BCAA Tablets, Branched Chain Amino Acids By Opal Fitness Nutrition, – Vegan BCAA+ With Vitamin B6 to Aid Absorption, — UK


Age range (description) Adult
Format Tablet
Material feature Vegan
Units 120 count
Item weight 1 Gram
  • INCREASE NET GAINS AND BOOST PERFORMANCE: BCAAs are used by athletes worldwide to help prevent muscle breakdown during a cutting or weight loss phase. BCAAs can also be used by athletes and bodybuilders during a mass or bulking phase
  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE FORMULA: Opal Fitness BCAA+ contains Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine in the optimum 2:1:1 ratio. Leucine stimulates protein synthesis, aiding muscle growth. Isoleucine increases glucose uptake to help more effectively burn energy
  • CONVENIENT TABLET FORM: Easy to swallow and without the aftertaste common with powdered BCAA. For best results take 2-4 tablets of BCAA pre-workout. Each 120-tablet bottle of BCAA+ provides a 4-8 week supply, meaning one or two bottles can support an entire cutting phase
  • CONTAINS VITAMIN B6: Vitamin B6 is vital for the metabolism of BCAA. It also has the added benefits of immune system support and can help reduce tiredness and fatigue
  • SUITABLE FOR VEGANS – Like all Opal Fitness products, BCAA tablets are suitable for vegans


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Product Description

BCAA Tablets
Our Mission Opal Fitness

Opal Fitness is driven by a passion for helping hard working humans to become the best version of themselves.

Our Mission Opal Fitness
Expert Knowledge Opal Fitness
Real Results Opal Fitness Max Chegwyn
Opal Fitness Made in UK manufactured

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Important information


Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) prepa­ra­tion (L‑leucine, L‑isoleucine, L‑valine, car­ri­er: hydroxy propyl methyl cel­lu­lose); bulk­ing agent: cel­lu­lose (E406i); anti-cak­ing agent: mag­ne­sium stearate; pyri­dox­ine hydrochlo­ride (vit­a­min B6), anti-cak­ing agent: sil­i­con dioxide.

Legal Disclaimer

Con­sult your GP before tak­ing food sup­ple­ments. Store in a cool, dry place and out of reach of chil­dren. Do not use if the safe­ty seal is bro­ken or dam­aged. This prod­uct is man­u­fac­tured on equip­ment which process­es prod­ucts con­tain­ing nuts, milk, gluten, egg, soya and peanuts.

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Additional information


140 Grams


120 count





Age Range Description


Country of origin

United Kingdom



Date First Available

29 May 2016




  1. CCV

    Incon­sis­tent infor­ma­tion on labelsPoor­ly print­ed label looks real­ly naff. Also one part of the label states a dose of 2–4 tablets dai­ly, anoth­er part of the label states take one tablet dai­ly for best results.In short I don’t trust this prod­uct and won’t be using it.

  2. Mr T

    Casu­al vit­a­min pills — ‘fin­ished bot­tle’12th June 2020:I bought this in Sep­tem­ber 2019, I nor­mal­ly take these after a work­out — so 2x of these.These pills are ish hard to swal­low but do-able, no flavour at all, no bad taste of swal­lowed with no water.Accompanied with fit­ness and weights not a mas­sive dif­fer­ence how­ev­er, Amino Acids / BCAA helps in recov­ery and repair, as I use these for after work­out these are so use­ful for cur­ing that post work­out pain. I rec­om­mend these more of a way to reduce mus­cle pain and tiredness.Easier to do work­outs in next day with­out paid or mus­cle tiredness.Haven’t seen any side affects both phys­i­cal­ly and mentally.I take these with some oth­er mul­ti vit­a­min pills etc.Overall would buy again only for mus­cle repair and anti tiredness.2 pills after a work­out is per­fect. No need to take everyday

  3. Sam wells

    Tried , tesst­ed , approved.I’ve used BCCA in pow­der form before , I’ve recent­ly upped my ses­sions at the gym and with all the pro­tein shakes I take thought I’d go with the tablet form this time round , no mix­ing or mea­sur­ing required . I take 2 in the morn­ing and 2 before bed , I noticed a diffrence with­in 2 days of use , increased mus­cle sta­mi­na which is essen­tial to me as I do a min­i­mum of 8 gym ses­sions a week , excel­lent prod­uct high­ly recommended.

