10″ Windows 10 Fusion5 FWIN232 PLUS N4120 Quadcore Ultra Slim Windows Tablet PC — Windows 11 Compatible, 4GB RAM, USB 3.0, Micro

£ 199.95

  • This newest version of Windows 10 Tablet PC from Fusion5 is fully-loaded with the latest user-friendly Windows 10 package with Free upgrade to Windows 11 once available. Upgrade rollout plan is being finalized and will begin in late 2021 and continue into 2022. Specific timing will vary by device.
  • Upgraded Intel Quad-core N4120 CPU with powerful GPU and 4GB of RAM
  • The 10-inch screen on this Windows 10 Tablet PC by Fusion5 is perfect for viewing your favourite content
  • This is a Bluetooth 4.0 Windows PC laptop tablet equipped with Intel Quad-core Processor
  • This ultra-slim and stylish Windows laptop tablet not only ticks all the boxes in terms of ultimate usability but it also comes with 12 months of UK warranty at our UK repair centre.


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Product Description

Fusion5 FWIN232 PLUS N4 Tablet PC

tablet fusion 5 tablet fusion 5 tablet under 100 dollars 64gb tablet 2gb ram 4 gb ram android tablet

Fusion5 is a leading independent brand selling tablet PCs since 2010. Fusion5 has served more than a million customers across the globe.

Fusion5 is a lead­ing inde­pen­dent brand in the UK. Estab­lished in 2010, experts in Win­dows and Android Tablets. ULTRA SLIM — ULTRA STYLISH — this FWIN232+ N2 comes with Win­dows 11 Com­pat­i­ble tablet PC, with its 10″ screen is great for watch­ing movies, surf­ing the web, work and study. Win­dows tablet with a smooth screen sur­face for plush user experience.

AWESOME STORAGE SPACE & POWER — with its Intel Quad-Core Proces­sor, 4GB RAM and 64GB Stor­age with Blue­tooth 4.0 — it’s a lit­tle pock­et dynamo!

Specification of FWIN232+ N4 Tablet PC:

Dis­play 10.1″ 1280*800 IPS Display
CPU Intel Quad Core
Exter­nal Storage Sup­ports Micro sd cards upto 256GB
RAM/Memory 4GB DDR3
Stor­age 64GB
Cam­era 5MP Pri­ma­ry Cam­era and 2MP Front Camera
WIFI Wire­less N (802.11b/g/n)
Oper­at­ing system Win­dows 11 Compatible
Sen­sor G‑sensor
Blue­tooth 4.0
Speak­er Dual Speak­ers

gadget tablet fusion 5 tablet under 100 dollars 64gb tablet windows tablet 4 gb ram android tablet

gadget tablet fusion 5 tablet under 100 dollars 64gb tablet windows tablet 4 gb ram android tablet

gadget tablet fusion 5 tablet under 100 dollars 64gb tablet windows tablet 4 gb ram android tablet

gadget tablet fusion 5 tablet under 100 dollars 64gb tablet windows tablet 4 gb ram android tablet

Dual Cameras

Take advan­tage of our Dual Cam­era set­up, show your friends and fam­i­ly your lat­est adventures.

Quad Core Experience

Mut­licore expe­ri­ence! Enjoy full use of all four cores fea­tured in our Intel Quad Core Chipset, fea­tur­ing Intels Mul­ti-Thread­ing Tech­nol­o­gy and Intel HD 500 Graphics

Windows 11 Compatible

Tak­ing advan­tage of Microsofts lat­est offer­ing, Win­dows 10 S, stream­lines for secu­ri­ty and per­for­mance, whilst main­tain­ing a famil­iar Win­dows Experience.

Dual Stereo Sound

Pro­vid­ing unmatched sound per­spec­tive, pro­vid­ing a gen­uine direc­tion of sound pro­vid­ing a bet­ter lis­ten­ing expe­ri­ence whilst enjoy­ing any content.


gadget tablet fusion 5 tablet under 100 dollars 64gb tablet windows tablet 4 gb ram android tablet

gadget tablet fusion 5 tablet under 100 dollars 64gb tablet windows tablet 4 gb ram android tablet

gadget tablet fusion 5 tablet under 100 dollars 64gb tablet windows tablet 4 gb ram android tablet


Fusion5 FWIN232+ N4 Win­dows Tablet PC comes with a 10.1‑inch dis­play allow­ing for an amaz­ing view­ing expe­ri­ence whether you are watch­ing movies, web surf­ing, play­ing games, or mulling over spreadsheets


FWIN232+ N4 tablet com­put­er fea­tures Win­dows 10S Home Oper­at­ing sys­tem with a sta­ble Intel Quad Core CPU makes it ide­al for busi­ness, online class­es, work from home, casu­al gam­ing, or for entertainment.

