AllPetSolutions Grey Cat Plastic Litter Box Tray Toilet with Rim — Size Small 405x300x138mm

£ 11.99

  • 405x300x138mm
  • Litter tray with a high rim prevents litter from being scattered
  • Made from high-quality plastic material
  • Easy click clasps make it fast to open and close
  • Easy to clean


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Product Description

Cat Litter tray boxes scoop kitten portable high rim plastic toilet hooded with door flap grey

cat litter scoop boxes tray toilet kitten training litter scoop pet supplies hooded box

AllPet­So­lu­tions Cat Lit­ter Scoop 

Pet supplies dog cat kitten puppy training litter boxes trays harness leads fish food treats scoop

Your one stop shop for all of your pet needs.

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Grey Cat Litter Tray/ Box Range

by AllPetSolutions

Our Cat Lit­ter Tray Range from AllPet­So­lu­tions helps pre­vent cat lit­ter being scat­tered. The range includes a Cat Lit­ter Tray with lid, with a car­bon foam fil­ter includ­ed, a White Cat Lit­ter Scoop which fits onto the Cat Lit­ter Tray With Lid, a great way to save stor­age! We have the Lit­ter Tray with a high rim avail­able in sizes, Small & Large and last­ly a mod­ern Grey Cat Lit­ter Tray which is a sleek design to your reg­u­lar Cat lit­ter tray.

Please note, all items are sold sep­a­rate­ly, includ­ing the Cat Lit­ter Scoop

  • Mod­ern Cat Lit­ter Tray Styles
  • Easy to clean
  • Made from high-qual­i­ty plas­tic, smooth mate­r­i­al

Perfect for your Cat…

Cat litter tray box with rim prevents litter being scattered plastic easy to clean high quality

grey cat litter box modern sleek deisgn plastic easy to clean smooth material kitten cat

Cat kitten litter tray with hood high rim plastic box easy click slaps door flap handle easy to clea

Cat Litter Tray with Rim

Fea­tures an easy click clasp mak­ing it faster to open and close, made from high-qual­i­ty plas­tic which makes this lit­ter tray real­ly easy to clean.

Modern & Sleek Design

The AllPet­So­lu­tions Grey Cat Lit­ter Tray fea­tures a very mod­ern twist on your reg­u­lar Cat Lit­ter Tray, giv­ing your room a sleek finish.

Great Space Saver!

The AllPet­So­lu­tions Gret Cat Lit­ter with Lid also fea­tures a slot to the side of the box where you can slot our AllPet­So­lu­tions Cat Lit­ter Scoop.

Avail­able to buy sep­a­rate­ly not includ­ed with the Cat Lit­ter Box.

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Date First Available

19 Nov. 2020




  1. Don­na Sartain

    Per­fect cat lit­ter boxMy old­er cat decid­ed my sons mat­tress was eas­i­er to use rather than go out­side!! So back to hav­ing a cat lit­ter tray. I want­ed a good size one so she could turn around in it (this is a per­fect size) and I also want­ed one with a lid so we couldn’t smell it! My plan was to use it first with­out lid so she go used to it- mis­sion accom­plished! Today I put the lid on and was going to try and hook open the door so she doesn’t have to push it until she is used to the lid but it has a nifty lit­tle flip bit on top that hold the door open which is per­fect! Now hop­ing she uses it with the lid!! Per­fect cat lit­ter tray/box/house!P.S we also got our son a new mattress!!!

  2. Londoner88

    Inside is MUCH small­er than out­sideI had pur­chased this because it looked nice and I thought it was the right size but the actu­al space inside the tray is tiny. The mea­sure­ments that the sell­er has added are for the out­side that is very chunky but the curves inside the tray make it very small inside (around 30cm). I hope my rab­bit doesn’t mind that space or I will have to buy a new one… if you don’t mind that it’s a bit small inside, then the rest is good for that price.

  3. Cal

    The lid is dif­fi­cult to get on and stay on. Scoop in pic­ture not includ­ed.SORRY I BOUGHT THISI like the SMART look of this lit­ter box and I think it’s stur­dy enough and easy to clean. How­ev­er the lid is very awk­ward to get on and stay on you can’t just push it on you need to get on your knees to line up each clip and press down firm­ly . Even then it some­times doesn’t hold. Also it nar­row­er from front to back so cat get­ting used to it has to be horse­shoed in and mine was reluc­tant. I was gen­tle when putting her in a few times then gave her a treat each time. So She’s ok now. Also dis­ap­point­ed that the scoop was NOT includ­ed as it’s ESSENTIAL so had to go dash­ing out any­way to find one which was only £1or£1.50. But Annoy­ing though .I did com­plained but sell­er ignored my com­ments about the lid not fit­ting and said “the scoops not includ­ed “ . I guess I should have checked. It looked includ­ed as it was attached to the side of the box in the sales pic­ture. But if you read the last bul­let point (in the fea­tures)! You will see it is indeed NOT INCLUDED. So bear in mind you need to shop for that any­way. I had to rush out and get on as didn’t notice the bul­letin point myself. So the say­ing goes check twice do it once. I should have wait­ed and bought one where I could see it in real­i­ty. Now I will make do, as I don’t want to have to buy anoth­er one.

