BEAUTURAL Steamer for Clothes, Portable Handheld Garment Fabric Wrinkles Remover, 30-Second Fast Heat-up, Auto-Off, Large


Colour Aqua
Item weight 930 Grams
Power / Wattage 1200 watts
Heat time 0.5 minutes
  • Instantly freshen your clothes: Powerful 1200W steamer with large 260ml Water tank steams Continuously for 15 minutes and preheats in only 35 seconds or less
  • Anti-leakage: Can be used both vertically and horizontally with no leaking; Convenient for clothes, table clothes, sofas, and so much more
  • Automatic shut-off: Never burn or blister your hands with low-water and 8-minute inactivity automatic shut-off, and electric leakage and over-heating protection
  • Continuous steam function: Use the lock button for continuous steam with no need to keep the trigger pushed down; Super convenient for steaming large items
  • An ultra-long 1.9m cord provides maximum reach and convenience. Plus, every single steamer cable is rigorously tested for maximum safety and durability


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From the manufacturer



Powerful Steam output

Con­tin­u­ous steam on demand; impres­sive steam flow to smooth away the wrin­kles and re-fresh your gar­ments or drapes instantly.

Large Capacity Water Tank

Trans­par­ent Detach­able 8.79oz/260ml water tank for eas­i­er fill­ing and 15 min­utes of unin­ter­rupt­ed steaming.

Instantly freshen your clothes

The 230°F steam pen­e­trates deep into the fab­ric, refresh­ing your clothes. Keep the fab­rics around your home away from dust mites and more!

Ready in 30 Seconds

Your time is valu­able, so don’t waste it! Just plug it in and be ready to steam in 30 sec­onds or less.

No Leaking, No Spilling

Pump-steam tech­nol­o­gy allows steam of clothes whether hang­ing ver­ti­cal­ly or lying flat.

Safety Features

Auto­mat­ic shut-off when over-heat­ed or after 8 min­utes of inactivity.

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Additional information

Weight 930 kg
Dimensions 30 × 19.1 × 14.8 cm


Model Number




Package Dimensions

30 x 19.1 x 14.8 cm; 930 Grams

Power Wattage

1200 watts

Special Features


Item Weight

930 g



Date First Available

9 Dec. 2016




  1. Ama­zon Customer

    You can teach old dogs new tricksI have nev­er ironed before this was just anoth­er thing appeared on my bed but wife passed away I tried to mas­ter it but with­out suc­cess until I came across this. I can now do a pass­able shirt and oth­er things, very easy to use well worth the money.

  2. hem

    Fan­tas­ticThe media could not be loaded.

     This is a great steam­er. It clears out the wrin­kles from a fresh­ly washed cloth. Yet to try it on extreme­ly wrin­kled clothes.It is of a good stur­dy build. With one fill­ing of water I steamed six pieces of cloth­ing. I hang the clothes on a hangar from the door and then steam it, as shown in the video.I have had this steam­er for two months now and it has per­formed well. I would def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend this product.

  3. Alex4y

    Small but capa­bleI bought this steam­er for my hol­i­day, as last time I trav­eled the hotel had very bad iron that was burn­ing my clothes. I’m quite impressed by this lit­tle steam­er. I have been work­ing with big, proffe­sion­al one in the past and I could say that the per­for­mance of this one comes close to it. Very quick and con­ve­nient way to straight the wrin­cles, with­out mess­ing about with iron­ing boards and irons. It warms up pret­ty quick and ready to use (about 20sec.). The steam­er comes with cou­ple of dif­fer­ent attach­ments includ­ing 2 brush­es — one for win­ter coats and anoth­er for wool and plush mate­ri­als, ide­al to clean pet hairs. The water tank is enough to steam one shirt with­out refilling.I would rec­om­mend this steam­er to any­one that can’t be both­ered with con­ven­tion­al ironing.

  4. Joyce

    Absolute life­saver — wish I had one ear­li­er!I want­ed to wait a while before I wrote a review as I have seen some mixed opin­ions due to faulty prod­ucts, leak­ing (eek!) etc. but after 1 month, I’ve only got pos­i­tive things to say about this steam­er! I bought it as it was­n’t the ket­tle-shaped mini type, which appar­ent­ly can’t be tipped side­ways. It is a pret­ty strong steam­er, and heats up impres­sive­ly fast. Sim­ple to use, and yes whilst it won’t replace the iron for those crisp white shirts which need high­er heat, this is a LIFESAVER for a wrinkly tshirt, or creased skirt. Those quick last minute fix­es when pick­ing your out­fit! It real­ly beats hav­ing to wait for an iron to get up, get­ting the iron­ing board out. My boyfriend and I love this so far. He actu­al­ly “irons” now! (he used to just avoid any creased items in his wardrobe — me too hon­est­ly). I’m very hap­py with it so far and the small­er capac­i­ty water tank does­n’t both­er me — enough for sin­gle or 1 1/2 uses. Our indus­tri­al size steam­er we bought a while ago (and broke quick­ly) was a total waste of mon­ey. Buy this instead. Love it!

