AEG EWA7800‑U 7 Series Digital Kettle — Stainless Steel


Brand AEG
Colour Stainless Steel
Capacity 1.7 litres
Material Stainless Steel
Voltage 230.00
  • One cup turbo function
  • Variable temperature control
  • 1.7 L capacity
  • Three way auto shut off safety
  • 360 degree swivel base. Note: AEG customer helpline number: 03445 611 611


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From the manufacturer

AEG 7 Series Digital Cordless Kettle EWA7800‑U

The Right Temperature

Enjoy the speed, ease and con­trol of this 1.7 L water ket­tle, with func­tions like the dig­i­tal tem­per­a­ture con­trol, real-time tem­per­a­ture indi­ca­tor, OneCup Tur­bo and intu­itive pro­gram­ma­ble high con­trast LCD display.

The AEG 7 Series Premium Kitchen Appliances

With smart fea­tures and a good design, the 7 series range by AEG is designed to inspire sim­ply opti­mum results in your kitchen. Each of the small kitchen appli­ances comes with sleek, seam­less design and intu­itive con­trols — so you can get the best results out of your every­day food and drinks.

  • Adjustable dig­i­tal tem­per­a­ture con­trol
  • 1.7 L capac­i­ty
  • Auto pow­er shut-off
  • Three tea pre-set­tings
  • One hand soft lid open­ing
  • One Cup tur­bo func­tion boils 200 ml in 45 secs
  • Keep warm func­tion
  • Cof­fee tem­per­a­ture pre­set
  • Con­cealed heat­ing ele­ment
  • Easy to hold open han­dle
  • Cord­less

Adjustable Temperature

With eight pro­gram­ma­ble tem­per­a­ture set­tings, you can enjoy your tea the way it’s meant to be: 50, 60, 70, 80, 85, 90, 95 and 100 degree Cel­sius. For each sin­gle kind of use, is it black tea, herbal tea, French press cof­fee or even baby food, this ket­tle can pro­vide you the right temperature.


1.7 L Capacity

Whether you’re mak­ing tea for just the two of you or a Sun­day after­noon tea par­ty — the AEG Pre­mi­um 7 Series water ket­tle has you cov­ered with 1.7 L of capacity.

Large enough to fill a pan full of water for pas­ta or soups.

Auto Shut-Off in Three Ways

Don’t wor­ry, be safe. Because this water ket­tle has auto­mat­ic shut-off in three ways: When the water is boil­ing, when you lift the ket­tle from the heat­ing sta­tion and when there is no more water left in the ket­tle, thanks to the inte­grat­ed Boil-Dry protection.

Three Tea Types Preset-Settings

For the real tea lovers we have three dif­fer­ent tea-set­tings in their high con­trast LCD Dis­play. The right tem­per­a­ture for Oolong tea (90 degree Cel­sius), White tea (85 degree Cel­sius) and Green tea (80 degree Cel­sius) are pre-pro­grammed and accessed at the touch of a button.

One hand lid opener

With just one touch the lid of the ket­tle will open. The open­ing is so big that it is easy to clean the inner­side of the kettle.

OneCup Turbo Function

If you need to be fast, sim­ply use the OneCup Tur­bo func­tion. It boils 200 ml water in less than 60 sec­onds. A good choice when you just want one cup all to yourself.

Seemless Stainless Steel Design

The design of the AEG Pre­mi­um 7 Series express­es pure qual­i­ty on your kitchen coun­ter­top. This pre­mi­um­line exists out of dif­fer­ent prod­ucts and is made from stain­less steel.

Keep Warm Function

The Keep Warm func­tion will keep the tem­per­a­ture for 40 min­utes. So lat­er on you can still use the water for a nice cup of tea. You don’t only save time but also ener­gy, because the water does­n’t need to be warmed up again.

Simply Optimum Results

With smart fea­tures and design, the 7 series range by AEG is designed to inspire sim­ply opti­mum results in your kitchen. Each of the small kitchen appli­ances comes with sleek, seam­less design and intu­itive, mod­ern con­trols — so you can get the best results out of your every­day food and drinks.

The AEG 7 Series Premium Kitchen Appliances

Below you will find the oth­er prod­ucts that com­plete the AEG 7 Series pre­mi­um range.

The AEG 7 Series Premium Kitchen Appliances

Below you will find the oth­er prod­ucts that com­plete the AEG 7 Series pre­mi­um range.

The AEG 7 Series Premium Kitchen Appliances

Below you will find the oth­er prod­ucts that com­plete the AEG 7 Series pre­mi­um range.

