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Super Affil­i­ate Sys­tem PRO…

Last night, John Crestani host­ed a LIVE train­ing on how to make your first online sale in 48 hours or less… And it was MIND BLOWING 🤯…

He revealed things like…

> How He Went From Work­ing as a “Human Guinea Pig” to Pay Bills to Mak­ing $388,677.00 A Year (His Very First Year) Online

> How You Can Repli­cate His Strange “Prof­it Cycles” Busi­ness and Make $100 — $1000 A Day on Autopi­lot — With­out Any Skills or Experience

> How to Set Up the Whole Thing and Make Your First Sale in the Next 48 Hours — With­out Spend­ing a Cent of Your Own

> …and much, much more.

Were you able to attend? Sor­ry if you missed it, BUT…

… Here’s the good news…

John let me share a FULL REPLAY of the event with you guys.

> Click Here to Watch The Replay For Free

In fact, he almost nev­er records his events because he likes to keep it “closed door”…

But he decid­ed to make an excep­tion this time.

The replay will only be avail­able for a day or two, so make sure you watch it ASAP. Once he removes this page, the train­ing is gone for good. (Know­ing him, it could hap­pen any moment. He’s an unpre­dictable guy.)

When you’re look­ing at a trea­sure map, what’s the most impor­tant part of it?

It’s the X… The loca­tion of the trea­sure. X marks the spot.

The “X” for many peo­ple today is FREEDOM …
** Free­dom from their jobs
** More time to spend with their family
** Mon­e­tary free­dom to do more of the things they love
… and so much more.

If you could start earn­ing $5,000 a month, what would “Free­dom” look like to you?

On the free train­ing we held this week with John Crestani, he shared the sim­plest way that any­one, regard­less of expe­ri­ence lev­el, could start an online busi­ness that earns $5,000.00 a month.

And here’s the thing… The secret to free­dom is NOT mil­lions. That’s a huge misconception…

The secret to free­dom is more like $5,000 a month in pas­sive income to START… + all the time you could ever want.

Here’s what you should know, though…

You CAN’T build a suc­cess­ful busi­ness or income stream WITHOUT hard work.

BUT… no one said that YOU need­ed to be the one doing the hard work…

That’s why this sys­tem is so great… some­one ELSE has done 91% of the work for you.
(I rec­om­mend that YOU avoid too much hard work at all costs.)

Sounds crazy, I know. This only works as well as it does, though, because he has spent over 10 mil­lion per­fect­ing this system.

Check out this free replay video we uploaded for you to learn how to get start­ed this week.
(this clos­es down soon though, so check it out ASAP.)

We can’t wait to help you suc­ceed and final­ly cre­ate an extra $5,000.00 a month from home!

If you are still look­ing for that big busi­ness idea that’s going to give you your big break­through and make you six or sev­en fig­ures this year…

OR, you sim­ply want to make a few extra grand a month with as lit­tle work as pos­si­ble, so you can enjoy your life and afford nice things (which group are you in?)…

… then you’ve GOT to check this out before he takes it down.

»> Watch John Crestani’s Closed-Door Train­ing For Free

As you may or may not know…

Ear­li­er this week, a “$21M Man” John Crestani host­ed a closed-door train­ing… And it was unlike any event I’ve attend­ed before.

It skipped the bor­ing the­o­ry and demon­strat­ed — click by click — how ANYONE can make their first pay­check online in just 48 hours.

No won­der every time he hosts a train­ing, dozens of reg­u­lar folks report sud­den­ly mak­ing thou­sands of dol­lars per day.

John’s unique method allows you to find, test, and gen­er­ate income with the most suc­cess­ful online “Prof­it Prod­ucts” (with­out any pre­vi­ous experience)…

In fact, you can use OTHER people’s mon­ey to sell OTHER people’s prod­ucts… (with­out a dime out of your own pock­et, in a com­plete­ly brand-new way).

John even shares how he “acci­den­tal­ly” 10’xed his income by accident….

So, you should NOT watch this unless you’re ready to change the way you approach gen­er­at­ing income online.

Fair warn­ing, though… due to the pri­vate nature of the con­tent, the replay video will be REMOVED from the web TOMORROW.

