Aigostar Adam 30KHH — Glass Water Kettle with LED Lighting, 2200 Watts, 1.7 Liter, Boil-Dry Protection, BPA Free, Black

£ 19.99

Brand Aigostar
Colour Adam
Capacity 1.7 litres
Material Borosilicate Glass
Voltage 220 Volts
  • 【Illuminated LED Light】Featuring on illuminated display, the glass kettle can give you visual enjoyment while working, perfect for your kitchen or pantry.
  • 【Durable and Fast Kettle】Made from high borosilicate glass which is durable and stain resistant. With 2200-Watts power, it takes shorter time to boil up water. 1.7L capacity makes 6-8 cups, big enough for your daily water requirement and your family.
  • 【Safety】Thanks to boil dry protection, the kettle will not turn on without water or with water but less than 0.5L; It will shut off automatically once the water is boiled. The kettle is also 100% BPA free.
  • 【Note for Descaling】Because of the hardness of water, the limescale will form around the inner part of kettles overtime. By using water and vinegar with the ratio of 1:2, boil the mixture and then leave overnight. It will remove the limescale effectively.
  • 【Quality Assurance】2-year warranty. If you find any defects in the materials or craftsmanship of any Aigostar products, please kindly contact us and we will be glad to assist you.


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Product Description

Glass jug kettle

Aigostar Glass Jug Kettle

Adam 30KHH

This crys­tal glass jug ket­tle from Aigostar will make your kitchen or office ele­gant and col­or­ful. With a blue light illu­mi­nat­ing on the but­ton as it boils, it is more attrac­tive to enjoy.

Thanks to the advanced heat­ing tech­nol­o­gy and 2200W con­cealed heat­ing ele­ment, it can have boiled water ready in only 4 min­utes, sav­ing time and ener­gy. Aigostar glass jug ket­tle would be the best choice for your to make hot tea, cof­fee, hot choco­late and oatmeal!

Technical Characteristics:

  • Pow­er: 2200W
  • Capac­i­ty: 1.7L
  • Volt­age: 220–240V
  • BPA Free Glass
  • Cable length:0.75m
  • LED lights
  • 360 degree rotary base
  • High qual­i­ty trans­par­ent glass body





LED Lights

There are LED lights at the bot­tom, which makes your kitchen or office ele­gant and col­or­ful. Espe­cial­ly at night, the entire room is full of the romance com­ing out from the blue-ray.

Auto Shut-Off

High qual­i­ty tem­per­a­ture con­troller can help you boil water in only 4 min­utes. As long as the water is boiled, the ket­tle will shut off automatically.

Large Open

With large open­ing, it is eas­i­er to clean the inner wall and bot­tom of the ket­tle, a clean­er and health­i­er ket­tle for you.

Built-in Filter

A built-in fil­ter in the spout can effec­tive­ly fil­ter the scales in the water, which may affect the taste of the water, pro­vid­ing pur­er water for you.

electric kettle

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15.24 × 20.68 × 18.77 cm




Product Dimensions

15.24 x 20.68 x 18.77 cm; 1 Kilograms


1.7 litres

Volume Capacity

1.7 litres

Power Wattage

2200 watts


220 Volts


Borosilicate Glass

Auto Shutoff


Special Features

Boil Dry Protection

Item Weight

1 kg



Date First Available

21 Dec. 2017




  1. Kin­dle Customer

    Has One Job. Fails At It.When you ask any­one what they expect of their ket­tle, you will prob­a­bly hear ‘that it boils water’. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, this ket­tle fails to do just that. As a British per­son, this is a tragedy. Imag­ine fill­ing your ket­tle, excit­ed for that first morn­ing cup of tea to bright­en up your day, only for you ket­tle to deliv­er you a hot at best and tepid at worst. This ket­tle only brews dis­ap­point­ment, gen­er­at­ing a heat that is bare­ly good enough for drink-ready hot choco­late. What lit­tle heat it man­ages to cre­ate quick­ly escapes through the top of the lid. My ket­tle also appears to be pos­sessed by a pol­ter­geist, as it’ll ran­dom­ly switch itself on through­out the day, wail­ing and eager to deliv­er anoth­er jug­full of piss-warm sad­ness. Want to to heat it up again just after ‘boiled’? Well slow down, hot-shot. Not only is this ket­tle as inept at its job as a rightwing gov­ern­ment is at tack­ling a glob­al pan­dem­ic, but it also needs a good hour to cool down before you can boil it again. If you enjoy tea, cof­fee, or just watch­ing water bub­ble, do not buy this kettle.

