Andrew James Ice Maker Machine | Compact Portable Countertop Ice Cube Maker with 2.2L Tank | Ice Cubes in Under 10 Mins


Brand Andrew James
Capacity 0.7 Kilograms
Item dimensions L x W x H 35 x 33 x 24 centimetres
  • MAKE LARGE OR SMALL ICE CUBES IN 10 MINUTES -- The Andrew James Ice Cube Maker is perfect for summer BBQs or cosy evenings as it makes different sizes of ice cubes under 10 minutes. You can create the perfect size of ice cubes for your chilled drinks.
  • COMPACT SIZE, LARGE CAPACITY -- Despite its smaller size, this ice machine holds an impressive 2.2 litres of water and is capable of making up to 12kg of ice in 24 hours if you top up the water when indicated by the LED light.
  • NO PLUMBING OR DRAINAGE REQUIRED -- This ice maker machine is fully portable as it does not require any plumbing or drainage, and is slim enough to fit on the counter of even the busiest of kitchens.
  • EASY TO USE & CLEAN -- With the soft-touch control panel of the ice cube maker machine, you can select the size of ice required and the lights let you know when the ice is ready or when you need to top up the water. As for cleaning, all you have to do is wipe clean with a soft cloth, warm water, and mild detergent.
  • 2-YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY -- Shop with confidence. Your Andrew James Ice Maker is covered by a 2-year manufacturer warranty.


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Product Description

Black Ice Cube Maker

The Andrew James Ice Mak­er is the ide­al choice for quick­ly and eas­i­ly cre­at­ing ice in your own home or away on hol­i­day, as using it couldn’t be sim­pler. Hav­ing ice cubes ready is per­fect for mak­ing iced tea and cock­tails. There is no need to install for plumb­ing or drain­ing access — sim­ply place it on your work­top and add water. All you need is a suit­able pow­er source.

With the easy-to-nav­i­gate con­trol pan­el, you can turn your machine on and off using a one-touch but­ton and select the size of ice you would like to make — large or small. You can also see the size you have select­ed from the indi­ca­tor lights on the pan­el. The pan­el also fea­tures con­ve­nient indi­ca­tor lights that tell you when your machine is full and when it needs more water.

Please note that the Andrew James Ice Cube Mak­er is intend­ed for domes­tic use only and not to be used on an indus­tri­al or com­mer­cial level.

Andrew James Ice Cube Maker

Black Ice Cube Maker

Black Ice Cube Maker

Black Ice Cube Maker

Generous Capacity

Although the machine is com­pact and doesn’t take up much room on your work­top, it holds 2.4 litres of water, and can make up to 15kg of ice in 24 hours if the water is con­tin­u­al­ly topped up. It weighs just 2.2kg, mean­ing it can eas­i­ly be trans­port­ed between the rooms in your house as well as on car­a­van­ning or glamp­ing holidays.

Create Ice in Under 10 Minutes

The Andrew James Ice Mak­er Machine pro­duces 9 ice cubes per cycle with each cycle last­ing approx­i­mate­ly 5 to 13 min­utes, depend­ing on the ice cube size and the room tem­per­a­ture. It is easy to check on the progress of your ice through the large view­ing win­dow on the top of the machine.

For your con­ve­nience, the machine does not need to be drained. The drainage valve at the bot­tom of the machine lets you eas­i­ly emp­ty it after use.

Easily Remove and Serve Ice

Once the ice cubes are ready, they are dis­pensed into the remov­able ice bas­ket ready for you to trans­fer to your drinks or to the freez­er for a lat­er time. The bas­ket is capa­ble of hold­ing up to 700g ice at a time. A handy ice scoop is also includ­ed to make serv­ing easy and hygienic.

The Andrew James Ice Cube Mak­er is not intend­ed to be used for stor­ing ice cubes. We would rec­om­mend that once your ice cubes are ready and have been dis­pensed into the ice bas­ket, that you imme­di­ate­ly trans­fer them to your drinks or store them in the freez­er for lat­er use.


Is the Machine Easy to Clean?