I urge you to watch it now, while you still can.

P.S. If you watch the whole thing, you’ll have a rare chance to team up with John and pret­ty much have him build a busi­ness FOR you. It’s not just a course or a train­ing program…

But rather a DONE-FOR-YOU sys­tem that does 90% of the work for you and vir­tu­al­ly guar­an­tees your suc­cess. It’s unlike any­thing you’ve seen before, I can tell you that.

»> Click Here To Watch The Train­ing Replay For Free

Have you seen this free train­ing work­shop with John Crestani, where he shares how reg­u­lar peo­ple are get­ting paid irreg­u­lar amounts of mon­ey from home, with his brand-new method?

On the free train­ing, John shares how you can be WRONG most of the time but still end up suc­ceed­ing using his new method.

He also shared his heart­break­ing sto­ry of how we devel­oped this brand-new method in the first place.

John was in a 9–5 job, being paid less than he was worth.

He was always work­ing over­time, trav­el­ing hours to work each & every day.

John bare­ly had enough to pay his bills, so he asked his boss for a raise after all of his hard work.

His boss said, “or else what?” … as in, if I don’t give you this raise, what will you do?

He knew John had no oth­er options.

So, John resort­ed to test­ing exper­i­men­tal med­i­cine to gen­er­ate extra income.

He was sick all the time, throw­ing up, and unable to func­tion through­out the day as a result.

It wasn’t until John stum­bled upon and per­fect­ed his brand-new method…

… that he’s now gone on to cre­ate free­dom for him­self and gen­er­ate 21 mil­lion online, from home.

On top of that, he’s been fea­tured in Forbes, Busi­ness Insid­er,, and dozens of oth­er pub­li­ca­tions, main­ly because of his results AND the fact that he’s helped thou­sands of oth­ers do the same, too.

On the free train­ing just a few days ago, John out­lined his 3‑step method AND opened a few slots into his vir­tu­al­ly Done-For-You train­ing pro­gram, where he can help you get even faster results doing this.

He shared, and I quote, “You don’t need to be 100% con­fi­dent doing this… as long as you have the desire to cre­ate free­dom for your­self, we’ll give you every­thing else you need to get there”. To learn more…

Sub­ject “I’ve been scammed”
Sub­ject Sounds too good to be true
Sub­ject Will this work for me?

I admit.. most online busi­ness­es sound too good to be true.

I’m sure that thought has crossed your mind in the past…

Maybe you’ve thought “Will this work for ME?” …

When it comes to most “3 step meth­ods” it often involves some pray­ing and good luck to get anywhere.

And that’s why I’ve been shar­ing John Crestani’s brand-new train­ing with you so heav­i­ly these last few days.

John’s train­ing shares how he uses “Prof­it Cycles” to gen­er­ate tens of thou­sands a month, and how his stu­dents have lever­aged this same sys­tem with­out any experience.

Tyler, a Mor­mon pas­tor, went on to make $123,614 a month (and made over 1.4 mil­lion a year).

Bri­an, a limo dri­ver, made $5,000 a day, and over $53,000 a week.

Sean? 1 million.

Jan? $19,000 a day.

This list goes on, and on and on (and John shared over 50 peo­ple hav­ing suc­cess on the work­shop replay)…

In fact, John shared with me a fun­ny sto­ry about the Super Affil­i­ate Sys­tem PRO pro­gram that he revealed on the work­shop just the oth­er day…

He said that stu­dents of his have writ­ten in, jok­ing­ly say­ing “I’ve been scammed” because they felt like they should have paid MORE for the train­ing than they did (because it’s just that good).

John’s train­ing helps you get start­ed with a vir­tu­al­ly done-for-you sys­tem that does most all of the work for you.

He shows you how to get start­ed using FREE cred­its, in the eas­i­est, cheap­est, and quick­est way possible.

I find it quite real­is­tic, too, because his goal is to just get you 1% of his own results… $5,000 a month to start…

Then, the goal is to scale that to $10,000 a month, quick­ly thereafter.