  2. Nic­hole

    Nice ket­tle.I chose this ket­tle after see­ing some­one else’s glass one. I thought it would be eas­i­er to see how much water was in than a met­al one, tell when it need­ed clean­ing and pos­si­bly not scale up as quick. The blue light comes on when it’s heat­ing up and goes off when the water has boiled and the ket­tle switch­es off auto­mat­i­cal­ly. The only thing that is dif­fer­ent to the oth­er per­son­’s is that the light does not go red as the ket­tle heats up. At the min­i­mum mark there is just enough water for 2 mugs of tea/coffee and that amount boils in about 1min 50secs. Filled to max it is as heavy as I can just man­age to lift but we usu­al­ly only make tea for two. You can hear the water bub­bling as it gets to boil­ing but it is not undu­e­ly noisy. The rest of my kitchen appli­ances are brushed steel and/or black and it match­es in ok with the black han­dle, lid and base. The lid open­ing but­ton and the on/off but­ton are con­ve­nient­ly placed at the top of the han­dle andany spare cord can be eas­i­ly and safe­ly coiled away in the base. Pho­to was tak­en in the dark to give an indi­ca­tion of how bright the light is.Update: We have had the ket­tle about a month now and have descaled it for the first time. (We live in a soft water area.) I don’t think it is a case that it furrs up quick­er than met­al ones, more that you can see it and don’t let it get to such a state of build-up that it gets real­ly ‘grungy’ and needs dras­tic action (and chem­i­cals) to sort it out. After doing the arith­metic it’s easy … fill to just over min with vine­gar and top up with water to max. The mix­ture foams up on heat­ing so you need to be there to check it does­n’t over­flow. It gives off a vine­gar’y smell while work­ing but, after a dou­ble boil to make sure it was well rinsed out, there was no taint to spoil my ear­ly morn­ing mug of hot water.Update 2: I have found that the cheap­er, super­mar­ket brand vine­gar gets the ket­tle more ‘spark­ly’ than the well known brand … per­haps it’s more acidic? It does take extra boils/rinses to clear the taint but worth it for the result. (I’ll keep the ‘best’ vine­gar for my chips 😉.)

  3. CMB

    Quick boil, afford­able ket­tle.I real­ly like this ket­tle, it is quick to boil and there is an attrac­tive light that illu­mi­nates the water as it comes to the boil.I did have a prob­lem at first as I have had with oth­er ket­tles that I have bought in the past. The prob­lem being that I found the tea or cof­fee has a plas­tic taste. How­ev­er, after Googling the prob­lem I put two table­spoons of Bicar­bon­ate of soda in the ket­tle and boiled it, left it overnight and sure enough the plas­tic taste has gone.This is the explanation.The chlo­rine in tap water reacts with phe­nol-based com­pounds some­times found in plas­tic and rub­ber parts of the ket­tle, accord­ing to Luke Mont­gomery of York­shire Water and Dr Robin Price of Anglian Water. There aren’t any health risks asso­ci­at­ed with this, but it does result in a bad TCP-like smell and taste.

  4. Mr. R. Omard

    Devel­oped a fault…fast! Do Not BUY! Dan­ger­ous!!!This ket­tle worked okay for the first 8 days I had it. Then I had dif­fi­cul­ty in get­ting it to switch on and now it will not switch on at all. On at least two occa­sions it switched itself on and that is DANGEROUS! Do Not Buy!My wife threw away the box or I would return it.

  5. DeluxeDeluxe

    Lim­it­ed life span/Contaminates drinks and foodGreat ket­tle until recent­ly. Had it just under 2 years and only through clean­ing the ket­tle I realised that the fil­ter at the spout had start­ed to cor­rode. It’s a fine plas­tic mesh, just crum­bled away in my hands, which means this has also end­ed up in food and drinks which we have con­sumed. Did­n’t realise it had a 2 year war­ran­ty so con­tact­ed the sell­er and they could­n’t care less. So tech­ni­cal­ly the war­ran­ty isn’t valid. On clos­er inspec­tion the base of the ket­tle is crack­ing too. Can’t tell if this is the glass or plas­tic. Was going to buy anoth­er but will choose some­thing else now that has bet­ter cus­tomer sup­port. Did ful­ly remove the fil­ter but now the ket­tle boils dif­fer­ent­ly. Con­tact­ed the sell­er again with pho­tos but no response.