Yes. To clean the inte­ri­or of the machine, sim­ply wipe with a soft cloth, warm water, and a mild deter­gent. Then, use water to rinse the inside parts and drain by unplug­ging the drain cap. The out­side of the machine can also be cleaned with mild deter­gent and warm water. Do not use boil­ing water.

What Are the Sizes of the Large and Small Ice Cubes?


Where is the Max Fill Line?

The Max­i­mum Fill Line is locat­ed on the back of the water tank.

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Additional information

Weight 9.36 kg
Dimensions 35 × 33 × 24 cm

Andrew James

Model Number




Product Dimensions

35 x 33 x 24 cm; 9.36 Kilograms


0.7 Kilograms


Alloy Steel Plastic

Auto Shutoff


Item Weight

9.36 kg



Date First Available

20 May 2009


Andrew James


  1. Brit Wife

    As a busy, high-achiev­ing alco­holic…My hus­band and I drink a lot of alco­hol — too much real­ly but we like it and it’s vod­ka and diet ton­ic most­ly, so at least it keeps the calo­ries down. It does mean, how­ev­er, we get through an extra­or­di­nary amount of ice in a week. I’ve now had this machine a month or two. At first I was­n’t sure, the ice cubes seemed a lit­tle small and they do melt a lit­tle quick­er because of that — but — the ben­e­fits of this machine far out­weigh all that non­sense. Just throw more in your glass. This machine is just great. I now won­der why I put up with the end­less wait of mak­ing ice in a fridge before it. Put it on half an hour or so before you start binge-drink­ing and it keeps up with your pace and cre­ates more than enough for you to go on knock­ing it back into the ear­ly hours with­out ever com­ing close to run­ning out. Any ice left can be tipped into the freez­er. If you go through a lot of ice, trust me, you’ll be clap­ping excit­ed­ly at this machine and be rec­om­mend­ing this to every­one. It’s a very good buy. Also it’s qui­et, except for the sat­is­fy­ing sound of new ice chink­ing into the bas­ket. Very sat­is­fied indeed.An update 5 April 2020.The machine packed up in Feb­ru­ary 20. To be fair, we exhaust­ed it to the point that I felt pity for it (5 hours a day every oth­er day some­times!). I have now upgrad­ed to the Aicok, Stain­less Steel Ice Mak­er Machine Counter Top Home and the dif­fer­ence is phe­nom­e­nal, this is SO MUCH BETTER, big­ger ice cubes, clean­er, faster. Look­ing back, I wish I’d bought this ini­tial­ly, but you live and learn!

  2. trav­el­ing­home

    DO NOT BELIEVE 2‑year war­ran­ty on Andrew James prod­ucts — it does­n’t existWe loved this ice mak­er when it was work­ing. In fact, we had the same one pre­vi­ous­ly, and it broke after about a year – it had grad­u­al­ly wors­ened to mak­ing very few, very thin pieces of ice. At that time (May 2020) we received a refund, which was great con­sid­er­ing it was sold with a 2‑year man­u­fac­tur­er’s war­ran­ty, but it was Ama­zon who gave the war­ran­ty, not Andrew James (the man­u­fac­tur­er) because we could not con­tact them. We had loved it so much that we re-pur­chased it, hop­ing that the first one was just a lemon.Unfortunately, the sec­ond machine also broke, this time after only 10 months of use – the ice cube mech­a­nism kept crank­ing and crank­ing, but it would­n’t fill with water or make any ice. It also began hav­ing a lot of scum­my debris in the water reserv­ior when the water ran through the machine, and there was no way to clean the tub­ing between the reser­voir and the ice mak­ing sec­tion. I first tried con­tact­ing Andrew James again, but it does appear that they’ve gone into admin­is­tra­tion, and there is absolute­ly no way to get in touch with them, so I con­tact­ed Ama­zon again, and they said we’d have to con­tact the sell­er. The sell­er (Clark Ware­hous­ing Ltd) said they only offer a 6‑month war­ran­ty & we’d have to con­tact the man­u­fac­tur­er [which I already knew was impos­si­ble]. I re-con­tact­ed Ama­zon and was told they could­n’t do any­thing about it. I then did sev­er­al search­es and just found count­less Andrew James appli­ances that are STILL list­ed with 2‑year war­ranties all over Ama­zon. It lit­er­al­ly says “2‑YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY — Shop with con­fi­dence. Your Andrew James Ice Mak­er is cov­ered by a 2‑year manufacturer’s war­ran­ty.” This is post­ed even a year and a half after the man­u­fac­tur­er went into administration!!So in short, only buy an Andrew James prod­uct if you DON’T actu­al­ly need the 2‑year war­ran­ty, and if you buy this machine, you’ll prob­a­bly love it while it works, but expect it to break with­in a year.

