AEG CX7‑2–45AN Animal Cordless Lightweight 2‑in‑1 Pet Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Plastic, 18 W, Chilli Red


Brand AEG
Is cordless? Yes
Form factor Handheld
Special feature Brush_roll, Lightweight, Cordless
Colour Chilli Red
  • 2-in-1 lightweight cordless vacuum and handheld in one
  • Rechargeable battery with up to 45 minutes running time
  • Motorised pet nozzle - attaches to the handheld unit
  • Brush roll cleaning function - lets you untangle hair and fibres from the brush
  • 4 hours quick charge with two power settings


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From the manufacturer

AEG, CX7-2-45AN, Pet, Cordless Vacuum, Cordless Stick, Animal, Vacuum

The ultimate pet cordless vacuum cleaner by AEG


The AEG CX7‑2–45AN light­weight cord­less lithi­um pet vac­u­um com­bines a range of cut­ting-edge fea­tures to make every­day house­work a lit­tle eas­i­er. With its styl­ish self-stand­ing design and HD lithi­um tur­bo pow­ered bat­tery the CX7 is always at hand ready to go, keep it in the kitchen or hall­way to be at hand.

Made for pet owners

This light­weight cord­less vac­u­um includes a pow­er­ful motorised pet tur­bo noz­zle, which attach­es to the pop out hand­held unit, this is great for clean­ing up pet hair from fur­ni­ture, rugs, beds and stairs.


  • upto 45mins run­time
  • Tur­bo lithi­um-ion rechar­gable bat­tery
  • Motor­ized brushroll noz­zle
  • 2 speed set­tings
  • Suit­able for car­pets & hard­floors
  • Quick charg­ing tech­nol­o­gy
  • Pow­er­ful suc­tion
  • LED dust spot­ter head­lights
  • Pop out hand­held vac
  • Pet hair tur­bo noz­zle
  • Easy to emp­ty
  • Light­weight 2.52Kgs

The ultimate cordless pet ans home vacumm

Up to 45 minutes run time

Turbo Power Lithium-Ion HD battery

Lightweight only 2.52Kgs


AEG, CX7-2-45AN, Pet, Cordless Vacuum, Cordless Stick, Animal, Vacuum

AEG, CX7-2-45AN, Pet, Cordless Vacuum, Cordless Stick, Animal, Vacuum

AEG, CX7-2-45AN, Pet, Cordless Vacuum, Cordless Stick, Animal, Vacuum

AEG, CX7-2-45AN, Pet, Cordless Vacuum, Cordless Stick, Animal, Vacuum

Motorised pet hair turbo nozzle

This light­weight cord­less vac­u­um includes a pow­er­ful motorised pet tur­bo noz­zle, which attach­es to the pop out hand­held unit, this is great for clean­ing up pet hair from fur­ni­ture, rugs, beds and stairs.

2‑In‑1 Pop out handheld

The 2‑in‑1 func­tion­al­i­ty allows you to use this cord­less vac­u­um any­where, thanks to a detach­able portable hand­held unit. Sim­ply remove the hand­held unit from the frame and pre­pare to tack­le the mess, no mat­ter where it’s hiding.

Clean your entire home

This ver­sa­tile cord­less vac­u­um is not only a pow­er­ful stick, its a stair clean­er and hand­held all in one. More pow­er for longer with the high per­for­mance Lithi­um Tur­boPow­er bat­tery, which runs twice as long when com­pared with a nick­el bat­tery and is lighter and eas­i­er to handle.

Suitable for carpets and hardfloors

Clean­ing all floor­ing types with ease, be it hard­wood floors, tiles, vinyl’s, rugs and car­pets. With the two speed set­ting one for hard­floors and one for car­pets, the CX7‑2–45AN gives you the per­for­mance you need to keep your home clean and free from dust & dirt.

AEG, CX7-2-45AN, Pet, Cordless Vacuum, Cordless Stick, Animal, Vacuum

AEG, CX7-2-45AN, Pet, Cordless Vacuum, Cordless Stick, Animal, Vacuum

AEG, CX7-2-45AN, Pet, Cordless Vacuum, Cordless Stick, Animal, Vacuum

AEG, CX7-2-45AN, Pet, Cordless Vacuum, Cordless Stick, Animal, Vacuum

Easy stair cleaning

With the pow­er­ful motorised tur­bo noz­zle, clean­ing car­pet­ed or hard wood stairs is easy. The light­weight hand­held unit, with its pow­er­ful motor and be tak­en any­where, even clean your car.

always charged and ready to go base station

The min­i­mal charg­ing stand keeps the CX7‑2–45AN alweays ful­ly charged, and with the lithi­um-ion bat­tery tech­nol­o­gy, once the prod­uct is ful­ly charged, it won’t draw any more pow­er. Light­weight and slim, the AEG CX7-45 ANIMAL fea­tures a pow­er­ful motor, good air­flow and a cyclonic sys­tem for opti­mum cleaning.

Dust spotter head lights

The CX7’s noz­zle comes with LED dust spot­ter head­lights for a dust-free clean­ing expe­ri­ence. Make sure you don’t miss any­thing by see­ing exact­ly what and where you’re clean­ing each time.