  6. Mr. Wil­low

    Weak/FragileThe media could not be loaded.

     I ordered this ket­tle because the reviews we good and it looked pret­ty cool for a ket­tle imho.However, when this arrived it was smashed to bits, I knew this before I even opened the box, just pick­ing it up from the ama­zon deliv­ery dri­ver I could hear the shat­tered glass clink­ing around the box. So either Ama­zon smashed the hell out of it, or the ket­tle is a rather weak prod­uct and we can’t trust it’s dura­bil­i­ty. The fil­ter I ordered arrived in the same box with not a mark on it and the box con­tained decent plas­tic air pack­ets for cush­ion­ing, can only assumed this was smashed to bit before they put it in the box!!! So either Ama­zon can’t be trust­ed or this is a very frag­ile prod­uct. Now I have to waste my time, repack­ag­ing it to ship it back!

  7. David F

    Wish I had tak­en the reviews more seri­ous­lyI guess we all take reviews with a pinch of salt on here? Some­one said it encour­aged limescale, obvi­ous­ly that is noth­ing to do with the ket­tle but the water in their area. Any­way, for the price I thought this can’t be bad being so expen­sive, I was sore­ly wrong.1. It leaks, it leaks dur­ing boil­ing and it leaks when you move it to pour it out.2.It only has the fill scale on the left hand side, not unusu­al, but for this price I thought they may con­sid­er not every­one is right handed!3.It seems to take for­ev­er to boil, even when filled at the min­i­mum level.4.When it pours, the water does not come out in a smooth stream, it breaks up and goes all over the place.5.It just feels cheap and nasty, it real­ly does not fill you with con­fi­dence, I would nev­er let an old­er child or an elder­ly per­son use this. I’d be wor­ried it might fall to bits dur­ing use!6.The lead is very short, about half the length of my old kettle7.The worse and most wor­ry­ing from a safe­ty view­point is the glass, admit­ted­ly I have nev­er had a glass ket­tle before, but I can­not imag­ine they are usu­al­ly made of such thin glass, I did not expect Pyrex qual­i­ty, but the glass this ket­tle is made from is so thin! A slight­ly hard knock on a tap (eas­i­ly done of course) and it will like­ly shat­ter. Real­ly worrying.This real­ly is as bad as the 1–2 star reviews state it is, as I said for the very expen­sive price I thought it would be top of the range, its real­ly ter­ri­ble, I have start­ed the return process.

  8. car­ol clark

    Not to buy this ket­tleI’ve only this ket­tle a few days and as you can see it goes on but it’s not boil­ing so don’t have a ket­tle would nev­er buy again from where I got this one from

  9. chris­sy­boi

    Aigostar ‘ADAM’ — Looks good, died too young …Adam was ‘Deliv­ered on 27 Oct 2019’, and his face lit up the whole room with a beau­ti­ful blue coro­na glow. By late March 2020 it appareared Adam had caught the coro­n­avirus — (records indi­cate Adam had been in Chi­na pri­or to arrival in the UK). Symp­toms includ­ed a grad­ual decline of nor­mal dai­ly rou­tine, and inabil­i­ty to reach opti­mum body tem­per­a­ture — although Adam did have a very high tem­per­a­ture, some days there would sim­ply be no tem­per­a­ture at all. As the days passed by, Adam seemed very lethar­gic and sim­ply did not want to work. Some­times a lit­tle prod on his body, or a twirl around on his base would get him start­ed — but this did not last very long. Sad­ly, on 7th April 2020, Adam had suc­cumbed to the disease.

  10. Ama­zon Customer

    Not a great designThis prod­uct is designed poor­ly from two aspects, first­ly the fil­ter does not seal onto the body of the ket­tle there­fore any scale in the ket­tle finds its way into your cup when pour­ing, sec­ond­ly when you boil the min­i­mum amount of water you have to tip the ket­tle more to pour the water out and the steam comes back­wards over your hand, not great.

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