  3. lynne

    Inac­ces­si­ble to clean the ice sec­tionHav­ing pur­chased this ice maker..In April ’19.… 2 months ago… The ice machine works per­fect­ly well.. Which we have used fre­quent­ly.… How­ev­er.. It has one major down­fall …in the instruc­tions book­let, it states.… For clean­ing it… ” Run through 2 cycles of bicar­bon­ate of soda and water.… Etc.…” This does not clean the actu­al tray in which” the sil­ver cool­ing fin­gers make the actu­al ice cubes “.… As shown by my 2 pic­tures.… This area is full of bac­te­ria… Its very Dif­fi­cult to access this part of the machine… And noth­ing I can find in the instruc­tions to clean this inac­ces­si­ble part …very dis­sat­is­fied, as its very expen­sive ice.. For 2 months…

  4. Ama­zon Customer

    Doesn’t work and no help avail­able.Edit — at least the ven­dor pro­vid­ed good ser­vice. Offered refund or replace­ment. Giv­en the oth­er reviews say­ing the machine broke after only a short time, I chose a refund.This ice mak­er doesn’t work. After deliv­ery, I left the machine for 24 hours to let the coolants set­tle. I added just under 2 litres of water and switched on. The mech­a­nism at the back moved for­wards, and then the ice full light came on. And that was it. Noth­ing else hap­pened. Left it a while to see if it was just set­tling or cool­ing, but nothing.So switched it off for a minute and tried again. Same result. Cleaned the sen­sors. Noth­ing. Every time the white flap moves for­ward, it seems to trig­ger the ice full mech­a­nism. But I can’t stop the flap com­ing forwards.Tried the test­ing steps out­lined in one of the FAQs on here, but that didn’t even com­plete. We missed test 3 (the loud click­ing sound) and went straight to step 4, which con­tin­ued for about 10 min­utes before I stopped it.Tried call­ing the num­ber on the test info, offices are closed due to COVID. Seems no one is work­ing from home in Cus­tomer Sevices.So I have a very expen­sive piece of junk that I have request­ed to return. Don’t both­er buy­ing this item, as there is no help if it doesn’t work.

  5. Dou­glas War­ren Steyn

    Dis­ap­point­edI bought this machine at the end of 2018 and it worked well for a few 3 months.It then start­ed leak­ing water and a burn­ing smell came from one of its motors. It no longer works.If you are hap­py hav­ing a work­ing ice machine for 3 months then this is a good buy, if not I would look at anoth­er make.I have asked for a refund and was sent a list of checks, then told the return peri­od had expired and the case closed…Thanks

  6. Vio­let Pearl

    Sounds stu­pid, but I love lis­ten­ing to the sound of …Bought this for my hus­band’s 60th after a trip to New York, where you were almost always giv­en a large glass of iced water on enter­ing a restau­rant. Makes cute lit­tle fin­gers of ice. Quite large, so takes up a lot of room on the work­top, but I’ve put this one in the util­i­ty room. I tend to freeze any unused ice. Sounds stu­pid, but I love lis­ten­ing to the sound of the ice drop­ping into the tray — reminds me of summer 🙂

