Andrew James Ice Cream Maker Machine Frozen Yoghurt Sorbet Maker, Detachable Ice-Cream Mixing Paddle, Professional Ingredients


Brand Andrew James
Colour Black
Item dimensions L x W x H 20 x 20.3 x 23.5 centimetres
Product care instructions Ensure the interior bowl is frozen before use
Capacity 1.5 litres
  • ICE CREAM MAKER MACHINE -- Make delicious ice cream, gelato, sorbet, and frozen yoghurt in your very own kitchen with the Andrew James Ice Cream Maker Machine.
  • FAST HOMEMADE ICE CREAM -- At the touch of a button, you can enjoy delectable homemade ice cream. Indulge in tangy lemon meringue, smooth peanut butter, or mouth-watering chocolate brownie.
  • REFRESHING FROZEN YOGHURT & SORBET -- Choose this ice cream machine for a fun kitchen activity for your little ones as you can make ice cream, sorbet, and frozen yoghurt that they are sure to love.
  • RECIPE SUGGESTIONS & EASY CLEANING -- Includes 6 recipes to get you started such as vanilla, raspberry, strawberry, and banana. Your ice cream maker is also really easy to clean afterwards.
  • 2-YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY -- Shop with confidence. Your Andrew James Ice Cream Machine is covered by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.


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Product Description

Home­made Ice Cream in 15–20 Minutes

Pre-freez­ing the bowl takes around 8 hours so just put your bowl in the freez­er the night before and you can make ice cream, sor­bet, and frozen yoghurt in just 20 to 30 min­utes. 6 ice cream recipes are includ­ed to get you started.

Delicious Ice Cream and Sorbet Flavours

Choco­late Brown­ie, Cook­ies and Cream, Mint Choc Chip, Pis­ta­chio, Clas­sic Vanil­la, Hon­ey and Almond, Lemon, Straw­ber­ry and Rasp­ber­ry, Choco­late and Peanut But­ter, Banana, Espresso

Large Ingredient Funnel

Add your desired ingre­di­ents to the large fun­nel to cre­ate your per­fect ice cream. Your ingre­di­ents will be churned as they freeze for a beau­ti­ful­ly creamy consistency.

Handy Ice Cream Bowl

Once the ice cream is made, the inner bowl sim­ply lifts out to allow easy serv­ing. You can also sim­ply pop it in the freez­er if you want to save some for lat­er. Serve up in the Andrew James Ice Cream Cups for a real treat.

Important Information

Black Ice Cream Maker
  • Item Weight: 2.53KG
  • Dimen­sions: 20.0 x 20.3 x 23.5 cm
  • Capac­i­ty: 1.50L
  • Bowl Size: 18cm Diam­e­ter, 15cm High

Once the ice cream is made, the inner bowl lifts out to allow easy serv­ing. Pre-freez­ing the inner bowl takes around 8 hours, so we rec­om­mend you sim­ply pop it in the freez­er the night before.

The machine is very qui­et in oper­a­tion (approx. 60dba) and the com­pact size means that it is easy to store away. Scoop and food not included.

Easy Cleaning Process

The Andrew James Ice Cream Machine is easy to clean and main­tain as the mix­ing pad­dle is remov­able and the bowl can be hand washed and dried. The inner bowl, mix­ing pad­dle, and lid all detach from the machine and can be quick­ly rinsed under the tap after use.

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Additional information

Weight 3.01 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20.3 × 23.5 cm

Andrew James

Model Number




Product Dimensions

20 x 20.3 x 23.5 cm; 3.01 Kilograms


1.5 litres

Power Wattage

12 watts

Special Features

Product is BPA Free Cord length: 1.2m Make delicious homemade ice cream sorbet or frozen yoghurt in only 20-30 minutes. Inner Bowl Size: 17.8cm Diameter 15cm High

Item Weight

3.01 kg



Date First Available

10 Jan. 2018


Andrew James


  1. Abena

    To Love!The first very day i received it… i made two batch­es. The best this is to freeze the bowl as the first time i just freeze the bowl for 4 hours and the straw­ber­ry wasn’t very thick… i made choco­late yogurt, straw­ber­ry and banana with peanut but­ter. They are lush and per­fect!!! I will save some mon­ey from buy­ing the ones at the super mar­ket, also they are helth­i­er as you know what ingre­di­ents you are using. Per­fect for low sug­ar diets, i higly rec­om­mend this ice cream mak­er. Im not sure will last lost with me as i will make so much ice cream but we will see.