The Super Affil­i­ate Sys­tem Pro Includes:

Pil­lar 1: Unlim­it­ed Access To The Super Affil­i­ate Sys­tem PRO Train­ing Program

Pil­lar 2: The Very Best Prod­ucts To Use

Pil­lar 3: Done-For-You Page Builder: Pre-Con­fig­ured Pages Ready To Use

Pil­lar 4: Drag & Drop: Web­site Edi­tor WITH Domain, & Hosting

Pil­lar 5: Done-For-You Pre-Con­fig­ured Library Of Mil­lion-Dol­lar Ads

Pil­lar 6: LIVE Week­ly Coach­ing Calls With Our Team (4x A Month!)

Pil­lar 7: 24/7/365 + UNLIMITED: VIP 1‑on‑1 Email Coaching

Pil­lar 8: Pri­vate, “Accel­er­at­ed Growth” Mas­ter­mind (Hun­dreds of Suc­cess Stories)

He also makes it a no-brain­er for you with his Iron­clad, Stronger-Than-An-Ox, 30-Day Guarantee.

When you join, you’ll also receive 6 FREE BONUSES…

BONUS #1: $1,100.00 in Traf­fic Cred­its + Free Traf­fic Methods!

BONUS #2: Per­son­al 1‑on‑1 Call With An SAS Growth Coach

BONUS #3: Our Exclu­sive 21-Day “ROI + Even More” Roadmap

BONUS #4: Done-For-You High Tick­et Com­mis­sions: $500+ Sales!

BONUS #5: Pre-Paid Busi­ness LLC Cre­ation & Tax Savings

BONUS #6: 2‑For‑1 SAS PRO Men­tor­ship Access

But here’s the catch. This spe­cial deal is dis­ap­pear­ing tonight.

Check out the work­shop replay to learn more — and make your deci­sion fast before this is gone for good.

» Click here to review the free train­ing replay

If you have any ques­tions, reply back and I’ll see if I can help!

I just got a mes­sage from John Crestani.


On that free train­ing, John Crestani shared…
** How reg­u­lar peo­ple are being paid irreg­u­lar amounts of mon­ey (from home, with­out exist­ing experience).

** He shared how to sell OTHER people’s prod­ucts using oth­er people’s money
** He shared how to be WRONG most of the time but still end up being successful
** He show­cased 50 suc­cess­ful peo­ple from around the world mak­ing $5,000+ a month
** He out­lined 3 sim­ple steps to get start­ed where 91% of the work is already done for you, and so much more.

[» Click here to watch the free “Prof­it Cycles” train­ing. If you wait, it might be too late…]

John also revealed his Super Affil­i­ate Sys­tem PRO pro­gram … a fast track to start­ing this busi­ness with his per­son­al guid­ance & exact steps, soft­ware, tools, and more.

Inside the Super Affil­i­ate Sys­tem PRO, John gives you…

Step-By-Step Video Training
The Best Prod­ucts To Use
A Done-For-You Page Builder (Pre-Con­fig­ured Pages Inside)
A Pre-Con­fig­ured Library Of Copy-Paste Ads
LIVE Week­ly Coach­ing Calls 4X A Month
24/7/365 Email Coaching
A Pri­vate Growth Mastermind
$1,100 In Traf­fic Cred­its + Free Methods
A 1‑on‑1 Call With A Coach
A Day By Day, “21 Day ROI Roadmap”
High Tick­et $500+ Com­mis­sion Training
He Paid For A Con­sult For You For With An LLC & Tax Expert
2‑For‑1 SAS PRO Access
… AND an “Iron-Clad, Stronger-Than-An-Ox, 30-Day Guarantee”.

And, he just told me he added a new, unan­nounced bonus that wasn’t on the webinar.

This NEW bonus is the “Done-For-You, Local Busi­ness “White-Label” Accel­er­a­tor Bundle”.

This is an awe­some exten­sion of his soft­ware that allows you to cre­ate videos, pages, and ads for local busi­ness­es INSTEAD of just for affil­i­ates (you can get wayyyy more clients when you go local).

Now, you’ll be able to eas­i­ly launch ads for local busi­ness­es and gen­er­ate $1000+ a month for many local busi­ness­es, and get start­ed in 10 minutes.

