2 X Plastic Lined Bread Bags for Homemade Bread/ Keep Bread Fresh – Linen Eco Bread Storage Bags — 44cm x 35cm XL


Brand Balcove
Material Plastic
Reusability Reusable
Number Of Pieces 2
Closure type Drawstring
Item dimensions L x W x H 44 x 0.1 x 35 centimetres
Product dimensions 44W x 35H centimetres
  • ECO PLASTIC LINING *GUARANTEED TO KEEP BREAD FRESHER FOR LONGER VS 100% LINEN & COTTON BAGS*: Our bread bags are guaranteed to keep bread fresher for longer when compared to 100% linen or cotton bags. The plastic lining used in our bags is NON-TOXIC & BPA free, furthermore the plastic lining is biodegradable.
  • REDUCE YOUR THROWAWAY PLASTIC CONSUMPTION: Instead of using single-use plastic bags, do your bit for the environment and switch to a reusable option. Our bread bags will last for years & outperform single-use bags for keeping bread fresh. A win, win!
  • PERFECT SIZE: Each bread bag has a size of 44cm x 35cm making it perfect to store small or large loaves.
  • 2 X PREMIUM BAGS INCLUDED: For the price of £13.99, you will receive 2 premium bread bags so you will always have one on hand to store your freshly baked bread.
  • UK BASED & MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are based in Burnley, Lancashire & offer customer support directly from our office. 100% money back guarantee!


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Product Description

If You’re Looking for The Best Reusable Bread Bag Then Look No Further.

Our plas­tic lined bread bag has been test­ed in depth and is con­firmed to keep bread fresh­er for longer when com­pared to 100% linen & cot­ton alternatives.

When doing our research, we found that bread stored in 100% linen bags went stale around the 2 day mark while ours with the plas­tic lin­ing last­ed anoth­er 2–3 days mean­ing in total you can expect bread to keep fresh for around 5 days after bak­ing using our product.

We also found that com­peti­tors which used a plas­tic lin­ing used cheap PVC plas­tic inside their bags which is not BPA free. Our bags are made with BPA free plastic.

Qual­i­ty was also a big con­sid­er­a­tion we made when design­ing this prod­uct. We believe our bread bag is not only supe­ri­or in terms of the actu­al job it needs to do but also in qual­i­ty. The linen on the out­er lay­er of the bag is 100% organ­ic and draw strings are very durable. Our bags have also been care­ful­ly stitched to pre­vent tear­ing & to ensure long term use.

Our 2 x set of bread bags has been designed to fit large & small loafs inside them.

Bread Bag Lifestyle

Bread bag Lifestyle Shot 1

Lifestyle Bread Bag 3

Package Contains:

  • 2 x Bread bags
  • 1 x infor­ma­tion card

Please Note:

When using this prod­uct ensure bread has been thor­ough­ly cooled before plac­ing it inside the bread bag. Fur­ther­more, ensure the draw­strings are kept tight while stor­ing for best results.

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Additional information

Weight 290 kg
Dimensions 44 × 0.1 × 35 cm
Product Dimensions

44 x 0.1 x 35 cm; 290 Grams



Number of pieces


Batteries included


Batteries Required


Item Weight

290 g



Date First Available

7 May 2021




  1. Rhys

    Best avail­able, by a mile.This is the only plas­tic-lined bread bag I could find, but I was appre­hen­sive because of the lack of reviews. I’m ever so glad I bought though! These bags are won­der­ful­ly well made, large enough for our biggest home­made loaves and they’re very pleas­ant­ly designed too. Most impor­tant­ly though, they keep home­made bed fresh­er for longer — our loaf last­ed in top con­di­tion for 4 days! We’ll nev­er need a sin­gle-use plas­tic bag for bread ever again. These are the per­fect com­ple­ment for a new breadmaker.

  2. Nair­nite

    The only think that has worked to store bread machine loafAll bread whether pur­chased or made at home devel­oped mould quick­ly until now. Plas­tic didn’t work and beeswax wrap didn’t work. In fact the wrap grew mould and went stale. This bag keeps the bread per­fect­ly. I was a bit appre­hen­sive about the lin­ing but I feel it is much safer than plas­tic bags and is wash­able and cuts down on plas­tic waste. I think crusty bread would be soft­ened in it but it takes care of the issue of bread machine bread hav­ing a thick, hard crust on the bottom.

