BIC 4 Colours Original, Retractable Ballpoint Pens, Ideal for School, Medium Point (1.0mm), Multi-coloured, Pack of 3


Brand Bic
Age range (description) Adult
Colour Classic
Material Plastic
Ink colour Multicolour
Point type Medium
Unit count 3.0 count
Style 4 Colour
Item dimensions L x W x H 8 x 1.8 x 19.7 centimetres
Grip type Ribbed







  • Change colours without changing pens: the BIC 4 Colours Original pen is blue, red, green and black ink all in one
  • With the 4 medium 1.0 mm ballpoints, a totally versatile BIC Biro pen for crisp precision writing or bullet journaling
  • Classic design featuring the round blue and white barrel, a side clip and the signature clicking buttons
  • Long live the BIC 4 Colours pen: each refillable ink cartridge writes for an average of 2 km
  • Built to last, these retractable pens are made in France with minimal materials and certified by the NF Environnement eco-label


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Product Description

In 1970, French entre­pre­neur Mar­cel Bich intro­duced the BIC 4 Colours Orig­i­nal ball­point, a pen that could change colours in a click with­out chang­ing pens. This pack con­tains 3 blue, black, red and green ink all in one pens includ­ing 1 bonus! Ground-break­ing then and leg­endary now, BIC fans around the world have been using the BIC 4 Colours pen for ages. Mil­lions of BIC 4 Colours pens have been sold and they each hold a spe­cial place in some­one’s heart. For some it’s their trusty pen, for oth­ers it’s a tool of the trade. Pupils and high school stu­dents could­n’t take notes with­out it and artists depend on it for inspi­ra­tion. It’s a cinch to spot the time­less design of the BIC 4 Colours pen with the two-tone bar­rel, con­ve­nient clip for attach­ing it to your note­book or pock­et, and the sig­na­ture lan­yard hole on top. A gen­uine BIC.

Manufacturer’s Description

For more than 60 years Bic has cre­at­ed and pro­duced sim­ple, inven­tive and reli­able prod­ucts, which are the pre­ferred choice of mil­lions of con­sumers worldwide!

From the manufacturer


A BIC pen for a wide variety of writing activities




4 colours in 1 pen

This 4 Colours Orig­i­nal pen is per­fect to keep your­self organ­ised, take notes and pre­pare for presentations.

You can choose between blue, black, red and green, allow­ing you to eas­i­ly colour-code your work.

Retractable 1,0 mm points

The round bar­rel con­tains four retractable 1,0 mm points.

Each point has a dif­fer­ent colour of ink inside, allow­ing you to eas­i­ly switch between blue, black, red and green as you write.

An average writing length of 8 000 meters !

Each refill­able ink car­tridge writes for an aver­age writ­ing length of 2 km — that’s a total of 8 km, mak­ing this pen a per­fect tool for a pro­longed use.

It has also been accred­it­ed with NF Envi­ron­ment eco-label, mak­ing it a per­fect pen for the envi­ron­men­tal­ly con­scious people.


BIC is simplicity itself

BIC pro­vides essen­tial, icon­ic and reli­able prod­ucts. We adapt and devel­op our prod­ucts to the chang­ing needs of the consumer.

Our every­day goal: cre­ate some­thing for every­one to use that is sim­ple, yet reli­able, and pro­vides a solu­tion for some­thing that we all do. This vision is at the heart of every brand deci­sion BIC makes.

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Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 8 × 1.8 × 19.7 cm
Product Dimensions

8 x 1.8 x 19.7 cm; 40 Grams

Date First Available

22 Feb. 2011



Item model number


Country of origin





  1. John

    What is not to know about this clas­sic prod­uct?First­ly, i did­nt ‘need’ this but for some rea­son i had always want­ed one, since i was younger and now i got these at Prime deal for £2.99, which is still i believ­er the price of them, i love it, of course i did that thing where i scrib­bled in all the colours on paper as we all do with a new pen. (why not!)The fact you get three in the pack is great and also i noticed that there is a small loop at the top to attach a keyring to or maybe for a lan­yard per­haps, great idea. It would have a been good to maybe swap out a deplet­ed colour to swap with anoth­er from anoth­er of the same prod­uct, or as oth­er review­ers have sug­gest­ed a rub­ber grip, but this is no way detracts from the review as i knew what i was expect­ing so for me 5 Stars this time!

  2. M.Y.V.I.E.W

    Icon­ic pen. Per­fec­tion for a bar­gain price.This is a beau­ti­ful­ly made icon­ic pen, as used by Don­na Paulsen in the tv series Suits. The two tone blue and white orig­i­nal is par­tic­u­lar­ly attrac­tive. You won’t find any defects in the mould­ing of the plas­tic. Every­thing is so accu­rate­ly machined. Even the engrav­ing ‘MADE IN FRANCE’ is per­fect­ly etched into the plas­tic. Func­tion­al­ly too, the pen is bril­liant — smooth­ly flow­ing ink, quick and smooth colour chang­ing mech­a­nism. Every­thing about this pen is per­fec­tion. The ink also seems to be long-last­ing. I have had some of these for years and they are still going strong, but I could­n’t resist buy­ing some more at the bar­gain price of £3.24 for 3.