Mul­ti­ple lan­guages sup­port­ed; Audio For­mat MP3, WMA, MP2, OCG, AAC, APE, WAV; Video For­mat AVI, 3GP, MP4, MKV, WMV, MOV; Pho­to For­mat JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG


WIFI keeps you con­nect­ed even on hotspots. An ide­al part­ner if you wish to stay active on social media or read those impor­tant news upfronts. An inte­grat­ed micro HDMI slot will come in handy to watch your pre­sen­ta­tion or videos or class­es on a big­ger screen when­ev­er needed.

Fusion 5 intel partner alliance microsoft partner best business TABLET LAPTOP TABLET PC GADGET UK US

Why a Fusion5 Product?

Why a Fusion5 Product?Fusion5 is a mul­ti-award-win­ning brand focused on sell­ing top-qual­i­ty lap­top & tablet PCs since 2010 which means we know what it takes to pro­vide you with a fast, reli­able, and ver­sa­tile tech that sup­ports your every­day life, your trav­els, and every­thing in between. Fusion5 brand has served more than a mil­lion cus­tomers across the globe.

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Additional information

Weight 1.21 kg
Dimensions 28.3 × 26.5 × 4.6 cm


Package Dimensions

28.3 x 26.5 x 4.6 cm; 1.21 Kilograms

Manufacturer reference


Processor Brand


Processor Count


RAM Size

4 GB

Connectivity Type


Rear Webcam Resolution

5 MP

Front Webcam Resolution

2 MP

Operating System

Windows 11

Item Weight

1.21 kg



Date First Available

18 Nov. 2021




  1. edchristo­pher

    Decent “part time” lap­topArrived real­ly prompt­ly. Can do all those basic lap­top tasks pret­ty slick­ly. Mail, surf­ing, word, paint, media play, all with­out hav­ing to go through the has­sle of boot­ing up, and find­ing some­where to put the keyboard.Bluetooth and WiFi con­nec­tions seem pret­ty sta­ble, and once loaded with VLC it’ll play pret­ty much any­thing you throw at it. Bat­tery life also seems great so far, as is the abil­i­ty to charge through usb, to save cart­ing around the pro­pri­etary psu on my travels.For a cou­ple of hun­dred quid, it’s a bar­gain; the full win­dows expe­ri­ence is so much more flex­i­ble than android in a tablet in my opin­ion, espe­cial­ly if you want to organ­ise and mod­i­fy files and oth­er ‘worky’ stuff. I’d advice con­fig­ur­ing the resolution/display set­tings to match your fin­ger size as soon as pos­si­ble, it improves usabil­i­ty immeasurably.Would high­ly recommend.

  2. Lulu

    Fan­tas­tic alter­na­tive to a Win­dows PC lap­topI use the tablet with a dock­ing key­board for work. As I need­ed some­thing mobile but com­pat­i­ble with our net­work, I was look­ing for a tablet with a Win­dows sys­tem, good ram and large mem­o­ry. This ticked all the box­es and after using it both in work and at home for the past two months I have no com­plaints. I home­school my chil­dren and find it extreme­ly help­ful for get­ting their work­sheets and resources print­ed, watch­ing slideshows and using edu­ca­tion­al apps.Before pur­chas­ing, I had read reviews that men­tioned the sound was­n’t great, but I did­n’t need it for watch­ing or stream­ing pro­grammes so this did­n’t put me off. To be hon­est, what sound I have played on it has­n’t been terrible.To be cer­tain I was get­ting what I need­ed and there was­n’t any­thing else in the mar­ket that I had missed, I asked for a com­par­i­son in my local Cur­ry’s PC World and the advi­sor could­n’t offer any­thing with the same pack­age, and cer­tain­ly not in the same price range. He advised me to stick with my ini­tial choice of the Fusion5 as they had noth­ing to com­pete and was seem­ing­ly impressed with my find.Battery life is great for what I need, I always have my charg­er with me but I rarely need it dur­ing the day and can usu­al­ly just charge the tablet when I get home in the evening. I have had no prob­lems with the touch­screen, usu­al­ly a fast and accu­rate response.Downside would be that I can have dif­fi­cul­ty get­ting the screen to come back on but that may just be teething prob­lems of me learn­ing how it works. The dock­ing key­board can be a tad over­sen­si­tive when using the mouse pad, but that has noth­ing to do with the tablet itself. If I had a prop­er mouse I’m sure that would remove the issue.I would sug­gest one thing for the tablet; it would be great to get some kind of pro­tec­tive cov­er that would hold the tablet and be func­tion­al with or with­out the key­board attached, as I always wor­ry about dam­age when I have it out of the dock­ing key­board casing.Other than that, I can hon­est­ly say I have no regrets about mak­ing this pur­chase, it has made my work life much more time effi­cient and man­age­able, as well as giv­ing me a portable device that I can use eas­i­ly with my chil­dren for their edu­ca­tion and studies.