No more tangled Brushroll

Brushroll Clean tech­nol­o­gy address­es a prob­lem that affects many vac­u­um clean­ers. With the hair and fibre remov­ing func­tion from AEG, fibres and entwined hairs are removed by a sep­a­rat­ing bar from the brush roll and sucked into the dust cup. Deigned to save your time con­sum­ing and annoy­ing task of clean­ing the brush roll and pre­vents fre­quent clogging.

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Additional information

Weight 2.48 kg
Dimensions 14.5 × 26.5 × 114.5 cm



Chilli Red

Product Dimensions

14.5 x 26.5 x 114.5 cm; 2.48 Kilograms


0.5 litres

Volume Capacity

0.5 litres

Power Wattage

18 watts


20 Volts



Auto Shutoff


Number of Speeds


Noise Level

79 dB


45 minutes

Special Features

Brush_roll Lightweight Cordless

Item Weight

2.48 kg



Date First Available

6 Mar. 2018




  1. Matt

    Bril­liant lit­tle vac­u­umI ordered this vac­u­um as I live in a small premis­es and want­ed some­thing cord­less and ver­sa­tile to whip round. This fits the bill perfectly.The vac­cum is sur­pris­ing­ly pow­er­ful and does the job on car­pet and hard­floors. The attach­ment that fits into the hand­held part of the vac­u­um is absolute­ly ide­al for stairs and under sofa cushions.On the most pow­er­ful set­ting i get about 20–30mins of clean­ing before it needs a charge. The dust com­part­ment is easy to clean and emp­ty. I would pre­fer the dust com­part­ment to be a lit­tle bit big­ger but thats just a very minor complaint.All in all sol­id prod­uct if you live in a small house/flat or you want it as a sec­ond vacuum

  2. Scam­po

    Stun­ning to look at, sur­pris­ng­ly pow­er­ful to use.We’ve been using an old­er ver­sion of this since it came out and were asked to review this new­er ver­sion – thank you Ama­zon and AEG. The old one impressed us enough to get a sim­i­lar AEG mod­el for our son and daugh­ter-in-law, and on the strength of our rec­om­men­da­tion, our elder­ly neigh­bour now has one, too. Yes – you can tell that we do like the prod­uct and rate it highly.The main inter­nal dif­fer­ence between this and the old­er ver­sion seems to be the new “Lithi­um HD” bat­tery which lasts longer between cleans than our old one. In prac­tice, how­ev­er, both mod­els last long enough and have nev­er run out before being placed back on their charg­ing stand. To put that into a bit of per­spec­tive, if you have a fam­i­ly, then these vac­u­ums won’t ful­ly replace a pow­er­ful cord­ed vac­u­um, not least because of the ver­sa­til­i­ty of these for clean­ing the car, and down the sides of set­tees and chairs, for exam­ple. If you live alone or are elder­ly, it will do all you need and in style. I read a review from a wheel­chair user who was delight­ed with it. I’m not surprised.It is ide­al for a quick yet thor­ough clean up of car­pets and floors in between full “spring cleans”. The suc­tion is sur­pris­ing­ly strong and the brush­es rotate very pow­er­ful­ly. On a quick tri­al this morn­ing using this new AEG and our old Sebo upright, I admit to being pleas­ant­ly sur­prised that the light-weight AEG shift­ed dust and fluff equal­ly well from our red car­pet. It’s cer­tain­ly an effec­tive clean­er – it is, unlike the Sebo, a feath­er weight and is so well bal­anced that if you have any kind of infir­mi­ty or arthri­tis, I’d say that it would suit you well. The swiv­el action is tru­ly clever which, com­bined with the ultra-light weight, allows the vac­u­um to be manoeu­vred with ease.The real dif­fer­ence between this new mod­el and the old­er one, how­ev­er, is exter­nal. And what a dif­fer­ence! Our old mod­el is far from ugly, but this new “water­mel­on red” is quite sim­ply gor­geous. The plas­tic has changed, too, now being a kind of lux­u­ri­ous-look­ing mat­te fin­ish. I think AEG have realised that these vac­u­ums often stay in view and they’ve worked real­ly hard to pro­duce a charg­ing stand and vac­u­um clean­er that, frankly, look tru­ly stun­ning. Yes, it doesn’t look quite so stun­ning after a few weeks of use — but it real­ly is a cinch to wipe over and keep clean, leav­ing it look­ing pris­tine and very showy.Negatives? I’ve men­tioned that if you have a fam­i­ly, it won’t ful­ly replace a good qual­i­ty cord­ed vac­u­um (such as the Sebo); these have tools that make them bet­ter for deep clean­ing in cars and uphol­stery, for sure. Also, like all light­weight cord­less vacs, this one also needs fre­quent emp­ty­ing. This is very easy to do indeed, but needs care to keep the dust where it should be. There’s a clever spring-pull part in the can­is­ter that cleans the fil­ter very well – but this does pro­duce a lot of dust. I emp­ty ours into our kitchen bin and hold every­thing well down inside the bin while doing so. That does the trick and we remain dust free!

