AVANT | Rose Facial Serum | Aims to Renew the Skin & amp; Reduce Signs of Ageing & amp; Stress | Damascan Rose Petals Revitalising Facial

£ 111.46


A beauty refiner, enriched with precious petals and extract of Orchid. It is the ideal product to renew the skin and fight the signs of aging and stress. Its formula contains a new generation of fermented active agents that act with a booster effect to enhance the beauty results.


Aims to purify and illuminate skin Contributes to improving the appearance of sagging skin and signs of stress


Apply the essence in the morning and at night after cleaning, directly with your hands. Make movements from inside to the outside of the face, with your fingertips pressing slightly to release the actives.


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From the manufacturer


Dam­as­can Rose Petals Revi­tal­is­ing Facial Serum is a beau­ty refin­er enriched with pre­cious petals and extract of Orchid. It is the ide­al prod­uct to renew the skin and fight the signs of age­ing and stress. Its for­mu­la con­tains a new gen­er­a­tion of fer­ment­ed active agents that act with a boost­er effect to enhance the serum’s results

Contains the perfect combination of:

  • Rose
  • Hyaluron­ic Acid
  • Oligopep­tide





Rose works to buff away dead skin cells and impu­ri­ties to reveal a soft, fresh, and youth­ful eye area. Its light-reflec­tive prop­er­ties aim to illu­mi­nate del­i­cate skin, soft­en­ing flaws and boost­ing radiance

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluron­ic Acid aims to pen­e­trate deep into the skin to inten­sive­ly hydrate and instant­ly helps improve the appear­ance of fine lines, wrin­kles and sag­ging skin


Har­bour­ing pow­er­ful skin bright­en­ing prop­er­ties, Oligopep­tide aims to stim­u­late the pro­duc­tion of col­la­gen and to puri­fy skin





1. Apply the essence in the morn­ing and at night after cleans­ing direct­ly with your hands

2. Make move­ments from the inside to the out­side of the face with your fin­ger­tips press­ing slight­ly to release the actives

3. In the neck area the move­ments must be dif­fer­ent. With the open hand, car­ry out con­tin­u­ous strokes and pinch­ing along the face’s con­tour to stim­u­late circulation

3. The goal is to improve hydra­tion, make the skin resis­tant by cre­at­ing the con­di­tions to make it young and vital for a long time. We rec­om­mend the use of this serum in peri­ods when the skin appears more tired or dur­ing the sea­son changes.

For all skin types

This Rose Facial Serum is the per­fect ally for those seek­ing to improve radi­ance and softness


The Dam­as­can Rose Petals Revi­tal­is­ing Facial Serum aims to puri­fy and illu­mi­nate skin, con­tribut­ing to improve the appear­ance of sag­ging skin and signs of stress


Avant, redefining Skincare-to-Share

At Avant we believe beau­ty should be a source of con­fi­dence. With such diverse skin con­di­tions we help every­one devel­op a pos­i­tive rela­tion­ship with the way they look and realise their full poten­tial through a unique approach to Our sci­en­tists and der­ma­tol­o­gists unite nat­ur­al ingre­di­ents and care­ful­ly select­ed sci­ence-based actives to cre­ate ground-break­ing for­mu­la­tions that gen­uine­ly trans­form your skin. Each ingre­di­ent has been cho­sen for its health and beau­ty ben­e­fits. The expe­ri­ence is excep­tion­al, the results are real skincare

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Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 3 cm
Product Dimensions

8 x 3 x 3 cm; 30 Grams

Date First Available

7 Sept. 2020



Item model number


Country of origin

United Kingdom


Avant Skincare


  1. Emma W

    Beat­i­ful prod­uctI have found this prod­uct real­ly love­ly to use. The pack­ag­ing is nice and the serum itself has a lit­tle col­umn of pink rose petals sus­pend­ed in it. A lit­tle of this prod­uct goes a long way, and it feels love­ly to apply to the skin. After appli­ca­tion my skin feels love­ly and hydrat­ed with no irri­ta­tion or adverse effects at all. I have not had this prod­uct for long enough to com­ment on improve­ment in lines and wrin­kles, but the ingre­di­ents hyaluron­ic acid is good for increas­ing mois­ture in the skin and oligopep­tides are small pro­tein build­ing blocks that hope­ful­ly will assist with col­la­gen production.My favourite part of this serum is the amaz­ing dusky rose petal scent — it is absolute­ly beau­ti­ful and it seems such a shame to cov­er it with anoth­er cream! It feels incred­i­bly lux­u­ri­ous to use and it brings a lit­tle joy to my day to use this.

  2. Natasha

    Lux­u­ry rose serum.This lux­u­ry rose petal serum comes in a 30ml trans­par­ent pump-style dis­penser. It has a light gel con­sis­ten­cy, absorbed quick­ly into the skin leav­ing it feel­ing soft and smooth instant­ly. The float­ing rose petals and the sub­tle rose scent make it such as lux­u­ri­ous addi­tion to my skin­care regime.Packed with nour­ish­ing fer­ment­ed active ingre­di­ents, this serum is said to help boost hydra­tion and, even­tu­al­ly revers­es the signs of aging with per­sis­tent con­tin­ued use. Hav­ing said that, I can see there’s fra­grance added, it’s for­mu­lat­ed low­er in the ingre­di­ent list – the last four, which means it has a much low­er con­cen­tra­tion and abil­i­ty to cause skin irri­ta­tion. If you have sen­si­tive skin, you might want to do a patch test first.While I have not had any adverse reac­tions to it, I have not noticed any dra­mat­ic result either. Nonethe­less, I notice my skin is soft­er and more hydrat­ed than before.The cur­rent price of this made in France serum is £115. With such a hefty price tag, I don’t think it will be afford­able to a lot of peo­ple. But I do believe this is a good serum that works as described with pro­longed use.Thank you for read­ing. Hope you have found it helpful.