  3. bjohnk

    Fusion5 Win10 PC-Tablet for Meade Tele­scope Con­trolI have a Meade ETX 125PE Tele­scope which can be con­trolled via a Lap­top using appro­pri­ate Plan­e­tar­i­um soft­ware and a #505 RS232 – USB Pro­lif­ic Inter­face cable. I own a Leno­vo Android Tablet with a Plan­e­tar­i­um App installed but can only con­nect to Blue­tooth enabled Tele­scopes which my Meade isn’t. The oth­er issue is there does not seem to be an Android Plan­e­tar­i­um App which allows Tele­scope con­trol via a USB Inter­face. I have recent­ly updat­ed my Plan­e­tar­i­um Soft­ware on my Win­dows 10 Lap­top which works bril­liant­ly. How­ev­er I real­ly want­ed a Tablet sized Device rather than my 14” Lap­top to con­trol my Meade Tele­scope in the field.The solu­tion pre­sent­ed itself as the Fusion5 10” Win10S PC-Tablet. I decid­ed to buy the 4Gb RAM-128GB Stor­age ver­sion for the best pos­si­ble per­for­mance. The Fusion5 had the impor­tant full size USB Sock­et I need­ed (actu­al­ly USB3) for the #505 Inter­face cable. This may have been a some­what extrav­a­gant pur­chase for Tele­scope con­trol but it is exact­ly what I want­ed plus it does every­thing else that can be done on a Win10 Plat­form. I use it for e‑mails, Inter­net based research, Non-Microsoft Office Apps, Stream­ing Videos via my Google A/C etc. Infact because of its con­ve­nient size I am using this PC-Tablet more now than my Lap­top. In case you are won­der­ing the Tele­scope con­trol on my Fusion5 works per­fect­ly, mak­ing slew­ing to spe­cif­ic Night Sky Objects a piece of cake and an absolute Joy.The Fusion5 feels like a qual­i­ty prod­uct with a Screen Pro­tec­tor already applied. The Touch­screen is accu­rate and fast although, because of my large fin­gers, using a sty­lus is bet­ter which has the added bonus of not leav­ing skin oils on the screen. Image qual­i­ty is very good with nice clear images and real­is­tic colours. All in all I am very pleased with this PC-Tablet which does all that I want it to do. That said there are a few things that I feel need to be mentioned;Firstly, this PC-Tablet is shipped with Win10 S‑Mode. After some research it seems that this is a PRO-ver­sion of Win10, but is very Secure and Virus Safe, only let­ting you down­load Apps from the Microsoft Store. It also means that basi­cal­ly you can­not down­load Third Par­ty Soft­ware (unless in Microsoft Store). So near­ly all the soft­ware I want­ed could not be installed on this device while S‑Mode is ON. To install Third Par­ty Soft­ware you need to switch S‑Mode OFF, which requires a Re-Boot, leav­ing you with Win10 Home Edi­tion (not PRO) ver­sion on the Device. At this time I believe this process can­not be reversed. Sub­se­quent­ly, I have reset this Device to Fac­to­ry set­tings, con­firm­ing that it does not revert to Win10 S‑Mode.Next, if there is one thing which has dis­ap­point­ed me about the Fusion5, it is the lack of out­put vol­ume from the stereo speak­ers. Per­haps my hear­ing is age relat­ed but I have no prob­lems with the vol­ume from my Leno­vo Android Tablet, Ama­zon Fire HD Tablet or my Tesco Hudl 2 Tablet. Using an ear­piece is fine but you may need to con­sid­er buy­ing Pow­ered Stereo speak­ers if you want this Device to be loud.Lastly, I real­ly want­ed a Non-Gener­ic Fusion5 Case / Dock­ing Key­board for my Fusion5 PC-Tablet but there does not seem to be any avail­able with a UK Lay­out. Out of the blue, Fusion5 Mar­ket­ing offered me a Free Gift as a Thanky­ou for pur­chas­ing their Device. As luck would have it one of the gifts was a Dock­ing Key­board which I chose. The Free Gift arrived with­in 7 days and I was so pleased as it was a UK Key­board and works real­ly well. Very Impressed so Thank You Fusion5.As stat­ed I am very pleased with this Prod­uct which is only let down by the poor speak­er vol­ume. How­ev­er, as this Device does every­thing else with Fly­ing Colours, I give it a 5 Star rat­ing but with a slight­ly Neg­a­tive bias towards 4.7 Stars.