This all goes away TONIGHT, though. This new bonus, this spe­cial offer, this dis­count, these bonus­es, everything.

If the price/money is an issue, John has a pay­ment plan that you can use to jump in now with­out as much of an upfront payment.

And as you make your deci­sion, remem­ber that tomorrow’s suc­cess starts TODAY… and not mak­ing a choice is a choice.

John is giv­ing you all of the tools, and I high­ly rec­om­mend tak­ing a deep­er look into this pro­gram by watch­ing the work­shop replay before it’s gone tonight at midnight.

» Click here to review the free train­ing replay & spe­cial offer

Last I spoke to John, the num­ber of spaces left to join the pro­gram (and to get ALL the bonus­es) are dwin­dling fast, so join right away to not miss out.

When you’re ready, Click Here To Enroll In The Super Affil­i­ate Sys­tem PRO (Risk-Free).

First, the bad news…

The bad news is that the bur­ial / the farewell for this spe­cial offer (and replay) is TONIGHT at midnight.

The good news? I got a few respons­es to my email ear­li­er today…

A lot of peo­ple are plan­ning on jump­ing into the Super Affil­i­ate Sys­tem PRO before tonight, but they had a few ques­tions first. So as a result, I’ve put the most fre­quent­ly asked ques­tions togeth­er, below.

Maybe YOUR ques­tion is answered below?

Be sure to make a deci­sion before tonight, though, because the WORST place to live is on the fence. What­ev­er you’re not chang­ing, you’re choos­ing, and not mak­ing a choice is a choice. What’s yours?

See below for the most fre­quent­ly asked ques­tions about the Super Affil­i­ate Sys­tem before we prompt close at midnight! …

1) What is Super Affil­i­ate Sys­tem Pro?

Super Affil­i­ate Sys­tem Pro is the exact sys­tem that John used to go from a mis­er­able cor­po­rate job to start­ing his own busi­ness & gen­er­at­ing over 21,000,000 in just a few years.

It doesn’t require an office, employ­ees, prod­ucts, or com­pli­cat­ed sys­tems. In fact, all you need is a lap­top & a work ethic.

This sys­tem is allow­ing reg­u­lar peo­ple to make over $10,023.43 a month with just a cou­ple of hours of work per day — while trav­el­ing, spend­ing time with fam­i­ly, and sim­ply enjoy­ing your life.

He Paid For A Con­sult For You For With An LLC & Tax Expert
2‑For‑1 SAS PRO Access
… AND an “Iron-Clad, Stronger-Than-An-Ox, 30-Day Guarantee”.

John also added a new bonus for our tribe ONLY… the “Done-For-You, Local Busi­ness “White-Label” Accel­er­a­tor Bundle”.

3) But is it real­ly Pas­sive Income?

Yes, this sys­tem has been proven to already do vir­tu­al­ly 90% of the work FOR YOU. Plus with­out upfront costs or over­head, using this sys­tem to cre­ate full-time or just a side income for you is a no-brainer.

4) Who is this pro­gram for?

Hon­est­ly, it’s so easy for your grand­moth­er could fig­ure out every­thing inside Super Affil­i­ate Sys­tem Pro… But he cre­at­ed this specif­i­cal­ly for peo­ple who are sick of their job/recently lost their job so they can learn how to gen­er­ate more income with­out hav­ing to rely on a boss.

It’s also for peo­ple who are sim­ply sick of the 9–5 life and just want to spend more time with their fam­i­lies instead of slav­ing away at a job. No one else is offer­ing some­thing as good as his sys­tem, in my opinion.

5) Who the heck is John Crestani?

Here’s the ‘offi­cial’ bio that John shared with me:

“John Crestani is an inter­na­tion­al­ly renowned expert in inter­net marketing.

Since (invol­un­tar­i­ly) leav­ing his cushy job in the cor­po­rate world, in just a cou­ple of years, he’s gone on to build an empire in the inter­net mar­ket­ing space. And now he’s tak­en it upon him­self to teach a hand­ful of aspir­ing peo­ple how they too can get a piece of this business.

He’s since helped tens of thou­sands of peo­ple cre­ate free­dom online, and has been fea­tured in Forbes, Busi­ness Insid­er,, and dozens of oth­er publications.