The AEG 7 Series Premium Kitchen Appliances

Below you will find the oth­er prod­ucts that com­plete the AEG 7 Series pre­mi­um range.





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Additional information

Weight 1.45 kg
Dimensions 21 × 23.8 × 16 cm


Model Number



Stainless Steel

Product Dimensions

21 x 23.8 x 16 cm; 1.45 Kilograms


1.7 litres

Volume Capacity

13 litres

Power Wattage

2400 watts




Stainless Steel

Auto Shutoff


Energy Efficiency Class

A+ to G


1 minute

Special Features

CordlessBoil-Dry ProtectionAdjustable TemperatureConcealed Heating Element

Item Weight

1.45 kg



Date First Available

29 May 2014




  1. Ama­zon Customer

    Bad prod­uct, bad cus­tomer ser­viceThis prod­uct has too many faults. It ran­dom­ly switch­es itself off mid-boil, or wor­ry­ing­ly fails to switch off once boil­ing point has been reached. It’s not safe. And despite rais­ing this with AEG cus­tomer ser­vices months ago, I still wait to hear a response. My advice is to steer clear.

  2. Hei­di

    Don’t buy this ket­tle — it’s rub­bishI pur­chased this ket­tle and start­ed using it a year go.Within a cou­ple of months it was­n’t work­ing cor­rect­ly. It would switch itself off for no rea­son and have to be restart­ed (my record so far is hav­ing to switch it back on 17 times dur­ing one boil — yes, I am sad enough to count). This means that you can’t walk away and let the ket­tle boil on it’s own as you have to keep switch­ing it back on. This was annoy­ing but not a deal breaker.However in the last few weeks it’s decid­ed to do two addi­tion­al annoy­ing things:1) Act as though it isn’t plugged in and be unable to switch it on at all. The dig­i­tal screen is just switched off. I unplug and plug it back in, give it a bit of a shake and it usu­al­ly comes back to life. Again annoy­ing but not a deal breaker.2) Nev­er get to 100 degrees and switch itself off. The tem­per­a­ture gauge bounces around show­ing 97 then 78 then 32 then a whole raft of oth­er ran­dom num­bers between one and 99 all the while the ket­tle is boil­ing it’s lit­tle socks off so if you aren’t stand­ing next to it I think it would just keep on boiling.As the sec­ond of these flaws is not just annoy­ing but plain dan­ger­ous I’ve today pur­chased a new, not AEG, ket­tle. It’s a shame because I also pur­chased the match­ing toast­er and that has been great.Now I under­stand why it was half price!

  3. Ama­zon Customer

    Was fab­u­lous for a year & now the base has packed in!Pur­chased to replace a not so old expen­sive ket­tle. Love the style & design. Nev­er thought I need­ed a ket­tle with a dif­fer­ent tem­per­a­ture but appar­ent­ly I do now I’ve used it.It does­n’t boil any quick­er than my pre­vi­ous ket­tle, nor is it any qui­eter, I’d say, it’s actu­al­ly nois­i­er than my last one. I do like the 3 bleeps to alert me that it has reached the desired temperature.The “keep warm” func­tion is ide­al for me espe­cial­ly at 6am when I have a cou­ple of cups of tea to get me awake. Fab­u­lous, trust­ed brand, great designed ket­tle at a fan­tas­tic price!***UPDATE***This ket­tle began to play up last week. The dig­i­tal screen on the base began to flash on & off inter­mit­tent­ly result­ing in a hit & miss boil.Today, it has final­ly giv­en up. I changed the fuse in the plug & still noth­ing! So I’d to use my microwave which yeah, I still had my drink but its an inconvenience.So thank­ful­ly, the ket­tle is appar­ent­ly guar­an­teed for 2 years so my next step is to fig­ure out who I return it to.Would I rec­om­mend this ket­tle, I’d say yes if you’re the type of per­son who changes their appli­ances year­ly if not, choose some­thing else.***ANOTHER UPDATE*** : con­tact­ed Ama­zon regard­ing return­ing the no longer work­ing kettle.I was told I had to print off a returns form — I have no printer.I then have to phys­i­cal­ly take it to a post office.I informed them that I am house boung most of the time & need to rely on oth­er­sI asked if they could send a returns form out to me espe­cial­ly as I spend enough on Amazon.Of course then could­n’t but it was worth asking!That’s where our com­mu­ni­ca­tion broke down. There was noth­ing they could do to help me.So I’m stuck with an over­priced, knack­ered ket­tle. That’s still in its box ready to be returned to one of those huge Ama­zon ware­house some­where in the country.Customer Ser­vice = non exis­ten­tA­ma­zon Cus­tomer = fed up!