  3. Gillian Hack­ney

    Light­weightLike the light­weight the bat­tery does­n’t last long before it needs charg­ing but ample for what I need

  4. Deep­ak

    Use­ful mini brush head includ­edThis was to replace our AEG ergo­rapi­do where the bat­ter­ies were begin­ning to fail (run time short­er despite a full charge). Even though this new one looks near iden­ti­cal I have a feel­ing it’s brush-up and suc­tion is not as good as the old ergo­rapi­do. The bat­tery is much bet­ter (high­er volt­age so I pre­sume more cells) and it’s run time bet­ter. The mini brush head par­tic­u­lar­ly good for clean­ing stair car­pet or in cars. Oth­er­wise it’s a light and manoeu­vrable vac­u­um clean­er which cleans well enough. I haven’t com­pared it to a Dyson but it’s stacks cheaper.

  5. Ama­zon Customer

    Nice prod­uct-very effi­cient.Just decid­ed to try a recharge­able and picked what we hoped was the best. Not dis­ap­point­ed. Great lit­tle thing, good suc­tion and great for quick hits. I don’t think it would have the strength to real­ly chal­lenge a pow­ered mod­el but good enough for those lit­tle jobs.

  6. vrut

    Light­weight and ver­sa­tileEasy to use. Great suc­tion. So much bet­ter than my 3 year old gtech!

  7. E. Thomas

    Makes house­work eas­i­erI was look­ing for a light­weight vac­u­um to make it eas­i­er to keep the house clean. This ticks all the boxes.

  8. S. Bai­ley

    Impres­sive vac­cu­um clean­er, with a cou­ple of minor flaws.I bought this to replace my Black & Deck­er Ora which I had had for three years; the seal was gone on the door to the dust con­tain­er and it was a poor design any­way so I need some­thing bet­ter. The reviews were very good on this AEG so I got it and I am glad I did. It was more pow­er­ful and much bet­ter put togeth­er than my old Ora. It was very light­weight and fits togeth­er with­out a min­i­mum of fuss. It looks good as well and has a small foot­print so easy to store — it sits on the floor on its charg­ing stand and you can keep it plugged into the wall.I vac­u­umed my stairs, hall and din­ing room and only went down by one bar (there are three bars on the charg­ing indi­ca­tor). Edge to edge clean­ing is not bril­liant though, but the handy crevice tool which sits on the back of the han­dle was very handy. The motorised brush that you can attach to the hand held unit was real­ly help­ful for doing the stairs, though again the crevice tool was need­ed for the edges.One of the plus points for me was the effort­less way the whole unit goes into the charg­ing stand, how the hand­held unit comes in and out of the han­dle and the ease of emp­ty the con­tain­er. Be warned though, the con­tain­er is not very big. It does­n’t both­er me as, with 2 chil­dren and 2 cats, I tend to hoover lit­tle and often but if you pre­fer to do a whole house at one, that’s going to be a lot of emp­ty­ing. So I would rec­om­mend it more for small­er prop­er­ties and for on the go cleaning.All in all, I am very pleased with my purchase!

  9. Mr W.

    Don’t both­er wast­ing your mon­ey!We bought this a while ago. We have a cat and want­ed some­thing to deal with hair etc. We also have hard floors and car­pets in the house. This looked like a great option. It’s not! It’s been dri­ving us mad for ages, poor suc­tion, clogs up all the time, tan­gled up all the time with the slight­est bit of hair. You actu­al­ly need to take it apart and clean it after every use for it to work prop­er­ly. I’ve start­ed using a dust­pan and brush on the tiled floors as it’s 1000 times bet­ter than this! It’s expen­sive and does not! Do the job around a nor­mal house with two adults and a lit­tle cat. It’s useless!

  10. Jules

    Best vac­u­um everI was a bit skep­ti­cal of this vac­u­um but bought it based on reviews. We had use of a dyson V7 but found it a bit heavy for my mum to useThis vac­u­um turned out to be perfect.It is pret­ty light­weight and comes with a base charg­ing sta­tion. Takes around 3 hours to charge ful­ly and it is rec­om­mend­ed to leave it on the charg­er when not in use. There are a row of lights on the front to illu­mi­nate the area you’re vacuuming.On full pow­er it has last­ed me 25 mins to fin­ish our whole house ( 3bed) and there is still more pow­er left­There are addi­tion­al parts for clean­ing stairs and oth­er awk­ward areas.You can remove the main body of the vac­u­um to use as a hand­held to clean the car.We have a cat and this cleans the chairs and sofa very well.I have read com­ments that the release catch­es some­times get stuck when you’re try­ing to open to emp­ty the rub­bish. I found that too but then I realised that you need to remove the fluff/ hair from the small release catch each time then it can fit back on easily.At some point you will need to buy fil­ters to change. I’m not sure how long each fil­ter lasts for. I’m still on my first one.This is the best vac­u­um that we have ever bought. It turns around cor­ners so easily.Even my mum uses it dai­ly for small cleans as it’s so con­ve­nient to useWe don’t both­er with the dyson any­moreThor­ough­ly recommend

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