Amazon Basics 15-Mode Bread Maker, 700–900g, 550W


Voltage 240 Volts
Item weight 8 Pounds
Material Plastic
Power / Wattage 550 watts
Item dimensions L x W x H 29.7 x 14.2 x 29.2 centimetres
  • 15 functions: basic, French, whole, wheat, quick, sweet, gluten-free, dough, jam, cake, sandwich, specialty, bake, home-made, yogurt, kneading
  • Plastic shell and buttons with LCD blue backlit screen
  • Electronic control with 6 buttons: menu, colour, +_, loaf, start/stop
  • Makes 700g or 900g of bread; choose light, medium, or dark
  • Power: 220-240V / 50 Hz / 550W
  • 900g total capacity


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From the manufacturer

AmazonBasics 15-Mode Bread Maker

An All-Purpose Baking Hero

This pre­mi­um Ama­zon­Ba­sics 15-Mode Bread Mak­er has a styl­ish, easy-to-clean plas­tic exte­ri­or and an easy-to-read back­lit LCD dis­play. It’s an excep­tion­al addi­tion to any kitchen, what­ev­er you like to bake or cook.

Versatile 15-Mode Operation

This Ama­zon­Ba­sics Bread Mak­er offers 15 dif­fer­ent func­tions to ful­fil all your bak­ing needs, as well as a few added extras. Choose between: basic, French, whole, wheat, quick, sweet, gluten-free, dough, jam, cake, sand­wich, spe­cial­ty, bake, home-made, yoghurt, kneading


  • Plas­tic shell with LCD screen
  • 15-mode oper­a­tion
  • 220–240V / 50 Hz / 550W
  • 900g capac­i­ty
  • 6 func­tion­al but­tons
  • 2 bread weights and 3 colour set­tings

For Beginner to Expert Bakers

The Ama­zon­Ba­sics 15-Mode Bread Mak­er might be packed with plen­ty of func­tions, but it’s still sim­ple and straight­for­ward to use. It has a bright LCD screen with a menu, 6 but­tons to swap set­tings, a large 900 gram capac­i­ty, and set­tings spe­cial­ly tai­lored to begin­ner bakers.

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Additional information

Weight 3.63 kg
Dimensions 29.72 × 14.22 × 29.21 cm


Model Number


Product Dimensions

29.72 x 14.22 x 29.21 cm; 3.63 Kilograms

Power Wattage

550 watts


240 Volts



Item Weight

3.63 kg



Date First Available

1 Jan. 2020




  1. Robert P.

    The smell of fresh breadHav­ing liked the idea of get­ting up to the smell of fresh bread for some time now, and with the cur­rent sit­u­a­tion with the pan­dem­ic, what bet­ter time to get a bread mak­er. I have to admit, this was not my first choice, but, as it appears fate was def­i­nite­ly on my side.However, let me explain, I am a firm believ­er in run­ning before you can walk, and this has giv­en me the oppor­tu­ni­ty to exper­i­ment out­side the box. While the first attempt was unusu­al look­ing, it’s taste was what I was hop­ing for. Since that first attempt, things have gone extreme­ly well. Such delights as cheese and home-made toma­to ketchup bread, sun dried toma­to, oregano and parme­san cheese bread and seed­ed bread, all of which came as a sur­prise as to how good they were.As far as the machine itself is con­cerned, it looks like a typ­i­cal mass pro­duced gener­ic prod­uct which I would assume can be found with a mul­ti­tude of dif­fer­ent make names on it. Does that mat­ter ? No not real­ly. It appears to be well made, and copes well with the var­i­ous mix­es I have tried in it. Hav­ing nev­er owned one before, as far as noise is con­cerned, I can’t com­ment, but it makes a noise, which varies depen­dant on the mix­ture in it.But it does have a fail­ing, the man­u­al. While it’s nice to have the but­tons explained such as, the Menu but­ton is in fact the Menu but­ton, and Start/Stop but­ton is a Start/Stop but­ton, one but­ton is left to the curi­ous, and that is the Cycle but­ton. I know what you are think­ing, I bet this is the Cycle but­ton, and so it is. The quest comes in find­ing out what it actu­al­ly does, as press­ing it does noth­ing, or so it appears. Dig­ging deep­er in to the pos­si­bil­i­ties of bread mak­ing, the machine has a pro­gram called ‘Home-made’, and it is on this set­ting that the Cycle but­ton is used to step through the para­me­ters of the bread mak­ing steps, so you can adjust knead and rise times when you have come to the con­clu­sion that you know best, and pre­fer to make some­thing to build a wall with, or how high it bounces when dropped on the floor.The steps to pro­duce bread are easy to fol­low, and log­i­cal. Once the ingre­di­ents are added, in the CORRECT order, choose the pro­gram the first 2 set­tings for me are all I seem to need. The first is Basic, the sec­ond is French. Using these I get exact­ly what I hope for, and it seems very for­giv­ing. Then the loaf size, colour and press Start and 3 hours lat­er the joy of mak­ing bread.You are giv­en a few basic recipes, and as I men­tioned ear­li­er, just let the bread mak­er do its thing. Once you have proved it works, and pro­duces edi­ble bread, then go for it, you will only be held back by your own inabil­i­ty. For me, yes a few dis­as­ters, but of my own doing, and not that of the bread mak­er. But if you want to have a first attempt at mak­ing your own bread, this is a damn good intro­duc­tion, and at a price where you wont feel as if you’ve spent a for­tune, and its not for you.