  3. Toma­to Ketchup

    Con­tin­ue to be one of my favourite pens to use.I have always enjoyed writ­ing with these BIC 4 colour pens. The qual­i­ty con­tin­ues to be fan­tas­tic — all colours pro­duc­ing nice bold lines. It’s so handy to have a choice of pens in one pen and to not have a lid to lose or chew. It’s a shame that they are not refill­able to my knowl­edge, as it seems like a bit of a waste as they are so well made — not brit­tle like your stan­dard BIC, which I tend to chew and break before they run out of ink. I will have to inves­ti­gate refills as that would be more envi­ron­men­tal — although these last a good amount of time, so I’m not put off.

  4. Helana

    Excel­lent Mul­ti Colour Pens…These days you don’t nor­mal­ly car­ry around a cam­era, tele­phone, map, cam­era, torch,etc all separately,instead we car­ry around a smartphone.So why car­ry around sev­er­al pens when you could car­ry this sin­gle won­der of a pen around!The ink flows out of the pen nicely,and the colours are bright. (Except of the red ink in two of them, which I’m pret­ty sure was a one off issue)A pack of 3 pens for £3.63* is an absolute bargain!The pri­ma­ry rea­son I’m giv­ing this prod­uct 4 stars and not 5 is sim­ply down to the fact that while these pens are sol­id and made from durable plas­tic, it’s just not pre­mi­um enough for me. Maybe by adding some rub­ber, alu­mini­um and choos­ing dark­er colours this pen could look even better.But for £3.63 I can’t com­plain!* Price of £3.63 is at the time of this review*If this review was in any way help­ful, please ‘gimme’ a vote 🙂

  5. eZe

    Ide­al For: List Mak­ing, Note Tak­ing and Doo­dle Draw­ing!What more could you need than a pen, with colours in one? I remem­ber hav­ing some of these when I was a kid, and now I am unsure why I did­nt replace them sooner!Surprisingly thin and easy to hold, these pens are ide­al when mak­ing lists; as alter­na­tive lines can be drawn in dif­fer­ent colours — mak­ing them ever so easy on the eye. The dif­fer­ent colours can also be used to sym­bol­ize pri­or­i­ties with­in the list.I also find that these pens are great dur­ing meet­ings, with the dif­fer­ent colours allow­ing you to eas­i­ly cat­e­go­rize notes on your page — mak­ing them under­stand­able, even long after the meet­ing is over. Gone are the days of jum­bled, non­sen­si­cal notes.I have used these pens for over 2 hours in a sin­gle sit­ting on mul­ti­ple occa­sions — and they are still com­fort­able and very easy to grip.(Can con­firm that these pens are also great for doo­dles and draw­ings when in work!)

  6. Mike

    Great mul­ti-colour biroThis 4‑colour BIC biro is a sim­ple and effec­tive way of car­ry­ing 4 pens in one sim­ple device — great if you need to con­stant­ly switch between colours when writ­ing or edit­ing text on paper or mak­ing high­light­ed notes. It is slight­ly large in the hand com­pared to a nor­mal pen but is actu­al­ly more com­fort­able because of its smooth bar­rel. It takes a lit­tle bit of prac­tice to adjust to its shape but once that is done it writes with the same lev­el of con­trol as an ordi­nary pen. The down­sides are that there is less ink in each of the four “car­tridges” than you might expect and you end up replac­ing the whole pen when only one colour is exhaust­ed. For me the “pros” out weight the “con“s so these are now my biro of choice.

  7. Teacher­mum

    Best pens for schoolMy daugh­ter uses these in her sec­ondary school.You’ll know (or will find out if you have chil­dren) that sec­ondary schools require a range of colours for var­i­ous mark­ing. You need a blue or black pen for one thing, a green (but not red) one for peer mark­ing.… a red for respond­ing to feedback!Of course, every school is dif­fer­ent, but hav­ing a pen with four colours in one is great. I buy this on save and sub­scribe… as, although four colours in one pen is great, it does mean that all four colours are gone if she los­es the pen! Which she does often! Cheap enough for me not to stress about it though.

  8. David

    Best pen for an engi­neer!These are won­der­ful. 3 and a half use­ful colours in one pen (let’s face it, you’ll nev­er run out of green!)Great for site sur­veys and doing quick side notes. On tech­ni­cal drawings.A bold trick is to pull the green out and replace it with anoth­er black or blue. It leaves you with a pen with 2 greens, but it’s worth the sac­ri­fice to have a pen with dou­ble the colour you actu­al­ly use!

  9. Ali

    Nos­tal­gic!Not very easy to hold or com­fort­able to write with, and feels very pla­s­ticky in hand!Although it’s a nice nos­tal­gic pen from high school!If you need to write and make a clean note with dif­fer­ent colours, it’s very useful.It is worth the money.

  10. MR D

    SIMPLY THE BEST 👍👌I pur­chased these Bic biro pens To have scat­tered around the house — one in front RoomOne in Kitchen & 1 in Bed­room 👍 Super Handy to Have for When you need to write some­thing down.They are love­ly to hold & com­fort­able in hand !!!I like the fact you can attach them with some string so you can Hang them up 👌👍Each one comes with 4 dif­fer­ent Colours.These pens have been going for Year I remem­ber hav­ing One when I was in school 30 years ago Which is crazy to think .There Extreme­ly Reli­able & the ink seems to Keep going for ever 🙂I have noth­ing Bad to say about These Pens , There Just Superb !!!I Would Def­i­nite­ly Rec­om­mend These To Any­one look­ing For a Decent Biro 👍👌👍

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