AC8 – Pre Workout Powder (Tropical Blast), – Preworkout for Men and Women with Creatine and Caffeine, – Pre-Workout,


Brand Iron Labs Nutrition
Age range (description) Adult
Format Powder
Material feature Vegan
Units 320.0 gram
Item weight 300 Grams
  • The Legendary Pre Workout - AC8 is a pre-workout that offers an incredible ingredients list, high strength doses, superior mixability, and truly great flavour
  • Creatine To Increase Physical Performance – contains creatine which is proven to increase physical performance in successive bursts of short-term, high-intensity exercise with a 3g daily intake
  • B12 To Reduce Tiredness & Fatigue – every serving is high in vitamin B12 which is proven to contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • Used By Men & Women – AC8 is used by serious male and female fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and athletes to support physical performance and training intensity
  • Awesome Flavour, Easy To Mix – the Iron Labs Nutrition team spent 6 months taste testing to achieve a genuinely great tasting pre-workout powder with superior mixability


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From the brand

Product Description

pre workout

pre workout men

pre workout powder

pre-workout powder

pre workout for women

Tastes Great

Fea­tur­ing an awe­some Trop­i­cal flavour which was devel­oped through 6 months of taste testing.

Increases Physical Performance

With cre­a­tine which increas­es phys­i­cal per­for­mance in suc­ces­sive bursts of short-term, high inten­si­ty exer­cise with a 3g dai­ly intake

Used By Men & Women

Used by seri­ous male and female fit­ness enthu­si­asts, body­builders and ath­letes to sup­port phys­i­cal per­for­mance and train­ing intensity.

Contains 40 Regular Servings

Every pot pro­vides 320 grams, which is 40 Reg­u­lar serv­ings and 20 High Strength Xtreme servings.


vegan pre workout

preworkout drink men

pre workout shot

Custom Formulations

Our prod­ucts com­bine the lat­est sci­en­tif­ic research with over a decade of in-house prod­uct for­mu­la­tion experience.

Trusted since 2009

Iron Labs Nutri­tion has been devel­op­ing sup­ple­ments for seri­ous fit­ness enthu­si­asts, body­builders and ath­letes since 2009.

Manufacturing Quality

We only use batch-test­ed, non-GMO ingre­di­ents, which are blend­ed and packed at an inde­pen­dent­ly cer­ti­fied facility

Iron Labs Nutrition: AC8 Pre Workout

A British-devel­oped pre work­out men and women can use to sup­port per­for­mance and train­ing inten­si­ty. The Veg­e­tar­i­an and veg­an pre work­out for­mu­la is a suit­able pre work­out for women also. Our pre work­out with cre­a­tine, caf­feine and vit­a­min B12 can be eas­i­ly mixed into a drink tak­en sim­i­lar to a pre work­out shot or can be sipped more slow­ly in the lock­er room or on the dri­ve to the gym. The cus­tom for­mu­la is paired with a bril­liant flavour and easy mix­a­bil­i­ty to ensure a high per­for­mance pre-work­out drink. This pre­work­out cre­a­tine, beta-ala­nine, tau­rine and caf­feine blend can be used as a pre­work­out drink men and women can both enjoy. This is a strong pre work­out with high strength pre work­out dos­es includ­ing vit­a­min B12.

Important information


Cre­a­tine Mono­hy­drate, Dex­trose, Tau­rine, L‑Glutamine, Beta-Ala­nine, Inulin, L‑Citrulline Malate, Acids (Cit­ric Acid, Mal­ic Acid), Caf­feine, Flavour­ing, Sweet­en­er (Sucralose), Anti-Cak­ing Agent (Sil­i­con Diox­ide), Colour (Cur­cum­in), Methylcobalamin