  3. cll3

    Avant — Rose Facial Serum 30ml Lux­u­ri­ousAvant — Rose Facial Serum 30ml- Aims to Renew the Skin- Reduce Signs of Age­ing & Stress- Dam­as­can Rose Petals- Revi­tal­is­ing Facial Seru­mAn authen­tic delight of a prod­uct. The tex­ture is gel and leaves no residue at all and it’s not greasy. It’s quick­ly absorbed in the face in an instant effort­less with­out hav­ing to press. Just a sim­ple lay­er on your skin and instant glow and softness.A com­plete lux­u­ri­ous bot­tle with rose petals inside that adds to the aro­ma and scent of the prod­uct. It has a pump to allow the required amount of product.Not only looks won­der­ful but also feels won­der­ful when using it.The only lit­tle thing to add, is that for such a lux­u­ri­ous prod­uct, more care should apply when dis­patch­ing. As the box was open at the bot­tom and squished as shown in the picture.Nevertheless an out­stand­ing prod­uct that I could­n’t rec­om­mend enough

  4. Sham­myB

    Anoth­er fan­tas­tic Avant prod­uct!This prod­uct is intend­ed to be worn under­neath mois­turis­er to increase the mois­tur­is­ing effect. It has a sub­tle, light rose scent. It is nei­ther dry­ing nor greasy and seems to have a per­fect pH.My part­ner’s skin feels vey smooth and hydrat­ed after appli­ca­tion, and this prod­uct is one of the best serums she has tried.Oh, and the bot­tle looks fan­tas­tic in your bath­room or dress­ing table! This would make it a nice gift, although it comes in a very sim­ple box (prob­a­bly for eco-purposes).Overall, high­ly recommended.

  5. A.J. Sefton

    Lux­u­ry!A stun­ning prod­uct. The scent is like a high end fra­grance (can’t think which one) and the bot­tle has a win­dow in where pink rose petals hang sus­pend­ed. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, these petals can come out and stay blobbed on skin, but a minor con­cern for some­thing so gor­geous as this. It feels like lux­u­ry and the cost reflects this. So love­ly to use and to keep on the shelf. Is it doing any good? Well, it makes me feel bet­ter using it and skin cer­tain­ly feels soft. Time will tell I sup­pose. part of a divine skin­care range.

  6. Vicky and Family

    High end prod­uct!I am just in Love!The Rosy scent makes me feel so fresh and great after apply­ing it on my clean face.A beau­ty Refin­er, enriched with pre­cious petals and extract of orchid.Great prod­uct to renew the skin and fight the signs of aging and stress.Ingredients includ­ing rose, hyaluron­ic acid, and Oligopeptide.Rose buff away dead skin cells and impu­ri­ties to reveal soft, fresh, and youth­ful eye area.Leaves skin so soft and renewed­High­ly recommend!

  7. duomo2

    Works wellThis rose serum has lit­tle petals float­ing around inside the bot­tle. The instruc­tions say to use a pea sized amount, but actu­al­ly the serum is very watery and so you just get a lit­tle splash instead (see pho­to). It applies eas­i­ly and does seem to help my face cream stick, and it feels com­fort­able on the skin. I do expect a serum to be a bit thick­er though, and when I use it it feels like I am lay­er­ing anoth­er ton­er on top of my exist­ing one.

  8. Afua Dua­na Ampah

    Beau­ti­ful con­tain­er. Feels so lux­u­ri­ous on my faceThis is a beau­ti­ful­ly pack­aged serum, although out­er pack­age was very dis­ap­point­ing . The rose petals look very lux­u­ri­ous and high end . No over­pow­er­ing smell. Very very light on the skin, made my skin feel very smooth. Best serum I have ever used . Today my skin feels real­ly hydrat­ed after using this under the night mask of the same brand. Excel­lent brand

  9. The Berry 🍓

    A love­ly, gen­tle, skin-per­fect­ing serumThis is a gor­geous serum to use under mois­turis­er, which comes beau­ti­ful­ly pack­aged. The sus­pend­ed ‘rose petals’ add a bit of the­atre, and some­times that’s what you want when you’ve spent over £100 on a skin­care prod­uct (as well as supe­ri­or effi­ca­cy, of course…)The prod­uct is dis­pensed as a loose, watery serum which glides over the face and quick­ly dries. There is almost a slight tack­i­ness to the con­sis­ten­cy, which sounds strange, but actu­al­ly pro­vides a real­ly secure base for make­up with­out hav­ing any detri­men­tal effect on tex­ture, or absorben­cy of your moisturiser.I found that through­out the stay my skin remained more mat­te and my make­up stayed on bet­ter than it oth­er­wise would have done. I also think the serum adds a bit of a youth­ful glow to my face. That said, I haven’t noticed any actu­al improve­ment in fine lines, or any anti-age­ing ben­e­fits. The serum con­tains hyaluron­ic acid, which can plump up the skin — but only when inject­ed as fillers, not when used top­i­cal­ly. It also con­tains oligopep­tides which appar­ent­ly pro­mote the pro­duc­tion of col­la­gen but, again, I am sure that in such tiny con­cen­tra­tions there will be no real effect on col­la­gen production.Although this serum can’t real­ly make you look younger, it does add radi­ance and is a great base for makeup.

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