  2. Kei­th

    Awful!!Awful prod­uct. The lid kept fly­ing off even though it was secure­ly locked on. The creams nev­er got to froze as the inside froze when lid popped off and I could­n’t get the pad­dle back into the mix. Returned.


    Poor prod­uctWe had nev­er bought an ice cream machine before. Searched now I realise the more expen­sive ones are worth it. This prod­uct is fair­ly flim­sy. First off you have to plan your recipe 24 hours in advance as the bow­el has to be placed in the freez­er for along time. You make your mix­ture and then pour it into the cold bow­el, the plas­tic pad­dle turns the mix­ture around, this process is so noisy that I had to put in anoth­er room. After 40 min­utes it still was­n’t like ice cream you still have to put the mix­ture in the freez­er after­wards. Don’t both­er with this poor machine, save up and buy an expen­sive one. Or even bet­ter eat less ice cream!

  4. Black­Bri­g­and

    Rec­om­mend­ed ice cream mak­erLight weight and effi­cient ice cream/sorbet mak­er. When my large ice cream mak­er final­ly gave up the ghost I decid­ed not to replace it until after our house move to an inner city flat which does not have a par­tic­u­lar­ly large kitchen and no scullery. I am glad I made that deci­sion as the big­ger machine with a com­pres­sor would have tak­en up almost and entire work sur­face in the new apartment.This lit­tle machine is far more suit­able, fits away neat­ly into a cup­board and 1.5 lt. of iced dessert is quite suf­fi­cient for my own use, how­ev­er the machine has an option­al spare freez­er bowl which means that larg­er quan­ti­ties or a vari­ety of flavours can be made when the grand­chil­dren come to vis­it. So far the machine has worked per­fect­ly and appears to be supe­ri­or to oth­ers of the type that I have seen in use.

  5. Sharon

    Why haven’t I had one before!After wash­ing and hav­ing to store the bowl in the freez­er overnight I lit­er­al­ly couldn’t wait to use this. My first ice cream mak­er. Have made 2 batch­es so far and both have been absolute­ly deli­cious. I now need a big­ger freez­er and a spare bowl! I think I have found a thing I’m actu­al­ly good at mak­ing! As I have no expe­ri­ence of ice cream mak­ers pri­or to this one I can’t real­ly com­ment on it’s dura­bil­i­ty or whether it’s good or bad, but for me it’s just per­fect and a gad­get that def­i­nite­ly won’t be gath­er­ing dust at the back of a cup­board! It’s small enough to have pride of place on my work­top and easy enough to use to be able to whip up a fan­cied flavour in the after­noon and be eat­ing it at dinner!

  6. Adam

    Dif­fi­cult to rec­om­mendAddi­tion­al star giv­en for cus­tomer ser­vice as they sent a new bowl out after hav­ing issues with the first. How­ev­er I still had issues with the sec­ond bowl so I think I may need to low­er my expec­ta­tions, but based on some of the oth­er reviews I thought it was going to make good ice cream. I found in my expe­ri­ence it did­n’t but pos­si­bly user error. Not sure, but what I do know is it is very dif­fi­cult to remove the bowl from the device if still full with non-frozen ice cream mix­ture! You have to do this because it is also very dif­fi­cult to remove the mix­ture while the tub is still in place.