  2. D. Meek

    Great buyMy trusty old Ken­wood died so I looked for a replace­ment. I bought the Ama­zon Basic on Prime day at a nice low price curi­ous to see if it would fill the void. It’s super sim­ple, super light and it works! Ok the bread is an odd shape but turned on it’s side it makes real­ly use­ful square slices. I’m lazy and use Wrights bread mix­es and they work best on set­ting 1. The oat and lin­seed is super tasty, light and fluffy! All in all for the price it’s awe­some. It’s no more noisy than any oth­er machine I’ve had, it is light and does move a bit when using which makes me gig­gle.. I didn’t get any plas­tic smell. Love it 🙂

  3. Brigi­da

    Nice and noisyThe media could not be loaded.

     Now that I have been using it for some time…agree with oth­ers about the noise. It’s very noisy and now start­ed mov­ing. The bread is nice, the crust is amaz­ing, love­ly baguettes and piz­za dough. Over­all I am very pleased giv­en the price. I had been want­i­ng to buy one com­pact for very long but didn’t find the per­fect one and then lock­down start­ed, so this one was the only option and I decid­ed to give it a go and no regrets so far.

  4. Car­ol S.

    Good val­ueThor­ough­ly sat­is­fied with bread mak­ing machine just the right size , easy to use which is great espe­cial­ly as in age group over 70.Had no dis­as­ters yet and even adapt­ed some reciepes sup­plied with machine. A very good buy for the money.

  5. John

    Smell of burnt plas­ticIt is a bit loud and it makes fine bread, how­ev­er while bak­ing, it cre­ates a ter­ri­ble smell of burnt plas­tic. The smell was so strong that it caused me headaches. I am not sure if I got a bad device or if all of them are affect­ed, nev­er­the­less I returned it. The bread though was fine. I am cur­rent­ly look­ing for an alternative.

  6. Deb­by

    Bril­liant bread­mak­erThere is noth­ing to dis­like and it is so easy its unbelievable,I have had bread mak­ers before and there has always been some­thing how­ev­er small to fault them but I tru­ly can­not find a sin­gle thing to com­plain about ‚10/10 well done Amazon,works equal­ly well with bread mix or tra­di­tion­al method .should have more than 5 star rating .

  7. Ama­zon Customer

    Good basic breadGood bread machine that works well, a lit­tle noisy but I’m gen­er­al­ly not in the kitchen watch­ing it. Takes around 3 hours to bake a pret­ty decent loaf of bread, but watch out for the recipes- you real­ly don’t need to add sugar.I make bread every 2–3 days now and am very pleased

  8. K P H

    Small loaf onlyMakes good bread, small loaf capac­i­ty only. you do need to take some time to try mak­ing bread as the exact bal­ance of ingre­di­ents depends on what you are using.… don’t be sur­prised if the first few loaves are “anom­alous”. Per­se­vere and you will soon get the bread you want! Cheap and func­tion­al breadmaker.

  9. Ama­zon Customer

    Not fit for pur­pose.I attempt­ed to bake loaves of bread twice using this machine. I fol­lowed the instruc­tions to the let­ter, and used the rec­om­mend­ed ingrea­d­i­ents. Both loaves came out under­cooked, and ined­i­ble. I did­nt expect great things from this machine giv­en the price, but I do not think that an edi­ble loaf of bread is too much to ask from a bread mak­ing machine. I only want­ed a basic mod­el, because I only want­ed it to bake basic bread, I did­nt want to pay for a load of fea­tures I would nev­er use. I sent it back the day after it was deliv­ered as not fit for pur­pose. Very disapointed.

  10. Mike K

    Easy for first time userI love bread but have nev­er baked it before. I checked a load of dif­fer­ent bread mak­ers on the mar­ket before set­tling on Ama­zon’s due to the good rat­ing and val­ue for money!Really good instruc­tion book­let to get set up and a mea­sur­ing cup for liq­uids. The mak­er itself is no thrills real­ly, basic design with a view­ing win­dow in the top look­ing down onto the loaf. Over­all it looks quite nice in the kitchen.I used a seed­ed loaf mix which just need­ed water adding. Banged it all in, a bit of noise on and off, steam com­ing out of the vents towards the last hour of bak­ing. A very tasty loaf which was around 500g. Per­fect­ly cooked, light with a medi­um crust which I spec­i­fied on the machine options. I regret not buy­ing it sooner.

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