  5. Mal

    Upright steam­erIf you like the super-smooth effect of ironed cloth­ing this may not be the best thing for you. Hav­ing said that though, this is a handy lit­tle piece of kit. If, like me, you hate iron­ing then this will be very use­ful. I found it works bet­ter with one of the brush­es attached and although they say you don’t have to do both sides of the gar­ment because the steam goes right through, I think that prob­a­bly applies only to lighter gar­ments. I found for heav­ier mate­r­i­al like trousers, I did have to steam both back and front. This will encour­age me to steam my clothes as they are washed rather than wait until I have a bas­ket full of iron­ing because I can’t be both­ered to get the iron­ing board out for 1 or 2 items! I’m also pleased that you can use it hor­i­zon­tal as well as ver­ti­cal so I can steam the mat­tress on my bed and keep that fresh too. Don’t wait until you have lots of clothes to do as you will find you have to fill it with water often. Don’t think this is meant to replace your iron com­plete­ly but if you’re short on space or in a hur­ry it will save you time. I like it.

  6. OrenF

    Most use­less prod­uct I ever boughtI pur­chased this prod­uct under the promise it would replace my iron and that I won’t need to use my iron­ing board ever again. Sim­ply place the gar­ment on a hang­er, use this prod­uct to spray steam over the gar­ment and that’s it.I could­n’t be more wrong!!!I used an entire tank of water on one shirt, sprayed the steam all over it for a few min­utes, and the shirt stays wrin­kled. Maybe some minor small wrin­kles are han­dled, but it’s not noticeable.In addi­tion, the prod­uct is not that light­weight, so using it ver­ti­cal­ly for a few min­utes is not that comfortable.Further than that, it is quite large, so it is not that suit­able for trav­el (not that I was think­ing to use it for that).Bottom line, this prod­uct does­n’t do any­thing I was expect­ing it to do.Update from 06/05/19:The prod­uct page was edit­ed to empha­size that this is not an iron replace­ment. In addi­tion I was con­tact­ed by the com­pa­ny to noti­fy me that they have tak­en my feed­back seri­ous­ly and act­ing to cor­rect the infor­ma­tion. In addi­tion they offered me a refund for the prod­uct. I’m hap­py to see that the com­pa­ny is imple­ment­ing the feed­back pro­vid­ed by the cus­tomers and act­ing in trans­paren­cy and honesty.Therefore I changed my rat­ing to 3 stars.

  7. Giulio

    Heav­en send! Total­ly love itSuper easy to use and amaz­ing­ly effi­cient. It heats up Very quick­ly and has a cool lock on the trig­ger so it can con­tin­u­ous­ly steam. The water stor­age unit is easy to fill and snaps in eas­i­ly. Very stur­dy and well made. A trick I learnt is when steam­ing shirt at first I keep the top but­ton and every alter­nate but­ton closed. Once the the shirt is done open all but­tons except the top but­ton, so now you can steam behind the row of but­tons and the strip where the but­ton­holes are.

  8. Luxe Mama

    Real­ly prac­ti­cal and easy to useThis is a fan­tas­tic steam clean­er. Once you get used to the tech­nique of hold­ing and steam­ing, you can steam each item quite quick­ly. Make sure you hang them up on a stur­dy hang­er to make the job eas­i­er. The colour is a love­ly blue/green.

  9. Natalia

    Only works on poly­ester fab­rics and not cot­ton or silk.The media could not be loaded.

     I have tried a range of gar­ments as I had high hopes regard­ing this prod­uct. And I’ve con­clud­ed that it only works well on syn­thet­ic mate­ri­als, such as, poly­ester and acrylic. It doesn’t do the job on cot­ton and silk.I have includ­ed the pho­tos and videos of 3 dif­fer­ent types of fab­rics. The colour­ful dress is made of very fine silk. The steam­er only dearth with very fine sur­face wrin­kles, but not the rest of them. Con­sid­er­ing that the mate­r­i­al is very fine, I would have expect­ed for it to be wrinkle-free.The next fab­ric is a green­ish skirt which is made of cot­ton and vis­cose blend. It is a thick­er fab­ric, but not as thick as a pil­low case, for instance. It didn’t do a good job there at all. This skirt would def­i­nite­ly need to be ironed.The third exam­ple is of a navy blue dress, 100% poly­ester. The fab­ric is thick­er than the colour­ful silk dress. And the steam­er dealt with it brilliantly.Since major­i­ty of my clothes are cot­ton and silk, I would not be able to use the steam­er the way I had orig­i­nal­ly antic­i­pat­ed. I would still keep it for oth­er spe­cial occa­sion out­fits which I do have and are made of poly­ester. But it wouldn’t be my to go to solu­tion and def­i­nite­ly would not sub­sti­tute an iron.

  10. D.

    Per­forms as expect­edBought this a cou­ple of days ago and so far have used it to steam one busi­ness shirt, one polo shirt and a heav­ier cot­ton coat. All mate­ri­als lost their wrin­kles nice­ly and returned to a wear­able state. Need­less to say, it’s not as per­fect as an iron and I’m sure a pro­fes­sion­al could iron these items faster than I can steam them, but for me per­son­al­ly, I’d take longer to achieve the same result with an iron.

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