  4. S. Slinn

    I like these!I chose this par­tic­u­lar brand of BCAA because, on read­ing prod­uct review­ers here, I noticed an image of the tablet and remarks it was easy enough to take. Obvi­ous­ly, your expe­ri­ence may vary, but I found the tablet size to be very much com­pa­ra­ble to the Calcium/Vitamin D sup­ple­ment I already take so was com­fort­able tak­ing these.The big ques­tion is, of course, do they work? Hon­est­ly, I have no com­ment on the actu­al sci­ence, except thatI know that the gen­er­al sug­ges­tion is that if you eat a bal­anced diet, you don’t need BCAA. I know I don’t eat a bal­anced diet, though, and cer­tain­ly not in terms of con­sum­ing BCAA at a timed inter­val before work­ing out. I use sports tech­nol­o­gy to track my work­outs and have seen some improve­ment — is this because the prod­uct is work­ing, or I just *think* it does? I’m not sure that I care about the dif­fer­ence! Time will tell, of course, but I am hap­py with my pur­chase and, if I was to elect to keep going, I would con­tin­ue using this brand/seller.

  5. Aaron11892

    Great val­ueJust pur­chased my third one of these and I’ve got to say these are the best val­ue bcaa tablets you can get for the price. I take two a day and they last around 2 months. Tablets are easy to swal­low. I haven’t come across any cheap­er ones that pro­vide the same amount of serv­ings. Great product!

  6. Ex Roy­al Marine — Bear

    Not very goodI am not impressed with this item because when I got it there was a fun­ny smell and a fun­ny taste from it I put it down to me think­ing it was just my taste buds, but then took it for a few weeks still bad smell and fun­ny taste stop it and had severe cramps in my stom­ach went saw my GP he smelled the items in the tub and said they do not smell right. I stopped them and the cramps and stom­ach issues start­ed to get bet­ter after a few days. I will no longer buy this item as it near­ly killed me as I nev­er felt as sore in my life.

  7. Luke Bithell

    Fast Deliv­ery and Great Sup­ple­mentReal­ly grate­ful for the swift delivery!I haven’t tak­en BCAAs in years.Working as a class instruc­tor and Per­son­al Train­er, as well as doing my own ses­sions, I’mAlways sore and rarely fresh.Only been back on them recent­ly and recov­ery has been incredible!Within a few days, I’ve already gained strength in most of my lifts and o feel more ener­getic. Even if it’s just a place­bo, I believe it’s been worth the purchase.Will buy again!

  8. Simon Whipps

    Gym Gamechang­er!I was skep­ti­cal at first but now i rec­om­mend these to all my fel­low gym bud­dies. Tak­ing these allows me to train hard­er and more often as i don’t get that achey mus­cle feel­ing any­where near as much or for as long. I’ll def­i­nite­ly be using this sup­ple­ment long-term. Give it a try!

  9. Bil­lal Malik

    Every­day BCAAsBCAAs are a key com­po­nent for every­day health and mus­cle build­ing, I bare­ly use any sup­ple­ments but swear by BCAAs.I thought I would try these out and they are not bad at all, not too big so fair­ly easy to digest and no strange after taste either.Content is pret­ty good for the price also!

  10. Rob

    Awe­some­ness in a tabletI’ve been using BCAA for a week now.I start­ed run­ning about a month or so ago. I was strug­gling to bet­ter my time and dis­tance hov­er­ing around 3 miles. I’ve noticed the dif­fer­ence since start­ing these. Mus­cle fatigue has reduced recov­ery is bet­ter and I’m run­ning 6 miles now.I’m not say­ing this sole­ly rests on the BCAA tablets. I do how­ev­er think these have helped a lot.I’ll def­i­nite­ly be buy­ing more from this supplier

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