  4. Stephen

    Decent, but not per­fect.I main­ly bought this tablet to attend video-call meet­ing dur­ing lock-down, pri­mar­i­ly using Zoom, and con­nect­ing the tablet to the TV. Win­dows was the only choice for me, as I am not keen on Android, and find Apple com­plete­ly counter-intuitive.On that count, it was easy for me, as an ama­teur to set up, and the qual­i­ty is as good as our inter­net allows. No com­plains there.It is occa­sion­al­ly slow to load up oth­er pro­grams, and the speak­ers are a real weak point.The speak­er prob­lem is eas­i­ly and cheap­ly addressed by use of head­phones or exter­nal speak­ers (I bought Ama­zon Basics).All in all, this tablet does a very good, but not per­fect job. Bear­ing in mind the cost, it is a good qual­i­ty tablet.

  5. the edi­tor

    Nice lit­tle Tabletbought to replace a Linx 12x64. Nice 10″ tablet. clean clear screen. touch sen­si­tiv­i­ty good, much lighter. Key­board con­nec­tion not great. would have been bet­ter if it attached like the Linx. infor­ma­tion says it will take up to a 128GB card. I have insert­ed a 256GB and it works. Took lit­er­al­ly 24 hours, in total to update the win­dows soft­ware. don’t like the “Win­dows 10 S” ver­sion sup­plied as it pre­vents one from load­ing oth­er pro­pri­etary soft­ware. I have upgrad­ed to Win­dows 10 1903. it took ages to load but I now have the lat­est S/W. It is a pity that Fusion does not offer screen pro­tec­tors for sale. It does come with one attached. expect­ing that it will not last I have trawled to find one but with no suc­cess. I have emailed Fusion twice on the sub­ject but to date have received no reply. have received a reply and now have a screen pro­tec­tor. Fusion offered a gift for my review. still waiting

  6. PeteB

    Great lit­tle W10 TabletAfter a frus­trat­ing day try­ing and fail­ing to update my old W10 Net­book (I just use for trav­el­ling) — I looked around for a suit­able eco­nom­ic replacement.I have pur­chased the 10 inch 128GB mod­el with a dock­ing sta­tion and a 128GB micro SD card. I am delight­ed with the pack­age. I have used it with my old CD — USB attached unit (for some old soft­ware) and net­worked to my main machine for all the things I need and still have plen­ty of space for future addi­tions with­out resort­ing to the SD stor­age — which I will use for local back­up. I had read the reviews relat­ing to sound lev­el from the speak­ers and they were cor­rect. Very low sound. I have a small USB speak­er which works well — with­out that I would strug­gle with the sound.Battery life for my usage (sev­er­al hours) seems more than ade­quate. Speed of oper­a­tion is more than ade­quate for my use of Inter­net, emails, spread­sheets and doc­u­ments. I am not a game play­er so can­not com­ment on that aspect.The dock­ing sta­tion is easy — just a mag­net­ic snap fit and the key­board is great — saves lots of mess­ing with the screen key­board. I am find­ing the touch­pad not as reac­tive as some but hope­ful­ly that will improve. Over­all I am delight­ed and I would rec­om­mend this as a small eco­nom­ic machine which gives good all round performance.

  7. SMOU017

    Waste of mon­eyMy biggest regret was buy­ing this tablet! After look­ing at many, it was down to a fire tablet or this one and I chose this one because of the win­dows OS. I now wish I had not, very disappointed.The screen was either scratched when I received it and I did­n’t notice or it is extreme­ly infe­ri­or as it was cov­ered in scratch­es on the first day of use. I have had my fire tablet for 3 years, no screen pro­tec­tor, use it every day in exact­ly the same way and not a scratch in sight! I had read in one of the reviews about scratch­ing eas­i­ly but dis­missed it think­ing it must be user error but now take that back.The touch screen is tem­pera­men­tal, and works fine some­times and oth­ers it does­n’t and it is so frus­trat­ing when you can­not get it to work. The sound qual­i­ty is also not very good, I have to use a portable speak­er, which again I do not need with the fire tablet.I am not impressed with the cam­era and although I did not specif­i­cal­ly buy for this pur­pose, as I do not reg­u­lar­ly take pho­tos, what I did take were poor and I was dis­ap­point­ed with the quality.I chose the fusion 5 because my win­dows desk­top is play­ing up and I thought this would be a good replace­ment and allow me to do what I need­ed and save space. I have how­ev­er gone back to using my desk­top main­ly as it is less hassle.I will nev­er buy anoth­er Fusion prod­uct or rec­om­mend the brand to any­one based on my expe­ri­ence of this prod­uct. A total waste of money.