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Additional information

Product Name

AC8 Xtreme Tropical Flavour


320.0 gram


Iron Labs Nutrition



Age Range Description


Country of origin




Date First Available

29 Sept. 2016


Iron Labs Nutrition


  1. Dar­ren

    Good price, but do your research.Before buy­ing any pre work­out you must do your research and ask your­self if it’s the ener­gy that you’re lack­ing, or just the motivation.This isn’t for begin­ners try­ing to get into work­ing out, you’ll cause more grief than nec­es­sary. Stick to pro­tein shakes, a strict rou­tine, healthy eat­ing and cre­a­tine as your fuel.Dosage should be fol­lowed to the tee, or you may find your­self hav­ing to call time out as you pal­pi­tate and sweat buck­ets. Not a good look, and not a good feeling.In terms of the prod­uct itself, sweet is an under­state­ment. I would have thought I’d drank a glass of sug­ar if I hadn’t read the label. I don’t think it needs to be that sweet, a bit­ter alter­na­tive would be welcome.Essentially, the prod­uct is a con­cen­trat­ed source of caf­feine and the effects can be repli­cat­ed using cof­fee and sup­ple­ment­ing with beta ala­nine if the research behind that is to be believed.All in all I wouldn’t rec­om­mend pre work­outs in gen­er­al, each to their own how­ev­er — this is by no means a bad pre work­out for the effects and ingre­di­ents it has.

  2. zaf­fer

    Well worth itSo it’s obly been a week since I received my iron labs pre work­out. I ordered on a Fri­day and it was deliv­ered on a Sun­day not even paid extra which was awe­some. Def­i­nite­ly a good taste. Unlike oth­ers it’s not over­ly sweet like a nice flavoured spring water drink. I add a vas­cu­lar pump to my pre work­outs for extra pump and it works a treat. I’ll be 1hr and half into my and know I should end now but I’m eas­i­ly still ready to car­ry on. There’s no uncom­fort­able tin­gling (slight­ly which is nice) and def­i­nite­ly no crash after­wards so thank you and look for­ward to order­ing more. #stay­mas­sive

  3. Alex

    Def­i­nite­ly help­fulI start­ed tak­ing this about 1.5 months after start­ing work­ing out about 3 months ago or so and have lost weight and gained mus­cle. I nev­er drink cof­fee so the caf­feine defi­ant­ly keeps me up at night late work­ing if tak­en to late at night before gym like 9pm or so. But this is help­ful in my life style it gives me focus.But at the gym i find after about 7 or so min­utes of warm up bpm 164 + i start to not feel­ing tired or fatigu­ing. Before i start­ed tak­ing this doing a 20 minute warm up then 40 mins of oth­er work­outs was tir­ing, bor­ing, would give up and loose focus. I think this helps in giv­ing a kick to work­ing out and pulling through.Obviously weight loss is sub­ject to caloric intake, diet, calo­rie burn… but ive lose some fat and am hap­py with the progress and prod­uct. Ive not real­ly got a healthy diet or changed my diet but have lost weight and gained muscle !

  4. Iqram H.

    Made in India and gave me whole­Load of spotsI had this prod­uct and it gave the ener­gy but then after 2 weeks I noticed I did­n’t get any kick out of it and did­n’t effect me at all… Con­tact­ed cus­tomer ser­vices and was told only to have it a cou­ple times a week althought that was­n’t men­tioned any­where. Then I was advised to buy anoth­er prod­uct of theirs and it was obvi­ous they just want­ed to sell me stuff. In the 2 weeks I noticed a whole load of spots on my face and fore­head and dida bit of research. These com­pa­nies make their prod­ucts in Chi­na and India and bring them here into the UK. They have ingre­di­ents which mess with your sys­tem and pro­duce loads of spots and oth­er irri­tat­ing sit­u­a­tions. Would­nt rec­om­mend. I nev­er do reviews but did­n’t want peo­ple to fall for this stuff and go through what I did. It’s not ama­zon its more or less most of these prod­uct that are not nat­ur­al. If its not nat­ur­al its not for your body…

  5. Dar­ren

    This is not good!I use to use Super­Pump and thought I would give a cheap­er brand a try.Upon open­ing though I have been met with a space rock for­ma­tion. Not sealed cor­rect­ly and that means mois­ture has got into the mix, this is a bad sign.While for some it might be accept­able, not know­ing how long it has been con­t­a­m­i­nat­ed is a risk so not even going to try it.