  7. cougar­ric

    DO NOT BUY. Com­pa­ny has gone bust, so only a one month war­ran­ty from Ama­zon! UPDATE: It’s back!!!This is an ice machine I have had for the past 5 years or so. It is great, but it does tend to die after a year or two, so I am cur­rent­ly on my 4th one!My lat­est one was bought in March 2020 and has recent­ly start­ed play­ing up. I con­tact­ed Ama­zon as I realised that there was no option to con­tact the sell­er. Ama­zon refused to hon­our any war­ran­ty peri­od oth­er than the pal­try month that they did.Great item, when it works though. Take your chances if you want and maybe you’ll get 2 years use out of it.UPDATE 6/21This item is back on same by the same sell­er. PLEASE EXPLAIN WHERE YOU WERE WHEN I NEEDED A REFUND?When my pur­chase died I found an iden­ti­cal machine made by Cost­way. It has last­ed 6 months before it start­ed leak­ing from the bot­tom. Got a full refund after they tried to barter, start­ing at 50%, then rais­ing it to 75%, before final­ly cav­ing in to the laws of the land and giv­ing the full 100% refund.Great machine when it works. I’ve bought so many of them but I’m done now. I just want a reli­able one!

  8. Tom­my Saxondale

    Half Decent Bit of KitI do like this ice machine — the mech­a­nism is quite inge­nious and it’s inter­est­ing to watch it go about mak­ing the ice and dis­pens­ing it. In the four weeks I’ve had it, it does seem to have got a bit nois­i­er and seems a bit laboured as it churns out the ice so I’m not con­vinced (look­ing at some oth­er reviews) whether it’s going to reach the end of it’s guar­an­tee peri­od suc­cess­ful­ly but we will see.One gripe I have is that I would have liked to have added a timer plug or a smart plus to this device so that it isn’t on all day, but does pro­duce a batch of ice in time for me to return home from work. But unfor­tu­nate­ly if the machine is on, then switched off at the mains, then back on, it restarts in ‘Stand­by’ mode, requir­ing a but­ton press before it actu­al­ly makes ice. It’s a shame that the design is a bit short-sight­ed in this age of smart tech­nol­o­gy. Espe­cial­ly as it’s an item where there’s just no need for it to be on all day.Otherwise, it’s fine real­ly. The first 1 or 2 batch­es of ice each day are a bit watery — I think it needs three cycles to ‘warm-up’ or cold-up prop­er­ly. Quite sat­is­fy­ing to use.

  9. turnip­boy

    Amaz­ingThis is a bril­liant ice mak­er and has made host­ing par­ties so much eas­i­er with a near unlim­it­ed sup­ply of ice cubes. It makes 9 ice cubes at a time and takes about 10 min­utes to cre­ate them. There’s an option for large or small cubes but if I’m hon­est it’s hard to tell the dif­fer­ence in size.After the ice cubes have been cre­at­ed they drop down and are moved into the bas­ket with a plas­tic tray. This bit does look a bit flim­sy but it’s not had any prob­lems yet and has cre­at­ed a lot of ice cubes for me. It also has a sen­sor for if the bas­ket is full of ice or if it’s run out of water and stops pro­duc­ing ice until that’s corrected.The machine has quite a loud fan that kicks in to keep the refrig­er­ant sys­tem cool although it does­n’t real­ly seem to gen­er­ate much heat.It also comes with a lit­tle scoop which is very useful.The device is pret­ty easy to clean, there’s a drainage plug and port on the bot­tom which you can release whilst over a sink to drain it. I then give it a quick wipe down and then use kitchen roll to absorb any left over water etc.

  10. Juney

    Very good ice mak­er.Love this ice mak­er. It takes up very lit­tle room on counter top. Pro­duces ice very quick­ly. The ice is bul­let shaped and, using the small size, they can be pushed into a stan­dard sized bot­tle of water / juice which keeps drinks cold for an hour or more.Very easy to clean which real­ly does need to be done around once a week — depend­ing of course on how often you use it. I use mine every day. There’s a plug under­neath the front of the machine which allows you to emp­ty any unused water and is use­ful when run­ning water through cham­ber for cleaning.I bought the (sur­pris­ing­ly cheap) Andrew James ice crush­er (see pho­to) and it works real­ly well with this ice maker.

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