  8. dken­mare

    Unable to access my favourite AppsWhen I bought this item I was look­ing for some­thing I could use for mak­ing pre­sen­ta­tions and word doc­u­ments and also use as a tablet to access my favourite apps.As there is no access to the Play store I was unable to down­load most of my apps.The Store it uses to down­load Apps is Amer­i­can based so stuff like BBC news, YouTube etc can be accessed but lots of oth­ers I use like Sky, Prime, What­sApp, Ama­zon etc can­not be downloaded.On the pos­i­tive side I sent it back to Ama­zon who refund­ed me quick­ly with no hassle.

  9. RoryG

    Great lit­tle tablet with some caveatsWe bought this to use as a data col­lec­tor tablet for field sur­vey­ing, along with a water­proof cov­er. The unit is per­fect for our pur­pos­es with decent bat­tery life and a rea­son­ably bright screen for day­light view­ing. We have it paired with an old Apple wire­less key­board and Mag­ic Mouse (we used the Apple Boot Camp dri­vers for the mouse and Mag­ic Key­board dri­vers for the key­board) for use in the office, both work very well how­ev­er the mouse occa­sion­al­ly has to be man­u­al­ly connected.The touch screen is respon­sive, not any­where as good as, say an iPad, but good enough. The 128GB built in stor­age is ade­quate for our needs, how­ev­er we have installed a 128GB MicroSD card as a data vol­ume. Some­one said that it does­n’t work with exter­nal dri­ves, well it works fine with our G‑Tech 1TB G‑Drive SSD, maybe it does­n’t have enough pow­er for old spin­ning drives?First thing we did is took it out of S mode and upgrad­ed to Win­dows 10 Pro 1909 update. This enabled us to install the sur­vey­ing and GIS soft­ware that we need on the tablet. It boots up fast, and even with Win 10 Pro there’s still 87GB free on the C dri­ve. It’s neat that it auto­mat­i­cal­ly syncs your doc­u­ments, pho­tos, etc., to OneDrive.OK, the caveats… for some rea­son the WiFi is not great. One would have expect­ed a rel­a­tive­ly recent­ly released device to have AC con­nec­tiv­i­ty but it just has low data rate N. In the house we have two access points both broad­cast­ing the same SSID, with­out fail it picks up the fur­thest away access point even if it’s right beside the down­stairs Net­gear unit. Even if you force it to con­nect to the near­est one the per­for­mance is pret­ty poor, bare­ly OK for inter­net brows­ing but sync­ing files takes ages, a 300MB (yes, MB not GB) took near­ly two hours! This could be a dri­ver issue as it is a Broad­com NIC, some­thing we’ll like­ly have a look at…The cam­eras are pret­ty rub­bish by todays stan­dard but we’re unlike­ly to use them any­way. The front fac­ing unit would be OK for Skype, how­ev­er giv­en the abysmal net­work per­for­mance it’s some­thing we’d leave to the iPads instead!All in all, for the mon­ey it’s good val­ue and a nice lit­tle Win­dows 10 tablet. Don’t expect Microsoft Sur­face or any of the big name tablets per­for­mance, but you pay for what you get and this could suit many peo­ples needs.

  10. Ron P Anderson

    Great Ver­sa­tile Tablet — Very Afford­able PriceI’ve had sev­er­al Win­dows tablets in the last 5 years (includ­ing the Sur­face Pro) and the Fusion 5 is with­out doubt the best so far. It’s slim and light with a well thought through design. The image is bright, crisp and ultra HD. Func­tion­al­ly it has every­thing I need and even more so when I removed the “S” fea­ture. Remov­ing the “S” cov­er trans­forms this remark­able tablet into a ful­ly func­tion­al com­put­er and allows the down­load of Office 365 and oth­er third par­ty bun­dles which are essen­tial for me. A very decent per­form­ing proces­sor, which makes it an all round great val­ue for mon­ey tablet.Link up to a blue­tooth key­board and mouse and you have a “lap­top”. You can con­nect to a large mon­i­tor too.I’m more than sat­is­fied with my pur­chase and high­ly rec­om­mend it.

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