6) Tell me why I should join right now…

Well, no one has to join… We can’t force you. If you real­ly like your 9–5 job, just stick to that.

But, if you want to quit your job & gen­er­ate more income than a CEO/boss… Then jump in soon because John is clos­ing this down in less than a few hours.

If you want to learn how to make REAL “pas­sive income”, I’d rec­om­mend join­ing the Super Affil­i­ate Sys­tem PRO. If not, just remem­ber that your sit­u­a­tion is not going to change unless you do some­thing about it.

7) How do I know that this will work for me?

Well, it’s already worked for hun­dreds of oth­er people…

Some are 15. Some are 64.

Some are mak­ing 7k/mo, some are over 52k/mo.

Some had expe­ri­ence. Some did not.

Doesn’t mat­ter.

But what they all have in com­mon is work eth­ic and the desire to escape the 9–5. You don’t have to be a genius. You just have to have a lit­tle willpow­er. And from that desire, many stu­dents are achiev­ing mind-blow­ing results, from home.

8) Is there a pay­ment plan?

Yes, there is! John has a flex­i­ble pay­ment option as well as a one-pay­ment option.

9) Is there any type of guarantee?

YES! John has an Iron­clad, Stronger-Than-An-Ox Guar­an­tee for 30 days so EVERYONE has time to try it for them­selves first. If you try Super Affil­i­ate Sys­tem Pro & don’t like it, you get your mon­ey back.

10) I haven’t seen your free train­ing in a while and want a refresh­er. Can I watch it?
Yes, you can watch the free train­ing replay here.

11) Where can I join Super Affil­i­ate Sys­tem Pro before it clos­es forever?
Join Super Affil­i­ate Sys­tem Pro here & get ALL bonus­es, pay­ment plans, and mon­ey-back guarantees!

Time is run­ning out. Jump in before it’s too late!

I noticed that you’ve been open­ing my emails for a while now…

Maybe you want to quit your job, ‘stick it to your boss, become your family’s hero, OR sim­ply just gen­er­ate more income on the side…

But let me ask you this…

When do you want to change your life?

When do you want to see this hap­pen for you and your family?



3 months from now?

Tomorrow’s suc­cess starts TODAY, and what­ev­er you’re not chang­ing, you’re choosing.

What are YOU choosing?

Maybe you’re not choos­ing any­thing… I’ve been there myself.

But I real­ized that not mak­ing a choice IS a choice.

If you’re not bet­ter off than you were years ago, or even 6 months ago, I rec­om­mend tak­ing the next step, what­ev­er that means for you & your family.

Over the last few days, I’ve shared John Crestani’s pro­gram as a path that I rec­om­mend to help you do that.
** John pro­vides you the step-by-step train­ing, prod­ucts, soft­ware, ads, sup­port, guid­ance, & bonus­es you need
** Hun­dreds of peo­ple from around the world have lever­aged his sys­tem successfully
** John has dis­count­ed his pro­gram tem­porar­i­ly for our tribe
** And this spe­cial offer is clos­ing in mere hours from now.

So, are you IN? Or are you out?

99% of peo­ple WON’T act, and that’s total­ly fine.

This is for the 1% of peo­ple that don’t just talk about big goals and dreams… but are actu­al­ly ready to pull the trig­ger and take the leap…

…In spite of fear, skep­ti­cism, and lim­it­ing beliefs.

Are you a part of that 1%? It’s time to prove it now before this is gone for good.

Don’t prove it to me, but rather prove it to yourself.

As you decide… Here’s every­thing you need…

» Click here to review the free train­ing replay & spe­cial offer

And when you’re ready…

Start­ing some­thing new, some­thing poten­tial­ly life-chang­ing is nev­er easy. But, that’s why you have John.

The tim­ing is NEVER per­fect, either. Oppor­tu­ni­ty isn’t going to chase you. You need to go out there and get it… And maybe this is that next step for you.

But, it’s just the begin­ning for the peo­ple that have joined John in the Super Affil­i­ate Sys­tem PRO.

We hope that YOU can become one of those peo­ple here soon before this all goes away in less than a few hours.

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