  4. Trish

    Prod­uct did not seem com­pleteNo scoop sup­plied . Fil­ter was not fixed in place .

  5. Mila S.

    Order the spade sep­a­rate­lyNot too good for the price, I’m afraid — con­sid­er­ing that the price does not include the spade. Cat has been unwill­ing to use the tray for 3 days now, even though I removed his pre­vi­ous lit­ter box. He got used to that old one in a day.In over­all, size of the lit­ter tray is as said — rel­a­tive­ly small (so suit­able for kit­tens and def­i­nite­ly rab­bits). I have seen no issues like the ones men­tioned in oth­er reviews — the translu­cent plas­tic flap door swings com­plete­ly effort­less­ly, does not get blocked/stuck on either direc­tion and can be entire­ly flipped upwards to allow access inside. In fact, if I keep the flap door down, the cat can­not enter the lit­ter box so that part is always lift­ed — which coun­ter­feits the idea of hav­ing a cov­ered lit­ter tray.I also pur­chased the spade sep­a­rate­ly right from the start and it came with all else together.There’s as well one more issue to men­tion — the top part does not lock at all to the sides of the lit­ter tray. It stays detached at all times. Which is not what I need­ed and expect­ed. I can men­tion though that there’s a good sized square piece of car­bon fil­ter under the lid’s han­dle, these has proven to be essen­tial against bad odors.In over­all, I plan to be return­ing the item as so far it has host­ed only wood­en pel­lets and zero cat bio prod­ucts. I had to rein­tro­duce the old lit­ter box so the ani­mal may get some peace. Size wise, to repeat, it’d work well for kittens.

  6. Ani­taL

    Good qual­i­tyVery pleased with this pur­chase. Need­ed a deep­er (and larg­er!) tray for our elder­ly cat who has of late had a few acci­dents in miss­ing her old tray. This new one is ide­al. It’s stur­dy and very roomy and I think def­i­nite­ly gets the “paws up” from our old lady. She cer­tain­ly seems pleased with it and if she’s hap­py so are we! And what’s more there have been no acci­dents since it’s arrival. Recommended.

  7. Gin­nyb

    Big, bold a must buy.Big, bold and use­ful. No spillage when she’s doing her dig­ging to Aus­tralia act. Yes I can hear her she has a rou­tine. Very lit­tle smells unless you for­get to emp­ty. It’s real­ly light & easy to dis­man­tle for clean­ing. 10/10 brilliant.

  8. Vic­ki

    Keeps lit­ter area cleanNice prod­uct, it looks neu­tral and inof­fen­sive so fits in any­where. Keeps the lit­ter tidy and clear for the most part and my cat seems hap­py using it. It doesn’t com­plete­ly con­tain any smell but is bet­ter than an open tray. Easy to clean but can be a lit­tle tricky to realign the top and bot­tom to click into place prop­er­ly, but after a few goes this seems to get bet­ter. Over­all a good product.

  9. Char­lie

    I want­ed it to be good — like the con­ceptThe think­ing behind this is just great as I have cats who trail lit­ter. Every­thing would be ide­al if the upright frame was one piece but it is made of three which are tricky to get to stay togeth­er and to fit into the base, dou­bly dif­fi­cult if a lin­er is used. If the upright sec­tion was sol­id then poo scoop­ing would be easy: remove the top part from the base or via the front entry flap, but I have to go in through the top hole — not easy when get­ting the scoop­er out. I think I spend more time, and get more frus­trat­ed, putting it togeth­er — could sweep­ing up in front of a tra­di­tion­al type of cov­et­ed lit­ter box actu­al­ly be preferable?

  10. Wendy B.

    I like the look but impos­si­ble to clean with­out falling to piecesI like the look but impos­si­ble, and the fact that my cat can get in or out either way. The top doesn’t quite fit right and with my cat being a larg­er breed i have to keep lev­el­ling it back up. Mine is impos­si­ble to clean with­out falling to pieces, when you lift off from the bot­tom tray all the walls come apart, and it’s like start­ing from scratch putting it all back togeth­er. The clips hold­ing walls togeth­er do not fit as you would expect them too.

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