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Your drink

>Add 1 oz bak­ing soda to tea or cof­fee (here’s why…)

If you ever drink tea or cof­fee, life is about to get a lot better 🙂

The sim­ple 10-sec trick you’ll see below turns ANY tea or cof­fee into a fat-burn­ing dream…

And it instant­ly boosts your health, ener­gy, and metab­o­lism at the same time.


your mug

>The death of black cof­fee & tea

>For cen­turies med­i­cine men, folk heal­ers, and sci­en­tists have been fas­ci­nat­ed by tea and coffee…

And the mys­te­ri­ous effects their 1000+ bio-active com­pounds have on…

>Heart Health

And most recent­ly — Metabolism.

Yep, turns out ANY tea or cof­fee can ignite metab­o­lism and trig­ger fat-burn­ing through­out the day.

How­ev­er, you must fol­low the 10-sec trick below or NOTHING happens.

>Health­i­est drink

>Tea vs Cof­fee (which boosts metabolism)

Lat­est stud­ies have found that 1 tiny tweak to your favorite tea or cof­fee puts your body into fat-burn­ing mode through­out the day.

This sim­ple trick takes less than 10 seconds…

Yet, it instant­ly ignites your metab­o­lism and boosts your health, ener­gy, and well-being at the same time!

Here’s to hav­ing an amaz­ing day 🙂

==> TEA Drinkers — Try This 10 Sec Fat-Burn­ing TEA Trick!

==> COFFEE Drinkers — Try This 10 Sec Fat-Burn­ing COFFEE Trick!

 97% of WOMEN that do this to lose weight faster and live longer
3 LBS IN 3 DAYS: You won’t BELIEVE what she looks like NOW!

Hope you’re hav­ing an amaz­ing day! I want­ed to share this quick sto­ry with you.

I was recent­ly hav­ing lunch with my friend Rachel. You would nev­er know it look­ing at her now, but a few months ago Rachel used to be more than 40 lbs overweight.

Back then, los­ing weight seemed like it wasn’t pos­si­ble, espe­cial­ly when she has 2 kids, a hus­band, a job, errands to run…She felt like she didn’t even have time for herself.

She had decid­ed to just set­tle on the body she had, con­tin­u­ing to cov­er it up with bag­gy clothes and nev­er being as con­fi­dent as she real­ly want­ed to be.

Rachel had pret­ty much giv­en up on EVER get­ting the body she wanted…

That’s when I intro­duced her to green smooth­ies and how per­fect they are for busy women who feel like they don’t have time to lose weight.

In fact, my good friend Drew who hap­pens to be a Board Cer­ti­fied Health Coach and the one who got me hooked on green smooth­ies, recent­ly wrote this great arti­cle about rapid weight loss just for busy women:

>See how busy women are los­ing 3–8 lbs in 1 week

Turns out smooth­ies are the per­fect weight loss secret weapon…especially for WOMEN!

No won­der why celebri­ties like The House­wives and The Kar­dashi­ans swear by these “mag­i­cal” green drinks to keep them slim all year round.

So fast for­ward to today, and Rachel is lit­er­al­ly glowing.

She has dropped 34 pounds over the past 2 months and is bub­bling with energy.

She even told me that she doesn’t wear as much make­up any­more because her skin is so much bet­ter now than it used to be. Not to men­tion she now fits into all those clothes she always want­ed to wear!

And you know what?


Trans­for­ma­tions like this are hap­pen­ing EVERY DAY to women just like you!

So that’s all for today. I love inspi­ra­tional sto­ries like Rachel’s and just want­ed to share them with you.

Here is the link to Drew’s arti­cle again that explains exact­ly why smooth­ies work so well AND so fast for weight loss, espe­cial­ly for busy women like you:

 >See how busy women are los­ing 3–8 lbs in 1 week


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