  7. Melis­sa

    Great val­ue, super easy to use.Nev­er used one before but thought would be good to try with nieces and nephews all vis­it­ing. As will rarely be used I did­n’t want to spend alot on an expen­sive machine.This was easy to put togeth­er, works per­fect­ly and is easy to clean.Just freeze the sil­ver tub for at least 7–8h (with inpa­tient kids of course we tried it soon­er but I would rec­om­mend the full 8 as advised as oth­er­wise just churns for­ev­er and does­n’t thick­en so you are left start­ing over). Start the pad­dle BEFORE ADDING THE LIQUID oth­er­wise it starts to freeze and the pad­dle does­n’t move!It takes apx 20mins to churn and is edi­ble straight away as very soft scoop. Freez­ing for at least 1–2h and you have a bet­ter con­sis­ten­cy. It keeps well in freez­er as long in an air­tight con­tain­er (we just used old ice cream tubs).It isn’t the biggest, a full con­tain­er was about 1.5L with 4 kids 4–13y and 3 adults it did about one serv­ing each.Will invest in a spare freez­able part for when they vis­it next.Quick and easy recipe:1.5 cup dou­ble cream1.5 cup full fat milk0.5 cup sugar2 tea­spoons mint extract (I love mint choc chip but with­out the choc chips so I was very happy)We also tried vanil­la which tast­ed like Hagen Daas.Definitely got my mon­ey worth and more this sum­mer. So easy to use my 13y niece was mak­ing it her­self after eat­ing it all. Would def­i­nite­ly recommend.

  8. pen­ny­bee

    Good low­er end priced prod­uctThis is my first ice cream mak­er. I did not want to pay a lot of mon­ey for some­thing that will not be used much, so I went for this one. I made straw­ber­ry ice cream and choco­late with nuts. Both tast­ed very nice, so the end prod­uct was good. I found it very fid­dly get­ting the ice cream liq­uid through the small hole in the lid and it went every where, and made a mess. The ice cream nev­er sets and freezes but I think you have to accept that to fin­ish it off you need to put it in the freez­er. It made very hard ice cream but that suits us fine as we hate soft scoop stuff. I thought I would be clever and put the choco­late in first and then turn it on, but it froze on the out­side imme­di­ate­ly and I had to take it all out again and churn it by hand as the mix­ture was too sol­id. The turn­ing pad­dle is very flim­sy and would be easy to break and the plas­tic lid is the same, so you have to be very care­ful when using it. For a rel­a­tive­ly cheap price it is fine but you have to accept its drawbacks.

  9. Bob

    Just does­n’t workLeft the bowl in a freez­er for 8 hours. left it to mix the mix­ture for 40 min­utes. Made absolute­ly no dif­fer­ence to the con­sis­ten­cy of the mix­ture. Every­thing was done in accor­dance with instruc­tions. Com­plete­ly point­less prod­uct real­ly. It is being returned.

  10. G.Stainton

    Does what it saysGave this gad­get a “Bap­tism of fire” by using it in an ambi­ent tem­per­a­ture of26 C and ingor­ing the “Keep in refirg­er­a­tor for at least 8 hours” instruc­tion on the Ice­cream mix carton!Chilled bowl for for about 18 hrs and poured the mix­ture (Ker­ry­maid Angeli­to) also avail­able on Ama­zon straight in.The ice­cream had reached max­i­mum stiff­ness after 30 mins, a fur­ther 10 mins made no difference.Following Andrew James advice if not stiff enough trans­fer into con­tain­er and put in freezer.I think that had we chilled the mix­ture as per the advice on the pack­et and not been using it in the cur­rent heat­wave it would have been fine for tex­ture, in the event it was melt­ing almost as fast we could eat it straight from the bowl! After a cou­ple of hours in the freez­er it was perfect.The motor is detach­able from the lid so that every­thing which needs to be thor­ough­ly cleaned can bewashed in a bowl with­out fear of wet­ting any electrics. The bowl, lid stir­rer etc have no awk­ward nooks or cav­i­ties and are easy to clean.The instruc­tions only con­tain one recipe for ice­cream which uses 1 pt full cream milk 1/4pt cream and 4 egg yolks! which have to be pre­pared, boiled, cooled, etc. The Angeli­to mix­ture was so nice I don’t think we’ll be both­er­ing going down the full “home­made” route.The Ker­ry­maid “Angeli­to” was deli­cious. As good as any soft whip ice­cream we’ve tast­ed and a nice pale yel­low colour which made it look quite expen­sive and gourmet.No bells or whis­tles, just an on/off switch and safe­ty cutout but does the job astound­ing­ly well for £39.99 includ­ing spare bowl, which comes at half pice if bought with machine.Very small and com­pact for a capac­i­ty of 1.5l and also very light with­out the inner bowl which we will prob­a­bly keep in the freez­er ready for instant use.UPDATEReview in haste. Return at leisureAfter only one use the inner bowl is leak­ing refrig­er­ant from the seal around the top.Item has been returned.

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