  4. David Ewart

    Who’s Respon­si­ble For This?Here I am dying for a hot drink and I can’t even plug the ket­tle in. Who decid­ed to fit a Con­ti­nen­tal-style plug on a prod­uct des­tined for the UK mar­ket? Not a hap­py bunny.

  5. CT

    A dan­ger­ous ket­tle and no cus­tomer ser­vice!I’m so dis­ap­point­ed with this ket­tle and AEG’s lack of cus­tomer ser­vice, with­in a cou­ple of months of using the ket­tle I noticed it stopped switch­ing off, my son was in the kitchen and the water was spilling and bub­bling out of the top (the ket­tle wasn’t over­filled), the cut off mech­a­nism was hit and miss when it reached boil­ing point and this was very dan­ger­ous. I emailed AEG straight away, explained I had safe­ty con­cerns and ini­tial­ly I heard back, they asked for the make and mod­el, I sent it across and i’ve nev­er heard any­thing since. I called the AEG con­tact num­ber that Ama­zon pro­vid­ed and it takes you to an auto­mat­ed ser­vice, I left my con­tact details in excess of 10 times and clear­ly stat­ed I was call­ing to com­plain, plus I sent a legal let­ter to them and they have still not replied.As oth­er review­ers have stat­ed, the out­side of the ket­tle becomes extreme­ly hot, to the point it will burn you if you acci­den­tal­ly touch it; my much cheap­er pre­vi­ous ket­tle had bet­ter qual­i­ty safe­ty fea­tures than this prod­uct had.I had seri­ous con­cerns about the qual­i­ty and safe­ty of the ket­tle, the over boil­ing wasn’t the only issue, the illu­mi­nat­ed ther­mome­ter behind the han­dle stopped work­ing, mak­ing it dif­fi­cult to see how much water you were putting in, unless you looked inside and the base indi­ca­tor ran­dom­ly jumped from one cup to keep warm.I stopped using the ket­tle despite it cost­ing £79.99 with­in 4 months of buy­ing it and it still being under guar­an­tee. I would not rec­om­mend this ket­tle or AEG based on my experience.

  6. Mel

    Dis­s­a­point­edWhen i pur­chased this prod­uct i was not aware that the out­er wall of the ket­tle gets dan­ger­ous­ly hot and can burn / scold if even in very breif con­tact with skin. I am very dis­s­a­point­ed with this ket­tle as sev­er­al mem­bers of my fam­i­ly includ­ing myself have been scold­ed from the extrem­ley hot exte­ri­or wall of the ket­tle when attempt­ing to hold it. I have attempt­ed to con­tact AEG direct­ly to ask whether it is nor­mal for this ket­tle to become so dan­ger­ous­ly hot, but have not recieved any response. I am unable to use this ket­tle so have replaced it.

  7. P.R. Green

    Over­pricedWe have had this ket­tle since July 2017 — it is now play­ing up. It keeps cut­ting out and the dis­play on the stand will flick­er. Besides a dis­ap­point­ing life­time for quite an expen­sive ket­tle — the scroll to heat to dif­fer­ent tem­per­a­tures only goes down. So if it is set to 95 degrees but you want a100 degree boil you have to press the tem­per­a­ture but­ton sev­er­al times.

  8. Grze­gorz

    Bro­ken after half year of usageJust wont turn off after half year of using show­ing tem­per­a­ture 93 then 80 but some­times can achieve 100. It does­n’t have any limescale inside as I’m using bri­ta fil­ters so just put fil­tered water there ‑so sen­sor is not dirty or something.

  9. Kin­dle Customer

    Fit­ted with 2 Pin Euro Plug! Not British type 3 pin plug.This ket­tle has arrived with a Euro plug 2 pin plug so pret­ty use­less in my British 3 sock­et kitchen. I know the wire could be changed but how do I know if the amp or volt­age is com­pat­i­ble or safe to use.Poor by Ama­zon a there are no pic­tures of the plug in the adverts.

  10. Jack­ie

    Absolute­ly love this ket­tle.Was­n’t sure what to expect after read­ing reviews. But I am very pleased to say that I absolute­ly love this ket­tle. I am for­ev­er walk­ing away from the ket­tle when boil­ing, so pleased when it beeps after boil­ing. Great one cup tur­bo func­tion. Can fill from the spout with­out open­ing the lid. The lid is the eas­i­est one I have come across for open­ing, as I had to try to bash my old ket­tle to open the lid. Sleek design. Match­es my cook­er. I have noth­ing bad to say about this product.

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