  6. Emi­ly

    Infact I will buy it again if I don’t like the oth­er flavoursI’ve just start­ed going to the gym last week, I brought this because I’m a very lazy and inac­tive woman. I’m nat­u­ral­ly skin­ny, but I want­ed to build mus­cle and be a lot more active. I real­ly need­ed the moti­va­tion and strength to get myself to the gym, so I brought this. I mixed half a scoop with water and drank, I’m not real­ly sure about the water­mel­on flavour as I found it quite sour, I will try the blue rasp­ber­ry next but, the water­mel­on isn’t revolt­ing or any­thing. Infact I will buy it again if I don’t like the oth­er flavours, because it is drink­able and it’s not bad, the effects are beyond worth it. I then walked to the gym which is 25 min walk and by the time I was in the gym using the equip­ment, I was feel­ing very moti­vat­ed and ready to do it! I actu­al­ly was sur­prised at how much I could do and I done a full hour there on my first time! I could def­i­nite­ly feel the effect of the caf­feine, but not so much that I was shaky or like a jit­ter­bug. I was a nice, buzzed kind of feel. Love this and will always use this now.

  7. Ama­ra

    Try­ing some­thing new (:I usu­al­ly drink a black cof­fee before I work­out and I just want­ed to try some­thing dif­fer­ent, taste wise. I googled some reviews and found a cou­ple of them on Youtube. In the end I just pur­chased this prod­uct to see what it was like.It’s my first pre work­out I’ve ever bought and used. It tastes great! And gives me a boost. I nor­mal­ly have half or a third of a scoop, that’s enough for me. As I usu­al­ly have 2 tea­spoons of cof­fee so I don’t need to get super wired!I’m some­what sen­si­tive to the prod­uct so I get a tiny tin­gling sen­sa­tion, only lasts a minute when the pre work­out kicks in. Then I’m fine.Id rec­om­mend the prod­uct for first time use (:

  8. LexBex

    Ener­gis­ing… but dont expect big bang effect, but just nor­mal ener­gy lev­el.…Good sup­ple­ment, start­ed using this before my boot camp.… I exer­cise evenings so i take one scoup mixed with 350mil water two hours before exer­cis­ing, 30 min does­n’t kick on time takes about 1–2 hrs and ener­gy lasts about few hours so don’t take too late in a day as it will keep you awake. Im 44 yo and im strug­gling with ener­gy, this have improved my workouts…

  9. Matt

    Works great for the price.Does­n’t have that sour and bit­ter taste some pre work­outs can have. Also does not con­tain any huge lumps or grit that I have expe­ri­enced in the past with oth­er prod­ucts which can make it hard to stom­ach. I switched to pre-made bot­tles of pre work­outs which come in ‘Shots’ due to the grit and taste some unmade pow­ders can have, this how­ev­er has nei­ther so I am hap­py about this.Great price for the ingre­di­ents in the prod­uct. Not the strongest pre I’ve used but I can­not com­plain at this price point. Keeps me focused and moti­vat­ed dur­ing even some of my least favourite lifts at the gym. Will def­i­nite­ly order again once my tub is emp­ty espe­cial­ly if the price remains the same.

  10. Jamez Snow

    Pow­er­fulReal­ly good stuff. Easy to mix and tastes greatand pro­vides a pow­er­ful kick for the gym. I hon­est­ly could­nt han­dle a full scoop and i am pret­ty used to caf­feine too!The only rea­son im tak­ing a star off is the fact the ‘come down’ off this stuff is pret­ty drastic.Overall i would buy again though.

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