash last­ed 1 year!We bought this after read­ing an arti­cle about plas­tic ket­tles putting mil­lions of tiny par­ti­cles of plas­tic into your boiled water. This was the cheap­est one with a tem­per­a­ture con­trol func­tion. I did­n’t real­ly want the tea fil­ter part but it does­n’t inter­fere with pour­ing water in. The tem­per­a­ture con­trol is rel­a­tive­ly easy. It boils slow­er than our last ket­tle but I can wait an extra 30secs for my drink! If one of your bug­bears is a smooth pour you may not like this because…it does­n’t pour smooth­ly, although it does­n’t actu­al­ly drip either.I don’t like it beep­ing at me all the time, but that’s anoth­er thing I can live with.The most impor­tant thing for me is that 1. It works (I’ve had ket­tles that have had very short lives) and 2. There’s no plas­tic com­ing into con­tact with the water. The only plas­tic parts are around the base and on the han­dle to pro­tect your hand from the heat.9th May 2021 guess what…it stopped work­ing. It won’t switch on. E1 on the led indi­ca­tor. Typ­i­cal. I’ve changed my review from 4/5 to 1/5 because, to be frank, I expect a ket­tle to last for more than a year!

  7. Liam

    Just Like Elvis — Dead On ArrivalThis may be a great ket­tle, this may be the king of ket­tles but I will nev­er know as when it arrived it was dead as the prover­bial Dodo.It looked great though and for a brief moment, I con­sid­ered using it as a kitchen art instal­la­tion but decid­ed for the price I’d rather return it and get some­thing that actu­al­ly boiled water and made tea.In all seri­ous­ness, as I nev­er used it I can’t speak for how well it would have worked and I returned it with no issues what­so­ev­er, but if an item I pur­chase turns up and it does­n’t pow­er on I ques­tion the build qual­i­ty and the qual­i­ty con­trol and just buy a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent product.

  8. G

    The ket­tle blew upAfter read­ing the in-depth man­u­al, I plugged in the ket­tle to the main plug, turned on the ket­tle. After a bang, a bright light and tripped fuse in the house, I unplugged the ket­tle war­i­ly. I con­tem­plat­ed replac­ing the fuse in the plug but I am obvi­ous­ly hes­i­tant. I don’t know if this is just one defec­tive ket­tle or they’re all pro­duced with unsafe electrics.Very dis­ap­point­ed as I was excit­ed to use the tem­per­a­ture control.

  9. Vashar­al

    I loved this Ket­tle but it broke down on me 🙁I real­ly enjoy this ket­tle to make my hot bev­er­ages. What I like about this is the fact that it’s heat­ing to the tem­per­a­ture that you desire for your drinks and it’s easy to see through with­out esti­mat­ing the water.It has a cool fea­ture for tea mak­ing also, although I bare­ly use it unless I would serve visitors.The rea­son why I like this ket­tle the most is that you can see when it’s a good time to clean it, as water is quite hard in Eng­land and it tends to become quite cal­care­ous. When I see that, I gen­er­al­ly pour some vine­gar in it and leave it for a cou­ple of hours. After­ward, the vine­gar destroys the cal­car and I can give it a nice wash and looks like new. Hav­ing to see what is like can be a bless­ing and a curse, but def­i­nite­ly one of my favorite pur­chas­es of all time.Update: After pur­chas­ing this ket­tle, a year ago, back in July 2020, I can sad­ly say that the ket­tle’s han­dle broke in the upper side. The plas­tic stopped hold­ing the ket­tle, although the ket­tle is still func­tion­al. I real­ly like the ket­tle, but it’s lifes­pan has end­ed as it puts me or my wife to risk of self-burn­ing if the low­er han­dle decides to break as well. I can’t risk but to say that this prod­uct los­es 2 stars because of it’s durability.It’s great over­all with it’s func­tion­al­i­ty, but it does­n’t seem to be worth hav­ing on a long run when you can nev­er know when it will break.

  10. John

    Loose top and leaky bot­tom, end­ing with elec­tri­cal fail­ureI don’t often give 1 star but there should have been a prod­uct recall here. I did­n’t prop­er­ly acknowl­edge the leak­ing at first — I often only boil 500ml and it’s usu­al­ly left emp­ty, but if it does spend time with much water in, IT WILL LEAK!Next, the lid does­n’t fit prop­er­ly, some­thing isn’t com­plete­ly round. You have to rotate it slight­ly to find the point where it grips a bit, oth­er­wise it’ll fall off as you pour.The final insult, prob­a­bly as a result of the leak­ing, it will devel­op an elec­tri­cal fault. Mine now gives the error code E1, as do many oth­ers look­ing at reviews. If you fill it reg­u­lar­ly, this will prob­a­bly hap­pen in less than 12 months, so you can claim a refund. Mine last­ed a bit longer and the sell­er does­n’t want to know now! Small claims court would undoubt­ed­ly side with me as UK con­sumer law is clear on such mat­ters, but do I want the extra stress?.……positive note — the sell­er may have refused to refund me, but Ama­zon have now offered to. Thanks Ama­zon. Just wait­ing to see it they recall it now, or at least stop sell­ing it.

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