  3. Sara Paine

    Would Be Help­ful To Put ‘Hand Wash Only’ on Infor­ma­tion CardI haven’t used these bags yet, so I can’t com­ment on how well they work, but the first thing I want­ed to do when they arrived was to put them in the wash­ing machine to make sure they were clean. Some­thing made me stop and dou­ble check the reviews and I then saw that some­one had already tried to do this, ruined them and had to ask for a replace­ment. So my feed­back to Elliott Hall at Bal­cove (who asks for feed­back on the infor­ma­tion card that comes with the prod­uct) would be it would be real­ly help­ful if there was a line/bullet point on the infor­ma­tion card say­ing ‘Hand Wash Only’ to avoid any dis­as­ters. There are no wash­ing instruc­tions anywhere.

  4. Pam R

    Bril­liant bag for keep­ing bread freshI only do reviews for things that impress me (or the com­plete oppo­site!). This love­ly bread bag has saved my home made bread from going ‘sticky’ after a cou­ple of days! I could not work out why it was doing this but clear­ly just putting it in a plas­tic bag didn’t work! I got fed up with keep throw­ing bread away so did some research and then found this bread bag with lots of good reviews and decid­ed to try it, although to be hon­est I wasn’t hold­ing out much hope BUT I got right to the end of my loaf with­out it going sticky, mouldy or too dry. I high­ly rec­om­mend these bags to every­one! Brilliant!!!

  5. Leah Lan­gan

    Wow!I can’t believe these actu­al­ly work. I was so fed up of fresh bread going stale after a day or 2 and hav­ing to chuck it away so searched for some­thing to keep it fresh. I don’t have space for a bread bin so when I saw these bags and all the amaz­ing reviews I was intrigued. Well safe to say they actu­al­ly work, I didn’t believe they would, I don’t real­ly under­stand how they do work but they do!! They kept a fresh loaf nice and soft for 5+ days. Absolute­ly amaz­ing, game chang­er, love them! Best pur­chase ever. Also very rea­son­able price for 2, and easy stor­age, not big and bulky like a tub/bin. Awe­some prod­uct thank you 🙂

  6. US Cus­tomer

    Bread Life-SaverWe love the bread bags. We eat lots of bread, and liv­ing by the sea it is hard to keep bread from molding/moulding. Bread box­es are use­less so we keep our bread in the fridge. We have 2 bread bags in the fridge– a kind of his and her bags. No more search­ing for bread in our crowd­ed fridge. Thanks so much!

  7. Andy p

    Best Ama­zon pur­chase ever?This is pos­si­bly the best thing I’ve bought on Ama­zon — ever!Simple idea. Well made. Does its job brilliantly.Put your baked goods in the bag, squeeze out as much air as pos­si­ble, and tight­en the pull cord. You should notice that things stay fresh­er for con­sid­er­ably longer.Unlike a tra­di­tion­al bread bin, this bag takes up only as much space as need­ed for the items you are stor­ing, and it does­n’t have a reser­voir of air that makes bread go stale and mouldy.

  8. Mrs H

    Per­fect bread stor­ageI pur­chased these after read­ing the reviews of sev­er­al dif­fer­ent stor­age bags. I’m very pleased I select­ed these. Per­fect amount of space to store I even store my French sticks (baton) in these when I pur­chase them from the store. Easy to clean just turn them inside out and give them a good shake out. I did land up with mushy peas on one but this soon came off with a damp clothes and then allowed to dry naturally.

  9. Jacque­line Brett

    Bril­liant Bread BagWe was­n’t too sure whether to order any type of bread bag but the reviews on these were so good we decid­ed we had to take a chance. Wow, they are as good as every­one has said. I make my own bread and when in poly­thene bags the bread kept going mouldy after about 4 days but we have just fin­ished a loaf that is a week old and no mould and still nice and fresh. Hav­ing 2 of them is good as the first bag has been turned inside out and the plas­tic wiped ready for use. The plas­tic lin­ing is total­ly dif­fer­ent to a poly­thene bag. Such a sim­ple and bril­liant design. One word of cau­tion though. Make sure your loaf is com­plete­ly COLD before plac­ing inside. Also, I did wash these before use using warm soapy water. Perfect!


    Excel­lent prod­uct does what it saysI make a lot of bread and this bag has been a god­send for keep­ing the bread fresh. I wrap a loaf and put it in the fridge and it lasts. I have to blast the bread to warm it a lit­tle (15secs microwave) but i have not had to throw any out for mould. I use no preser­v­a­tives in bread making.One note do not wash in wash­ing machine with deter­gent as it can ruin the bag, but sell­er kind­ly replaced my orig­i­nal order for my own stupidity.

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